Eltham junior parkrun # 181 - 13/10/2019

ClubNoteTotal Runs
1Raphael HUILLE07:58JM11-1466.62 %M1PB stays at 00:07:3172
2Callum WOOLFENDEN08:26JM11-1461.57 %M2PB stays at 00:07:505
3Aniket IYENGAR08:30JM1067.96 %M3Cambridge HarriersPB stays at 00:07:5978
4Martin PETKOFF08:41JM11-1461.12 %M4PB stays at 00:08:1512
5Iris WILLIAMS08:41JW1071.13 %F1PB stays at 00:08:0168
6Lewis BONNICI08:57JM11-1458.01 %M5PB stays at 00:08:0611
7Oliver HILL09:03JM1066.14 %M6PB stays at 00:08:2220
8Elisabeth HUILLE09:06JW11-1464.77 %F2PB stays at 00:08:4051
9Alex VAN DEN BERG-HOWS09:27JM1065.90 %M7PB stays at 00:08:5410
10Noah MCQUEEN10:13JM1056.54 %M8PB stays at 00:09:1888
11Hudson FLOYD10:14JM1063.62 %M9PB stays at 00:09:2733
12Theodore DOLTON10:15JM11-1454.60 %M10PB stays at 00:09:127
13Taite MCQUEEN10:19JM1055.99 %M11PB stays at 00:08:42139
14Riley MAHONEY10:26JM1059.69 %M12PB stays at 00:10:0766
15Avry MCQUEEN10:42JM1058.20 %M13PB stays at 00:09:38139
16Rianna MAHONEY10:42JW1057.73 %F3PB stays at 00:09:2865Member of the parkrun v25 Club
17Fraya COWAN10:43JW1057.64 %F4PB stays at 00:09:4558
18Christopher MANN10:49JM11-1451.74 %M14PB stays at 00:10:1818
19Henry SPRINGER11:04JM1058.83 %M15PB stays at 00:10:3315
20Georgie BARNES11:05JM11-1449.09 %M16PB stays at 00:10:038
21Archie PORTER11:11JM11-1447.45 %M17Greenwich Tritons Triathlon ClubNew PB!3
22Abigail TREMAIN11:13JW11-1450.72 %F5PB stays at 00:11:06174Member of the parkrun v25 Club
23Jenna FORBES11:14JW1060.49 %F6PB stays at 00:11:0514
24Ben TREMAIN11:14JM11-1446.22 %M18PB stays at 00:07:36170Member of the parkrun v25 Club
25Seb KETTLE11:15JM1055.36 %M19PB stays at 00:10:559
26Donny TRILL11:21JM1052.73 %M20PB stays at 00:09:3369
27Lucy ROWLES11:22JW11-1453.00 %F7PB stays at 00:10:429
28Ruby-Ann FARQUHAR11:27JW1055.49 %F8New PB!3
29Vedant IYENGAR11:37JM1056.04 %M21PB stays at 00:10:2960
30Camille MURDOCK11:39JW1053.02 %F9PB stays at 00:11:0787
31Elizabeth SANDERS11:43JW1057.99 %F10PB stays at 00:11:1716
32Chloe DOLTON11:50JW1055.42 %F11New PB!7
33Elias SAREY EL-DIN12:06JM1047.74 %M22New PB!9
34Toby BYSOUTH12:18JM1055.62 %M23PB stays at 00:10:4941
35Fletcher HAYES12:20JM1052.79 %M24Greenwich Tritons Triathlon ClubPB stays at 00:12:063
36Evelyn WHITE12:32JW1052.32 %F12PB stays at 00:12:035
37Vivienne MURDOCK12:54JW1050.83 %F13PB stays at 00:10:5289
38Piper WOOD13:05JW1051.93 %F14PB stays at 00:12:0429
39Abigail GRADY13:07JW11-1444.09 %F15PB stays at 00:11:2623
40Ben BYSOUTH13:09JM1043.93 %M25PB stays at 00:11:1345
41Henry MANN13:10JM1047.30 %M26PB stays at 00:12:4216
42Adam BRAUWEILER13:12JM1054.79 %M27PB stays at 00:12:256
43Daisy O'BRIEN13:22JW1050.83 %F16PB stays at 00:11:5523
44Isla SANDERS13:38JW1049.84 %F17PB stays at 00:10:0416
45Sofia MUNOZ13:45JW1049.42 %F18PB stays at 00:12:148
46Annabel HILL13:57JW1047.01 %F19PB stays at 00:09:1816
47Jack OUGHTON14:15JM11-1439.27 %M28PB stays at 00:14:032
48Dominic THOMAS14:33JM1047.02 %M29PB stays at 00:10:5545
49Amelie O'BRIEN14:36JW1050.62 %F20PB stays at 00:13:5912
50Eleanor JOLLY14:39JW1044.76 %F21PB stays at 00:12:4818
51Samuel HAYWARD14:45JM1046.38 %M30First Timer!1
52Isabel STOW15:34JW1039.68 %F22PB stays at 00:14:432
53Alex JANTJIES15:55JM1040.90 %M31PB stays at 00:15:0212
54Michaela CONWAY16:07JW1040.69 %F23PB stays at 00:12:312
55Noah ALLEN16:35JM1039.26 %M32PB stays at 00:12:512
56Oliver HAYWARD16:50JM1047.03 %M33First Timer!1
57Sebastian GARFORD-TULL17:25JM1041.53 %M34PB stays at 00:15:339
58Imogen THOMAS17:54JW1044.69 %F24First Timer!1
59Hope MCQUEEN18:21JW1043.60 %F25PB stays at 00:17:159
61Joseph PARRANT22:57JM1034.50 %M36PB stays at 00:19:4124
62Benjamin CRISPIN24:17JM1029.78 %M37PB stays at 00:13:4517
63Jack CRISPIN24:19JM1032.56 %M38PB stays at 00:21:112
64Riley CRASKE25:10JM1024.75 %M39PB stays at 00:16:1433
65Jessica LINFORD25:34JW1031.29 %F26PB stays at 00:14:008

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Jemma ALLEN, Dianah BAKER, Riley CRASKE, Peter CRASKE, Phillip CRESSWELL-NASH, Andrea GARFORD-TULL, Alison GRADY, John HANNAN, Sheralee HOPGOOD, Jake HURLEY, Oliver JACKSON, Paul KAIN, Sarah LINFORD, Tom MAHONEY, Rianna MAHONEY, Kelly MAHONEY, Joanne OBORN, Marcel PANISSE, Erling REFSUM, Lana SAREY EL-DIN, Ben TREMAIN, Toby TREMAIN, Ross TREMAIN, Amy TREMAIN, Abigail TREMAIN

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