Ellon parkrun # 38 – 06/08/2016

The run

We were treated to perfectly still conditions this morning but the heat made running a little uncomfortable and harder than normal. This didnt slow down everyone though with 19 runners recording personal bests. I think the good weather helped with the numbers today as there was a total of 84 runners and 17 first timers.

We had a larger than normal number of Unknown runners today so please don't forget your barcode so you can get your result published. We have also had another finish token gone missing so if you were runner 58 today please check your pockets and drop the token back with us.

It's the second year of The Railway Relay tomorrow and we have a number of parkrun regulars taking part, myself included. Good luck to everyone, the forecast is for very high winds but should be a good day out.


Defib funding appeal

parkrun UK have recently set an objective of trying to establish access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) within 3-5 minutes of the finish area for all UK parkruns by the end of 2017. In the event of a collapse due to sudden cardiac arrest, every minute counts. Studies show that if the time from collapse to first shock is 3-5 minutes (or less), survival rates can be as high as ~75%. For every minute delay after that there is a 10% decrease in survival rate.

There are approximately 30 000 cardiac arrests in the UK every year, and the UK average ambulance response time is 11 minutes.

In the case of Ellon, the nearest AED at The Meadows Sports Centre is a little too far away to meet this objective with an estimated return journey of around 15 minutes. We are therefore in the process of fundraising to purchase our own. The cost of a unit is around £800.

We are applying for funding from various charitable bodies but we are also inviting donations from our runners to help speed up the process. If all of our runners put in a pound or two (or more) we would put a huge dent in our target.

Cash handling is not permitted at parkrun events. If you want to donate please do so using the link below.  You do not need a Paypal account.  You can just click the link to donate by card like you would for regular online shopping. Please make sure you add a note to your donation saying "Ellon parkrun defib". Do this by clicking on "Add special instructions to the seller" when you review your donation before submitting (see image below).  If there is no note then by default your donation goes to your home run and 15% is redirected towards the new event fund.



Figure 1.  Sudden cardiac arrest survival rates - Arrhythmia Alliance UK.


Figure 2.  Screenshot of how to add a note to your donation to parkrun.


Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andrew DAVIDSON  •  Andrew MCNEILL  •  Andy FRASER  •  Craig WILSON  •  Elaine TAYLOR  •  Gillian ARCHIBALD  •  Glen CHALMERS  •  Jackie GARDEN  •  Keri WILSON  •  Royston WALKER  •  Steven GARDEN