Endcliffe parkrun is cancelled on 2021-01-16 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Reflections and many great memories – farewell to Sheffield Hallam parkrun, & hello to Endcliffe parkrun!

The week where Sheffield Hallam parkrun morphed into Endcliffe parkrun

So that's all folks! Sheffield Hallam parkrun is officially no more, and this weekend becomes the official birthday of the newly formed Endcliffe parkrun. It seems fitting to ask event directors past and present to reflect on the last ten years before we relaunch post Covid restrictions as Endcliffe parkrun. All of you will have memories of your own, but here are some perfectly penned reflections from Ryan Amos, Finlay Cooper and our very own bin lady Louise Dale-Hughes.

This photo was on our fourth birthday in 2014.  Doesn't time fly?


Fast forward six years, and today, 11 July 2020, Louise Dale-Hughes was out to do her inaugural Endcliffe parkrun on the 'new' route.  Only strictly speaking it isn't the 'new route' any more, it's the only Endcliffe parkrun pathway!  It seems some other regulars had the same idea as there were plenty of familiar faces out and about, perhaps some were doing what we now have to call 'the old Sheffield Hallam parkrun route', or just (not)parkrunning free style.  Please note though, In case you aren't aware, parkrun are specifically requesting that they'd really prefer parkrunners not to assemble at 9.00 a.m. on Saturday mornings to do the parkrun routes to avoid large impromptu gatherings.  Even so, Endcliffe park is clearly always going to be a popular running venue at any day and any time so if you are out and about you are likely to see friends old and new.   Give them a wave and and extra big cheer if they are sporting a parkrun or contra tee, it's a little thing, but will perhaps help us stay connected!  Here is Louise with Alan Dale-Hughes and Liberty Regan - you can tell it's the new route as they romp past the Mi Amigo memorial.

ldh1 ldh2 ldh3

Also out and about were Anurag and Monday Mobsters in socially distanced full force, reinstating post parkrun parkfaff with suitable refreshments it seems.  It's good to know parkrun traditions haven't all been lost during lock down.   This was especially heartening to see!  Hope you enjoyed your (not)parkruns in the name of Endcliffe parkrun, don't forget to log them on your profiles!

ldh4 ldh5

Also testing the Endcliffe parkrun route, Sallyann Winslow  (slightly over-excited at the back) with socially distanced friends David Adams (giving the new route the thumbs up) & Emma Morgan in charge of publicity and social media.  I'm guessing from their alarmingly manic enthusiastic expressions it was a yes from them!  Phew!



Milestones, reflections and many great memories……  Ryan Reflects on the event he set up and led:

This year we celebrate an amazing and successful decade of Sheffield Hallam parkrun, the first established in Sheffield, much revered and loved across the city. And whilst we celebrate this achievement, we also welcome another milestone which will see the changing of its name to Endcliffe parkrun. In some ways this marks the end of a era, and in others, a new beginning. What this doesn’t change, is that over the last decade, or 477 fantastic weeks (44 events were cancelled through poor conditions and covid-19 ☹), I was fortunate to have both launched and led a dedicated team of SHU staff and volunteers from the community.

I can still remember the first week, 36 runners joined us that morning and we were delighted. At that time in 2010, parkrun was still relatively unknown and we were tasked with introducing it and all of its benefits into the city. Having completed a few trial runs with barely 20 runners, to launch with almost double was an achievement. Now it’s a struggle for parkrun to keep new events to low numbers of attendance to help teams find their feet. We all know how you dedicated runners love to try out new parkruns.

And so our journey began, we were off and running (excuse the pun)- parkrun number 44. Each milestone was recognised mainly by attendance- 100 runners on the 2nd October 2011, 200 runners on the 9th July 2011. Each time we beat a milestone we would talk about the next- what is the capacity for runners in our park? When will the frontrunners hit the back of the group on the first loop? When will Alex be run director on a sunny day? :)

Each time we kept achieving what we previously thought was impossible. Fast forward to May 2019 and we hit 884 runners. From then on in, we kept on growing and evolving.

The first few weeks of Sheffield Hallam parkrun were amazing, to see the numbers grow week on week, and to see so many happy and soon to become, familiar faces. It was addictive! Thanks to this success however it was time to find some support to help out and run direct some events for me. I had established Sheffield Hallam parkrun through my job in sport at Sheffield Hallam University. Many of you will know Frazer (A81287), not only my colleague and friend, but also my go to for support around all things parkrun. He was the guy I spoke to when I needed some affirmation of ideas, assessing risk and anything really. He stepped in and helped me out to give me a week or two off and enjoy a holiday. It was in safe hands…..? the week before I took a holiday Frazer had managed to send the runners the wrong way at the top of the park, up the steps rather than to the end and round. As all the front runners came in, clicking their watches to time their runs, alluded to the fact their watches had recorded the distance as 4.9ish kilometres. Cue surprised faces as I was certain the distance was right. We have to use a surveyors measuring wheel to mark out the course and I had done so two or three times. So back to the measuring wheel in the days following for a further two or three distance checks before talking again to Frazer to understand what else might had happened. The penny dropped...and that wasn’t all, two weeks later (while I was on holiday) high winds dropped a tree over the path so it was an amusing few weeks for Frazer. We won’t talk about the time he erased a scanner of all the entries in an attempt to turn the sounds back on either.

Frazer wasn’t the only run director when parkruns became eventful. Us Brits are always obsessed when it comes to the weather and It always used to rain when Alex was in the hot spot. It became a running (again, excuse the pun) joke, if Alex was directing, bring your wet weather gear. Of all the mishaps though, my favourite story still lies with a very special parkrunner who I will not name (yet). There are always those two or three runners pushing it fine, turning up just before the run begins. As a Run director I used to hang on just for those few seconds to let them come in rather than give them a heart attack with hundreds of runners sprinting at them. In their haste, the individual arrived, took off his tracksuit and ran to the start line before realising he had taken his shorts off too!

We’ve had many great run directors, from Carl and Frazer in the early years, Helen and Andy after that and of course the dream team of Louise, Finlay, Jonny T, Ben, John Rafferty, Sandi and Derek. As event director they were a perfect partnership and I couldn’t have asked for any more from them. Each and every one of them brought so much added value to our parkrun and I can’t thank them enough.


Volunteering with parkrun is a great and worthy experience, which I would recommend to everyone. Just ask John Roberts about any of his 280 volunteering weeks, our finest and best barcode scanner in the land.


I’m constantly asked what makes parkrun so special, so successful? It’s easy, it’s the people. It’s the friendships that have been created and the way it brings the community together. The run and associated health benefits might bring you to parkrun, but it is the people and the community who keep you coming. That is what makes parkrun so special.

So whilst it is time for a name change, we welcome the new Endcliffe parkrun as we would any runner joining us for the first time because some things never change and that is the spirit of the wonderful community it is such an integral part of.


Ryan Amos (A72588), original Event Director


Fond Farewell to Sheffield Hallam parkrun from Finlay...

So the time has come to finally wave goodbye to Sheffield Hallam parkrun and welcome the brand new and shiny.... Endcliffe parkrun. Thank you to all of the team of Sheffield Hallam University who made such a successful event for 10 years.

Endcliffe parkrun is a new start for us all and we can’t wait to get started. All of the core team can’t wait to see everyone as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our new email address is up and it is Endcliffe@parkrun.com. Don’t worry if you forget the change! All emails sent to the old email address are being redirected to our new email.

If you are interested in checking out the new route, it is now live on our brand new website. https://www.parkrun.org.uk/endcliffe/course/

Finally I want to thank everyone who has been involved with the transition to our new parkrun. Including Karen Weir, all of the RD’s and everyone at parkrun HQ. Me and Louise can’t wait to start building on Sheffield Hallam’s success!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

2 4 finlay

Finlay Cooper, Co-Event Director


Bitter Sweet... our Co-Event Direct Louise marks the transition to a new beginning

Sheffield Hallam parkrun ends & Endcliffe parkrun begins. A seamless smooth transition with the same anniversary, so where it all started is never forgotten.

It is a shame that the current situation means we can’t officially run the new course but at least we can complete a few (possibly lots of) practice runs before we can all do it for real.

While Ryan and Finlay have already thanked a number of people, I am slightly ashamed to say that there were a few who I’d forgotten but I did begin my journey way back in week 5 and they do say we start to forget as we get older, but it’s probably more so because there are hundreds of you that I have shouted out over the years and many who I now count as friends. However there is one name not yet mentioned. A man whose pictures help preserve the memories from back in those early days and that is George Carman (or Carman’s camera as I like to call him). Thank you George for probably hundreds/thousands/zillions of pictures and who is highly sort after by other parkruns. Thank you also for encouraging and helping some of our new budding photographers to take up the reigns and take the pressure of you to allow you to run more.


On a personal note I can’t wait for Endcliffe parkrun to begin & a new community of runners & volunteers to start flooding back. How I have missed climbing up on the big black bin to ‘shout’ at you all.

Time for a break...(the following was written with the help from our parkrun Ambassador Karen Weir - thanks Karen)

Over the last 4 months or so it has been noticed that parkrunners have gone one of two ways, they have either ‘parked’ parkrun for now or thrown themselves into all the extra things parkrun is providing. I guess a lot of this depends on how reliant individuals were on having parkrun in their lives. There are a lot of other parkrun events that have gone quiet during these very unknown times but we are confident parkruns will be back at full strength as soon as we’re allowed. So while there have been a few of us (mainly Lucy Marris who I sincerely thank for her all the time and effort ) who have tried to keep the notarunreport filled with information relating to parkruns/runners while you/we/us may not have a lot going on that is parkrun related, I think that the time has come for us as a core team to ‘park’ ours for now until we get the green light to go ahead.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have contributed in some way to keeping the notapark notarunreport going, with your pictures, stories & weekly updates. I personally have loved each and every one. The FB page & Twitter are both still Active and accessible for you all, so if you want to post anything then please feel free to do so.

Even though it is probably still a long time off, I hope you will understand that life for us as a core team will be crazy enough when we get back to parkrun so the break will do us all good.

Thank you and see you all soon. LDH


 Louise Dale-Hughes, Co-Event Director


and here is a smorgasbord of photos from anniversaries past for you to enjoy until we meet again:

From 2014 - but the blinking of the eye...

The course was run in reverse, and the theme 'Le Tour de France' - hence the proliferation of yellow jerseys (everyone's a winner at parkrun) and some lazy cultural stereotyping - baguette anyone?

14 finish 14 run 14 team 14a 14b 14baguette 14c 14cake 14car 14d 14duo 14e 14f 14frontrunner 14g 14george 14h 14home 14i 14j 14l 14legend 14m 14n 14party 14shoes


From 11 July 2015 - the last time we ran on this exact date, so a fitting day to transfer to our new name

I'll level with you, I'm struggling to recall the theme for this, but going with 'come as you are' what else can explain the breadth of personal expression on show that day!  I guess the power rangers just happened to be in the area ...

2015 2015a 2015b 2015c 2015d new 2015e 2015f 2015g 2015l 2015o 2015k 2015n 2015m


From July 2017 - a Wimbledon theme, anyone for tennis?:

5 6 

17f 2017 2017e 17a 17b 17c 17d 17f 17g 17h 17i 17j 17k 17l


Memories eh, and finally from 2018:

Running in reverse for our Sheffield Hallam parkrun 8th Birthday celebrations.  Were you there?

2018f 2018b 2018


Those were the days my friend.... 


Contra helping along with the celebrations:

happy birthday

Cunningly, our Sheffield Hallam parkrun birthday is the same as that of the new Endcliffe parkrun event.  You might have received a celebratory email from Contra who have put on a special offer for our parkrunners in honour of Sheffield Hallam parkrun​'s anniversary.  Although, usually we would be celebrating at our parkrun events, with friends and fellow parkrunners, doing what we all love, walking, jogging, running or volunteering. Unfortunately, for the time being, we are unable to celebrate in this way, you can however still mark the occasion courtesy of our friends at CONTRA who are stepping in to help us celebrate and they're giving you 20% off any orders! Just enter the code 20OFF94639Q​ at the checkout! Your code will last 30 days, so don't delay!

Alternatively, could you be the first parkrunner to be seen sporting an Endcliffe parkrun apricot tee in time for our grand depart, whenever that may be?  The link for apricot merchandise is here.

To share a (not) parkrun story with parkrun HQ use this get in touch link they'd love to hear your stories from the field too!

and please do keep logging your (not)parkruns, it'll be great to see a well populated Endcliffe (not)parkrun represented in charts.  Find out more here in the (not)parkrun FAQs and check out the event history for Endcliffe (not)parkrun here exciting isn't it!


But we'll be back..... so keep your running shoes collection safe until we meet again...


Lucy Marris, parkrunner A448776



It’s a new dawn – Endcliffe parkrun has landed!

Have you spotted it yet? Anything new or different? Well done for those of you that have!

Just in case you haven’t, it is a very special day for us here. We are now officially Endcliffe parkrun. And the change comes just before our 10th birthday. Unfortunately, yes that does mean that we are missing our anniversary run. However, you can still get your (not)parkrun in for this special anniversary, and if you feel a little more adventurous, why don’t you try the run in reverse?

Now, 10 years old, who’d have thought that the original Sheffield Hallam parkrun, with 36 parkrunners and only 4 volunteers would turn into over 600 regular parkrunners and at least 20 volunteers each week. We’ve all come to love parkrun, making it a staple at 9am on a Saturday morning, now we definitely didn’t think we would miss something so much on a Saturday morning before. We’ve made some fantastic friends at parkrun, whether they are fellow runners or the amazing volunteers. I think we can probably all agree that Sheffield Hallam parkrun brought something amazing into our lives. Without one main person, Sheffield Hallam parkrun may never have been, we have to say one massive thank you to Ryan Amos, who brought us Sheffield Hallam parkrun. Ryan spent hours behind the scenes making sure parkrun was possible for us all and though stepping down a while ago still influences parkrun to this day.

Now although sad to Sheffield Hallam parkrun go. We are extremely excited to carry on the legacy with Endcliffe parkrun. With LDH (Louise Dale-Hughes) and Finlay leading the way, when we eventually get back to parkrun, Endcliffe parkrun will come back better than before. And we can’t wait to see all your lovely faces again. Updates will be posted when we find anything out.

Now the main thing, is that we hope you all keep safe so we can see you all at the all new and exciting Endcliffe parkrun.


Alex Harding

and thanks to the loyal parkrunners who commented in response:

Uzzie Laubscher: Can’t wait for parkrun to come back! Pop me down to volunteer first day back! X

Dot Kesterton: Looking forward to the ‘new’ Endcliffe parkrun. In the meantime not parkrun is filling the gap.

Rick O'Toole: It was great to have been a part of the Sheffield Hallam Uni team in those very early days with Ryan Amos who went on to do an awesome job being so committed to growing the participation and exposure of the event. Best of luck to the team now in charge, long may it continue!

Anna Megson: Many thanks to Ryan along with Frazer, who worked so hard to set up hallam parkrun 10 years ago. An achievement to be proud of.

Louise Dale-Hughes Anna Megson couldn’t agree more Anna

Rachel Cholerton: Happy birthday Endcliffe parkrun!
My mum (Irene Cholerton) ran in that first Parkrun 10 years ago. She died 2 months later from cancer, but I’m proud to be carrying the running torch and Endcliffe holds a special place in my heart. Gutted we can’t be running on Saturday, but can’t wait to get back to it!

Louise Dale-Hughes: Massive shout out to Ryan a true gent and a friend for life & Frazer too. Amazing guys who I have a lot to thank for x

Finlay Cooper: Here’s to a new start! Thank you to everyone who made Sheffield Hallam parkrun a successful event! We can’t wait to see you at our first event!

Jane Ellis: Happy birthday/end/new start day. Much love to our home parkrun old and new. Cant wait to do new route. Thanks to every friend. Volunteer. Fellow parkrunners of all speeds and shuffles. You're all missed

Rizni Marzook: Hallam parkrun played a massive role in my recovery from heart attack I had 10 years ago. It was a stepping stone for my marathon running as well. I have been there for last 9 years and seen how committed and dedicated our volunteers are. I can’t thank them enough. Badly missing the parkrun and I can’t wait till I run again


Covid 19, Week 16 no UK parkruns, Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun, notarunreport 4th July 2020

Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun
Virtual Event number 16
4th July 2020


Week 16 of no parkruns. New  Zealand made it back.  Yay!  We have more (not)parkrunners joining the logging of (not)parkruns so that's fun.  Lots is happening with parkrun globally so find out more below if that's your thing.  We are missing each other I'm sure, but we'll be back together when it's safe to do so. In the meantime, take care, and keep on sharing your parkrun memories and (not)parkrun stories to keep the parkrun love and community connected and alive!  :)

There is a lack of July photos in the Sheffield Hallam parkrun archive, so here is one from 18 June 2016 that just made me smile, I hope it cheers you as well.  Bet those high-vis heroes are all grown up now!  Loving the smiling continuum on display there too.  That's the Goldilocks zone in the middle, on either side dialled up a bit high to manic in one direction and a bit lower leaning to the somewhat hesitant side of outward joyfulness on the other.  Evens out overall though I'm sure!

18 june 2016



This read is jam-packed.  I bring you not only the official parkrun HQ update, but also extra breaking news.  Find out more about a forthcoming parkrun partnership with World Athletics; what's happening with the New Year's Day Doubles and explore the new parkrun safeguarding hub.  Check out how our (not)parkrunners are getting on with their (not)parkruns, and meet Sophie PITT and find out about her running life in the age of Covid 19.  Treats for parkrun statsgeeks include listings of the hypothetically possible maximum parkrun attendances to date and insights into the probability of achieving a parkrun Bingo set in the foreseeable future.  For those not in the know, this is a running challenges idea, where the objective is to achieve Stopwatch Bingo by collecting all the seconds from 00 to 59 in your finishing times.  You will also find for your perusal, an information video on the fastest and slowest parkrun courses. I know, interesting stuff!  Best of all, celebrate New Zealand's return to parkrunning and maybe shed a tear at the latest parkrun HQ video which promises you this, that first parkrun back will indeed be 'pure bliss'.  See parkrun New Zealand back FOR REAL with recordings of a video live link up to Pegasus parkrun on it's return, as well as and a compilation of shots from returning New Zealand parkruns various.  I got something in my eye. ...  Check out how (park)running can support improved mental health and the positives of power napping as endorsed by a running legend.  Find ideas of how you can support parkrun in the future by helping to sustain the parkrun community.  Oh, and there's a video of highlights of various Manchester parkrun routes as well, that's hypnotic viewing.  Lots of stuff.  If you indulge in reading the whole thing, you will also encounter a particularly epic mandatory duck shot and find out about an aircraft carrier 'parkrun'.  That last one is a bit of a cheat, as it's not really a parkrun, just a 5k 'inspired by parkrun', but it's a good story anyway, and I have to get my content from somewhere, so its in!  And, nearly forgot, there is a spotlight on Singapore parkrun and a bonus spotlight on New Zealand too, so you really should find at least one paragraph worth a passing glance I hope ... I've done my best.

Thanks as always to those of you who have contributed your ideas, insights and photos this week, they are very much needed to help keep this notarunreport show on the road.  So please do keep those messages coming.  If on the other hand you've been mentioned and you'd prefer you hadn't been, then let us know via Facebook message or email, and all references and pictures will be removed as soon as I'm made aware.

If you can find the strength to give the post a like using the button below that would be grand too, it's good for morale, equally, when likes drop below 50 I'll pull the plug on the notarunreport so its future remains in your hands.

Enjoy, or not, but whatever you are up to, thanks for staying connected to our parkrun family.

Let's kick off with...

The official parkrun update from the UK

update 30 june

Read it here Covid-19-coronavirus-update-30-june/ but to save you the exhausting effort of clicking on the link, it's in full below:

'With just a few days left until the reopening of parkrun New Zealand it feels like we really are making excellent progress and, after fifteen Saturdays without a single parkrun anywhere in the world, this weekend we can all celebrate a great step forward. Everyone has worked hard and waited patiently, and we can all be proud to be part of the wonderful, global, parkrun family.  Across the other 21 countries that host parkrun events, things are also changing rapidly. Since last week, for example, we’ve seen significant relaxations in the Netherlands and Australia. Of course, it’s not all positive though, and in the last 24 hours we’ve also seen localised lockdown in part of the UK.

We continue to follow global developments very closely, and every morning meet (virtually) to discuss where things are, what needs to be done to support parkrun communities right now, and what needs to be put in place so that we can reopen when the time is right.  We’ve held those meetings every single working day since lockdown started, and it’s very clear that, so far, things are moving in a positive direction and every day is a day closer to being back in our parks and open spaces, together.  

However, we know that reopening our events (or keeping them closed) at a given time will be controversial in the eyes of some members of our community. Not because they’re wrong and we’re right, but because with a global family numbering seven million people there will be healthy differences of opinion. 

We will each interpret information and risk differently, and faced with the same challenges we will each form different conclusions. As we look ahead therefore we expect that there could be a period of time where many people feel we should be open, when we’re not, but then a time when many people feel we shouldn’t be open, when we are. During that time we will be collaborative in our decision making, transparent with our reasoning, and take responsibility for our actions.

Thanks, as always, for your incredible parkrun passion.

We are getting through this, together. 

Tom Williams, Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Global'


Weekly shout out for notaparkrun updates:

'Weekly shout out - is there anybody out there?

Very excitingly, New Zealand parkrun returns this weekend. That means they'll be parkrunning on Friday night! Yay. Inspired by this hopeful news, please share your notparkrun adventures below, homages to New Zealand fellow parkrunners especially well received, dig out a NZ flag or document your hobbit runs in elvish country, or just give a wave so we know you are out there, and ready to return to the warm parkrun embrace when it's safe to do so! This is a parkrun NZ picture as we are short of historic photos for July. Share a photo memory from this weekend in years long past if you can. :)'

parkrun new zealand


Marissa DESOYSA 

Got in touch to share the news she's already had the pleasure of a parkrun in New Zealand.  Isn't that so exciting!  She was there for New Year's Eve 2016 parkrun in Auckland New Zealand 'it was amazing!'  I bet it was, I'd love to do that.  The actual proper parkrun name is Cornwall Park parkrun, so that could have got confusing, well done for landing on the correct continent for that one!  I checked out their Cornwall Park parkrun Facebook page to steal a picture, I couldn't find one from that far back, but here's one from January 2020.

cornwall park parkrun

FYI, on the day this photo was taken, 11 Jan 2020, which was event 395, there were 386 finishers facilitated by just 12 volunteers.  First finishers were (men) Samuel KYNOCH WALDIN 00:17:19; and (women) Peyton LEIGH 00:19:04

On 31 Dec 2016, when Marissa graced them with her presence, it was event 234; and there were 171 parkrun participants enabled by 8 high vis heroes.  First finishers that day were (men) Daniel Guan-Ming CHENl 00:17:59 and (women) Gooya MOZDBAR 00:22:03.

Bet those New Zealanders will be giddy at getting a mention in our Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun notarunreport!  That's us, just spreading the joy!


Sophie PITT - talking parkrun re-imagined in the age of Covid 19:

Yay to Sophie who has got in touch to share her Covid 19 (not)parkrun adventures. Great to hear from you Sophie and thanks for your kind words and parkrun positivity.  Always grand to share the parkrun love!  You might recognise Sophie, she has a unique and most excellent running style that has been proven to be aerodynamically massively efficient, hence she is working hard to perfect it.

sp2 sp3

Here is her (not)parkrun story, in her own words:

'I’m sure I am not alone when I say that Saturday mornings (or parkrunday mornings), have a giant parkrun-shaped hole in them.

There are no limits to the positive impact parkrun has had, both in the UK and around the globe. It has encouraged people to exercise, been a tool for rehabilitation and recovery, and helped people achieve milestones, not to mention the strong communities that have emerged from it. For many, it has become a way of life.

Personally for me, parkrun has become such an intrinsic part of who I am. The welcoming and supportive environment kept me coming back for more! I just found it incredible that no matter where I was in the country, I could rock up to a park run at 9am on a Saturday morning, and I could guarantee that there would be a friendly, smiley, inclusive group of people, who would provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere to exercise. I first started parkrunning back in 2013, doing the occasional event here and there. It slowly but surely became ingrained in me that Saturday morning = parkrun. Apart from a few months of travelling, and a few more months of injury, (and unfortunately the necessary evil of a weekend shift at work), I have been committed to attending parkrun on a weekly basis. Since March 14th 2020, Saturday mornings have not felt the same.

So what can we do instead?!

Firstly, a massive shout out to the core parkrun volunteer team who have kept morale so high, providing us with weekly notarunreports and keeping us all up to date on the decisions being made from parkrun HQ. Seeing the Facebook posts and hearing other people’s running adventures has definitely helped to reinstate some of the sense of community I feel has disappeared since parkrun was paused. Secondly, the (not)parkruns have been fantastic motivation. It’s been great having some sort of structure again, and a 5k goal to aim for!

I have also noticed a lot of people doing ‘running challenges’. I recently joined a virtual running group, who have been doing a series of these challenges. Again, this has been great for motivation, support and a sense of community - three of the fundamental pillars of park run! If there are no running groups available to you, why not group together with a bunch of friends and set yourself your own challenge? For example, how far can you cumulatively run in one week? The virtual running group I joined managed to do 6957km in a month!

The support and structure is out there, you may just need to search a little harder to find it. For anyone who has noticed their motivation dwindling, I couldn’t recommend trying out a (not)parkrun more!

Since the gyms have been closed, I have noticed a huge increase in the numbers of runners getting their daily dose of exercise, which has been fantastic to see. For those who didn’t enjoy running before, I hope lockdown has opened your eyes and awakened your legs to the benefits of running. And if you think running is good on any other day of week… just wait until you try park run! Hopefully these new-found runners will keep up their new healthy habit, and join us on Saturday mornings when parkrun returns!

Of course, the most important thing is to stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. Let’s share our adventures, continue to support one another and hold out hope knowing one day we will be able to parkrun together again!'

Thanks Sophie, that's lovely, it made me feel all warm and nice inside :)  Her virtual running club is one through work the STH (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals) running group - but there are plenty of other virtual groups and challenges out there if you have a quick google.  Runners' World did a round up of some Virtual Running Challenges back in March, but there are always more coming, some with medals some free and some actual races too - something for everyone, or you could always start your own.  In the meantime, don't forget (not)parkrun, that's the best virtual challenge of them all, of course!

Sophie Pitt challenge

Now Sophie has completed 87 runs at Sheffield Hallam out of her 187 parkruns in total.  She has carried out 7 different volunteering roles in 6 different guises, including, tantalisingly, lead bike! That’s quite a rare one, she did well to bagsy that. What’s more, she has completed parkrun bingo too, in only 187 parkruns, that’s pretty fast, the parkrun bingo challenge is one of the hardest to achieve, and there is little or nothing you can really do to hurry it along.  I'm on 250 runs and have had my last number outstanding for over a year.  The frustration never really goes away, stoical as I endeavour to be!  Stephen Ferguson did a whole blog post about the maths of parkrun bingo a while back.   The take away summary of which is that 'on average it will take a brand new parkrunner 280.79 runs to complete parkrun Bingo' and he presents this graphically thus:

parkrun bingo

which left me none the wiser to be honest, but may appeal to your inner statsgeek if fractions and equations are your thing.  However, I'm sure you'll be keen to know the following.

'... what are the chances of someone completing the Bingo challenge in exactly 60 parkruns? The answer is 1 in 5.873 septillion: 1 in 587354000000000000000000  5.873 septillion is about 6000 times the stars in the universe. It isn’t going to happen anytime soon.'

Hands up everyone who already knew what a septillion was?  Thought so.

Anyway, back to Sophie, she's graced two different countries with her parkrun presence, and that, along with her parkrun tourism to 34 venues, has given her an average parkrun of Rosliston, which she hasn’t ever been to. I think she should.  Her parkrun birthday was Saturday, August 24, 2013 so she’ll be seven in parkrun years quite soon. That makes her a Virgo, but only by a day. Her Chinese year is the snake, apparently. POSITIVE TRAITS FOR AUGUST 24TH BORN include ‘Intelligent, loyal and ready to use what life threw their way, they are practical and willing to cope with any problem that might come up. They will fix what is broken, in their material, emotional and mental worlds, knowing that only when things are ended, new ones may begin.’  On this day in history, apparently (found it on interweb so it must be true) in1869 Cornelius Swarthout patents stove-top waffle iron; in 79 Mt Vesuvius erupts, buries Roman Pompeii and Herculaneum, 15,000 die and on the 24 Aug, 1932 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to make a transcontinental flight when she landed at the Newark Airport in New Jersey after a 19 hour flight from Los Angeles, CA.   Good to know.

Thanks again Sophie for getting in touch, looking forward to seeing your bursting with happiness at our new Endcliffe parkrun as soon as it is safe to do so.  Thanks for lifting our spirits with your parkrun positivity and story in the meantime.  Yay for you and yay for parkrun :)



(not)parkrunners representing Sheffield Hallam parkrun

What are (not)parkruns? In case you've missed it, in the absence of parkrun events (not)parkrun is an opportunity for parkrunners to submit a 5k walk, jog, or run, on a route of your choosing, on a day and time of your choice, wherever you are in the world and following appropriate guidelines for physical activity wherever you’re based. You can record up to one activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in a weekly results table.

Yep, the fun thing is, everyone who has a home run of Sheffield Hallam parkrun (or wherever) has their times grouped together in one results table, so we can have a sense of our parkrun community re-emerging. These runs don't contribute to parkrun tees, but are part of the come back journey. Yay! The (not)parkrun week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, which is somewhat discombobulating and a tad annoying in terms of writing even a (not)parkrun report, but we have to work with what we are given.  Plus we are even getting a (not)parkrun history result stats to gaze at. And you can scrutinize how all the other (not)parkruns across the uk are doing too.  Oh the joy!

For our second official Sheffield Hallam (not)parkrun between 22/06/2020 - 28/06/2020 30 parkrunners completed 37 (not)parkruns.  Only the fastest time is officially recorded on the results.  There were an impressive 16 first timers, representing just three different running clubs.  To be precise, seeing as it was our (not)parkrun inaugural these were: Lonely Goat RC (1); Steel City Striders RC (6); and University of Sheffield Triathlon Club (1).  Shout outs this week go to:

  • Congratulations to all those returners nailing a pb James OGDEN; Brian GOOCH; Jacqueline LATHAM; Timothy LATHAM and Pierre LAUBSCHER
  • Welcome to first timers: Wendy MASON; Dot KESTERTON; Ryan TALLEY; John HAWKSWORTH; Ben HELLER; Laurie FAUX; Christian BRIDDON; Martin LANE; Jack HOSKIN; Will SIGGS and Laura EDWARDS

The third official Sheffield Hallam (not)parkrun is still in progress at this time of writing and posting, but you can keep a track on the results for the week 29th June to 5 July 2020 here.  Good to see more parkrunners(not) are joining for their first time each week.  We are massing dear reader, we will all gather again!

Welcome to (not)parkrun to first timers Michele KIRKBRIDE; Emily INGHAM; Anne STRONG; Dylan HEASON; Bryn HEASON; Peter DELAMERE; Daniel GIBB; Heather C STEWART; Anne KIRTLEY; Laura RANGELEY; Jane LOVETT;
Peter POND; Meredith TOPLISS; Robin GILLILAND; Jeremy BRAITHWAIT;  Claire WREN and Gerry BENNET at time of writing, and counting!

If you haven't joined the (not)parkrun club yet, give it a go, it's surprisingly fun to see your name come up on the results list again.  if you do, PLEASE NOTE the FAQs especially 'Do I have to do my 5k at my home parkrun course? No - in fact we would prefer it if you didn’t. You can walk, jog, or run your 5k anywhere you like (providing it is safe to do so). In your garden, to and from your house, it doesn’t matter where your 5k is. We definitely do not want parkrunners turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.' It’s definitely not parkrun, but it's a start. Find out more, including how it works here http://parkrun.me/ywtjv

(not)parkrun continues to grow!  It's now week three of (not)parkrun! More than 23,000 people around the world took part last week, Sheffield Hallam parkrun fielded 30 of them, but I feel confident that number will grow!



has been doing a fair bit of running around lately, as well as her (not)parkruns.  Check out this write up in the Sheffield Telegraph and find out how she was crowned fastest woman runner over 65.  Nice! as expressed by fellow parkrunner David Bocking, 'Dot Kesterton, ... in her late sixties has just nailed another first-place-in-Britain accolade for Sheffield women runners aged over 65, after hurtling five kilometres along the edge of Damflask reservoir in under 23 minutes'

 dot kesterton


Welcome back to parkrun New Zealand.

It's back, it's back.

A few tweaks I think, but pretty much as before.  The only main change I saw was a parkrun New Zealand post alerting participants to be on the lookout for a QR poster at each event.  Attendees will be asked to sign in with the NZ COVID tracer app to assist with contact tracing in case of need.  It won't be a condition of participation, a relief to those of us still out here without smart phones, but it will be helpful.  Please don't scan this one just because, it will create confusion, and is for a specific New Zealand parkrun anyway, but it's interesting isn't it, this might be the way things evolve here over time.

NZ parkrun

Oh, and in case the news of parkrun returning to New Zealand isn't exciting enough, check out this spotlight on parkrun New Zealand and dream of possible parkruns future that await you.  Just as a taster:

'Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand, which translates as “land of the long white cloud”. But whether it’s cloud, rain, snow, frost or sunshine at daybreak on Saturday, one guarantee is that parkruns in some of the most stunning locations on the planet will be getting underway. From the geothermal features of Rotorua, to the lakes and mountains in the South Island to the lions roaring at Western Springs, parkrunners in NZ are spoiled for choice.

What’s more, if you’re unsure of the forecast, you may be able to hear it in Elvish. New Zealand first broadcast their weather report in Elvish language in 2012, the same year parkrun was introduced. Well, it is the home of The Lord of the Rings after all, and at one time had a Lord of the Rings Minister to ensure New Zealand would benefit economically from the films.'



And then they were back!  Welcome to parkrun New Zealand relaunched!

  down under tourists

Thanks to Martin Bishop and Cathy Bishop for this awesome pic and welcome!  You are stars and selfie frame royalty.  I am in awe.

This #parkrunday in New Zealand there were:

  • 29 events
  • 3,683​ finishers
  • 315 volunteers
  • 263 first-timers

Check out the lovely video of images from the return here 'We're back!'  parkrun New Zealand

nz back


Joining pigasis Pegasus parkrun New Zealand, as it happened!

2011-01-28-pigshavewings3 in-greek-mythology-who-was-the-mother-of-the-winged-horse-pegasus

As well as those taking part in parkrun proper in New Zealand, there were too many to count teary eyed parkrunners worldwide watching on virtually from afar.  Of which I was one, joining With Me Now with their live feed to Pegasus parkrun as they came back to life.  You can watch a video replay of the live feed here, it's hilarious, capturing the random joy of a parkrun community.  From the arrival in darkness, to the link with Wales (each New Zealand parkrun adopted a fellow parkrun country for their theme) - demonstrated by flags; rusty Welsh and an inside out upturned yellow tutu serving as a daffodil costume.  And the not unusual sight of a Tom Jones lookalike strolling about in the background.  Enjoy the vicarious thrill of seeing Dean and Sandra finally nail their milestone tees, having been stuck on 99 and 49 respectively.  Can you imagine?  They made it, finally!  Phew.  Oh, and the off camera moment when the roving reporter Hannah Oldroyd, was bowled over by the enthusiastic welcome of a barkrunner Brunner.  Literally bowled over, not figuratively.  Classic!  Here are some images of the day, bet you fill up just gazing on them - can you imagine how emotional it will be when we are back at our own home parkruns!

pp3 pp5  pp4

PP PP1 pp6 pp7 pp8 pp9 pp10

Add to this the joy at hearing 'Pigasis' parkrunners sharing their stories; blurry Blair Witch Project like footage of people on course and the excitement of seeing an actual finish funnel New Zealand style and it was all pretty spectacular.  So much so, I forgot all about expecting to see an actual flying horse, which was just as well, as there wasn't one.  We should have been there, but the next best thing was joining it live, and the next best thing after that would be to watch it back on YouTube NOW, it's not too late, you can join the fun too!  Zoom can be a force for good in the world more than we knew!

 live from pegasus screenshot

About 300+ parkrunners from worldwide tuned in to watch live, (hi Zaheer Mahmood - good to wave at you virtually there last night) and it was almost like being back on the parkrun tourist trail.  Reassuring and emotional too.  The parkrun community is still there waiting it seems.  Thanks 'With Me Now' for coming up with the grand plan of international co-operation and parkrun unity, it was fab!  :)  I'll add in the link to the Pegasus parkrun run report (actual run report) - I know, exciting!

wmn live


Elliott Line amazing parkrun stats:

Elliott Line did some extra special parkrun attendance and milestone stats just for 4th July 2020, in honour of the occasion. From this we learn, amongst other things that:

  • It was an emotional return to parkrun after 15 Saturdays without it. One of the 29 events that took place, Pegasus parkrun, was streamed live on the ‘With Me Now’ YouTube channel (and available to watch back: https://youtu.be/w_c1EXttyZY)
  • Worldwide there were 29 parkruns, and the worldwide parkrun population was 3,683 parkrunners and 315 volunteers,
  • 11349 people got their parkrun barcode since March 14th 2020
  • 283 people became parkrunners this week
  • 19 parkrunners joined the 50 club
  • 6 parkrunners joined the 100 club
  • 1 parkrunner joined the 250 club
  • Biggest parkruns worldwide: Cornwall Park, New Zealand (297), Hagley, New Zealand (296), Millwater, New Zealand (256), Lower Hutt, New Zealand (227), Hamilton Lake, New Zealand (199), Western Springs, New Zealand (187), Palmerston North, New Zealand (169), Dunedin, New Zealand (165), Porirua, New Zealand (165), Invercargill, New Zealand (159),
  • Well done to the 3 hi-viz heroes who joined the Volunteer 25 club this week: Andy LANGLEY, Caroline LISTER, Dani MOYNES.

Elliott Line has also produced some (not)parkrun stats for the period 29-june-2020 to 05-july-2020  Proper stats.  Fab.U.Lous  From this we learn the following:

  • Biggest UK (not)parkrun totals: Bushy Park 393 (not)parkruns & Chelmsford Central 346 (not)parkruns
  • Highest adjusted* average (not)parkruns per parkrunner: Haigh Woodland with 23 parkrunners recording 54 (not)parkruns
  • Lowest adjusted* average (not)parkruns per parkrunner: Bognor Regis with 22 parkrunners recording 22 (not)parkruns
    (* = adjusted according to Elliott's secret statistical formula to take account of parkruns with very low numbers)
  • Worldwide 23605 parkrunners recorded 33560 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 33:47
  • In the UK 15579 parkrunners recorded 21462 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 31:36
  • In South Africa 3596 parkrunners recorded 5807 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 41:45
  • In Finland 7 parkrunners recorded 13 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 45:03

and loads of other stuff too, if you care to go have a looksie.  :)

Elliott Line is awesome!  #loveparkrun #loveelliottlinestats


Don't forget, pondering parkrun podcasts

To help keep the parkrun dream alive, you can still listen to parkrun podcasts, official and unofficial depending on how on the edge you live your life

1) Free, Weekly, Timed - the official parkrun voice - The official parkrun podcast Free, Weekly Timed is still coming out each week, so you can extend your parkrun fix by listening to that - in this week's pod 'The boss is back', parkrun CEO Nick Pearson tells us about parkrun's partnership with World Athletics, and there's an update on puppy Apollo & Helen chats to someone doing 100 (not)parkruns in 100 days

2) With Me Now - with Danny Norman, the unofficial voice of parkrun - With Me Now is also continuing to produce it's weekly podcast. Episode 104 - 'Nostradanus' is now available! 'In this week's pod there's a lot happening! The inevitable NYDD-gate, gate noises, clarifications, lovely emails, HMS parkrun, Patreon feedback and arbitraries, parkrun and World Athletics'

 3) Running is BS - not a parkrun specific pod, but I'm acquiring a taste for this one, their latest pod is described as:

'Ben Smith took on an extraordinary challenge (The 401 Challenge) back in 2015, and is gearing up to do another. Find out all about how he got on, how injured he got, and how stopping took its toll.  As ever, we skirt around the edges of running by talking about socks, tea, dogs and moving your injury around rather than fixing it.  All the links from this episode are on our website, including a great detailed look at trans athlete rights as human rights.  Get it downloaded and in your ears right now. Or later on. Up to you tbh'  https://runningisbs.com/episode/42-back-to-back-marathons-are-bullshit-feat-ben-smith/

The tenuous link, is that many parkrunners will have joined Ben Smith on his 401 marathons in 401 days route, as it was open season to go join him.  If you did, share a picture and your memories and I'll give you a special shout out next week.  The pod also discusses mental health and running.  Quirky, but sweary.  You have been warned.  Oh, and if you did run with him, you'll have a photographic record somewhere, as he made a point of taking a selfie with every single individual who joined him en route.  That's quite a lot of people!  Were you one?  Here's the running is BS team, and Ben too.

bs team running is bs  Ben


Running and mental health:

Partly due to the openness of people like Ben and his 401 challenge, issues around mental health are more widely discussed today than in the past.  The London Marathon had as its official charity partner 'Heads Together' back in 2017.  BBC did quite a moving documentary 'Mind Over Marathon' following some first time marathon runners with various mental health issues as they trained for 2017.  Annoying, it's not available on iplayer right now, so you'll have to just take my word for it, the general point is, that the importance of running for mental health is being ever more widely acknowledged.  This is a good thing. parkrun did some research back in 2018 evidencing the benefits of running for improved mental health.

'The study, which involved parkrunners who identified as having experienced mental health difficulties, concluded that volunteering, being outside and participating in a community activity can be beneficial. Participants reported that parkrun gives them a sense of identity – being part of the ‘parkrun community’ and reducing the stigma associated with mental health difficulties. Each participant in the research reported that parkrun was beneficial to their mental health.

The research reveals that parkrun increases confidence, helps to reduce isolation, depression, anxiety and stress, and gives participants space to think. Volunteering opportunities at parkrun increase inclusivity as people who do not want to walk or run, or are unable to, can participate by volunteering.'

It is a deep irony, that sometimes when unwell it is extra hard to get out and run and so the tonic seems more elusive than ever.  However, there are a number of groups and sites out there.  Joining a running club might work for you, if you can find the right one with an ethos that you share, but  I've just come across these other resources too:

  • https://run4yourmind.com/ - Oly shares his story on this website saying:  'Welcome to Run4YourMind! I’m on a mission to raise awareness, support, motivate and inspire others struggling with mental illness to better themselves through the power of running.  I myself am a long term sufferer of severe OCD, Anxiety and Depression and have been for around 10 years. My main issue being intrusive, negative thoughts that take control of my mind and make it very difficult to focus on general day to day things. This results in me feeling incredibly anxious, confused and at times scared. Struggling with this on a daily basis is extremely draining and causes me to spiral into a sad state of depression. ... I hope through documenting my journey it will help me understand myself better and help others a long the way.'  
  • Sheffield Mind are on the brink of launching a new getsettogo initiative https://www.sheffieldmind.co.uk/get-set-to-go that looks interesting they are seeking peer mentors as well as participants if that's of interest
  • and there is also a closed parkrun Facebook group for people living with mental health problems where you can connect with others.

add life to days

These are not places that can offer support if you are in the middle of a mental health crisis.  If you need help now, and you live in Sheffield try these links first.

For self-help and other resources, check out  https://iaptsheffield.shsc.nhs.uk/ Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

Thanks to Sue in Salford for sharing her story.

 parkrun saved me

and to Brendan Spellman too for his very personal blog post 'owing my life to parkrun'  It's not surprising many of us are missing it right now, it is so much more than a run in the park, and can be an anchor in stormy times.



Statsgeek corner:

Thanks to parkrun HQ for blessing up with these COMPLETELY USELESS RANDOM STATS

  • 20,550 different parkrunners have volunteered the same number of times as they've walked, jogged or ran - One parkrunner has completed 288 parkruns and volunteered 288 times!  And looks like happy times so doing as well if the photo is anything to go by!

random stat


Calculating fastest and slowest parkrun courses - understanding algorithms courtesy of Tim Grose

fastest and slowest parkruns

Huge thanks to Tim Grose for putting together this amazing video (if you like that kind of thing) about fastest and slowest parkrun courses and how rankings are calculated.   He introduces it thus:

'You may have seen my previous rankings of the UK's fastest and slowest parkruns using the data and algorithms used on Power of 10 and runbritainrankings.com that I "run".  In this video, I provide some insight into the calculations and present a new list of fast/slow parkruns since the start of 2019. 692 parkruns are listed. I have excluded "closed" ones in prisons.  There is both a new very fastest & very slowest parkrun compared to the 2018 list which was headed by Victoria Dock at the fast end and Woolacombe Dunes at the other.

In case you want to skip to see which is the fastest or slowest parkruns, here is a breakdown of the video contents.

0:00 Introduction
1:41 Background to the calculations
7:13 Top 5 Fastest parkruns
9:07 Top 5 Slowest parkruns
10:53 What do you think?
12:24 Full listing of 692 UK parkruns from fastest to slowest

Thoughts welcome either here and/or in the YouTube comments'


How many parkruns?  Meet Max parkruns - now in New Zealand!

Just in case you've been wondering, and I imagine you will have been, a parkrun statsgeeks extraordinaire, have put together a table showing the hypothetical maximum of parkruns it would be possible to have run if you had no limits on travel or personal sanity.  So travel to every individual parkrun country to do their 'extra' day etc.  It's fun to have a gander.  It's a google drive document for Max parkruns, put together (I am led to believe) by Hannah Latham and Kieran Beech, aren't they excellent for doing this!  As luck would have it, Max is now based in New Zealand, so is looking forward to running his 956th parkrun on Saturday.  Super cool!  It's not the most user friendly of interfaces, but once you get the hang of it and start scrolling, it's pretty compelling...

'Max is a very keen parkrunner. So keen, in fact, that he hasn't missed the opportunity to do a parkrun on any given date, despite the huge financial cost and impact on his personal life. You won't find him on any event's result page, though, as he has a phobia of running through funnels, but here are all the events he has attended.

NB Max is a very conscientious parkrunner, and has only bagged doubles/triples where 'permitted' (rules have varied, and more was permitted in the past than is now!ere). Also, while it may look as though Max missed the chance to run at Chipping Sodbury on 15 Jan 2015, Stavropol on 14 Jun 2015 and Augustów on 23 Oct 2016, those parkruns actually took place on the Saturday, despite what the official record says! Max also has a phobia of crossing the International Date Line, which is a shame, as, for a while, parkrun were happy to let people clock up trans-continental doubles that way!

Also note that there were fewer restrictions on when parkruns could put on an event in the early years, and when rules did come in (doubles only permitted on New Year's Day, and only one nominated non-Saturday parkrun per country) they seem to have been frequently ignored! The Notes column is colour-coded to show which 'extra' runs would still be permitted today (green) and which wouldn't (red).'


Wait, I could have done a parkrun double/ triple?

Er, yep, but not any more.

 nydd 2020 nydd

That was Warwick and Stanthorpe Australia by the way 7.00 a.m. on New Year's Day!  Respect.  I think.  Or maybe just incredulity.  You'd have to pull an all nighter surely?

To add to the already dazzling array of parkrun stats to ponder, Charlie Pearce has come up with a list of all dates when people officially recorded more than one parkrun.

'It's very much a work in progress - I don't know when NYD doubles first happened outside the UK, I may have included dates when a double was physically possible but nobody managed it, and I have a feeling that more than one person will have done a cross-International Date Line double and kept both results.'

Gaze on in admiration here.


parkrun gear & giving back:

Contra are having a summer sale if that's your bag, and you can find out about other parkrun related merchandise here

If you are interested in donating to parkrun regularly to keep it free for all, for the future, you can find out more about the parkrun forever scheme here.

Buying things and donating aren't the only ways to support your parkrun though, and not everyone is in a financial position that they are able to do that even if they wanted to.  So,  please remember the most important way to support parkrun locally and nationally is by being an active part of your parkrun community, volunteering when you are able to do so and spreading the parkrun love.  Another idea that is within your reach, is to think about sharing a parkrun memory and picture for inclusion in one of these Sheffield Hallam parkrun notarunreports, to help to keep us all connected.  Just message the Facebook page or send an email to sheffieldhallam@parkrun.com - include your parkrun athlete number and a photo if you can.  Oh, and if you fancy sharing your adventures more widely, why not contact parkrun HQ? It would be great to see some Sheffield Hallam parkrunners stories shared https://www.parkrun.com/feedback

But you know what, the main thing, is just be there, smile at others who are there too if you can, and know that parkrun needs you, and welcomes you, to participate in your own way.  Can't wait to be back together again!

Hang on in there parkrun people, we'll be back!  In the meantime, make sure you opt in to receive emails to keep you up to date with local and national parkrun developments.  You can do this via the 'manage your profile' link on any results or other email you've received from parkrun.  While you are at it, if you feel able to do so, please opt in for volunteering emails from Sheffield Hallam parkrun - or Endcliffe parkrun if you are reading this post our name change, we are going to need all the support we can get when we relaunch.  Thanks in anticipation dear reader you are THE BEST!



And remember, if we stick together, we promise you this, that first parkrun back will indeed be 'pure bliss'

Getting through this together - a parkrun video imagining parkrun the return.  Warning, if you are feeling a bit wobbly, this might push you over the edge.  Tissues at the ready for the softies amongst us.  :)

coming together bliss

parkrun UK just posted this 'We are getting through this together'


Virtual parkrunning - take to the parkrun paths in Manchester

A journey through Manchester parkruns - Run Wild Manchester have been documenting parkrun routes around Manchester, and put together a sort of compilation video of highlights with their Journey Through Manchester parkruns, though you can see their videos in full from other links supplied on their post.  Worth a visual trip I reckon, and for me, I found the routes both unexpected and tempting - yet more parkrun tourist destinations await us the other side of parkrun pause!  Hypnotic viewing.

manchester parkruns

plus you can watch various of the videos in full if the mood takes you.  You have to scroll down past the description to get the full list of links.


If you have a soft spot for Manchester, then check out this photo exhibition too.  Shirley Baker's Street Scenes of Manchester and Salford.


parkrun Safeguarding Hub

This week parkrun announced the launch of a brand new Safeguarding Hub. This new online resource sits alongside the Volunteer Hub and is the information library for all matters relating to safeguarding. It is publicly available and like the Volunteer Hub works well across all devices and can be searched, bookmarked and shared.  You can find it at safeguarding.parkrun.com

An introduction to the new guidelines was written by Clare Fowler, Safeguarding Lead, parkrun Global, A1074389



'This resource sets out a framework, with practical guides, for safeguarding everyone involved in any parkrun activity around the world, with a particular focus on protecting children and vulnerable adults.  We are committed to achieving and exceeding best practice standards of care for all of our parkrun family.  parkrun recognises that not all risk can be removed. We can, however, make sure that it has done as much as is reasonably possible to minimise and manage risk.  Here you will find the steps we take to safeguard parkrun and everyone involved in it.  If, at any point on your journey with parkrun, you have any safeguarding concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. We all have a duty of care to protect our parkrun family.'

It's an interesting read, and another example of how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep the parkrun show safely on the road.


In other news, goodbye to the New Year's Day Double parkrun

In case you haven't heard, the sad but inevitable decision has been made to discontinue the opportunity to do two parkruns on New Year's Day.  Although it had become a tradition for some, it was becoming a victim of its own success and with huge attendances at some venues creating logistical problems.  I'll provide the statement in full below, although those of you who volunteer may already have seen the email.  Please no trolling, this decision was not taken lightly.  You can still run a single parkrun on New Year's Day at those parkrun venues brave enough to host them, but they'll all be at 9.00 a.m.  Don't know if we'll be back in time for 1 Jan 2021 but we can dream...

New Year's Day

Ever since 2004 we have held special extra parkruns on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  Over the years, additional events could be held on special days across the festive period including Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve and for a while it was possible to participate in up to three parkruns on New Year's Day.  In fact there were a number of years when you could record up to eight parkruns in just seven days over the holiday period.  However as the number of events increased it became clear that this situation placed further demands on volunteers and parkrun staff during the traditional holiday period. So in time, we moved to:

  • An optional special event on a day of a country’s choosing (e.g. Christmas Day in the UK or Thanksgiving in the US) at the usual start time.
  • An optional event on 1 January with the start time varied to allow participation at two different events.

For the past couple of years we have been monitoring the situation. As participation at parkrun events has increased, and with it the popularity of and attendances at New Year’s Day doubles, we have decided to review our policy.

Whilst we recognise that New Year’s Day doubles have become something of a tradition, and that largely they are a fun and good natured part of the parkrun experience, we also have to balance this against risk, safety, and the continued good relationships we require with landowners and the general public.

We know that long distances are often travelled between events on New Year’s Day, which potentially puts road users at risk, and that making the start time for the second event is only achievable by quicker participants in some places.

We also see that very often there is a funnelling effect at the second event. With more participants than usual on 1 January but with fewer events to go to as some events choose not to host an additional event, the result is significantly higher attendances at many events (sometimes 5-6 times a typical average attendance), which puts pressure on the volunteer team, has caused issues of late with landowners, and creates much busier car parks, cafes and paths. This is compounded by some events taking place later in the morning than usual, resulting in more congestion and conflict with other park users.

For these reasons, we have taken the decision to remove the option for New Year’s Day doubles. We will still allow events to host an additional parkrun on 1 January, at their usual start time.

Whilst we appreciate this might be disappointing news to some, we are still committed to retaining 1 January as an optional additional parkrunday. Our hope is that by removing the pressure of the double, event teams will feel comfortable hosting an extra parkrun if they wish to, providing an opportunity for the whole community to meet up and enjoy the New Year’s Day parkrun experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support,


james kemp

It's worth opting in to receive emails if you want to be kept up to date with news and developments such as these.  You can do this via your parkrun profile.  You should be able to find a link to this in any results or other email you've received from parkrun 'manage my profile' link, or by logging in from the main site.  It's the same place from where you can see your results and print out your barcode.


parkrun worldwide - spotlight on Singapore:

The parkrun family is made up of 22 countries around the world, and each week parkrun HQ is inviting us to take a closer look at one of them and this week we discover how parkrun started in Singapore, the first country in Asia to host a parkrun.

parkrun singapore

There are now four parkruns in total in Singapore. East Coast Park parkrun is located along the southeastern coast of Singapore in the largest park in the country, built entirely on reclaimed land.

ECP parkrun is a favourite with tourists given its close proximity to Changi Airport. In fact many airline pilots and crew have been known to use this event to get their parkrun fix during short layovers!

singapore parkrun


parkrun worldwide - the delayed gratification option, partnership with World Athletics:

So this is super exciting... but not just yet.  World Athletics have announced a partnership with parkrun which will include the creation of a series of events in the host cities and countries of future world championships.  This is REALLY EXCITING!  But a bit hard to get my head around just yet as I don't follow World Athletics enough to know what these countries might be.

Fortunately, Russ Jeffreys,  Global Head of Communications says more about it here New Partnership with World Athletics

'parkrun will assist World Athletics to leave community health legacies in the host countries of World Athletics Series events by creating a number of permanent parkruns in the host cities, and countries of world championship events, including the World Championships Oregon 2022 and Budapest 2023. World Athletics will facilitate government/city support for the creation of the parkrun events.'


Watch this space, and start planning your fantasy parkrun tourism today!  Think of the potential for Running Challenges flaggery on your parkrun profile.  It'll be like bunting if you get to all these new destinations!

Oh, and there's an article about running for mental health in AW too.


Queen Elizabeth parkrun - the remake?

Slight stretch this story, but hey ho, I have to get my content from somewhere.  There has been a new inaugural 'parkrun' held on board ship!  'A 4.5-acre flight deck in the North Sea is not a normal location for a parkrun but that didn't stop the ship's company of HMS Queen Elizabeth taking part in the popular 5km run. The ship has been at sea for weeks training with 617 Squadron'  It was a Royal Navy story, and a bit of shock potentially for Queen Elizabeth parkrun (the original) to find they'd mysteriously relocated, but they seem to have taken it well.  Not really a parkrun to be fair, but it was 5k, and they claim parkrun inspiration so that's good enough for me.  Kudos to anyone doing an 11 lap course - even if it isn't a patch on a 55 backgarden one.  Hope they still got cake and post parkrun faffing timetabled in.



In praise of the power nap:

And if all that thinking about running around has worn you out, embrace your inner napper.  It's the way forward apparently.  Music to my ears, certainly!  Who are we to argue with Kipchoge after all?  Read all about it here in Runners' World 'Kipchoge sleeps for this many hours every day'.


 'In a video posted on the INEOS 1:59 Twitter account Eliud Kipchoge answered a number of questions ahead of his 1:59 marathon attempt, which will take place in Vienna in mid-October this year.

Ahead of his attempt, Kipchoge revealed that in order to be one of the world’s greatest marathon runners, he sleeps for ten hours everyday. Eight of these hours are at night, then Kipchoge also has a two hour nap in the day, we’re guessing between morning and evening sessions.'


Mandatory Duck Shot:

This one was taken from Villager Jim - so worth liking his Facebook page for more shots of this calibre.

 Villager Jim duck shot


That's all folks, thanks for staying til the bitter end.  Appreciated.

So from Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun notarunreport, and indeed Sheffield Hallam parkrun too, it's a wrap.


Lucy Marris, parkrunner A448776



Covid 19 – week 15 no parkruns, Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun, notarunreport 27 June 2020

Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun
Virtual Event number 15
27 June 2020


Week 15 of no parkruns. But then again, we now have an official (not)parkrun so it's fun to be able to look at a results table again.  A reminder of times past at the very least.  Speaking of which here is someone in reflective mood in Endcliffe Park the last time we got a parkrun on this exact date, which was 27th June 2015.  Still lots to think about now.  New Zealand will be welcoming back parkrun on 4th July though, so that's exciting.  Yay!

2015 reflection


Whilst I could always do with a few more of you sharing your stories, huge appreciation, enthusiastic virtual high fives and much thanks to all of you who did get in touch to let us know what you have been up to, it's very much appreciated.  If you are reading this and haven't dropped us a comment or message yet please don't hold back, get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.  You don't have to be currently (not)parkrunning, feel free to share a favourite memory or picture, or just a 'hello' so I know you are out there and it feels a bit less like I'm screaming into a void. If you fancy sharing your adventures more widely, then why not contact parkrun HQ? It would be great to see some Sheffield Hallam parkrunners stories featured before we become Endcliffe parkrun and Sheffield Hallam is therefore no more https://www.parkrun.com/feedback

This week's highlights include (in no particular order): the official parkrun HQ update; progress with (not)parkrun; voices from the field include nice selfie from James TURNER; excellent facial hair growth monitoring through time lapse photography from Luke SIGGS and grand to see Rob PLASKITT finally gets released into the wild post his backgarden parkrun challenge.  We see the best ever video from Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun; find out where the Queen would have been parkrunning this weekend had she been free to do so and reminisce about parkruns past.  Just scroll down through the bits that aren't your bag.  At no extra charge, enjoy the thrill of the mandatory duck shot and find out more about the greatest rivalry in running ever.  Other stuff too probably, but you'll have to meet me half way by reading on a bit to check out what.  Enjoy, or not, as the mood takes you.

If you can find the strength to give the post a like using the button below that would be grand too. When it drops below 50 likes I'll take the hint and pull the plug on the notarunreport and crawl back under my parkrun painted stone until it seems safe to re-emerge.


The official parkrun update from the UK

parkrun update

Read it here Covid-19-coronavirus-update-23-june/ but to save you the exhausting effort of clicking on the link, it's in full below:

Over the last few months we’ve attempted to keep things as simple as possible, to focus on the critical tasks required, and to provide clarity around our decisions.  This week we’d like to take the opportunity to revisit part of our strategy for reopening parkrun.

As countries relax their respective lockdown restrictions we find situations where certain events could operate (legally and safely) but are having to wait for other events (that could be many thousands of miles away) to be in the same position.

For example, in Poland many (but not all) parkrun events have attendance records someway short of the 150 participant limit currently allowed by their Government.

Some states of Australia have relaxed restrictions such that parkrun could return, whilst this isn’t the case in other states. The Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, and the Falkland Islands may be considered technically able to start, but the UK as a whole is some way from it being appropriate to relaunch our events.

Reopening specific regions within parkrun countries brings with it many complexities, not least the need to understand more localised public health guidance, respond accordingly, and ensure that we don’t create issues for neighbouring regions. As such, at this time, our policy remains that we will only open parkrun events where we can safely and appropriately open every event in that country.

We would particularly like to thank those events waiting patiently, and to assure them all that we are mindful of their situations and will continue to review our position on this as time progresses.

We are also being asked, across the UK, Ireland, and Australia, whether junior parkrun events (2k events on Sundays for those aged 4 to 14) could reopen before the Saturday 5k events. This is something we’ve looked at closely and, whilst we wouldn’t rule anything out, it’s unlikely that this is something we would do.

Again, there would be many things to consider, and we understand how children are much less vulnerable to the disease, but we know that for every 100 children in attendance at junior events there are around 110 adults (volunteering, spectating, walking or running).

Also, in the UK for example, there are nearly 300,000 children (aged 4 to 14) registered to Saturday 5k events, who could switch to junior events, and a significant increase in participants could have a hugely detrimental effect on what is a delicate operating model responsible for safeguarding very young children.

Thanks, as always, for your patience, understanding, and support. We continue to monitor the situation globally, and are more confident by the day that parkrun will return across all parkrun countries.

We are getting through this, together,

Tom Williams, Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Global


So there we go. Time's they are a-changing but slowly at first.  We can still all say 'yay' for New Zealand, and even join them virtually courtesy of With Me Now remember!


Memories of parkrun past 27 June 2015

The last time we got to run on this exact date was five years ago.  I can report that Porter Plodders were very much out in force, not doing much in the way of plodding though, rather a lot of turns of speed and smiling and waving.  All good to see though.  I think they may have been celebrating a fellow plodder's 100th parkrun using my deductive reasoning skills from a badge espied in one of the pictures that follows, but maybe they were all just happy to be alive and sporting the purple.

015 plo 015b 2015 p 15 plodders  Lizzie 2015 2015 pl 2015 plod

They weren't the only parkrunners out and about though, there was also the usual cross section of smiling faces; buggy runners with passengers at various ends of the positivity and interactivity continuum judging by the photos and high-vis heroes a-plenty. Yay!

15 15a 15b 2015 buggy 2015 group 2015 sm 2015 2015a 2015b 2015c 2015d 2015e 2015f


Weekly shout out for notaparkrun updates:

I put out the weekly appeal for news from the field.  'Oh happy days - last time we got to parkrun on 27 June it was 2015. How time flies. Please share your (not)parkrun adventures below in the comments and get yourself a mention in the notarunreport while you can. Go awn, go awn, you know you want to!'  Great excuse to use this fab picture, no idea who it is, anyone want to out themselves?  Love it!  #loveparkrun

2015 smile


Grand to hear from Luke Siggs who has brought us up to speed with his isolation running progress, and more just as importantly, his facial hair growing progress too.

'I've been busy running Isorun... An event I run on my own (from my house) at 9am every Saturday morning! I did 10 weeks of 10Ks (to make it different from parkrun) but have gone back to 5K for the last 5 weeks. I send myself an Isorun Event message to my Strava account every week! I'll try and attach photos/report I send. Ps... I haven't shaved during lockdown, so the beard is coming on!'


Well, great work I think we can all agree, fine documentation with selfies; nice attention to detail with the results processing and report writing and outstanding commitment to maintaining a Saturday morning run routine even during notaparkrun times.  Bravo.  Thanks for getting in touch, and please do keep up the good work, well done for keeping the parkrun spirit very much alive.

Also, particularly appreciating the time lapse beard monitoring.  Excellent.  I'm wondering if we can expect you to be a contender for The World Beard and Moustache Championships?  You have until April 2021 and seem to be making great progress already..  Also, it's in New Zealand, and they will have parkrun back by then for sure as it's scheduled from 4th July 2020, what's not to like.  Here are the men's and women's best in show moustaches from 2019 to get you in the mood.  Half tempted to enter myself, my own lockdown moustache is also coming along nicely...

 Eugen-Best Muge-Best


Yay for James who got in touch with a most excellent photo by way of updating.  No need for his self deprecating comments, outstanding portraiture I'd say!  Thanks James :)  That's a very fine milestone tee too if I may say so.

James Turner 

'Selfie skills as usual need honing...every Saturday, for no particular reason...he just went running!'  adding 'its Saturday it must be parkrun!...kept it going every week...nice to wave/ to other parkrunners each week who are also keeping the rhythm. Xx'

and indeed it is.  (not)parkrunday is still a thing after all!

FYI James TURNER – has completed exactly 100 runs, phew bet he was relieved to hit that milestone pre lockdown. An impressive 96 of these have been with us at Sheffield Hallam parkrun. There are actually over 100 James Turners on the parkrun results database, but our own James Turner is the best of the bunch, clearly.  Here's why.

james turner stats

First off, he is a loyal Sheffield Hallam parkrunner and so an important part of our Endcliffe parkrun community.  An all-weather runner (i.e. he’s completed a parkrun in every month of the year) he’s also volunteered for marshalling duties so has flaunted the high vis in Endcliffe Park in his time.  His average parkrun event is Sheffield Castle, which, yep, you guessed it, he’s not actually been to yet. Well, North, South, East, West home is Best I suppose. I like Sheffield Castle parkrun though, definitely worth visiting once parkrun is back. He has made it to three different parkrun venues to date, i.e. his debut with us in Endcliffe Park at Sheffield Hallam on 11 May 2013 then venturing to Sheringham parkrun on 03/08/2013 and more recently to Hillsborough parkrun on 28/07/2018.  His parkrun birthday is therefore 11th May 2013, so he’s just seven in parkrun years.

A parkrun Taurus, the interweb tells me that his ‘MAY 11 birthday horoscope predicts that you are exceptionally smart and talented, and demand respect. If nurtured, these Taurus birthday people have a huge potential for success. You will excel at anything that you put your mind too.’ Not really going to feel a need to contest these attributes are you?

As well as sharing a birthday with Salvador Dali, which is pretty cool, on this day in history, apparently it was on 11th may 1997 that IBM's The Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov to win a six-game chess match between man and computer in New York.  Even more excitingly, whilst James was doing his first ever parkrun in 2013 - International Space Station Astronauts  from the United States replaced a pump in order to fix an ammonia leak in the International Space Station's cooling system. The astronauts completed the emergency spacewalk an hour ahead of schedule.  I still think doing your parkrun debut is more exciting and newsworthy.  Also of note, in 1812 May 11, The Waltz was introduced into English ballrooms. Most observers considered it disgusting and immoral.  So now we know.

Thanks for getting in touch to share your parkrunning not story.  It's always brilliant to hear from Sheffield Hallam parkrunners and reassuring to know you are all still out their somewhere.  Keep on (not)parkrunning, and don't forget you can now record a (not)parkrun time if you wish to do so.


Checked in to let us know he 'Played away at Bakewell on a freedom run. 6 mins faster than my last real parkrun there so pleased - must be the increased wine consumption during lockdown! Familiar faces there from Endcliffe, though a bit faster and younger than me.'  Good to know your fuelling regime is working for you! Well done, glad you saw some familiar faces and were able to supervise them in their efforts,  thanks for keeping in touch and sharing the parkrun love!


is finally allowed to run free! 'a "freedom" run to Burbage - freedom from running around my back garden on a Saturday morning for the first time in months.' Phew, here he is in his fine hard-earned, bespoke apricot tee, striding out across Burbage.  The apricot looks better in the wild indeed.   Reet nice oot too!



parkrun worldwide - spotlight on Norway:

The parkrun family is made up of 22 countries around the world. Each week parkrun HQ is profiling a different country. This week it’s Norway, and Country Manager Deri Thomas tells us all about the history of parkrun Norway.  parkrun Norway started in August 2017, exactly a year after parkrun launched in neighbouring Sweden.

norway parkrun

Read the blog post all about parkrun Norway in full here.


(not)parkruns representing Sheffield Hallam parkrun

What are (not)parkruns? In case you've missed it, in the absence of parkrun events (not)parkrun is an opportunity for parkrunners to submit a 5k walk, jog, or run, on a route of your choosing, on a day and time of your choice, wherever you are in the world and following appropriate guidelines for physical activity wherever you’re based. You can record up to one activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in a weekly results table.

Yep, the fun thing is, everyone who has a home run of Sheffield Hallam parkrun (or wherever) has their times grouped together in one results table, so we can have a sense of our parkrun community re-emerging. These runs don't contribute to parkun tees, but are part of the come back journey. Yay! The (not)parkrun week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, which is somewhat discombobulating and a tad annoying in terms of writing even a (not)parkrun report, but we have to work with what we are given.  Plus we are even getting a (not)parkrun history result stats to gaze at. And you can scrutinize how all the other (not)parkruns across the uk are doing too.  Oh the joy!  From this we can see for example that seven other (not)parkruns also hosted 27 parkrunners at their inaugural (not)parkrun.  I find that newsworthy!

results grab

For our first official Sheffield Hallam (not)parkrun between 15/06/2020 - 21/06/2020 27 parkrunners completed 32 (not)parkruns.  Only the fastest time is officially recorded on the results.  There were 27 first timers, representing an impressive 6 different running clubs.  To be precise, seeing as it was our (not)parkrun inaugural these were: Lonely Goat RC (1); Monday Night Club (1); Sheffield Running Club (1); Steel City Striders RC (3); Totley AC (2) and University of Sheffield Triathlon Club (1).  Shout outs this week go to:

  • Mark Ian GOODISON with a top age grade of 78.75%
  • Anita SCARLETT who I think may have been doing her Sheffield Hallam (not)parkrun from her new home in Switzerland, so that's exciting, (not)parkrun not only means you can (not)parkrun tourist wherever you wish, but also you can home (not)parkrun wherever you choose as well. Big wave to you Anita, come back and see us soon!
  • Lonely Goat Brian GOOCH; for achieving a time with 27 minutes, spookily the same number as that of individuals undertaking (not)parkrun first time round.  Bravo.
  • Jacqueline LATHAM for clocking up 3 (not)parkruns in week one.  Great show of commitment there
  • Ellie WILES, who having shown outstanding commitment and service to freedom runs, is now logging (not)parkruns.  She joined us at Sheffield Hallam parkrun just a few weeks prior to them being put on pause, but seems to have the necessary tenacity to keep the parkrun spirit alive continuing to complete her 5ks week in week out. Go Ellie!  You are an inspiration!
  • Mark FORREST for doing great service in the tailwalker spot
  • Rob PLASKITT - fresh from his backgarden parkrun challenge - or quite possibly as part of it, but fair does, quite a lot of (not)parkruns were happening for him last Saturday!

If you haven't joined the (not)parkrun club yet, give it a go, it's surprisingly fun to see your name come up on the results list again.  if you do, PLEASE NOTE the FAQs especially:

Do I have to do my 5k at my home parkrun course? No - in fact we would prefer it if you didn’t. You can walk, jog, or run your 5k anywhere you like (providing it is safe to do so). In your garden, to and from your house, it doesn’t matter where your 5k is. We definitely do not want parkrunners turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.

It’s definitely not parkrun, but it's a start. Find out more, including how it works here http://parkrun.me/ywtjv


Of course, remember it's a run not a race, it's the (not)parkrun way.

But what possessed you?  Quarantine endurance challenges explained (ish)

We have Runners' World to thank again for addressing the burning question of 'what possessed you!' in relation to back-garden marathons with their article 'What could possibly make someone want to run a marathon in their back garden?' which does what it says on the proverbial tin - or in this case headline.  I include this link especially for Rob and those who followed his progress, or indeed undertook their own quarantine and lockdown endurance challenges.  Still wowsers though, even if it does bring psychological and other benefits.  Still hard.  Here's James Campbell in action, hope he had a watch to keep a track of distance, wouldn't want to try to keep count in a garden that size!



Greatest running rivalry in history:


Some running is however competitive to it's very core.  Running has thrown up some great rivalries over the decades.  As Runners' World puts it: 'Landy v Bannister, Coe v Ovett, Benoit v Waitz, but perhaps none has captured the world’s imagination as much as the intense, no-holds-barred and often outlandishly violent tussle between the Road Runner and Wile E Coyote.Runners World recently interviewed two great timeless running legends  You can read all about it here, and you should.

Well, they say it's the greatest running rivalry in history, but I found this old photo from Sheffield Hallam parkrun 27 June 2015, it is a run not a race as we all know, but no harm in a last minute sprint finish now is there?  And is that a sneaky 100 badge I see being sported.... now it makes sense!

015 run


The celebrations that might have been - Billericay parkrun

Billericay parkrun was to have celebrated its third birthday this weekend 27 June 2020.  Alas, because of the current parkrun pause, there will be no celebrations.  I bet the Queen is very disappointed, as from her letter replying to their invite to join the party she'd definitely have been there were it not for that pesky prior commitment.  I have no doubt will be completing her own (not)parkrun in Windsor Castle or wherever she is currently residing, seeing as how I imagine her clashing prior appointment has most likely been cancelled too.  Nicely played Billericay parkrun, made me laugh anyway!

billericay parkrun



and the 'well, this is genius' award goes to Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun for their epic video

The Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun run directors team have just now shared a fab video put together during lockdown.  In their own words:

*WORLDWIDE PREMIER* Our enthusiastic and talented team of Run Directors at Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun have been busy over the last few weeks making 'parkrun - a Parklife parody'! What a silly bunch we are! We are excited to share this with you and hope you enjoy watching it.'

parkrun parklife parody

Well I very much did, and I think you might too, click on the link parkrun - a Parklife parody you'll be singing along in next to no time!


Don't forget, pondering parkrun podcasts

To help keep the parkrun dream alive, you can still listen to parkrun podcasts, official and unofficial depending on how on the edge you live your life

1) Free, Weekly, Timed - the official parkrun voice - The official parkrun podcast Free, Weekly Timed is still coming out each week, so you can extend your parkrun fix by listening to that - huge backlog to check out too, if you are stuck inside. On this week's pod Two years and two doctors - 'We're celebrating 2 years of the parkrun practice initiative, parkrun's Global Head of Health & Wellbeing Chrissie Wellington explains the team effort involved.  We hear from 2 doctors how parkrun helped their communities'

2) With Me Now - with Danny Norman, the unofficial voice of parkrun - With Me Now is also continuing to produce it's weekly podcast. Episode 103 - 'geographical flex and pseudo-parkfaff with my wife' is now available! 'In this week's pod, we're getting closer to parkrun's return. We hear from our listeners as well as introduce our New Zealand Live correspondent Hannah Oldroyd with a taste of test audio from Invercargill parkrun. We talk about the first week of (not)parkrun as well as have all the usual bits and pieces.'


Coming live from New Zealand parkrun

Don't forget dear reader, parkrun is BACK in New Zealand.  You can join the fun virtually if you make a note in your diaries to hang out with With Me Now

with me now

People of With Me Now, put July 3rd in your diaries and keep around 8:30-9:30 pm (BST) free.  We will be going live and joining Pegasus parkrun in New Zealand as they begin their parkrun journey once again!

You read it here first!



Mandatory Duck Shot:



So that's all folks, please keep your tales of adventures and (not)parkrun fun times coming on in.  Stay safe til next time.  Hang on in there, this time will pass.

The End.

Lucy Marris, parkrunner A448776


and yes, that is a contra tee, in case you were wondering.  This is what happens in lockdown if you win £25 on your premium bonds of 37 years standing and get a bit giddy.  Life is too short for regrets, but long enough to feel happy for investing in a bit of contra kit apparently.


Covid 19 – week 14 no parkruns, Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun, notarunreport 20 June 2020

Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun
Virtual Event number 14
20 June 2020


Week 14 of no parkruns.  Yep, it's tough, but there are some good things happening too.  notparkrun has become a thing, with it's own results table, and although at fast I was a bit cynical about it 'what's the point' turns our I love seeing our Sheffield Hallam parkrunners grouped together again in a results table even if it is for notparkrun.  It's a start dear reader, it's a start.

This weekend last year, i.e. the 3rd Saturday in June, was actually 15th June 2019, you might remember it, it's the one where Anurag reached his 100th parkrun milestone for starters.  Were you there?  Read on for more memories and a host of other parkrun parkfaff and notparkrunday things too.  Or don't, but do stay alert, it's the right thing to do!

2019 group


For those of you in it for the long read, this week's highlights include (in no particular order): a parkrun update from New Zealand (yay, some good news at last for the parkrun family) AND the official parkrun HQ update (spoiler alert, still no parkruns in the UK); AND a message from parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt; Lego parkrun; virtual barkrun; we meet loyal Sheffield Hallam parkrunner Harry Chapman; catch up with the Hawker Household parkrunners all; and find out from Rob Plaskitt how his backgarden finale turned out.  Can you guess?  Speaking personally, I've barely slept a wink all week I was so excited to hear how it all unfolded - no spoilers here, but I will just say it does not disappoint.  AND I give you the best ever mandatory duck shot.  No really.  Also, random shout outs, pictures and memories from parkrun past (15 June 2019 to be specific) and ready or not, you get to meet pin-skin man.  A smorgasbord of delights - or at the very least a jumble sale table of unknown entities that might offer up either detritus or delights, but you won't know until you've had a rummage through.  Enjoy.  Or not, as the mood takes you.

If you want this notarunreport / newlsetter to continue please do send in your contributions and ideas, this notarunreport needs you.  No, it really does, you are important.  So important.  Keep in touch and give a cheery shout or virtual wave now and again just so as we know you are out there.  I do really struggle to get stories from our local parkrunners each week, so your contribution would really help.  It'd be great to get a broader representation of our participants too.  If you are shy about what to say, you can always message the Facebook group first for some encouragement, or join up with a friend to send something in.  I'm getting very few female voices for some reason.  Whatever your perspective, or experience, it'd be grand to get your anecdote in.  Maybe you have a story about your first or favourite parkrun, or was there any particular barrier you had to overcome to get to the start?  Friends made, adventures shared, all stories welcome.  If you fancy sharing your adventures more widely, why not contact parkrun HQ?  It would be great to see some Sheffield Hallam parkrunners stories shared https://www.parkrun.com/feedback

Keep running, upload your selfies, stay connected.  Those is the parkrun rules.  Well not actual rules, but it is an aspiration for this notarunreport writer.  If you can find the strength to give the post a like using the button below that would be grand too.  When it drops below 50 likes I'll take the hint and pull the plug on the notarunreport and crawl back under my parkrun painted stone until it seems safe to re-emerge.

Right, on to the here and now, however mixed the picture.  Let's get it out of the way.  This week dear reader I am spoiling you with not one, but two updates. One from New Zealand (my how I wished I lived there for all sorts of reasons) and one from parkrun HQ.  We'll start with...


... the official parkrun update - from New Zealand:


Read the full statement here: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 16 June 2020 - New Zealand

but the key point is:

We are very pleased, and quite excited, to confirm that all parkrun New Zealand events will reopen on Saturday 4 July.

Thank you for your continued support, patience, and understanding.  We are getting through this, together.  Renee Gimbert, Territory Manager, parkrun Asia Pacific


What's more, you can join the fun virtually if you make a note in your diaries to hang out with With Me Now

with me now

People of With Me Now, put July 3rd in your diaries and keep around 8:30-9:30pm (BST) free.  We will be going live and joining Pegasus parkrun in New Zealand as they begin their parkrun journey once again!

You read it here first!


and the official parkrun update from the UK

uk update

Read it here Covid-19-coronavirus-update-16-june/ but to save you the exhausting effort of clicking on the link, it's in full below:

When, in March this year, we closed all our events, the symbolism of that impacted everyone in one way or another. Whilst we knew it was coming, that first Saturday without a single parkrun event anywhere in the world was a moment that most of us could never have imagined would ever happen. 

Within just a few weeks, of course, many of us went from thinking parkrun will always be there, every week, for everyone, to thinking it would never come back, ever. So, as much as closing our events was a huge wake-up call that we aren’t invincible, the reopening of parkrun New Zealand is proof that we can all get through this challenge.

 We’re pleased to confirm therefore, that following on from last week’s update, parkrun New Zealand will be reopening on Saturday 4 July, representing a fantastic step toward the full return of parkrun events around the world. I know it will also lift the spirits of parkrunners everywhere. 

It’s important to remember though that we still have 21 parkrun countries patiently waiting for their own circumstances to improve such that their events can return. We continue to monitor the global situation, are considering our position in every single country, and will update you all every Tuesday as things move forward.

Thank you for being so patient and understanding, and, most of all, for believing in the parkrun family.   

We are getting through this, together.

Tom Williams, Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Global

So there we go. On to memories of parkrun past and catching up with parkrunners present


Memories of parkrun past 20 June 2015

So the last time we gathered for a parkrun on this actual day was on 20th June 2015, who remembers that occasion?  Some of you will I'm sure.  It was event number 247; there were 484 parkrunners - and 15 talented; committed and spectacularly photogenic volunteers.  First finishers were Amelia LANCASTER and Steve FRANKLIN 

The high-vis heroes were:


Ooh, who's that - Zaheer!  His name is synonymous with Millhouses parkrun, but you know what, he started off his parkrun career at Hallam, well sort of.  If you are just starting out with Sheffield Hallam parkrun or indeed Sheffield Hallam notaparkrun, you too could find your life intertwined with parkrun adventuring, and it will be the richer for it!  Let's take some time out to


Big up Zaheer MAHMOOD - the one and only in terms of parkrun names at least

Run Director at Poolsbrook parkrun for around a year and now Co-Event Director at Millhouses parkrun.  You'll more than likely have seen him at a parkrun near you at some point on your travels.

ZM I belong to parkrun

He has earned his parkrun epaulettes and cape.  Or would have done if such adornments were standard parkrun issue, which alas, inexplicably,  they are not.  I think this is an oversight on the part of the sponsors myself, but we'll have to let it go. Instead, check out his virtual badges collection, that's spectacular enough!

zaheer running challenges

FYI Zaheer has completed 40 runs at Sheffield Hallam but racked up 187 parkruns  in total. His parkrun birthday is Saturday, November 8, 2014.  He has done 128 volunteering roles - though probably way more to be fair as they don't all get credited.  He has carried out 20 distinct  different volunteer roles 20 including guide runner' pacer; timer; everything pretty much as far as I can see - apart from warm up.

In his own words:

'it was a C25k app which started it all for me, and i was a Hallam parkrun regular for a good 9 or 10 months or so before I moved over to Graves and interchanged between Graves and Hallam for a bit. Then made some friends at Graves and one of them asked me to come try out the Poolsbrook test event. From then on I stayed at Poolsbrook (although I missed the inaugural funnily enough!! ... it was chucking it down that day and I stayed in bed!!!) , eventually RD'ed there and have done around 60 parkruns at Poolsbrook too.'

Love that he started with the C25K!  We'll not dwell on him missing the Poolsbrook parkrun inaugural...

More recently, he has embarked on a film career, including starring in a With Me Now live video during lockdown, talking about his parkrunning adventures and becoming Co-Event Director at Millhouses parkrun.  Worth a watch.  If you have a fancy TV you can watch it through that, and then it's like seeing your mate on the telly, and makes him officially a parkrun and therefore Sheffield/ national/ international celebrity.  Make sure you give him a high-five (socially distanced) next time you see him out and about.  He'll like that I'm sure!  :)  Yoh Zaheer.  Thanks for all you've done over many, many years to keep the parkrun show on the road. That's pretty awesome.  Little did you know when you rocked up to Endcliffe parkrun back in 2014 where it might all lead.  That's some parkrun path paved with gold you've been following.  Hurrah!  Also, I don't care what you say, you are excellent at parkrun pictionary, however self-deprecating your voice of protest!

ZH with me now 20 june 2020 zh

Anyway, all good, and maybe too a great example of where starting to volunteer at parkrun might lead.  If you haven't volunteered yet, think about giving it a go when parkrun comes back, it might open up a whole new dimension of parkrun parkfun, yours for the taking...


But is it art? YES IT STILL IS!!   parkrunners Strava Art

I was going to knock this on the head, but then a New Zealand parkrunner came up trumps with this mammoth offering, what's a notarunreport writer to do?  I could hardly let it pass.  Well done Bryan Stout!




Weekly shout out for notaparkrun updates:


I put out the now routine request for contributions from our parkrun community... and that yielded updates from and so these shout outs to:


Rachel Suddrick 'Me and my favourite running buddy after doing intervals before the thunderstorms.'

Rachel Suddrick

Aw, great pic of you and Alfie!

Rachel Ripley - 'My running has dropped off since lockdown (in frequency, speed and distances). I entered RSR (January) and Sheffield 10k (September) this week, so started working my distance back up. Glorious run in the rain yesterday managed nearly 9k'

Rachel Ripley rachel ripley running challenges

Thanks for getting in touch Rachel and sharing your goals.  How excellent you will be doing the Round Sheffield Run winter offering. It's going to be epic!  Rachel has completed 7 parkruns with us at Sheffield Hallam parkrun out of 16 parkruns in total.  Her parkrun birthday was Saturday, October 28, 2017, so who knows, maybe there is a chance of parkrun being back in time for her to celebrate turning three in parkrun years?  She's volunteered as both marshal and tailwalker, and completed seven different parkrun events giving her an impressive tourist quotient of 43.75%.  Have a guess where she's been - I'll give you a clue, her average event is Millhouses.

Go on then, her parkrun venue list looks like this:  Rotherham 28/10/2017; Hillsborough 06/01/2018; Stratford-upon-Avon 24/11/2018; Sheffield Hallam 05/01/2019; Millhouses 21/12/2019; Graves 18/01/2020 and Sheffield Castle 08/02/2020.

Vickie RILEY - let us know that 'A couple of weeks ago you included me running my first sub-29 5k. On Sunday, I ran the Percy Pud route in 58 minutes, which is 2 29 minute 5k's in a row!!! I was absolutely buzzing (still am to be honest, haha!)'

Vickie Riley

Vickie didn't initially report on the weather conditions, but in my experience hail or driving torrential rain is traditional on that route.  However, she subsequently clarified that in fact 'it was pretty perfect running conditions, but there was a distinct lack of pudding available at the end... ' Hmm, some would say the lack of a Christmas pudding at the end of the Percy Pud route would constitute a sub-optimum running scenario so even more exceptionally well done!  Brilliant focus to be cracking on with those PBs!

Sophie PITT was out in the morning mist on Friday clocking her first notparkrun.  Yay!  I might even be tempted out to do one myself, it feels like progress just seeing the results page being updated - have a look under the notparkrun results tab and be amazed!  I'm not sure how frequently it updates, but it's not instantaneous so be warned.  I'll nab a tail walking stint I think, just to check my legs are working for now...

Steven YEOMAN 'Finished today’s Half Marathon Race almost exactly at the Finish Funnel! Happy #notparkrunday'

steven yeoman

Loving your work there, and is that a special 15th anniversary blue barcode flatband I see being sported there?  Good choice. Thanks for keeping in touch, and well done for keeping up with those half marathons.  Impressive

If you have wristband envy dear reader, you can check out parkrun branded merchandise here, maybe invest in a parkrun plastic barcode in anticipation of the day when parkrun returns.

Thanks all who got in touch, do keep running, upload your selfies, and let's indeed stay connected!


This week's featured Sheffield Hallam parkrun regulars: 


has completed 292 runs at Sheffield Hallam out of his 305 parkruns in total.  That's pretty impressive loyalty to  Endcliffe park as a venue over the years!  FYI his average parkrun location is Graves - which bizarrely he has never actually been to, and therefore missed out on one of my favourite locations and the joy of parkrunning past highland coos.  His debut at the six different venues graced to date are:   Sheffield Hallam 22/09/2012; Hillsborough 20/07/2013;  Roundhay 26/10/2013; Sheffield Castle 26/07/2014; Whitstable 23/07/2016 and Barnsley 07/07/2018

harry chapman

His virtual badges collection is pretty remarkable (you can access these by using the running challenges extension). THREE groundhog days - that's when you finish with the same time, at the same parkrun location on two consecutive parkruns - they don't have to be consecutive weeks, but you mustn't have parkrun anywhere else in between.  It's very random, and very, very rare, some never achieve this in a whole lifetime of parkrunning and yet he has a hat trick!  A.Maz.Ing

  1. Sheffield Hallam 27:56 on 26/04/2014 and 03/05/2014
  2. Sheffield Hallam 26:16 on 31/05/2014 and 14/06/2014
  3. Sheffield Hallam 21:09 on 28/10/2017 and 04/11/2017

His parkrun birthday is Saturday, September 22, 2012 so he's a Virgo, but only just 'A Virgo is a person born between August 23rd and September 22nd. Virgos are known for being practical, sensible, and loyal. They make excellent friends and partners'.  In case it's relevant, and because it pleases me, you might like to know he's also on the cusp for Libra and - on the interweb so it must be true 'As a Libra born on September 23rd, you are a clever, imaginative and romantic. You enjoy harmony and use your gifts for clever harmony to help maintain social balance.'  Good to know.

On this day in history - well, this throws up some bizarre and interesting juxtopositions.  Also makes me realise my own historical knowledge is pretty shaky - here are four rather random factoids for a start:

  • 1862 US President Abraham Lincoln says he will free slaves in all states on Jan 1 - that is terrifyingly recent, take in that date.
  • 1937 Date celebrated as the first International Hobbit Day and the birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins - erm, that's just weird.
  • 2003 David Hempleman-Adams becomes the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an open-air, wicker-basket hot air balloon.  Impressive, but doesn't explain 'why'
  • 2004 "Lost" created by J.J. Abrams and starring Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly debuts on ABC in the US - I generally try not to regret things I've done in the past, as ultimately that is what shapes us, but I really regret starting that series, hours of my life I'll never get back, when the writers basically just gave up with it as all too complicated and ill thought through to reach any resolution.  Now why does that 'strategy' sound so familiar right now I wonder...?

He has a double ton for reaching 200 parkruns at any one venue, I mean that's amazing too.  He's only 8 parkruns away from reaching 300 and that's so rare, there isn't even a badge for it yet!  Wowsers.

and, like me, he is dangling on the cusp of achieving the bingo badge, with 59 out of a possible 60 trying to collect all the seconds from 00 to 59 in your finish numbers.  He just needs a 04.  Oh the agony of being so near and yet so far from completion. Well, that's my experience anyway!  So that's his big up intro, but what of the parkrunner himself.  Here he is on 15 June 2019, sporting a 250 tee at an unusually young age:

  2019 harry

Well dear reader, let's hear his parkrun story in his own words...

'I ran my first parkrun aged 13 at Sheffield Hallam on 22nd September 2012, finishing with a time of 31.01 after my mum, Joanne Chapman, persuaded me to participate.

harry debut

Until then I would only come down to watch her run after she herself was persuaded to join by her partner. I’d not heard of this weekly run thing that was taking place in my local park at all then, let alone how popular it was. Since then I have completed more runs than she has, achieved my best PB to date of 20.05 and have completed 305 parkruns at time of writing. In 2016, I was awarded with a certificate for being 2nd placed junior parkrunner of the year 2015-16 on the special 6th anniversary event. In 2017, I beat Jessica Ennis-Hill and I also ran on the date of my 18th birthday with that being announced over the megaphone!

I have also ran at a few of the other events around Sheffield and during regular visits to my grandparents ‘darn sarf' I’ve ran at Whitstable parkrun in Kent a few times, which I’ve found tougher than Hallam. The volunteers bring cake almost every week there, which is nice, but in calling it a parkrun is very misleading when in fact the course is along a path on the harbour! On another occasion in Whitstable, I took part in what was a very sad parkrun, when a teenager who was a regular parkrunner at Whitstable unexpectedly passed away in his sleep whilst on a school trip in Cuba and the whole event paid tribute to him. Times like these show that parkrun is more than just a run (not a race!), but also an asset to the communities that each event serves.

I’ve met lots of new people at parkrun since I started and have also seen familiar faces such as former school classmates, teachers and neighbours join in the time since I started. I’ve also participated in three Sheffield Half Marathons for Cavendish Cancer Care and a number of 10km races in Sheffield.

Admittedly I’ve not been running as much as I did before the lockdown started. Instead, I’ve been taking time with my mum to refurbish our home in Greystones, although we had planned many of the alterations before the lockdown. We are currently not working and on the furlough scheme, so we have had more time to do plenty of jobs around the house, although I am really looking forward to being back and seeing all the regular participants, marshals and directors at the new Endcliffe parkrun route (and getting a haircut), whenever that may be.'

and here he is at the last parkrun pre-lockdown - I took the one of him with Louise (ED) and Matt (high vis hero), which must mean he was on his way home as I was still completing the second lap. I like to get my monies worth at parkrun though:

harry and friends harry

Thanks for taking the time to write up and share your parkrun stories.  It was brilliant to hear from you, and what a lot of tales you have to tell!   That's quite a lot of parkrun related emotions and adventures you've crammed in over the years.  Am I allowed to say you look so very young and very cute back in 2012, but just as happy and natural running in your running style then as you do now.  I'm slightly disappointed you haven't shared a photo of your lockdown haircut, but even so, great pics.  And well done for out running Jessica Ellis, that's quite a parkrun memory.  I can't wait for us all to be back together at parkrun again.  That time will come!  Bravo to your mum Joanne Chapman too for setting you on the road to the parkrun party.  How wise she was.   Whatever did we all do before parkrun?  Hard to imagine, no wonder many of us are now struggling without it.

We'll be back though, eventually, making more parkrun memories and enjoying post parkrun parkfaff.  It was after all, always about the coffee...


The Hawkers Family!  Sarah, Leo, Madoc, Felix, Barnaby and Matilda


Sarah got in touch to keep us up to date with their parkrun story and what they've been up to. Thanks Sarah!  The family photo above of all of them together was taken  at Whinlatter Forest parkrun in the lakes. It goes up a mountain and  I think it may have been type two fun, i.e. only really enjoyable when looked back on retrospectively as Sarah reported that 'I nearly died with the pram !!! But we did it!'  We are all very grateful you made it back safely to continue your parkrunning, parkfunning, parkfaffing and volunteering careers with us in Sheffield!

'Between us we have 822 parkruns, 48 volunteers and 33 junior parkruns.  We love Sheffield Hallam parkrun and have made many many friends here. 

The Team:

Sarah – Mum – 223 parkruns, 202 at Hallam. Hallam pb is 20.57


Leo – Dad – 167 parkruns pb 21.42


Madoc – 15 yrs – 131 parkruns and 32 Volunteers. Pb 21.54. Madoc started volunteering for D of E , but enjoyed it so much he carried on. Madoc prefers volunteering over running and has made lots of friends through this.


Felix – 13yrs – 185 parkruns, pb 22.00. Felix has been a regular at parkrun since starting in 2013 age 6 years.  (Editor's note - here are Felix, Tilly and Barnaby together at junior parkrun, great pic!)


Barnaby – 8 years – 116 parkruns, 17 Junior parkruns. Barnaby started his Hallam parkrun career in a running pram back in 2013 and has since gone on to love attending parkrun every Saturday with a pb of 24.13.  (Editor's note, that's Barnaby with Sheffield Hallam parkrun legend Bernie, and the balloons are when the Hawker's coordinated Felix 100th and Barnaby's 10th back in 2016 - impressive organisational skills there as well as excellent balloon brandishing).

 IMG_1483 IMG_1485

Matilda – 3 years – 16 junior parkruns – Matilda started her Hallam parkrun journey before she was born with mum running until 30 weeks pregnant. She has continued her journey as a regular parkrun prammer and can often be heard shouting “go faster, mummy faster”. She now loves running the junior parkrun, and is hoping to debut running at Endcliffe parkrun soon (go away Covid-19!!)

 IMG_1480 IMG_1492

We have parkrun in rain, snow, the epic puddle and the lovely sunshine. We love it no matter the weather.

We miss parkrun so much but are keeping ourselves busy with running, cycling, outdoor swimming and bouncing on a giant strawberry!!!. We can’t wait to be back at the new Endcliffe parkrun.

 IMG_1317 IMG_1251 IMG_1403

We’d like to set a challenge for everyone to get out on a run, jog or walk with their kids and have fun'

Thanks so much for sharing your family's story!  Oh, and I did query the giant strawberry, as surely every home should have one, this is a benefit of knowing the great Mr Pullin apparently!  What a legend that man is.  Hope he's surviving lockdown too.  We need our giraffe slide back in operation at Endcliffe Park when it is safe to do so of course!  In the meantime I'm sorry to report it's not true you can't miss what you've never had, because I am totally missing having a giant bouncy strawberry at my disposal to help me through these challenging times.  I can think of no situation which would not be infinitely improved by having access to such an asset.

Great story, and great pictures too.  Remember dear reader, I'd love to hear your story too, so do get in touch to share your parkrun perspectives.  You can message the facebook page if you are feeling shy, or just comment on one of the weekly shout out posts. :)


and now, the moment we have all been waiting for.  What happened next with Rob and his  backgarden parkrun challenge?

Rob PLASKITT - back garden parkrun stalwart - and so it ends?

Well, before we find out all about how it ends, let's consider how it all started:

Turns out it was 'all from a silly lockdown idea that kind of got out of hand. Back at the start of lockdown my interpretation of the guidance was that I was only allowed out once for exercise, not to drive anywhere, not more than an hour and not going too far from home; so allowing about a 6 mile run from home. (Interpreting guidance like this would rule me out of a Government advisory role.) 

For me, a 6 mile run followed by a parkrun was my normal Saturday morning. For many parkrunning months I had been doing exactly this, running from home up to The Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow and then down to either Hallam or Millhouses. So when lockdown started, I had my hour permitted exercise run, and then just needed a little extra 5k. I think the backgarden running idea came from an early notaparkrun report and the fact we were in lockdown and I couldn't go out anywhere else.

Though I am looking forward to the end, because I would much rather extend my pre-parkrun run up to Burbage corner than come home and run around the garden.

And another picture, though looking quite wet and haggard, FB reminded me of this 'on this day 5 years ago' memory picture at Hallam parkrun...'

 Rob Plaskitt memory 13 june 2015

I for one was ridiculously excited all week wondering how things would unfold and hoping desperately he had ordered the right size apricot tee!  So what happened next?

That was the start, what of the end? Well dear reader, it was SENSATIONAL! He toyed with us the night before though, noting that ‘the weathers looking good for an early start tomorrow and my 10th and last backgarden parkrun and first (not)parkrun, the apricot is ready...’ His customised tee at the ready we had been told to expect surprises but little more. How would things unfold? He is a master of building tension, adding that he was ‘getting some older milestone tees ready’. I was none the wiser, how was this going to work.

Well, the wait is over, and I am delighted to inform you that he not only completed his challenge, he did so with originality, aplomb and a multitude of wardrobe changes that would do any pantomime dame proud. He must have started early as he began his epic day by heading out to Graves parkrun, which he completed in 27:52, to rerun his 50th wearing his 50th milestone tee. Genius! Next he headed to Hallam which he completed in an impressive 26:55, to rerun his 100th wearing – you’re ahead of me, his 100th milestone tee! Next it was to Millhouses parkrun, which he stormed round in 26:47, to rerun his 150th – getting faster, I mean that’s impressive too. Although he acknowledged this was not a milestone, he added ‘I like the 50, 100, 150 sequence, and Theo's "Party in the Park" should have been here in May, who we have raised over £500 for during these last 10 weeks’. For this he was wearing his Theo charity tee. So that was three parkruns before he even made it to the start of his backgarden challenge.

For his grand finish, he finally got to don his hard earned personalised apricot tee, and completed his backgarden parkrun in 41:56! He tells us ‘Again not an official milestone, though it is for me, 10 back garden parkruns seems a worthy milestone for an apricot tee to remember these last few weeks.’ Well I agree Rob, that’s a truly amazing achievement and a fine finale too!

 rob finale

Also, I take it exceedingly kindly that this worked out as 555 laps total: 9 at 55 and 1 at 60, on a modified course because of wet grass. The run stats are below so you can admire his achievement properly.  But 555 dear reader, a palindrome on top of all his other achievements.  A great day indeed.

  • 1: 11-April: 50:43
  • 2: 18-April: 46:08
  • 3: 25-April: 41:51
  • 4: 2-May: 42:08
  • 5: 9-May: 41:34
  • 6: 16-May: 40:24
  • 7: 23-May: 39:04
  • 8: 30-May: 40:55
  • ----: 6-June: rained off
  • 9: 13-June: 50:12 (wet)
  • 10: 20-June: 41:56

Each backgarden parkrun was an mind blowing 55 laps, except #9 - a modified course with 60 laps!

That's quite some #notparkrunday!

Well, I don’t know about you dear reader, but this all makes me really happy, it’s an absolutely amazing achievement. I just hope he had a huge pile of laurels to rest on and suitable post notparkrun beverages aplenty alongside a table groaning with comestibles to assist his recovery! Seriously well done, I am in awe!  Never was a personalised apricot tee so well deserved and so hard-earned.  I salute you Rob, your mental strength and tenacity is extraordinary, if you can motivate yourself to complete this challenge, I reckon you can do pretty much anything.  Choose wisely!  It must be a relief to have finally concluded the challenge in some ways, but I wonder if soon you will feel a void and seek out a new one, and I for one can't wait to see what that will be.  Until that kicks in, enjoy the euphoria of a job well done.  :)


Running is BS podcast alert:

By the way, in case you were thinking Rob was a lone backgarden parkrunner, check out this podcast #37 - Running in your Garden is Bullshit feat for April 20, 2020.

'Providing a mild distraction from your lockdown, Running is BS delves into the bizarre world of the garden marathon, running up Everest in your house and other weird things desperate runners are doing to stay occupied and get their distance in. ... Our guest this week is Gareth Allen, an ultra runner who live streamed his garden marathon to a worldwide audience!'

How very excellent!  Maybe Rob should do his challenge again, but live streamed this time.  Remember, respect everyone's right to participate in their own way dear reader!


parkrun statsgeek corner:

  • COMPLETELY USELESS RANDOM STAT KLAXON - There are 18 parkruns and junior parkruns beginning with the letter U, Including Umhlanga parkrun in South Africa - check out their fancy finish funnel!

umhlanga parkrun

  • Also, thanks to Elliott Line for keeping going with his stats, as ever, he has provided the parkrun Registration and Anniversary Stats for 20th June 2020 because of his endeavours, we knowthere 971 new registrations in the past seven days - that's actually loads, seeing as parkrun is on pause, astoundingly high even.  The event with the highest number of registrations in the past seven days was: Kei Mouth (South Africa) 11
  • the following parkruns had their first anniversaries this weekend, it makes a bit of my heart sad they didn't get to celebrate, but lets toast them here instead.  Maybe that will give them some small crumb of comfort that they are not forgotten!  parkrun Gatchina Prioratsky (Russia) 1 year, River Valley parkrun, Edmonton (Canada) 1 year, Chasewater parkrun (UK) 1 year, Cradock parkrun (South Africa) 1 year, Flaxmere parkrun (New Zealand) 1 year, Fukakitaryokuchi parkrun (Japan) 1 year, Holy Cross College parkrun (UK) 1 year, Lusitoland parkrun (South Africa) 1 year, Nautical parkrun (Canada) 1 year, Perrigo parkrun (United States) 1 year.


This time last year...

FYI, on 15th June 2019 it was event 441 and there were  594 participants supported by an impressive 39 volunteers.  First finishers were  Steve FRANKLIN and Vicky PENN - and I think we should give a special whoop of recognition for frontrunner Steve Franklin, because cast you mind back to the beginning of this notarunreport and you will recall that five years previously he achieved the same thing.  Male first finisher, five years apart, impressive.

 2019 frontrunner

Age grade percentages recognise slightly different parkrunners:

  • Vicky Penn 74.24 %; Maggie Bowden 73.29 % and Fiona Tranfield 72.32 %
  • Mikko Juusola 83.67 %; Steve Franklin 78.35 % and Thomas Hall 77.09 %

Official photographer was our very own George CARMAN - here he is in action, well equipped as always - not sure why he was wearing a wig that day:


making the magic happen were these awesome high vis heroes:


here are some:

2019 hi 2019 tail

It was most definitely a fun-filled parkfun parkrun occasion.

There were silky coated barkrunners, looking more catwalk than parkwalk to be fair:

2019 barkrun 2019 barkruner 2019 barkrunn

Some spectacular flying feet runners - ooh, and is that a notarunreport regular I espy levitating round in the yellow, such a happy parkrunning smile, it's infectious and lifts the soul to see does it not?:

2019 fly 2019 fly12019 fly3


2019 flyin 2019 flying lego9

There were some spectacularly happy parkrunners:

2019 good gym  2019 got this   2019 hail   2019 hap  2019 happ  2019 happy indeed  2019 happy  2019 happy1  2019 how

There were buggy runners:

2019 bug 2019 buggy

buddy runners:

2019 seenya 2019 running buddie 2019 pair 2019 friends

and parkrunners category other (including best leggings) a-plenty:

019 leggings 2019 coming 2019 crowd 2019 f 2019 got thuis  2019 coming through2019 over hill 2019 rizni 2019 stocksfield 2019 stretching out 2019 through trees 2019b 2019c

John MAPLES kept calm:

2019 john maples kept calm

But most importantly of all,  Anurag AGARWAL completed his 100th parkrun.  He may even have enjoyed doing so!

2019 anarug 100


Random Shout Outs:

Time for some random shout outs methinks.  These are from the 15th June 2019 event, because that was the second weekend in June - nearest equivalent for this weekend - and there are photos from that event not previously used.

  • In position 18 (number of parkruns and junior parkruns worldwide beginning with the letter u): Brendon SMITH-WESTERGAARD
  • In position 22 (number of different countries in the world with a parkrun - or currently notaparkrun): Kurt SPITERI CORNISH
  • In position 39 (number of volunteers at the 15th June 2019 event): Neil SCHOFIELD
  • In position 38 (average age of parkrunners at this event): Michael HALL
  • In position 73 (number of pbs at this parkrun): Matt RHODES
  • In position 247 (number of parkrun last held on this date 20 June 2015): Emma WALKER
  • In position 292 (number of parkruns completed by Harry Chapman at Sheffield Hallam parkrun to date): Emma COVENEY
  • In position 305 (number of parkuns completed by Harry Chapman to date): Kieran SHUKLA
  • In position 441 (number of Sheffield Hallam parkrun on 15th June 2019): Archie DEAN
  • In position 451 ( which is our average finishers per week - near enough, it's actually 451.3; but I didn't think it would be achievable or ethical to acquire a .3 parkrunner): David HAWLEY
  • In position 477 (number of parkruns which Sheffield Hallam parkrun paused on): Graham BELL
  • In position 531 (pin skin man's race number in picture below): Neil LAYCOCK
  • I thought Zak was a relatively unusual name, but there were three (sort of) joining us at parkrun today and I've decided they all get shout outs too, just because: Zak HARDING; Zak LUTSYSHYN and Amir Zaki ABDULLAH ZUBIR


parkrun worldwide - spotlight on:

The parkrun family is made up of 22 countries around the world.

The parkrun family is made up of 22 countries around the world.  Each week we're profiling a different country. This week it’s Japan! Read the spotlight on Japan blog post here.



Recreating your own notparkrun  - notparkrun virtual - how did everyone get on with this?

What are (not)parkruns?

In the absence of parkrun events (not)parkrun is an opportunity for parkrunners to submit a 5k walk, jog, or run, on a route of your choosing, on a day and time of your choice, wherever you are in the world and following appropriate guidelines for physical activity wherever you’re based. You can record up to one activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in a weekly results table.

Yep, the fun thing is, everyone who has a home run of Sheffield Hallam parkrun (or wherever) has their times grouped together in one results table, so we can have a sense of our parkrun community re-emerging.  These runs don't contribute to parkun tees, but are part of the come back journey.  Yay!  I got very excited seeing the latest Sheffield Hallam notparkrun results table, though some will be missing as the (not)parkrun week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday - still, teaser for you:

notparkrun results

PLEASE NOTE the FAQs especially:

Do I have to do my 5k at my home parkrun course? No - in fact we would prefer it if you didn’t. You can walk, jog, or run your 5k anywhere you like (providing it is safe to do so). In your garden, to and from your house, it doesn’t matter where your 5k is. We definitely do not want parkrunners turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.

It’s definitely not parkrun, but might suit some.  Find out more, including how it works here http://parkrun.me/ywtjv



** IN CASE YOU MISSED IT *** Repeat appeal Endcliffe parkrun - HELP make it happen!  

When Sheffield Hallam parkrun does eventually return, it won't.  It'll be back as Endcliffe parkrun.  HOW EXCITING!!  We do need some help to make it so.  As well as hardcore volunteers to help with path laying we also have a need for some very specific bits of kit, specifically:

The items we are seeking are:

  • Rope.  Quite a lot of ropepreferably climbing rope or similar.  The new route has a number of two way sections and wiggly bits, and the current tape and poles have a tendency to blow over or even blow away if you so much as exhale near them.  The plan is to get some decent sections of rope and cut to the required length, and then number them so we know which position they need to be in.  This will be more time efficient, and hopefully weigh down the plastic poles a bit too.
  • Set of small, but sturdy ladders.  Inexplicably, not everyone likes to clamber up on the big bin in order to deliver the pre run briefing.  Even more astoundingly, not all have Louise's ability to do so with agility and grace.
  • Some combination padlocks - to help us secure kit.  Combination is best so we don't have to worry about remembering or losing keys, but they need to be a reasonable quality if possible.  Some chain to go with it, or bike lock type with steel wire.
  • Umbrellas - nice big golfing ones.  We will need more marshals on the new course, and we want them to survive the winter without being soaked through unnecessarily.  So some nice umbrellas would be fab.

If anyone has anything to donate then in the first instance send an email to sheffieldhallam@parkrun.com and Louise Dale-Hughes will pick up the emails and respond.  If you are one of the people who can help, you will get a warm glow of satisfaction for having helped bring the new Endcliffe parkrun into being.  Thanks in anticipation.


Lego parkrun - why has this not been done before?

It actually happened last week, but better late than never eh, and it is completely excellent.  We have Highlands parkrun to thank for this long overdue innovation.  Highlands parkrun is actually in Victoria Australia, and I have decided this might be a contender for my spiritual home.  You'll soon see why...

Special Event - Lego parkrun


“Today Saturday 13-Jun we had a total of 63 runners, walkers and joggers completing laps of our stunning lake (55 males and 8 females). It was great to see everyone embracing today’s theme of Lego, and getting into full costume. Great effort! There were no milestones celebrated today, however we did have an awesome 63 first timers. Unfortunately there was a technical error and none of the times were officially recorded, but we all enjoyed getting out and about. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, who gave up their morning so that others could participate. Just a heads up that we did have some giant ducks trying to eat participants this morning, so it is extra important to make sure that children are always with an adult“.

lego15 lego14 lego13 lego10 lego8 lego7 lego6 lego4 lego3 lego1 lego

Brilliant - check out the attention to detail, the giant ducks warning and the amazing flying feet photos are no mean feat either (see what I did there?  Genius).  Also, I love how this illustrates how parkruns are indeed the same the world over, dogs on a short leash; hi vis heroes; an orderly run briefing; an event photographer; dog poo monitor (I think you get an 'other' volunteer credit for that role too) results processors;  good natured queues for scanning - even a pond not unlike our own in Endcliffe park to run along by, sigh.  It makes me happy just to gaze on it.


Recreating parkrun Senja parkrun Animal Crossings New Horizons

There are other recreations of parkrun out there.  Who else fancied doing some parkrun tourism to bagsy a top 3 finish position once parkrun returns at Senja parkrun - video link

astronomy blog

Stuart on twitter as @astronomyblog gifted us 'A rainy but enjoyable Senja parkrun #3 yesterday in #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons. Thanks to those that took part and joined the post-parkrun coffee afterwards. I need to put out more cones next week to stop people going wrong after the 3km marker!  check it out here: https://twitter.com/astronomyblog/status/1272181604782428161


parkrun tourists?

If you are missing your parkrun tourism, you might be interested in this new parkrun tourist toy https://wangy.co.uk/parkstats recently developed, it needs input and ratings from parkrunners to populate the site.

Ian Wang, who has built the site introduced it as follows: I would like to ask for some help. I have created a website to map useful parkrun information - which parkruns are dog friendly? running buggy friendly? P.B. potential? and more.  To make this useful I need people to add their ratings to the website. If you could add ratings for parkruns you have done this would be great. All ratings are personal opinion, there is no correct answer. The website is https://wangy.co.uk/parkstats  If you find the website unclear, encounter bugs or have a suggestion then please let me know. Happy rating :) 


barkrun tourists?

Why not enjoy a virtual romp round Queen Elizabeth parkrun and bagsy yourself a Q for your alphabet challenge whilst you're about it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIRbSE5QATo

qe barkrun


parkrunning map - lovers?

Your time has come, check this out! parkruns active over time by video map



Don't forget, pondering parkrun podcasts

To help keep the parkrun dream alive, you can still listen to parkrun podcasts, official and unofficial depending on how on the edge you live your life

1) Free, Weekly, Timed - the official parkrun voice - The official parkrun podcast Free, Weekly Timed is still coming out each week, so you can extend your parkrun fix by listening to that - huge backlog to check out too, if you are stuck inside.  On this week's pod - parkrun is BACK in New Zealand. We speak to parkrun COO Tom Williams; Helen breaks down some of the myths of running during pregnancy with Andrew Shennan, Professor of Obstetrics at King’s College London. Plus, Vassos the coach!


2) With Me Now - with Danny Norman, the unofficial voice of parkrun - With Me Now is also continuing to produce it's weekly podcast.  Episode 102 - 'unthank' is now available! In this week's episode we herald the return of parkrun in New Zealand, say so long and thank you to the Lockdown Lives, discover the rarest postbox in history, welcome (not)parkrun, have your arrbeetrees, stats and update you on the Dachshund Couple.  Pic (Lindsay Reeves): The Northampton Crayons meeting up for a nonparkrun and making other park users look twice.  You have to appreciate socially distanced crayons.


Also now, a YouTube Channel: youtube.com/withmenow

3) Running is BS - I was only introduced to this podcast this week.  An idiosyncratic podcast taking a slightly quirky look at running and notrunning related frustrations.  Not gonna lie, drew me in this week with the prospect of - which I thought couldn't be true, but turns out, it is - an interview with 'pin skin man'.  That is the man turns up to races shirtless, with his race number pinned to his bare chest and has become known as 'pin skin man'.  I found it an unexpected pod, tackling some serious issues, albeit it is somewhat sweary with  language some may find offensive so consider yourself warned.  It's acknowledges the love/hate relationship some of us have with running... bit ranty, but who amongst us doesn't like a good running-related rant now and again.  Their website is here: https://runningisbs.com/about-us/

This particular podcast describes itself as: We also talk a fair bit about equality and Amy says 'intersectionality' a few times, well she is a doctor after all. There's a lot of actual bullshit going on in the world at the moment, and we address it where we can but we're not the experts you need and urge you to find out more about race issues, LGB issues, trans issues, and all the other groups currently under attack.  https://runningisbs.podbean.com/e/41-t-shirts-are-bullshit-feat-connor-strynkowski-aka-pin-skin-man/  Quite a refreshing podcast, quirky even.  Maybe dip in, see what you think to mix things up a bit.  They have a Running is BS Facebook page too.

PSM (1)

Please DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!  I'm not going to try this myself, and I strongly suggest you don't either.  It might be more practical and comfortable for him, but I'm thinking he might not be representative of the parkrun population as a whole.  I have to undertake a risk assessment when including such items in this notarunreport, stay safe dear reader, and keep your chests pin hole free!  Or if you must give it a try, be aware it is very much at your own risk!

4)  Podcast  The Women in Sport Podcast:

The Women in Sport podcast brings together insight, advice and expertise from across the sector to discuss the issues and topics you think are important and affecting women and girls in the UK.


Another new to me podcast, but seems interesting, what caught my eye was this offering:  Removing the barriers to sport for Muslim girls from December 2019 We chat to Amna Akhtar co-founder of Girl Dreamer, the empowerment platform for women of colour, and Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan from Maslaha, creators of the Muslim Girls Fence project with British Fencing, about the barriers that Muslim girls face, how the sports sector can change and support them to get active.  Follow their work: www.girldreamer.co.uk

But if podcasts are your thing, there's quite a back catalogue to dip into including a discussion on the impact of body image and this one on the power of running communities - do wish people would stop referring to women as 'girls' though, makes me shudder every time... Some women own it, but I don't wish to be infantalised thank you very much.


The “Africans”: covert racism in long distance running

Also this, not a podcast, but an under explored topic: 'In this article, Fast 10’s Jack Gray considers how the more subtle and nuanced form of covert racism, can manifest in the long-distance running community'



Mike Jones, peak district boundary runner

On the subject of long-distance running, whilst I've been spending the last 14 weeks checking out the stretch potential of elasticated waists, others who move amongst us have been using this time for more energetic pastimes.  Case in point,

How about run 192 miles around the Peak District and set a new world record?

“I’m feeling fine actually,” says new record holder for the Peak District Boundary Run Mike Jones, from Nether Edge, on the day after his 58 hours and 11 minutes run from Ringinglow around the entire boundary of the Peak District National Park.'

mike jones

I wonder what exactly in his world constitutes 'fine' but wowsers anyway!

Assuming my stalking talents have not escaped me, Mike has completed 7 parkruns at Sheffield Hallam out of 47 parkruns in total.  His parkrun birthday was 21st May 2016, and he did his parkrun debut with us in Endcliffe park,  Also, for those of us who like order in our numbers, his fastest time in 2020 was 20:00 exactly at Millhouses parkrun!  How very pleasing.  As well as being involved with GoodGym he has also chalked up 19 volunteer roles, which is an impressive volunteering ratio.

Nice information about GoodGym too.  If we have any Sheffield Hallam parkrunning Goodgymers who fancy sharing their story it would be great to hear from you.  Message the facebook page or just post a comment on one of the weekly appeals for contributions.

Mandatory Duck Shot:

Best ever woman hatches ducks from waitrose eggs.  The whole story is in the headline really but I like the extra detail of their names if you read the actual article.  In case clicking on the link is too arduous:

'A woman has hatched three ducklings called Beep, Peep and Meep from eggs she bought in Waitrose.  Charli Lello, 29, from Hertfordshire, put the Clarence Court eggs in an incubator as an experiment to pass the time after being furloughed.  She said the ducklings would live "a very happy life" with her pet chickens.'

braddock whites beep peep and meep

and aren't they just adorable!

but I was double blessed this week, thanks to Bernie HARDING for gifting me this mallard and young shot.  Aww, love mallards, they are just perfect!

ducks bernie

got to luvvaduck.  Thank you Bernie!  :)

parkrun pun corner

Also, have you heard that HQ are exploring a new idea for parkrun?  A 5k, but just for ducks. We call it quackrun  Thoughts? Might ruffle a few feathers? Don't forget your beak-code.

and finally, a message from parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt:

Worth a gander, think if it as a bonus aquatic bird reference opportunity.

By Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder — Wednesday 17 June 2020

2020 has been a year like no other in living memory. All over the world we have witnessed an invisible threat to our lives and our livelihoods. Some of us have lost friends and loved ones, and our freedoms have necessarily been restricted in order to protect the most vulnerable. The world, it seems, has closed down, disrupting our routines and denying us real, physical, social interaction. Driven by an unrelenting news cycle many of us have become scared, fearful and anxious.

In my lifetime, I honestly can’t remember a more turbulent period of societal unrest or disharmony. In part, this is clearly due to the impact of and response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), but fractures and dislocations in society are no doubt also the result of a huge number of difficult, pre-existing, and ongoing issues; from environmental damage, political unrest, devastating bushfires in Australia and more recently the tragic events in the US which have sparked a worldwide conversation on discrimination and injustice.

Having been brought up in Apartheid South Africa in the 1960s, I am only too aware of the inequality and injustices that many people are subject to. I try to live a good life, to be moral in my thoughts, and to be ethical in my actions. I brought these principles to parkrun - specifically a strong conviction that physical activity should be for everyone. And I am extremely proud of the way the team has embraced these values and drawn upon them to further what I started, and that they remain committed to continuing them as we look to the future.

I’m also proud that parkrun has become a sanctuary for millions of people from all sorts of backgrounds over the past 16 years. But it didn’t start out that way. At that first event in October 2004, I was one of 18 white, middle-class people, in a Royal Park in an affluent suburb of London who participated in what we now know as parkrun. Back then, this wasn’t particularly unusual. It’s an uncomfortable truth but the running sector has long struggled with a lack of diversity in participation.

Sadly, we also know that the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community participating in running are under-represented, (as well as in physical activity more generally), whilst being at greater risk of ill health and lower health outcomes, exacerbating health inequalities in the general population. We’ve long felt it is these communities that potentially have the most to gain from participating in events such as parkrun.

Prior to the suspension due to Coronavirus, parkrun events were taking place in over 2,000 locations across 22 countries. Nearly 7 million people around the world have registered with us and (in normal times) 350,000 people walk, jog, run and volunteer at their local community event every weekend.

Personally, the big numbers have never been a motivation for me. When I realised early on that parkrun had the power to change lives, I made it our mission first to establish a parkrun event in every community that wanted one, and then, around 2015, (and even more ambitiously) to create a healthier, happier planet. We also made a commitment that parkrun would always be free, for everyone, forever.

At that time, and to address the fact that we could no longer rely on word of mouth to reach those who had the most to gain from regular, free, inclusive physical activity we became more interventionist.

We developed a strategy that would see parkrun find the most simple, scalable and successful solutions to encourage more marginalised and excluded groups to participate in parkrun. We recognised that we couldn’t do it all, that we could only make a difference in the context of physical activity and community events, but that we could make a start, that every barcode represented a person, and that every person should be considered equal.

That strategy guided our work developing events in areas of deprivation across the UK and elsewhere. It provided the framework for establishing events on the custodial estate, and enabled our partnership with the Royal College of GPs in the UK, which sees GP practices collaborate with local parkrun events and signpost patients and public health staff to parkrun.

Nearly 16 years on from that first Saturday morning in Bushy Park, I remain immensely proud of our work and of what parkrun has become.

As I continue to reflect on the events of this year, and in particular of the last week or two, I recognise that for all of our collective successes and achievements, there will always be more that we can do. We will continue to challenge ourselves on our fundamental values, which remain at the heart of our organisation and define the parkrun family.

Whilst we all face uncertain times and witness deep divisions in society, I will always believe that people are good, and that every new day provides an opportunity to celebrate our differences. I know parkrun is not the only answer, but it will always be a force for good and can be part of the solution.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the parkrun family that we resolutely remain for everyone. And particularly, that we stand by the disadvantaged, the marginalised, and the excluded.

We hear you, we see you, and we welcome you.

Free, for everyone, forever.


Paul and balloons

Not gonna lie, I am completely starstruck by PSH, he is surely the embodiment of the phrase 'be the change you want to see in the world'.  Also, just start heading out in the direction you want to go and see how far it takes you.  Like Zaheer embarking on his C25K too perhaps.

The End.

We'll get back here one day...

2019 right nice out

Stay positive parkrunning friends. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we don't know for sure yet that it'll turn out to be an approaching train.  Hang on in there, this time will pass.

Lucy Marris, parkrunner A448776 



Like I said, I'm a bit star struck in the presence of PSH - and here I am with a quartet of parkrun royalty. That's Paul Graham, founder of junior parkrun, me, PSH, Paul Killick currently totally 686 parkruns (cool number) and of course, Elisabeth of Elisabeth's corner at Bushy parkrun, with her Spirit of parkrun award on their 15th birthday celebrations.  Of course I was excitable!

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