Focus on our core-team volunteers and roles involved

During the next few weeks we look a little more closely at our parkrun core-team volunteer roles and what is involved.

This week we have an insight from one of our valued core-team members Kaz to help give a better understanding of one of the roles - Timekeeper.

parkrun volunteer Kazz

Hi! My name is Kaz, a regular parkrun volunteer and runner. Of the many volunteer positions I've covered, without a doubt, my favourite is the Timekeeper role. It isn't as challenging as you might think and it's a joy to see everyone crossing the finish after their Saturday morning parkrun fix.

So, what's involved? Basically I press 'start' at the beginning, click every parkrunner as they cross the finish and press 'stop' after the tail-walker at the end. That's it! Simple as!

During the process I liaise with the Funnel Manager, who ensures my stopwatch ties in with the number Finish Tokens being handed out. Of course, there are issues; funnel duckers, scooters, people coming through a second time (yes it does happen!) but these usually get sorted. I did once count the first finisher twice (Ooops!), but thankfully there is always a back-up time-keeper.

The main parkrun description of the Timekeepers role is as follows:

"The Timekeeper is responsible for ensuring that the finishing time for every runner is recorded as they cross the line. This is one of the higher pressure jobs in the finish area, and should be reserved for those who are not easily flustered. parkrun uses a variety of timing devices, and it is important that the Timekeeper is familiar with the particular device in use at their event."

Timekeeper is the volunteer role that many volunteers fear the most. There is absolutely no reason to as it is very simple and we work with three timing devices. If there is a problem with one stopwatch we always have a backup. These can vary depending on the event. Some events use what is known as parkrun Virtual Volunteer App (or a combination of the two) downloadable off the main website onto iOS or Android mobile phones.

timer parkrun Timekeepers Stopwatch

The Run Director ensures the batteries are ok and that the stopwatch is cleared before being handed over to you. (In reality our own Timekeepers do this!). You will be given a full demonstration of how the device is operated. There are only two buttons that you need to use as a timekeeper. These are the ones marked A and B in the diagram. The D button is also useful as you can toggle through the different operating modes. This can be used as a way of preventing accidental button clicks before the start or whilst waiting for the first finisher to arrive at the finish.

When it is time for the event to start typically the Run Director will check with both timekeepers that they are ready and that their device is still in the correct operating mode. When the signal is given to start the timer presses button A once. The watch then starts.

When the first finisher comes into view it is time for action. Our two timers position themselves on opposite sides of the finish funnel. When each runner crosses the line (on their own two feet) the timer presses button B. This will then record the time for that finisher and it will show the number of finishers along with the time of the last finisher on the watch display.

Occasionally you will find a group of runners crossing the line together. The best way to handle this is you count the number in the group as they approach and then click the required number or times as they cross the line. We only give times to nearest second so this method works well at busy times.

If you make a mistake the most important thing is not to panic. Notify the Run Director as soon as possible who will then deal with the problem.

At the end of the run you can then stop the watch by pressing button A a second time. If you know of any possible problems in your timings let the Run Director know and they will then choose which watch to use as their primary timer.

Timekeeping is a very interesting and satisfying role. It is certainly not the terrifying experience that many think it will be.

If you would like to volunteer as a Timekeeper in the future please get in touch with our core-team volunteer coordinator at email

So there we have it, fancy giving it a go? Why not sign up as the back-up Timekeeper and we'll talk you through it? Trust me - you'll enjoy it and have a personal sense of achievement to start your weekend.

Thankyou Kaz. We appreciate all your help and look forward to seeing you again at our future events.


Let’s talk about barcodes!

It's been the case for a long time that all parkruns will only enter results for athletes with a printed barcode (on paper, keyring tag) or via one of the upgraded options such as the official colour wristbands.

Often people forget their personal barcodes or present to us a barcode on their smartphone/mobile device and ask if they can be included. Unfortunately parkrun operate a strict 'No printed barcode - No result' policy at all events, not just at Exmouth.

Please don't put pressure on the volunteers to accept a barcode image on your smartphone/mobile device or by any other means if it doesn't meet the criteria. The links below will clarify this:

Please remember that all the people who staff parkrun are volunteers, this is everyone from the person standing on a corner clapping up to the Event Directors.

  • it takes 2 seconds to upload 100 scanned barcodes and 30s to a minute to manually enter one.
  • scanned barcodes have an accuracy of 1 in 10 million, written down 1 in 5000, if your barcode has been written down incorrectly we have to spend more time to try and find who you are, this isn't always easy, it isn't only John Smith's that there are a lot of in the database!
  • the event team want to get the results processed as quickly and easily as we can, we don’t want to spend a long time sorting out issues and keep you waiting.
  • we provide timers, scanners, HiVis, clipboards, laptop, posts, tapes etc etc and all we ask of you is to print and bring one piece of paper, it isn’t much to ask really!

Also don’t forget that if you arrive on the start line of a paid for race, you will not be allowed to start without your race number, we’re happy for you to run without your barcode, but you won’t get a result.

Thanks for your co-operation, apologies to all of you who are saying ‘I always take my barcode’ :)

As always, if you bring your printed barcode and it doesn't scan properly, it can be written down by our number checker.



Exmouth parkrun #86 Run Report 17/08/2019 by Phil Davey

The weather was much kinder this week and as one of our regular parkrunners said “it’s such a fantastic run event and was cracking one too! It’s always a privilege to run alongside everyone who takes part”. Yes, that just about sums up the great community feel here in Exmouth. Something that not always shows in everyday life! The positives are far more beneficial and everyone out enjoying the outdoors environment on a Saturday morning. It really doesn’t matter if you walk, jog, run, volunteer or just go to support family, friends or even work/team club colleagues. It’s what parkrun is all about.
By the time most people arrive the course checks were already done and set-up by those eager hi-vis who are up early along with the today’s event RD Daz to organise and give the First Time/Visitor brief before the main brief. Then at the whistle we were off.
The route itself is pancake flat, basically an out and back to the Orcombe Point flagpoles turn passing the beach side of the Lifeboat Station. The views are always breathtaking across the bay towards Dawlish Warren, Dawlish, Teignmouth and beyond to Berry Head, Brixham. There was a high-tide on the Exmouth approaches this morning but was fairly calm off-shore. On the return leg from Orcombe Point we turned into a lovely sea-breeze (maybe a little windy for some but without the sand blowing into your face) as the previous weeks parkrunners will remind you of the nice facial sand exfoliation. Running back past the outside of the Lifeboat Station looking at the wind-surfers out on the ocean enjoying their activity. Also there were rowers getting their Saturday morning club training in and a few boats coming in and out of the Marina and Exe Estuary. There’s also a good mix of walkers, some exercising their dogs, cyclists and those who just drive to the coast, park up to enjoy the scenic views across the bay.
Everyone was happy, smiling and the hi-vis heroes were all cheering and encouraging everyone on. It’s such a great feeling of community spirit, people of all ages and abilities together enjoying each others company. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you parkrun then you’re a parkrunner and Exmouth parkrun certainly gives you the true feeling of inclusion! We headed up past the Big Wheel again towards the ‘Jelly Baby’ marshal turn point opposite the Cavendish Hotel, quite a favourite for many junior parkrunners and I’m sure a few seniors also!

There is then just the short distance back passing the Octagon and into the finishing straight to the Big Wheel and the Finish Funnel. Make sure you smile as you approach the finish line as there’s often a photographer happily snapping away catching your every pose! A big cheer and hurrah, you finished, some maybe only seconds off a new course pb (gutted!) and lots of happy elated smiling parkrunners who can’t wait to post their remarkable pb achievement on social media. Well done to everyone, you did it, some for the first time and many as visitors. There is then just the short walk across the road to the Ocean Centre where your personal barcode and finish token is scanned to be included in the weekly results which many can’t wait to check on their potential parkrun PB coming through hoping those lovely happy smiley Timekeepers were being very nice!
Once in the Ocean Centre there’s always a chance to grab some light refreshment and have a chat with the parkrun team before heading off feeling quite happy and pleased with your achievement for the rest of the day, some who can’t wait for next week to do it all again.
Today we welcomed 17 First-Time parkrunners. Visitors were from Milton Keynes, Forest of Dean, Solihull, Yeovil, Leicester, London, Nottingham, Leamington Spa, Telford, Bromsgrove, Crewe, Bodmin, Salisbury, Weston, Prestatyn, Aylesbury, Plymouth, Seaton, Crystal Palace, Teignmouth, Sidmouth, Andover, Sittingbourne and Harborough. In total there were 395 parkrunners who crossed the finish line all made possible by 30 super amazing hi-vis heroes, 63 personal bests were achieved and 41 running clubs were represented. There were several milestone’s achieved by Samuel Kelly 50 th , Ross Szender 50 th (double-buggy parkrunner), Jonathan Gregson 100 th , Sue Davey 100 th (Exmouth parkrun core-team member), Ian Mortimer and Adam Liskin both making their 150 th parkrun appearance. Well done and congratulations to you all.

Two stats from the results: the quickest most-senior female/male age category athletes today were Linda Hoe VW70-74 in 28:28 (a New PB) and David Wright in 35:56 VM75-79. Well done to you both.
Enjoy your week everyone and see you again next Saturday for more fun and enjoyment. Hopefully with a little more sunshine and a little less wind and rain!
Thanks to our volunteers. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Catherine ARGYLE, May ARGYLE, Sarah BALDWIN, Jason BURNARD, Craig BUTLER, Mike BYRNE, Mary BYRNE, Christina COLE, Sue DAVEY, Phil DAVEY, Nigel DUPAIN, Jennifer GATES, Pete HENDY, Ian LACEY, Andy LAWSON, Louise LAWSON, Joan MASON, Stan MASON, Michael MCCANN, Connor MCCANN, Amanda MCCANN, Terry MINTING, Lisa MINTING, Darren NOTMAN, Nick RICHART, Lee RUSSELL, Wendy SILK, Karen STEWART, Paul WHITE, Janet WITHERS.
Remember, parkrun is only made possible by volunteers. Many give up their chance to run so that many others can. There are many roles which need to be filled every week to ensure parkrun can go ahead. Why not give a role a go to help the core-team out which will credit you towards your free V25 purple tech-tee. Many roles each week enable you to also run so will count towards your parkrun milestones. Simply email your Volunteer Coordinator if you can help. All volunteers must be registered with parkrun even if you do not run you can still help and no previous experience is necessary. The Run Director and the core-team will explain.
Number of events: 86 Number of runners: 6,512 Number of runs: 29,645 Number of first finishers: 87 Number of clubs: 521 Number of PBs: 6,185 Average number of runners per week: 344.7 Average number of runs per runner: 4.6 Biggest Attendance: 710 Average run time: 00:29:17 Total hours run: 1Years 238Days 2Hrs 34Min 5Secs Total distance run: 148,225km

Female record holder: Hannah TAUNTON - 17:11 - Event 65 (23/03/19)

Male record holder: Jake SMITH - 14:21 - Event 35 (25/08/18)

Age graded record holder: Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN - 94.2 % - 18:58 - Event 5 (20/01/18).


Exmouth parkrun #85 run report 10/08/2019

To say this was a rather exhilarating start to the day would be a little bit of an understatement. We had a lovely sea-breeze blowing straight in off the bay with a complimentary and free sand-facial exfoliation. It was still mild and strangely enough we didn’t see anyone who wasn’t enjoy it, even the barkrunners, children running, children in buggies and walkers alike. Good to say everyone who participated was having a great time enjoying their Saturday morning fix so what’s not to like!
Of course this can only be achieved with an amazing hi-vis volunteer core-team who all braved the conditions, some of whom were doing course checks long before anyone else arrived and I suspect when quite a few were still in bed. Well done to them all. You were all fantastic and so encouraging and helpful. They may not wear capes but are all heroes and we salute them giving up their chance to run so that others can.
There were many visitors and First Time parkrunners today who were all welcomed in the usual way at briefings. We also had a visitor who completed an Alphabet of parkruns today and also a member of The Hoffman and Bailey club (a parkrun thing so something for you to look up if you want!). We also had visitors who started out their journey at 4am this morning in the hope Exmouth parkrun would not be cancelled. We hope you all enjoyed your time with us. It does usually sunshine …

There were 264 parkrunners who crossed the finish line all made possible by 29 volunteers (+ those behind the scenes). There were 10 First Time parkrunners, 28 New PB’s (quite something in the conditions!) and 50 visitors from around the uk including Lincoln, West London, Kettering, Reading, Royal Tonbridge Wells, Battle, Manchester, Worcester, Tooting, Oldham, Nottingham, Bracknell, Northampton, Poole, Bournemouth, Exeter, Killerton, Taunton, Plymouth, Datchet, Richmond, Ware, Beeston, Sidmouth and Petts Wood with 33 running clubs represented.
Two stats from today’s results: Male First Timer/Visitor was Andrew Smith who finished 2 nd overall and Female First Timer/Visitor (JW15-17) was Molly Skeil who finished 2 nd lady and 16 th overall. Well done to you both and hope you will be back to visit us again sometime. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: May ARGYLE, Chris BATEMAN, Lisa BERRIDGE, Darren BRADLEY, Susan BROWN, Sue DAVEY, Phil DAVEY, Amanda DAY, Jill DUPAIN, Nigel DUPAIN, Ruth KENNEDY, Sam LANDER, Louise LAWSON, Tony MCCANN, Amanda MCCANN, Terry MINTING, Robyn PICKERING, Sarah PICKERING, Jenny REAY, Nick RICHART, Kate SAINT, Wendy SILK, Michelle STAMMERS, Karen STEWART, Rosemary TATE, Rachel WATKINS, Lisa WHITE.
Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you again next week.
Exmouth parkrun event statistics
Number of events: 84 Number of runners: 6,374 Number of runs: 28,986 Number of first finishers:
86 Number of clubs: 509 Number of PBs: 6,090 Average number of runners per week: 345.1 Average number of runs per runner: 4.5 Biggest Attendance: 710 Average run time: 00:29:17 Total hours run: 1Years 224Days 13Hrs 13Min 42Secs Total distance run: 144,930km
Female record holder: Hannah TAUNTON - 17:11 - Event 65 (23/03/19)
Male record holder: Jake SMITH - 14:21 - Event 35 (25/08/18)
Age graded record holder: Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN - 94.2 % - 18:58 - Event 5 (20/01/18).

by Phil Davey


Exmouth parkrun # 83 – 27/07/2019

My family & I joined Exmouth parkrun today for your 83rd run as we were ending our holiday in the surrounding area

It was impossible to miss the start line as we pulled into the carpark! You had a fantastic 30 volunteers this week

The RD , Nick, greeted us in the first Timers brief in , there were other visitors from Peterborough, Hackney , Bristol & also Sidmouth and then we were off !

We passed the big Wheel to our right on a very narrow path thank goodness for the marshalls on the road edge!, then past the lifeboat station on our right and along a windy section past the brightly coloured beach huts towards the far end of the Esplanade, we completed the U turn to the amazing sound of Bag-pipes – a parkrun first for me!

 Past the military fitness team and back the other way!

We could see the Big Wheel looming only to have to pass it again & up further before the second U turn with a Jelly Baby marshall – a great treat!

It was nice to see all ages out & about enjoying the bright sunny day – a tad different to our normal parkrun today by all accounts!

You had 383 runners, 41 PBS, 56 UNKNOWN runner - #DFYB

5 stats from Exmouth parkrun this week are:

 In 83rd position this week was: Ben EVANS

In 30th position this week was: Max MORTIMORE

In 41st  position this week was: Bob MINTING

In 56th position this week was: Dylan TRAVERS

In 166th position this week was: Neil DISBREY

 Thank you for having us – if anyone is ever up in Birmingham (166 miles home!) do come & say Hi to us at Cannon Hill Park on a Saturday and same place on a Sunday for our junior parkrun

The Hevey Family

This week 383 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 84 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Lee RUSSELL • Alison WHITE • Sarah BALDWIN • Les TURNER • Rosemary TATE • Jill DUPAIN • Nigel DUPAIN • Nick MILLINGTON • Langdon WILLIAMS • Angela WILLIAMS • Evie EDWARDS • Hayley EDWARDS • Joan MASON • Stan MASON • Jacquie SPENCER • May ARGYLE • Craig BUTLER • Sam LANDER • Joanne HEVEY • Mike BYRNE • Mary BYRNE • Sam REAY • Terry MINTING • Fiona LOVELL • Chris BATEMAN • Rachel WATKINS • Nick RICHART • Karen STEWART • Sarah PICKERING • Jennifer GATES • Sara MARTIN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Exmouth parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Jake SMITH who recorded a time of 14:21 on 25th August 2018 (event number 35).
The female record is held by Hannah TAUNTON who recorded a time of 17:11 on 23rd March 2019 (event number 65).
The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN who recorded 94.20% (18:58) on 20th January 2018 (event number 5).

Exmouth parkrun started on 23rd December 2017. Since then 6,296 participants have completed 28,590 parkruns covering a total distance of 142,950 km, including 6,018 new Personal Bests. A total of 495 individuals have volunteered 2,314 times.

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