Ellon parkrun 11th January 2020 Number 205

This week 182 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different clubs took part.

This week we had a 100 milestone by Sandra Hartley who was kind enough to supply 2 spot prizes and some chocolates for all. There were two runners who reached their 50 milestone mark - Keith Stewart who provided tea, coffee and snacks at the finish and Lynn Park who supplied another spot prize. All much appreciated.

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers: Nicola Price, Kim King, Kelly Willox, Jackie Garden, Roy Walker, Emma Findlay, Gail Irvine, Ross Stone, Susan Somner, Steve Barrow, Angela Robson and Alex MacLeod

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellon parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Tammy WILSON who recorded a time of 18:23 on 15th July 2017 (event number 84).
The male record is held by Max ABERNETHY who recorded a time of 16:01 on 6th July 2019 (event number 179).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 90.69% (20:14) on 20th August 2016 (event number 40).

Ellon parkrun started on 17th October 2015. Since then 3,431 participants have completed 22,525 parkruns covering a total distance of 112,625 km, including 4,593 new Personal Bests. A total of 455 individuals have volunteered 2,306 times.


Ellon parkrun 04/01/2020 Number 204

2020 came in with a bang at Ellon parkrun as 247 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 31 recorded new personal bests. There were milestones aplenty as Stuart Christie and Ryan Ramsey achieved their 50th parkrun and Niall Findlay completed his 100th. And a giant gold baton made its way backwards through the field, before carrying on its parkrun travels to Elgin next week.

For some folk one parkrun wasn't enough though, with brave souls running to the start of the course from Kingswells and Cove. If only someone would build a bypass round Aberdeen so there was a road to get there huh?!

And as it was the first Saturday in the month, we even had pacers as well, with odd numbered times from 21 to 39 minutes covered by the bibs in blue.

Thanks to this week's volunteers, who were: Tim DRING • Stewart MACLENNAN • Alex MACLEOD • Tamsin MORRIS • Andrew MCNEILL • Caroline BUCHAN • Glen CHALMERS • Lynn PARK • Andy CRUICKSHANK • Allan BARTLET • Anne BROWN • Ross STONE • Tom DAVIES • Nicola PRICE • Gillian REID • Gordon YOUNG • Matt LOCKLEY • Emma KEMP • Steve BARROW • James DUNCAN

Well done to everyone who managed to drag themselves out of their festive stupor, off the settee and take part. See you all next week!

Thanks, Tamsin (this week's run director)


Ellon parkrun 28/12/2019 | #203

In our final parkrun of the year, we welcomed a tremendous turnout of 181 people ran, jogged and walked the course.

Greg Bruce one of our regular attendee's kindly donated a box of chocolates "just because" and asked for it to be handed to the 86th finisher.  This turned out to be Lynn Murray who had been purely concentrating on keeping her husband in her sights, great reward for doing so.  Greg ran his fastest parkrun since March so he clearly didn't want the chocolates back, thank you for your kindness Greg.

A fantastic 25 people recorded new Personal Bests, including Paul Gwynne who had done his previous 61 Ellon parkrun's pushing a buggy and/or accompanying his daughter, Paul clearly enjoyed running alone today.  Ruth Hicks celebrated (quietly) reaching her 50th parkrun milestone by also achieving a PB - well done Ruth.

We welcomed 21 first timers to Ellon parkrun, including tourists from "Cruden Bay" (liking the humour), Stonehaven, Elgin, Falkirk and London.  Four of these first timers were doing their FIRST EVER parkrun.  Congratulations and welcome to the gang:  Gavin Morris, Michelle Barber, Rory and Struan Fotheringham.

As mentioned in the run briefing there are two fun runs that may appeal to some of you occurring tomorrow and Tuesday (hogmanay).

Tomorrow at Newburgh Village Hall (next to Costcutter on the main street) at 10am is a multi terrain run with both 5k and 10k options.

On Tuesday also at 10am following the same route as parkrun is the Ellon Round Table touch of tartan run.  For both events you just turn up on the day and they would appreciate a donation into the charity collection buckets, neither event is timed or have medals etc, just purely for fun.

For next Saturday we still require a few volunteers so please consider starting the new year off with helping out, we are looking for a marshall, two barcode scanners and someone to hand out finish tokens, if we can fill the roster then there will also be pacers for the odd mins numbering 21-39.

This weeks event was made possible by 11 volunteers, thank you to:

Niall FINDLAY • Andrew MCNEILL • Caroline BUCHAN • Glen CHALMERS • Jackie GARDEN • Ross CHALMERS • Claire DUNCAN • Erin CHALMERS • Jillian EUNSON • Ross STONE • Steven EUNSON

Signing off for my final time as Run Director

Glen Chalmers


Ellon parkrun 21/12/2019 | #202

A lovely day for a brisk run. Slightly slippy conditions underfoot but clearly everyone heeded the run brief and took care on the course.

We had some runners today who were completely new to parkrun from surrounding areas including Newburgh, Cruden Bay and Peterhead. Also some tourists from slightly further afield... North Michigan!

A good number of milestones today with Jillian Eunson and Alan Murray celebrating 100 parkruns, George Keith and Danny Hazzard celebrating 50 parkruns and Alex Macleod now with 25 volunteer helps under his belt. Extra thanks to Alex who also helped recce the course with me this morning and assisted at base and also to Tamsin who kept me right processing the results. A good number of people who celebrated milestones also brought spot prizes and chocolates for all to enjoy, so many thanks to them.

As well as some dubious Christmas jumpers (!), a few elves and Santa himself took time out from their day to join us. Some of you may even have seen what appeared to be a full Christmas dinner navigating the course too. I think Ellon may need the year to recover!

IMG_8060 IMG_8064 IMG_8305

We are short of volunteers over the next month so if you fancy joining us please email in and let us know when you can help. Training is given on the morning of the run.

This week 139 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers:

Alex MACLEOD • Tamsin MORRIS • Lynne MORRISON • Glen CHALMERS • Emma FINDLAY • Ross CHALMERS • Ross STONE • Fiona MUTCH • Kevin MACIVER • Nicola PRICE • Steve BARROW • James DUNCAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellon parkrun Results Page.

Many thanks for attending Ellon parkrun and Happy Christmas to all.


This week's Run Director

The female record is held by Tammy WILSON who recorded a time of 18:23 on 15th July 2017 (event number 84).
The male record is held by Max ABERNETHY who recorded a time of 16:01 on 6th July 2019 (event number 179).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 90.69% (20:14) on 20th August 2016 (event number 40).

Ellon parkrun started on 17th October 2015. Since then 3,363 participants have completed 21,915 parkruns covering a total distance of 109,575 km, including 4,513 new Personal Bests. A total of 454 individuals have volunteered 2,263 times.


Ellon parkrun 14/12/2019 | #201

It was something of a slippery morning for the 117 parkrunners who turned up for today's Ellon parkrun.  Overnight low temperatures, which continued to fall through the morning, gave us a few icy patches that we had to be careful of, but the course was deemed safe from an early morning inspection and although overall times were slower, the run was uneventful.

With only 2 parkruns to Christmas, we were delighted to have a volunteer team that consisted of Santa and his 'not-so-little' helpers; the Christmas pudding, a Snowman, and various Elves.  Nice to see them taking some time off to help us before what will be a busy period for them all in 10 days' time!

IMG_8255 IMG_8254 IMG_8253IMG_8263IMG_8260IMG_8259IMG_8257

Many of our runners also dusted off their Christmas attire and came dressed appropriately for the season.  A couple of reindeer also turned up, and duly complied with our short leash policy for dogs and reindeer.

Of our 117 participants, we had 8 first timers, including visitors from Thurso, and 8 people achieved PBs today, despite the tricky conditions.

The event was made possible by 10 volunteers:

Steven GARDEN • Jeananne BECKETT • Andrew MCNEILL • Caroline BUCHAN • Jackie GARDEN • Tracey WESTON • Marijtje ADAMS • Kim KING • George ADAMS • Patricia STENHOUSE

Thanks for coming along today, we will be having move festive fun next week.

Santa, Run Director



Ellon parkrun 07/12/2019 | #200

The run

This week 128 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 10 were first timers and 19 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Steven GARDEN • Jeananne BECKETT • Niall FINDLAY • Callum SMITH • Alex MACLEOD • Tamsin MORRIS • Wendy PARLEY • Lilias PARKS • Jackie GARDEN • Emma FINDLAY • Ross STONE • Stuart CHRISTIE • Lynne TOWLER • Nicola PRICE • Kim KING • Laura WATT • Judith ANDERSON • Steve BARROW • Elaine TAYLOR • Mark WALKER • Lorna GOODAY

There were very good running conditions this morning for the final pacer event of 2019.  There were still some damp leaves on the ground in places but the wind was low and the temperature mild for all those chasing our even-numbered pacers from 20 to 40 minutes.

Celebrating earning her junior 10 shirt this morning was Ava Alexander, who also got a PB too.  She donated a spot prize to the runner who came in position 110.

Christmas and New Year

Ellon will not be operating bonus runs on Christmas Day or New Year's Day.  Local runs that are planning to do so include Ury Riverside, Aberdeen, Hazlehead and Stonehaven.  The full list can be found at the link below.  Venues have until the 17th of December to make their decision.


Saturday events will operate as normal (weather permitting).

Steven G
Run Director 7th Dec


Ellon parkrun #199 – 23/11/2019

We were quite fortunate with the weather today allowing good running conditions for the 160 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 23 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

Amongst the first timers was Amy Frankland who I'm sure many of you noticed whizzing round the course in her Middleton Trust t-shirt to be first finisher in a time of 18:37, well done Amy on an excellent time not far off the ladies course record.

Today we had 2 milestones to celebrate, Nicky Price who is part of our core team at Ellon parkrun celebrating her 50th parkrun and Steven Eunison who celebrated his 100th parkrun, Steven is part of the path fairy team and we can thank him for the well cut grass in the finish funnel area. There were cakes and spot prizes to celebrate, well done folks. On the same note if you do have any milestones coming up please let us know ahead of the run and we will give you a deserved shout out during the pre-run briefing.

As I mentioned in the pre-briefing, December has some weeks which are looking a bit sparse for volunteers, if you would like to get involved it is so easy to do, please email ellon@parkrun.com and let us know what you would like to try and we will get you added to the roster (plus you get a t-shirt when you volunteer 25 times).

Please remember we share the paths with the public and we MUST give way to them, where possible keep left and consider calling out in advance if you are unsure if you have been seen.  A polite "good morning" does wonders for promoting the wonderful image of Ellon parkrun.

Thank you everyone - Your Run Director this week

Claire Duncan

The event was made possible by 13 volunteers:

Jim MCCURRACH • Tamsin MORRIS • Andrew MCNEILL • Caroline BUCHAN • Glen CHALMERS • Shevonne BRUCE • Ross CHALMERS • Claire DUNCAN • Ross STONE • Nicola PRICE • Stuart BARCLAY • Mella SLATTERY • Steve BARROW

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ellon parkrun Results Page.


Ellon parkrun 16/11/2019 Number 198

So Jack Frost took the hint and let us all go out to play today! Fortunately the ice cleared just in time and although the path was still a bit soggy, 141 people were able to run, jog and walk the Ellon parkrun course. Of those 14 were first timers and 25 recorded new personal bests. We had some adventurous tourists visiting us from Kilmarnock and Ayr and even a brave soul running on his birthday, so well done to you all.

Most of this week's volunteers came from Garioch Roadrunners and could be spotted by their fluorescent bobble hats. Thanks to them and all the other volunteers and also thanks to the runners and volunteers who helped with a first aid incident on the course today.

Volunteers this week were:
Carol WILSON • Gary THOMSON • Jonathan FLEETHAM • Rory BRAND • Gordon ORR • Tamsin MORRIS • Philip OWENS • Kevin STEPHEN • Fiona MILNE • Kevin MACIVER • Jo WHYTE • Steve BARROW • Alison BROAD

Hopefully the ice will stay away this week, and we'll see you all next week. Same time, same place!

Thanks and happy parkrunning


Ellon parkrun 197 # 9/11/2019

At least it was dry this week but we woke to a very frosty morning and after an early course inspection it was deemed safe for the run to go ahead.

166 people and quite a few canine friends braved the cold morning to run,jog and walk the course,17 of which were first timers,18 got PB's and 18 clubs were represented our numbers were no doubt boosted by Ury's cancellation,i have also never seen so many late starters there must have been around a dozen this morning the last of which was about ten minutes after the rest of the field,they maybe forgot to defrost their windscreens,we also had visitors from Livingston & Dundee

Laura Watt was doing her 50th parkrun this morning and she kindly took along some cake for us all and spot prizes for 50th & 85th finishers,Royston Walker one of our run directors also completed his 100th run at Ellon.

It was mentioned to me at the end that some people were running with their dogs on long leads and therefore not fully under control,it is a requirement of parkrun that all dogs are kept on a short lead so as not to endanger other runners & walkers.

Todays event was made possible by the following 12 volunteers

Niall FINDLAY : Andrew MCNEILL : Jackie GARDEN : Susan SOMNER : Emma FINDLAY : Moira FLEETHAM : Jillian EUNSON : Ross STONE : Gillian REID :                Steve BARROW : Craig LEUCHARS : Andy FRASER



Ellon parkrun number 196 – 02/11/2019

Well, that was a soggy one! So, this week, an impressive 103 people resisted the urge to hide under the duvet and came out to run, splash, jog or walk Ellon parkrun. Ten were first timers and 5 managed to record personal bests, which suggests they are either good swimmers or were helped on by the pacers!

First male finisher was Michael McHardy in a time of 19:40 and first female finisher was Aimee Tawse in a time of 21:28.

Despite the poor weather, the new Ury Riverside parkrun completed its inaugural event in Inverurie, so congratulations to them and all the best for many future parkruns.

This week's event was made possible by 21 volunteers, thanks very much to all of them, especially for getting the new app based timing and scanning system to work so well even in the rain. The volunteers this week were:

James MORTIMER • Izzie MCDONALD • Niall FINDLAY • Diane MILNE • Alex MACLEOD • Tamsin MORRIS • Steven GORDON • Wendy LEAPER • Emma FINDLAY • Emily BAKER • Ross STONE • Fiona MUTCH • Kevin MACIVER • Euan MACALISTER • Nicola PRICE • Paul STEWART • Oliver STEWART • Kim KING • Suzanne COULL • David MILNE • Steve BARROW

Stay dry out there people and see you all soon.
Tamsin (this week's run director)