Exmouth parkrun #94 Run Report by Kate Hicken

One of the things I love about parkrun is that when friends now say they are moving away, instead of being sad I think, hurrah a new parkrun to be discovered!


My friend Sarah has been in Exmouth 1 month, so of course I had to come to the seaside in order to visit her and take in Exmouth parkrun, and Exmouth did not disappoint. From the incredibly friendly volunteers and Run Director Daz, to the stunning seaside scenery you have a gem of a parkrun.


121019 parkrun pic

This week, 259 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 participants were first time parkrunners, 23 were first time at Exmouth parkrun and 37 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part. Visitors this week came from Bushy Park, Homewood, Killerton, Seaton and a Barnstaple convert.


121019 parkrun pic 1

New to parkrun this week were Edd CHALKLEY, Deanna RITCHIE, Henry LUCAS, Rob LUCAS, Ayrton SWORD, Pippa SOUTHWELL, Vicky SOUTHWELL, Carla NEWMANN (and Melody), Sophie MOORE, Angela PEARD, Steve MACK, Ellie COOKE and Wilf BLEST hope to see you again soon!


In fine voice on the run was most of the cast of the new production of Oklahoma, on from 29th October to the 2nd November in the Exmouth Pavilion. From the amount of energy they showed on the run, it promises to be a fantastic performance. Tickets are available now.


121019 parkrun pic 2

Congratulations to Lucy KING, Mia KIRSCH and Eliana SARYAZDI on reaching the 10 club, and Dawn LUSH for reaching the 50 club.


The event was made possible by 33 lovely volunteers led by this weeks Run Director Darren NOTMAN: Paul BARTLETTLisa BERRIDGERowan BEVANMark BEVANDavid BLYTHMargaret BLYTHDarren BRADLEYCraig BUTLERPhil DAVEYAmanda DAYJennifer GATESKaz HANDLEYKate HICKENAngie HOLLANDLorna JONESIan LACEYSara MARTINStan MASONAmanda MCCANNSimon MINTINGTerry MINTINGDarren NOTMANKatherine PREWNick RICHARTNathan SHEEHYWendy SILKKaren STEWARTAlan SUTHERLANDWilliam THOMASVictoria TRAVERSCharlie TRAVERSCarol TREGLOWNLisa WHITE.


Getting a PB was first finisher Martha NEAL of Newton Abbot AC on her 116th parkrun and first female finisher this week in 18:20 , first male was Lee SALTER of Exmouth Harriers AC in 18:31 on his 41st parkrun.

Exmouth parkrun event stats:

Number of events: 94   Number of runners: 6,956   Number of runs: 32,533   Number of first finishers: 91   Number of clubs: 566   Number of PBs: 6,727   Average number of runners per week: 346.1   Average number of runs per runner: 4.7   Biggest Attendance: 710   Average run time: 00:29:16   Total hours run: 1Years 296Days 10Hrs 57Min 23Secs   Total distance run: 162,665km

Female record holder: Hannah TAUNTON - 17:11 - Event 65 (23/03/19)
Male record holder: Jake SMITH - 14:21 - Event 35 (25/08/18)
Age graded record holder: Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN - 94.2 % - 18:58 - Event 5 (20/01/18).


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Exmouth parkrun Results Page.


121019 parkrun pic 3

Great running everyone! Thank you for such a great parkrun and such a friendly welcome.

#DFYB = Don't Forget Your Barcode!




Focus on core-volunteer roles #5

In general these volunteer roles are carried out behind the scenes, before and after the event mostly unseen by parkrun participants ensuring parkrun happens every week. Some roles also continue during the week, not just on a Saturday morning, ensuring required information co-ordinated with the RD and core-volunteer team ready for parkrun to take place.

V25parkrunparkrun Hi-vis

The parkrun general description of what’s involved;


Event Day Course Check –

These checks are generally carried out by the Run Director early morning on the day of the event and can be assisted by other volunteers and of course any advice provided by the Event Director, local council officials and/or emergency services if deemed necessary due to any inclement weather conditions or incidents reported which may affect the run event. This role usually involves a physical check to ensure the entire route is safe to use either by car, bike or on foot prior to course set-up.

Any cancellations are notified as early as possible prior to event start time via our social media channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Strava groups/pages and of course, if a late emergency, at the time of the event due to take place.


Equipment Delivery & Storage

This role is responsible for ensuring that all equipment is stored safely and securely during the week and collected/delivered on time to the event. This volunteer works in coordination with the event RD and other core-team volunteers on the day, specifically pre-event setup volunteers, funnel manager(s) and marshal volunteers. Equipment will all be checked back-in and returned to storage after each event. Any equipment missing or damaged must be reported to the RD.


Pre-event Setup

At Exmouth we normally have two volunteers to help the Run Director prepare for the event. This includes the placement of equipment such as the finish funnel, flag and Start/Exmouth banner around start/finish area, setting up and placing of signs and cones. The marshals will take with them the required equipment to setup for their allocated positions.


First-Timer/Visitor Briefing

This volunteer will gather at 8.45am all new first time parkrun participants and tourists explaining how we operate and welcome them to the event. We have pre-determined information to read out ensuring correct and consistent information is provided. This volunteer will also note visitor home locations and any other information such as milestones mentioned, anniversaries, birthdays etc. and give to the Run Director for the main brief.

This role is fairly simple and straight forward and very useful to give someone confidence in building up to taking on the Run Director role at a future event.


Sign Language Support

This role signs the ‘first timers/visitors briefing’ and the ‘main RD briefing’ for deaf and hard of hearing participants. Any volunteers ‘Deaf Get Active’ with knowledge and experience and feel able to provide this support are more than welcome to come forward on the day of the event.

VI Guide Volunteer

Visually Impaired Guide Runner

This volunteer accompanies a visually impaired participant around the course, walk, jog or run. They are usually connected by means of a short link/hand-hand tie. This role should also be applied when supporting a volunteer with visual impairment.


 Post-Event Closedown –

These volunteers help take down and pack away all the equipment after the last parkrunner (usually the Tailwalker) passes through the finish funnel and collects their position finish token for scanning at the Ocean Centre. Equipment is taken back to store at the Ocean Centre and works in coordination with the RD, Funnel Managers, Marshals and Equipment Delivery and Storage.

parkrun Results Processor

Results Processor

This role is responsible for bringing together the Timekeeper stopwatch finish times, personal barcode/position Finish Tokens scanned in and hand written information provided by the Number Checker and uploading that data onto the central parkrun HQ results service for publication and notification by text messaging and email.

This role requires specific training and knowledge of the live web software and process with agreed access to our parkrun administration system including parkrun support. It also requires a specific user sign-on and personal password for live web access.

In general this role is generally carried out by core-volunteers with a good base knowledge and experience of the whole parkrun process, however training for this can be given to train people up if interested. Please speak to the ED/RD if interested.

This process usually takes place soon after the event after all barcodes have been scanned in. Some volunteers prefer to take this process home to complete. You will be responsible for the equipment, devices and recharging of devices to do this in readiness for the following week. There is a specific written process.


Volunteer Co-ordinator

This role maintains the ‘weekly volunteer roster’ ongoing our parkrun central volunteer schedule ensuring there are enough core volunteers to meet the required minimum each week and fill all roles identified. At Exmouth we need a minimum 24 core-volunteers every week to safely ensure parkrun can happen. On average we use 30 volunteers weekly to cover all aspects of the event. All these roles are listed on the roster.

This role involves specific training and access to our parkrun email account service and the live web based software, regularly accessing and updating information, responding to emails, identifying volunteer A barcodes and entering names onto the weekly roster and confirming email responses.

Please speak to your ED/RD if interested.


Run Report Writer

This volunteer produces a general written summary of the event which is uploaded onto the parkrun main event website news page. The report will be emailed into our email account. This role can be carried out by any participant and we also like our visitors to get involved to share their views of our event and how we are doing from a visiting point of view. Reports do not need to be too detailed as just an overview highlighting any specific points of interest will do. You can include all kinds of information, even funny jokes but please keep them clean and moderated.

The reports will be uploaded by our volunteers who have with access to email for checking and prepared ready for publication on our main parkrun website and uploaded onto our Facebook group page and Twitter account.


Official Event Photographer

This role captures images/videos of our events taking place in order to help us to inspire other people to engage in physical activity and help redefine what it means to be active. This imagery also provides a means for historical recording of our events over a period of time.

All volunteer photographers are required to follow parkrun Photography and Filming Policy.

After uploading to our central weblink Flickr account and Facebook page, all imagery recorded on personal mobile phones, cameras or other such devices should be deleted and not used for any other purpose.

For more information around photography at parkrun events please refer to parkrun Privacy Policy.


As mentioned, most of these roles happen behind the scenes, unaware of by parkrun participants, but are an essential, important and integral part in ensuring parkrun can happen safely. Not all roles are core-volunteer required roles but are all extremely helpful in the coordination helping the RD and volunteer team on the day of the event making a happy, enjoyable and fun parkrun experience for everyone.

parkrun be like Bill and Volunteer

So, why not be like Bill and volunteer. 84% said volunteering at parkrun makes you happy. You know it makes sense. What's not to like!


Exmouth parkrun New Years Day 2020 Special!

We are pleased to announce that Exmouth parkrun will be holding an additional parkrun at the earlier time of 8:30 on New Years Day 2020! However we will not be holding one on Christmas Day due to another event taking place along the seafront.


Exmouth parkrun #93 Run Report by Sarah Blackstone (parkrun tourist)

We woke up to a surprisingly warm morning. Through the haze of a good evening with friends, we dragged ourselves out of the camper vans and into our running kit ready to make the short journey from the campsite in Budleigh Salterton to Exmouth sea-front. I’m away with some of my running group friends.

parkrun 5th Oct 3

Today was my first visit to Exmouth parkrun and I’ve got to say, what a great experience it has been. We arrived nice and early and easily found parking right by the start. The Run Director, Chris was very welcoming and introduced me to some of the other volunteers.


Speaking of volunteers, a great BIG massive thank you to all of todays hi-viz heroes, who gave up their time so we can all enjoy our morning free timed 5K


Before long Chris called all the new parkrunners and visitors to the new runners briefing where again, everyone was made welcome. Today we had 8 people with us for their very first parkrun, welcome to the parkrun family Jayne Weeden, Jacob Tinsley, Phil Tinsley, Peter Riley, Rosie Barlow, Jacky Harrison, Geoff Morris  and Nathan Rogers. There was also a good variety of visitors touring from other parkruns, we had representatives from Dorking, Shropshire, Wiltshire, Sevenoaks, Sheffield, Northampton, Bodmin, Pershore, 2 groups from Reading and my chums from Dexys Midlife Runners in Bristol.

parkrun 5th Oct 2

A special mention should also go to Junior parkrunners Anais Wiggins who completed their 10th parkrun today including Exmouth regular Sarah who also celebrated a significant birthday getting serenaded by all at the start.


Today we were among 352 runners, joggers and walkers who took on the promenade for the 93rd Exmouth parkrun. 


Before we knew it, 9am rolled in and it was time to get going, I think I got caught up in the excitement of a flat course and before I knew it I had reached the one mile point quicker than anticipated. Feeling good I carried on, chatting with a lovely lady visiting from Pershore, however she soon got ahead and disappeared into the distance. I plodded on and then one of the pacers passed me too. I hung on for the last mile and did my best effort at a sprint finish, coming in with my second fastest parkrun ever. 

parkrun 5th Oct 1

Once I had regained my composure we cheered home some more finishers before heading across the road to Ocean, to have our barcodes scanned and investigate the post parkrun breakfast options. I’ve got to say, I’ve been to a fair few different parkruns and this is one of my favourite breakfasts. I had the pancakes, which were delicious, but best of all I was able to have a nice cold pint with it too! We are on holiday after all.

parkrun 5th Oct

Before we left town we went for a paddle on the beach and spotted some big jellyfish!


Our group all had a great time, despite some of us claiming to hate running ;) Thank you for making us so welcome and we will more than likely be back next time we are in the area.


Today was a special day in parkrun history, 15 years ago, in a park far far away (Bushy in London) a small group of runners, led by Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE started the Bushy Park Time Trial. That grew into what we all enjoy today. Happy birthday parkrun, 15 today!

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Chris BATEMANSarah BLACKSTONEMargaret BLYTHDarren BRADLEYCraig BUTLERPhil DAVEYSue DAVEYJodie DAVISAmanda DAYElla DURHAMKaz HANDLEYLouise LAWSONSara MARTINStan MASONAmanda MCCANNCatherine Ann Thurlow NEWMANKaren PALMERSarah PICKERINGDonna PIERCENick RICHARTNathan SHEEHYWendy SILKKaren STEWARTRosemary TATEWilliam THOMASCharlie TRAVERSVictoria TRAVERSLisa WHITEPaul WHITE.

Exmouth parkrun event statistics

Number of events: 92   Number of runners: 6,875   Number of runs: 31,922   Number of first finishers: 91   Number of clubs: 558   Number of PBs: 6,607   Average number of runners per week: 347.0   Average number of runs per runner: 4.6   Biggest Attendance: 710   Average run time: 00:29:17   Total hours run: 1Years 284Days 4Hrs 33Min 58Secs   Total distance run: 159,610km

Female record holder: Hannah TAUNTON - 17:11 - Event 65 (23/03/19)   Male record holder: Jake SMITH - 14:21 - Event 35 (25/08/18)

Age graded record holder: Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN - 94.2 % - 18:58 - Event 5 (20/01/18)

Focus on core-volunteer roles #4

This week we look at four more hi-vis roles in a little more detail: Marshals, Tailwalker, Pacers and Water Marshal. These roles are out on the course looking after parkrun participants ensuring both safety and encouraging everyone to the finish line.


It’s a great opportunity for parkrunners to say Thank you for their time given so everyone can enjoy their Saturday morning exercise but is there more into it than we think? Let’s just find out below;-




parkrun Marshal (2)

Marshals -

At Exmouth we are required to ensure a minimum 7 marshals at varying points along the course and all need to wear official parkrun yellow hi-vis jackets. These are all core-volunteer roles ensuring parkrun can go ahead safely.


They are located at The Octagon (a three-way split so seeing lots of action!), Pavilion Car Park entrance/exit, Harbour View Café/HM Coastguard slipway entrance, 2 marshals RNLI Lifeboat Station (east and west), Orcombe Point flagpoles turn-point and of course our very own famous Jelly-Baby marshal located by the top shelter turn-point opposite The Cavendish Hotel. There can be more depending on participant numbers and safety points (due to contract works being carried out on the sea-front) so some may double-up at given points.


They are of course not just a pretty face standing around with a smile. There is a little more to it than that!


The first rule of thumb is all Marshals must have immediate access to a mobile phone in case of an emergency. This is a safety requirement.


The main parkrun description of a Marshal role is:


Every event will have different requirements for a Marshal role, depending on the complexity of the course, the number of participants and location/course specific issues. The main tasks performed by Marshals are:


Directing participants during the run and navigating them safely around the course.


They warn runners of any specific safety issues which may be prevalent on the course and may have identified positions where Marshals need to give warnings (examples include: places known to get slippery, tight bottlenecks, where rowers/kite-surfers and even horses are known to occasionally cross including other users such as cyclists on the route etc).


Look out for distressed or unwell runners - While distressed runners will be rare over the 5k parkrun distance, Marshals should be aware of runners looking unwell, and should feel able to (tactfully) ask if they are ok or suggest they either slow-down, rest a little or (in exceptional circumstances) withdraw from the run in the interests of their own health and wellbeing. Most runners will have that I don’t want to give up or need help attitude but it is better to be safe than sorry.


Remember, all runners participate at their own risk and should have considered their own personal fitness but it is still nice to be vigilant and ask anyone if they are ok.


Our Marshals are very good at cheering on participants - we are frequently congratulated on how welcoming our events are and first time experience runners always appreciate this; this is largely due to the excellent support, care and attention our Marshals give to them on their way around, particularly those at the back! Everyone is welcome at our parkrun of all abilities, run, jog or walk and the distance is the same whether you run a sub15 minutes or walk 60 minutes plus. The affects are still the same.


Marshals actively guide and encourage all participants as well as ensuring that other users on the course are aware of the event. Most importantly Marshals are also the eyes and ears of the Run Director out on the course as the RD will remain in and around the Start/Finish zone unless called upon to attend another zone in an emergency.


Marshals perform a crucial function in a core-volunteer role in that if there are insufficient marshals for the day then the event may be deemed unsafe and therefore unable to go ahead. It is that simple! So if you're taking part and see them out on the course, please say thankyou (particularly if it's wet, cold or windy) and always follow their advice. They do appreciate this. We cannot ask parkrun participants not to wear headphones but we do ask that everyone remains aware at all times of other users and clearly listens to and is watchful of any instructions Marshals need to give. Circumstances can change swiftly during a parkrun event, so please remain vigilant.


After marshals have been briefed by the Run Director and given their blue bags with instructions/equipment, they will set off to the marshal point they have been allocated. In some cases signs and plastic cones will need to be placed at specific points. The information will be inside the blue bags you will have been given as to exactly where these should be placed. A brief description with photos show precisely which direction the signs should be faced. Please be aware ALL marshals have responsibility to ensure the safe return of these back to the finish area after the event to be checked back in.


It is worthwhile noting the two furthest outer turn-point Marshals at Orcombe Point and The Cavendish Jelly-Baby Marshal should keep an eye out on their way back for any signs/equipment which may have been left and if possible anything which may have been dropped by parkrunners (i.e. barcodes etc) and brought back to the finish area. Any personal items of lost property can be handed in to the Ocean Centre Reception who will hold until claimed/collected.


In an emergency Marshals may be asked to assess a given situation, provide basic advice and contact the Run Director (if needed!). Luckily this is very rare and not likely to happen but no need for concern and it is better to be prepared and ready for what to do. Simple instructions are on the briefing notes you will have so just briefly read them through. Should there be a real emergency, someone requiring immediate medical treatment then it may require a quick call to the Emergency Services and then let the Run Director know the situation. The Run Director is there to help so the number is shown on the email you will have received confirming your volunteer role on the Friday evening, the day before the event. Please save this number to your mobile phone contacts in advance as this will save time to call. This number never changes but the Run Director usually does on a week by week basis. The instructions remain the same.


There are two Defibrillators available and accessible for parkrun and members of the public to use in an emergency. One defibrillator is located outside the @RNLI Lifeboat station by the outside door entrance ready for use and the other is located at the Exmouth Pavilion. There are simple to understand user friendly instructions on how to use the defibrillators if needed. Please ensure you make the call to the Run Director in the first instance. Time saves lives! It may also be possible there will be other parkrunners out on course closeby who have medical/first aid experience who may be happy to stop and help, so please ask. Qualified Nurses and Doctors do run parkrun quite frequently!


These roles bring you face to face with all parkrunners as they go by and a real plus for many who welcome the chance to give you a wave and say thankyou. It’s a real bonus for all participating.


After all participants and the Tail-walker have passed by the final time, you will be able to stand-down, collect your signs/equipment and make your way back to the finish area for check-in. Job done!


Water Marshal – not a compulsory role at Exmouth but we have provided these volunteers on occasions during the hot and humid summer months we have experienced during our parkrun events. These volunteers carry and have access to additional water bottles while out on course to help assist anyone who may need hydration to help them proceed safely around the course.


We do of course ask all participants to arrive prepared and well-hydrated and carry their own water if needed. These marshals are simply there to help assist, particularly if participants suddenly feel faint through dehydrated and left their water supply back at the start/finish zone.


These marshals can obtain both a run credit and a volunteer credit if they wish. Also be prepared to go that little extra distance to pick up and track back to assist. You are unlikely to achieve a course PB in this role as your attention will be paramount in helping others. You should also have access to a mobile phone to contact the Run Director in case of any issues or emergencies should anyone require medical assistance.




 parkrun TailWalker 3 (2)

Tail-walker -

This role does exactly what it says, sets off right at the back from the start point and stays with the last participant, run, jog or walk or maybe a combination of the three. The Tail-walker will be the LAST person to cross the finish line ensuring that everyone is accounted for. He or she may/may not want a time/finish token. This is purely personal choice so please let the Timekeeper know as you approach the finish line. If no time/token wanted then this will not count towards any parkrun milestone.


Our Tail-walkers must carry a mobile phone in case of an emergency on route, particularly as there can be a little distance between each Marshal point. They will let each marshal know out on the course as they pass by starting at Orcombe Point return that they can stand-down and to collect their signs/equipment and make their way back to the finish area. Volunteers fulfilling this role are able receive both a run credit and a volunteer credit so is quite popular with anyone who still wants to work towards their parkrun milestone of events, particularly if a visitor.


One of the great benefits of this role is the likelihood, but not always, that you will be able to chat to and encourage participant(s) at the back and get to know them by name with a friendly face helping them to pass the time. Please remember you must be prepared to be out on course for up to an hour or maybe slightly longer so also it is worth taking some water to prevent you from dehydration, especially in hot and humid conditions.


The Tail-walker may find the last participant they have been tracking suddenly decides to step-out and not want to complete the full 5k route. In which case you will then make every attempt to catch up with the next 'last participant' but remember they may be a little further up the course!


Tail-walkers also get to wear the coveted parkrun orange hi-vis jacket. The sense of achievement for all those participating and making it to the finish, many of whom may be on their first ever parkrun, is immense. You will become an instant hi-vis hero and feel your own sense of achievement in volunteering to help others achieve their goals!


This role is also a focal point for other local users while out on the course which can give them an indication of an official event taking place. You may be asked what it going on. Please keep it brief should you stop to chat. Also please keep an eye out for any dropped barcodes/lost property out on route as some participants may be looking for their belongings later on, especially barcodes they will need when scanning their finish tokens to get a time. It does happen occasionally!


The Tail-walker is compulsory at Exmouth and therefore part of the core-volunteer roles that need to be filled as it is at most events. Please note not all parkrun events operate with a Tail-walker, sometimes Marshals can be used as back-markers out on course directing their way round to the finish area if it is deemed safe enough to do so and the course allows for it.




parkrun Pacer (2)

Pacer– we normally use up to 5 volunteers for this role at 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 mins but can be other times depending on availability of volunteers stepping forward.


Pacer volunteers (5k only) agree to identify themselves to the other participants by wearing blue coloured tabards with the pace number displayed and try to complete the course in the agreed time, as evenly paced as possible. Some Pacers prefer to time their run in km’s and some in miles. This is a personal choice and what works best for you. It can of course vary dependent on conditions on the day, wind, rain etc and any obstacles you may encounter. Not every event has Pacers so is considered a bonus when volunteers step forward to help.


So basically this role does exactly what is says, keeping a steady even paced run around the course to finish on or just before the predicted time. Of course it’s not an exact science and is usually performed by regular runners who use a gps timing watch (but not always!) to help them around the course at an easier pace well within their own capability.


As such this volunteer role is not compulsory and therefore not part of the core-volunteer roles required. The event will still go ahead without Pacers but it is a helpful edition to participants to keep a steady pace and work towards their course PB’s. Many parkrunners also prefer to run in a group to help them keep pace and therefore is an ideal addition to help.



Point of note: We love to encourage everyone to help out, and over the coming months and years will intend to be a lot more proactive in getting children involved in all aspects of event organisation. It is our aim to collaborate more with other organisations, such as Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Scouts and Guides and of course local schools and colleges, so that we can actively promote volunteering by children. Of course we do need a few rules and children under the age of 11 who want to volunteer must be accompanied at all times by their parent or guardian. Those aged 11 or over can volunteer without their parent or guardian, but should be within close proximity of a responsible adult volunteer providing the child/parent or guardian and volunteer are comfortable with this arrangement. Children can volunteer as Tail-walkers and/or Marshals if accompanied by an adult volunteer. Furthermore we do specify that Event Directors must be aged 18 or over, but the good news is that those under the age of 18 can be a Run Director, if accompanied by an adult Run Director.


All volunteers will be provided guidance and training from the event team, and a lovely high-vis jacket so that they can safely and effectively carry out their role.


Should anyone like to volunteer in any of these roles, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at exmouthhelpers@parkrun.com and let them know which role and date you are interested in.

As previously mentioned you can always shadow another volunteer to gain some experience before taking on any role solo if you wish. Just ask!

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