Ellon parkrun # 42 – 03/09/2016

The run

This week there were 83 runners, of whom 25 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different athletics clubs took part.  There were 10 volunteers.

Another warm morning at Ellon.  Once the sun came out from behind the clouds it really heated up.

We had quite a large number of first timers today.  I think we had quite a few visitors from Hazlehead which was cancelled today for the Dandara races.  We also had some from Aberdeen and Camperdown (Dundee) that we knew about.

Congratulations to Ross Chalmers for completing his tenth parkrun and becoming one of the very first Ellon juniors to achieve his 10 t-shirt.

Pre-event setup

We are looking for more people to help with pre-event setup.  At the moment Roy and I are sharing the duties but we'd like at least one more in the rotation.  If you are local to Ellon and run regularly then maybe you can help.  It consists of putting the signs up in and around Gordon Park and then taking them in after.  The marshal and/or tail runner will very often help tidy up.  It's easier if a few people share this role so they can learn where the signs go.

With this role you get a volunteer credit and you get to run.  Email us at ellonhelpers@parkrun.com if you are interested.  Even once a month would be a great help.



Many thanks to this week's heroes

Brendan DUNNE  •  Claire DUNCAN  •  Corine JACK  •  Craig WILSON  •  Erin CHALMERS  •  James MORTIMER  •  Lynn MONTGOMERY  •  Meghann MASSON  •  Royston WALKER  •  Steven GARDEN


Ellon parkrun #39 – 13/08/2016

A lovely sunny morning welcomed our field of 82 runners this week, welcoming 10 first timers and seeing 13 people set new PB's.

Included in our first timers field we welcomed Paul Knight from Metro Running Club, completing his 117th Parkrun and setting one of his quickest ever times over a parkrun course to be our first finisher, clearly our hill ending didn't prove as tough for Paul as it has for many others.

With the olympics now moving into the athletics stages we can anticipate the possibility of a larger field next week, everyone is welcome no matter their ability.

We continue our weekly plea for volunteers and can only apologise if this grows tiresome, we are honestly quite close some weeks to having to cancel which would obviously be an enormous shame. The community and friendships we are building amongst one another each week is only possible due to the dedication of volunteers, even if you wish to keep running yourself perhaps you know a non runner who may be able to help us fill the roster.

Thank you to this weeks volunteers Claire Duncan, Michelle McCombie, Colin Grant, Irene Jamieson, Mike Gibbon, Keri Wilson and Glen Chalmers.


Ellon parkrun # 38 – 06/08/2016

The run

We were treated to perfectly still conditions this morning but the heat made running a little uncomfortable and harder than normal. This didnt slow down everyone though with 19 runners recording personal bests. I think the good weather helped with the numbers today as there was a total of 84 runners and 17 first timers.

We had a larger than normal number of Unknown runners today so please don't forget your barcode so you can get your result published. We have also had another finish token gone missing so if you were runner 58 today please check your pockets and drop the token back with us.

It's the second year of The Railway Relay tomorrow and we have a number of parkrun regulars taking part, myself included. Good luck to everyone, the forecast is for very high winds but should be a good day out.


Defib funding appeal

parkrun UK have recently set an objective of trying to establish access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) within 3-5 minutes of the finish area for all UK parkruns by the end of 2017. In the event of a collapse due to sudden cardiac arrest, every minute counts. Studies show that if the time from collapse to first shock is 3-5 minutes (or less), survival rates can be as high as ~75%. For every minute delay after that there is a 10% decrease in survival rate.

There are approximately 30 000 cardiac arrests in the UK every year, and the UK average ambulance response time is 11 minutes.

In the case of Ellon, the nearest AED at The Meadows Sports Centre is a little too far away to meet this objective with an estimated return journey of around 15 minutes. We are therefore in the process of fundraising to purchase our own. The cost of a unit is around £800.

We are applying for funding from various charitable bodies but we are also inviting donations from our runners to help speed up the process. If all of our runners put in a pound or two (or more) we would put a huge dent in our target.

Cash handling is not permitted at parkrun events. If you want to donate please do so using the link below.  You do not need a Paypal account.  You can just click the link to donate by card like you would for regular online shopping. Please make sure you add a note to your donation saying "Ellon parkrun defib". Do this by clicking on "Add special instructions to the seller" when you review your donation before submitting (see image below).  If there is no note then by default your donation goes to your home run and 15% is redirected towards the new event fund.



Figure 1.  Sudden cardiac arrest survival rates - Arrhythmia Alliance UK.


Figure 2.  Screenshot of how to add a note to your donation to parkrun.


Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andrew DAVIDSON  •  Andrew MCNEILL  •  Andy FRASER  •  Craig WILSON  •  Elaine TAYLOR  •  Gillian ARCHIBALD  •  Glen CHALMERS  •  Jackie GARDEN  •  Keri WILSON  •  Royston WALKER  •  Steven GARDEN


Ellon parkrun # 35 – 16/07/2016

The run
This week there were 75 runners, of whom 17 were first timers and 19 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different athletics clubs took part.

The travellers encampment was still adjacent to our start/finish area so we made a minor adjustment so that our finish funnel was a little further away to give everyone a bit more room.  We compensated by moving the start line too to make the distance equal.

We had what I believe was our second en masse turnout from Peterhead AC as part of their "Mundies Challenge", where they are having a little contest over at least 3 runs for the best combined times and most improved runners.  See you again next month.

Also of note today, our course age-grade record was broken by Charlie Noble. A combination of having a recent birthday and breaking his PB meant an age-grade score of 82.80%, edging out Graeme Clark who held the previous course record of 82.48%. Well done Charlie.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Charles NOBLE (VM65-69) was graded 82.80% for the time 20:27 (11th overall).
Brian URQUHART (VM55-59) was graded 81.40% for the time 19:32 (6th overall).
John ROBERTSON (VM55-59) was graded 79.36% for the time 19:52 (7th overall).


Just a reminder that we operate a "no printed barcode, no result" policy. Asking us to give you a result without a barcode is like asking a barman for a free pint: it's pretty cheeky and the answer shouldn't surprise you. :)

Printed barcodes that fail to scan are accepted for manual entry. The policy is that if a runner has made a genuine effort to bring a printed barcode, we will attempt to enter their result.

I was very pleased to hear again positive feedback from our park marshal regarding members of the public showing support for the run. It is extremely important that we integrate with the local community and share the path with other users, and that seems to be happening so that's a big thumbs up from me.


Many thanks to this week's heroes

Brendan DUNNE  •  Jackie GARDEN  •  James MORTIMER  •  Jean HOPKINS  •  Rose GALBRAITH  •  Steven GARDEN  •  Vanessa BLACK


Ellon parkrun # 34 – 09/07/2016

The run

This morning we were greeted by grey skies but thankfully the rain held off for an impressive turnout of 84 runners of whom 20 were first timers and 28 recorded personal bests.  Today we had tourists from London and Strathclyde visiting us. Thankfully the arrival of a traveller encampent last night near our start/finish area did not affect the run at all and there were no incidents with them.  I am pleased to report that we had a full house of barcode scans today which makes our results processing so much easier keep up the good work.  A big thanks to todays volunteers and as always we would be pleased to hear from anybody wanting to volunteer for the coming weeks.  Congratulations to Cameron Robertson on his first first place finish.

Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andy FRASER  •  Claire GORDON  •  James MORTIMER  •  Lynn JAMIESON  •  Robert BUCHAN  •  Rose GALBRAITH  •  Sandra STEWART  •  Steven GARDEN


Ellon parkrun # 30 – 11/06/2016

Today's Run

This week we had 32 runners of whom 8 were first timers and we had 12 new PBs.  Numbers were probably down as runners saved themselves for the Broch 10k and new Westhill 10k that are both on tomorrow. We had a few tourists from Hazlehead parkrun visiting today as well.

After all the good weather of last weekend, we were back to typical Scottish summer weather with some drizzle and chilly winds.

Glen and Andy sporting their Ellon parkrun shirts, with "New PB" man Ross and Ellon parkrun dog Roxy.

Many thanks to this week's heroes

Ailsa WHITAKER  •  Albert MCHARDY  •  Andrew MCNEILL  •  Charles NOBLE  •  Corine JACK  •  Martin BURNS  •  Mike HARTLEY  •  Royston WALKER  •  Steven GARDEN • Sam ARCHIBALD


Ellon parkrun # 29 – 04/06/2016

The run

This week there were 83 runners, of whom 13 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 9 different athletics clubs took part.  There were 8 volunteers.

A fine day for a run once again.  It was very warm for the runners but just about right for the volunteers.



There was a little glitch with the results which means you may have initially received a time of 59:59 in your text or email.  A further glitch was discovered later on and this has now been corrected.  The results now conform with the feedback we had from various runners but please email us if your result is different to your self-timed result.

The 25 volunteer club

Congratulations to Fiona McCalman for joining the 25 volunteer club.  Fiona has supported us since the start and has done most of her stints at Ellon.  She will now be eligible to claim the coveted 25 purple t-shirt.  Many thanks to Jackie Garden for the cake.


Fiona celebrates 25 volunteer occasions.  

Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andy FRASER  •  Dougie GRAHAM  •  Emily GRAHAM  •  Fiona MCCALMAN  •  Irene JAMIESON  •  Jackie GARDEN  •  James MORTIMER  •  Steven GARDEN


Ellon parkrun # 28 – 28/05/2016


Important notice

We very nearly had no timing today due to lack of volunteers (in which case the system would allocate all runners default times of 59:59).  Please can we have more people coming forward to help.  We are still relying heavily on a small number of stalwarts but remember that they like getting a turn to do the run too.

A good tip is to just pick a date a some time in the future and email us so we put it on the rota.  This is a good way of getting over the "I'll get round to it sometime" hurdle.


The run

This week there were 54 runners, of whom 19 were first timers and 18 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different athletics clubs took part.  They were supported by 7 volunteers.

It was a nice morning for running but numbers were likely affected with the bank holiday weekend and by Edinburgh marathon festival and the Kayleigh's Wee Stars Barra 10k at Oldmeldrum.  It was warm and there was a slight breeze but pretty good PB conditions.

Competition time!

After last week's bumper event we were sent a second barcode scanner to help us cope as Ellon grows. It is useful for Run Directors to be able to tell the scanners apart - e.g. if only one is used or if there is an issue with one - so we are going to label them. '1' and '2', or 'A' and 'B' are a bit dull so we are inviting you guys to send in your suggestions for names. The prize for winning? Bragging rights of course!

Suggestions via the Facebook post or email at ellonoffice@parkrun.com.


Many thanks to this week's heroes

Ailsa WHITAKER  •  Elaine TAYLOR  •  Fiona MCCALMAN  •  Glen CHALMERS  •  Rose GALBRAITH  •  Willie GALBRAITH  •  Steven GARDEN


Ellon parkrun # 27 – 21/05/2016

The run

Wow, that turnout this morning took us a bit by surprise!

This week there were 115 runners, of whom 43 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests, all ably supported by 10 volunteers.

All of the volunteers did really well but I wanted to give a special mention to one of our Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) juniors - Ailsa - who was on barcode scanning. Well done Ailsa, you did amazingly well for staying so cool under pressure.

The good news is that now we have broken 100 runners we are eligible for a second barcode scanning device. This will help take the stress away from having a single person on scanning when the numbers are high.

Today marked three months of volunteering for our other DofE junior Louise, which means she has completed the volunteering section for her award. We do hope to see her back though as she has become a valuable member of the team!

I think the sun brought a lot of people out and it was windy but very warm. We welcomed a mini-bus of runners (15 I'm told) from Peterhead Jogscotland and a large group from Ellon Jogscotland and friends who came out to help celebrate Claire Gordon on her 100th parkrun. Well done Claire.

Peterhead Running Festival and the Fraserburgh 10k

The Peterhead Running Festival is next month on the 26th of June. There is a half marathon, a 5k and a number of school fun runs.


The Fraserburgh 10k is on the 12th of June, also with some school fun runs.



Ellon parkrun # 22 – 16/04/2016

The run

Another cold and windy one this morning, but we mustn't grumble as at least we didn't get soaked or get caught in bad hailstones. This week we had 46 runners with 8 first-timers.

Apparently the runners got a little shelter from the wind in places but had to battle against it in others.

We were a little bit short of helpers again, which wasn't ideal and the timer and tokens fell out of sync. Results have been published but there may be some errors remaining. Email us at ellonoffice@parkrun.com if your result is wrong.

Please remember to observe good finish funnel etiquette. Only go into the funnel if you intend to pick up a token, and do not go through the funnel more than once.

Little stoke parkrun threatened with eviction

You may have seen parkrun in the national news this week following the decision by a parish council to attempt to charge Little Stoke parkrun for using the public footpath. At the local level events have zero revenue and so this effectively means that the parish council are evicting the event.

One of the arguments used against Little Stoke parkrun was that the runners 'monopolised' the footpaths during the event. By reported accounts this is an exaggeration, but the take-home message for us is that it shows the importance of developing a good relationship with the other users of the footpaths.

We do not have priority use of the footpath. Please do your bit for your event by showing the utmost consideration to other path users. If this means that you have to move off the footpath or slow down or even stop then so be it. It's only a run.

Co-Run Director appeal

Ellon parkrun currently has 3 Run Directors, which in itself means we are not a very robust event. Due to holidays etc we are really going to feel the strain over the next couple of months. As a first step I'm asking for a few people to come forward and try co-Run Directing with me. I'll be there as normal pre and post-run and you can learn what the role involves and see if it is for you. I do find Run Directing to be very rewarding but I'd prefer not to be doing it 75%+ of the time as I enjoy taking part too.

Please email us at ellonhelpers@parkrun.com and come and give it a try.



Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andrew CRUICKSHANK  •  Craig WILSON  •  Fiona MCCALMAN  •  Gillian ARCHIBALD  •  Glen CHALMERS  •  James MORTIMER  •  Robert BUCHAN  •  Royston WALKER  •  Steven GARDEN


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