Exmouth parkrun #85 run report 10/08/2019

To say this was a rather exhilarating start to the day would be a little bit of an understatement. We had a lovely sea-breeze blowing straight in off the bay with a complimentary and free sand-facial exfoliation. It was still mild and strangely enough we didn’t see anyone who wasn’t enjoy it, even the barkrunners, children running, children in buggies and walkers alike. Good to say everyone who participated was having a great time enjoying their Saturday morning fix so what’s not to like!
Of course this can only be achieved with an amazing hi-vis volunteer core-team who all braved the conditions, some of whom were doing course checks long before anyone else arrived and I suspect when quite a few were still in bed. Well done to them all. You were all fantastic and so encouraging and helpful. They may not wear capes but are all heroes and we salute them giving up their chance to run so that others can.
There were many visitors and First Time parkrunners today who were all welcomed in the usual way at briefings. We also had a visitor who completed an Alphabet of parkruns today and also a member of The Hoffman and Bailey club (a parkrun thing so something for you to look up if you want!). We also had visitors who started out their journey at 4am this morning in the hope Exmouth parkrun would not be cancelled. We hope you all enjoyed your time with us. It does usually sunshine …

There were 264 parkrunners who crossed the finish line all made possible by 29 volunteers (+ those behind the scenes). There were 10 First Time parkrunners, 28 New PB’s (quite something in the conditions!) and 50 visitors from around the uk including Lincoln, West London, Kettering, Reading, Royal Tonbridge Wells, Battle, Manchester, Worcester, Tooting, Oldham, Nottingham, Bracknell, Northampton, Poole, Bournemouth, Exeter, Killerton, Taunton, Plymouth, Datchet, Richmond, Ware, Beeston, Sidmouth and Petts Wood with 33 running clubs represented.
Two stats from today’s results: Male First Timer/Visitor was Andrew Smith who finished 2 nd overall and Female First Timer/Visitor (JW15-17) was Molly Skeil who finished 2 nd lady and 16 th overall. Well done to you both and hope you will be back to visit us again sometime. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: May ARGYLE, Chris BATEMAN, Lisa BERRIDGE, Darren BRADLEY, Susan BROWN, Sue DAVEY, Phil DAVEY, Amanda DAY, Jill DUPAIN, Nigel DUPAIN, Ruth KENNEDY, Sam LANDER, Louise LAWSON, Tony MCCANN, Amanda MCCANN, Terry MINTING, Robyn PICKERING, Sarah PICKERING, Jenny REAY, Nick RICHART, Kate SAINT, Wendy SILK, Michelle STAMMERS, Karen STEWART, Rosemary TATE, Rachel WATKINS, Lisa WHITE.
Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you again next week.
Exmouth parkrun event statistics
Number of events: 84 Number of runners: 6,374 Number of runs: 28,986 Number of first finishers:
86 Number of clubs: 509 Number of PBs: 6,090 Average number of runners per week: 345.1 Average number of runs per runner: 4.5 Biggest Attendance: 710 Average run time: 00:29:17 Total hours run: 1Years 224Days 13Hrs 13Min 42Secs Total distance run: 144,930km
Female record holder: Hannah TAUNTON - 17:11 - Event 65 (23/03/19)
Male record holder: Jake SMITH - 14:21 - Event 35 (25/08/18)
Age graded record holder: Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN - 94.2 % - 18:58 - Event 5 (20/01/18).

by Phil Davey


Exmouth parkrun # 83 – 27/07/2019

My family & I joined Exmouth parkrun today for your 83rd run as we were ending our holiday in the surrounding area

It was impossible to miss the start line as we pulled into the carpark! You had a fantastic 30 volunteers this week

The RD , Nick, greeted us in the first Timers brief in , there were other visitors from Peterborough, Hackney , Bristol & also Sidmouth and then we were off !

We passed the big Wheel to our right on a very narrow path thank goodness for the marshalls on the road edge!, then past the lifeboat station on our right and along a windy section past the brightly coloured beach huts towards the far end of the Esplanade, we completed the U turn to the amazing sound of Bag-pipes – a parkrun first for me!

 Past the military fitness team and back the other way!

We could see the Big Wheel looming only to have to pass it again & up further before the second U turn with a Jelly Baby marshall – a great treat!

It was nice to see all ages out & about enjoying the bright sunny day – a tad different to our normal parkrun today by all accounts!

You had 383 runners, 41 PBS, 56 UNKNOWN runner - #DFYB

5 stats from Exmouth parkrun this week are:

 In 83rd position this week was: Ben EVANS

In 30th position this week was: Max MORTIMORE

In 41st  position this week was: Bob MINTING

In 56th position this week was: Dylan TRAVERS

In 166th position this week was: Neil DISBREY

 Thank you for having us – if anyone is ever up in Birmingham (166 miles home!) do come & say Hi to us at Cannon Hill Park on a Saturday and same place on a Sunday for our junior parkrun

The Hevey Family

This week 383 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 84 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Lee RUSSELL • Alison WHITE • Sarah BALDWIN • Les TURNER • Rosemary TATE • Jill DUPAIN • Nigel DUPAIN • Nick MILLINGTON • Langdon WILLIAMS • Angela WILLIAMS • Evie EDWARDS • Hayley EDWARDS • Joan MASON • Stan MASON • Jacquie SPENCER • May ARGYLE • Craig BUTLER • Sam LANDER • Joanne HEVEY • Mike BYRNE • Mary BYRNE • Sam REAY • Terry MINTING • Fiona LOVELL • Chris BATEMAN • Rachel WATKINS • Nick RICHART • Karen STEWART • Sarah PICKERING • Jennifer GATES • Sara MARTIN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Exmouth parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Jake SMITH who recorded a time of 14:21 on 25th August 2018 (event number 35).
The female record is held by Hannah TAUNTON who recorded a time of 17:11 on 23rd March 2019 (event number 65).
The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN who recorded 94.20% (18:58) on 20th January 2018 (event number 5).

Exmouth parkrun started on 23rd December 2017. Since then 6,296 participants have completed 28,590 parkruns covering a total distance of 142,950 km, including 6,018 new Personal Bests. A total of 495 individuals have volunteered 2,314 times.


Exmouth parkrun #80 run report 06/07/2019

Exmouth parkrun #80 run report 06/07/2019 by Phil Davey
It was such a beautiful day to parkrun. We were all sun blessed with a slight cooling breeze on the return leg back from Orcombe Point. What better way to explore and take in all the splendour of East Devon’s Jurassic Coast and the Bay. It goes without saying we are so lucky to enjoy and have fun in this part of the UK’s parkrun communities network with the added bonus of being completely flat and accessible for all. Don’t just take it from me, we are also considered to be one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world and who are we to argue!
By the time many parkrunners arrive, all the pre-run checks and briefings had taken place, marshals were out on course in the usual efficient manner when the RD gave the signal, then we were off.Special attention was paid to hydration not just for runners but also thinking about a few barkrunners out there on route. We also had the benefit of an extra Run Marshal carrying water this week assisting anyone who may need a little hydration whilst out there in the heat. Additional Marshals were also placed near the start just after The Octogan up to Harbour View slipway ensuring parkrunners didn’t venture out onto the road. No incidents were reported so a big well done to all of
them. Only issue we were made aware of after the start when first runners reached the Orcombe Point turn where the Exe Water Sports Group were dropping off students for their event so has been noted for further discussion with appropriate connections though luckily didn’t appear to cause too much of an issue on this occasion!
The best part of Exmouth parkrun is the scenic views out across the bay on a fine day and seeing all the other activities going on up and down the sea-front from people swimming, kite surfing, rowing and activities on the sandy beach along with people just out enjoying their Saturday morning stroll.
We all had a brilliant time. So what’s not to like!
This week saw 413 parkrunners cross the finish line all made possible by our 31 amazing hi-vis, some of whom had been out there since 8am until post-run closedown all just for our benefit. 2 young marshals also completing their Duke of Edinburgh award programme so a very big Thankyou and well done to them all. The juniors are just getting faster these days as three juniors finished in this week’s top 10 positions, the First Finisher being Junior Male, Flurry Grierson. The First Junior Woman
was Lily Hewart. There were 42 new PB’s achieved, 81 First Time parkrunners including First Time at Exmouth with some 35-40 runners taking part from local running group Exmouth Tri-Hards on their first ever parkrun event. Well done to them all. Visitors (otherwise known as parkrun tourists) were from Edinburgh, Bristol, Crawley, Winchester, Taunton, Exeter, Teignmouth, Windsor, Waverley/Godalming, Torbay, Plymouth, Netley and Sidmouth plus a few others from around the UK
we weren’t aware of! Well done to you all and great to see you. We hope you will be back again.
Milestone’s this week were local parkrunners Tom Whittaker 100 th , Cassius Bowman Junior 10 th , Linda Gethin 50 th , Briony Vallis 50 th and Ollie Harris 50 th . Congratulations and well done from us all at parkrun.
See you again next week and if anyone would like to give Run Report Writing a go or any other volunteer role then just email our Volunteer Co-ordinator at exmouthhelpers@parkrun.com Simple!
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: May ARGYLE, Bridget BRITTON, Diane BROWN, Carole BROWN, Oscar BURLEY, Emily BURLEY, Craig BUTLER, Julia CONNICK, Phil DAVEY, Amanda DAY, Jennifer GATES, Rachel GIBSON, Sarah GOODING, Angie HOLLAND, Neil KAYTON, Louise LAWSON, Nick MILLINGTON, Bob MINTING, Simon MINTING, Lisa MINTING, Terry MINTING, Holly PRATT, Timothy PRATT, Beth RICE, Nick RICHART, Kate SAINT, Geoff SMITH, Donna

Exmouth parkrun stats: Number of events: 80 Number of runners: 6,083 Number of runs: 27,408 Number of first finishers: 82 Number of clubs: 490 Number of PBs: 5,845 Average number of runners per week: 342.6 Average number of runs per runner: 4.5 Biggest Attendance: 710 Average run time: 00:29:17 Total hours run: 1Years 192Days 13Hrs 30Min 55Secs Total distance run: 137,040km Female record holder: Hannah TAUNTON - 17:11 - Event 65 (23/03/19) Male record holder: Jake SMITH - 14:21 - Event 35 (25/08/18) Age graded record holder: Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN -
94.2 % - 18:58 - Event 5 (20/01/18).


29th June 2019 #79 Run Report by Debbie Mullier


What a lovely day for a Saturday run, though a bit breezy on the outward run, and rather hot by the time we finished!  There were fewer barkrunners (dogs) than usual because of the weather, but it wasn’t so hot it stopped 34 runners achieving a PB.


The beach and seafront were already busy with families all set up to enjoy the beach before the sun got too hot.   Gig championship races would be taking place later, but all the gigs had arrived and been launched by the time we set off so there was no waiting for the start. Gazebos had been set up on the beach for each team.  There was a slight adjustment to the route today; a large beach rugby event was being held today so we could not use the seaward side of lifeboat station on the outward leg.  By the time the lead runners were coming back past the lifeboat station, those of us who were still on our way towards Orcombe Point could see the Shannon Class lifeboat R and J Welburn being towed out for display.


There were 332 runners today; the first finishers were Ollie Thorogood (male), Nikita Steiner (female) on her first time at Exmouth, and Daniel Beauchamp (junior) in a new PB.  Milestones reached today were a 100 shirt for Joanne Weston, and 50s for Fiona Lovell, Deborah Bob Evans, Bruce Ellis and me.  Well done to us all!


A big welcome to all our visitors today – 16 first-time-ever parkrunners and more visiting Exmouth parkrun for the first time.  Parkrunners were visiting from Gloucester, Exeter, Sussex, Brighton, Penzance, Wyre Forest, Moors Valley, Paignton, Newton Abbott, Kingsteignton, Bath, Killerton, Leicester and Suffolk.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we’ll see you again! And a shout-out to visitor Big Kev in particular, and I hope that sore calf is recovering well!


And finally, as ever, massive thanks to all our amazing volunteers who turn out so early to ensure we get our Saturday morning fix!  There are plenty of volunteering opportunities to try and most of them are really easy – check out the volunteer links to find out more.

This week 332 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 63 were first timers and 34 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 39 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Sarah BALDWIN • Les TURNER • Debby MULLIER • Jenny REAY • Rosemary TATE • Nick JACKSON • Sue DAVEY • Amanda DAY • Joan MASON • Stan MASON • Richard PEPPERELL • Sam LANDER • Darren BRADLEY • Nathan SHEEHY • Simon SQUANCE • Lisa WHITE • Patrick NEAL • Kay DOUGLAS • Sam REAY • Terry MINTING • Eddie PEPPERELL • Chris BATEMAN • Nick RICHART • Karen STEWART • Bernice WORSLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Exmouth parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Jake SMITH who recorded a time of 14:21 on 25th August 2018 (event number 35).
The female record is held by Hannah TAUNTON who recorded a time of 17:11 on 23rd March 2019 (event number 65).
The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN who recorded 94.20% (18:58) on 20th January 2018 (event number 5).

Exmouth parkrun started on 23rd December 2017. Since then 6,002 participants have completed 26,995 parkruns covering a total distance of 134,975 km, including 5,802 new Personal Bests. A total of 474 individuals have volunteered 2,194 times.


Exmouth parkrun – Event #78 – 2019 22nd June

Exmouth parkrun #78 run report 22/06/2019 by Phil Davey

What an absolutely stunning start to a parkrun day, the sun was shining in a clear blue sky with a calm sea on this beautiful part of the East Devon Jurassic Coast. The core-team always arrive early for their normal pre-run check and start/finish set-up ensuring everything is in place and volunteers briefed so parkrunners can enjoy and have a fun experience. It certainly was a Summer Solstice weekend parkrun!

Everyone arrived cheery all looking forward to a lovely run, jog or walk whatever was their thing. barkrunners and little people in buggies were also here to enjoy the fun. First Timers/Visitors briefing and introductions took place then everyone assembled at the ‘Start’ point and the RD gave the main brief. We also had the pleasure of a British Sign Language interpreter in Jim Cromwell (who also achieved his V25 volunteer milestone) at brief, part of the Deaf Get Active at parkrun initiative.
Well done to Jim and thank you for volunteering. Timekeepers were ready, then we were off at the whistle.
The scenery was so welcoming from the Exmouth promenade out across the bay with a light breeze in our faces as we headed out towards Orcombe Point, thanking marshals on route at the Harbour Café slipway and Lifeboat Station. There were many other people out and about enjoying their morning walk, some with dogs and many just sat parked up along the sea-front taking in the picturesque ocean view in the midmorning sun watching all the parkrun fun going on.
As we turned around the flagpoles the sea breeze suddenly got behind us and gave the impression a sudden rise in temperature. We were nearing the half-way point at this stage some finding it more easy than others to catch their breath for chattiness, smiling and laughing as they moved along the promenade passing the Lifeboat Station and Harbour View Café up towards the Cavendish Hotel ‘Jelly Baby’ marshal turn point thanking all the hi-vis along the route without whom parkrun would
not happen. All the marshals play a happy smiley and encouraging role which keeps everyone spirits high whether you walk, jog or run. It really doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’s the same distance always followed up by the TailWalker. Some may say the longer it takes the more you see and better the value of a free, weekly, timed run event to relax and enjoy. Who would argue with that!
From the final Cavendish turn point we head back down the last segment (a Strava thing!) passing The Octogan into the finishing straight where many can always find that little extra adrenaline rush to cross the finish line and a smile (just in case someone happens to be there with a camera phone!).
Big thanks to our RD Craig, Phil and other kind parkrunners for assisting Mike, who fell but still managed to finish with a little assistance. We can report Mike is absolutely fine and sends his heartfelt thanks to everyone for their kind assistance. He will be back next week. We also saw Colin P back this week and thanked everyone for their help and also made a small donation towards the parkrun fund so a special big thankyou to Colin and good to see him back enjoying his usual Saturday morning fix with the parkrun community.
On a day like today the one thing we must all remember is to hydrate before and after parkrun. Heat can have an adverse effect during any extreme exercise so take care of your bodies and they will take care of you!
One of the benefits of running next to the sea on a day like today after getting our barcodes scanned and a post-run chat in the Ocean with friends with a refreshment, we can head over to the sandy beach and enjoy a lovely seaside atmosphere. Can always bring a bucket and spade, a picnic and a paddle in the sea. What’s not to like!
Today’s stats there were 353 parkrunners who crossed the finish line including 20 First Timers all made possible by 29 amazing volunteers. There were 8 parkrun tourist events represented including Bristol, Darlington, Gloucester, Richmond, Tetbury, Wigan, Windsor and the furthest on tour this week from Denmark! Welcome to all of you, we hope you enjoyed your visit with us today.
We had two volunteers, Jim Cromwell (25min Pacer) and Margaret Blyth (35min Pacer) who achieved their V25 ‘Purple Tee’ milestones with Ian Powlesland and William Valentine who bot achieved their 50th ‘Red Tee’ milestone. Congratulations and thank you for your support. There were 65 new PB’s achieved and 37 different Running Clubs were represented.

1st Male/First Finisher today was Berihu Hadera 15:55, 1st Female Finisher Ana Caterina Goncalves 19:38, 1st Junior Male Jon Dobel 17:14 and 1st Junior Female Olivia Steer 20:42. Well done to you all.
As always we are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: May
ARGYLE, Simon BEER, Francis BEVAN, Margaret BLYTH, Craig BUTLER, Jim
CROMWELL, Phil DAVEY, Amanda DAY, Angie HOLLAND, Sue JOY, Winston
Catherine MYER, Delilah PEARSON, Jenny REAY, Sam REAY, Beth RICE, Nick RICHART, Nathan SHEEHY, Amanda SMITH, Karen STEWART, Alan SUTHERLAND, Les TURNER, Rich TURNER, Annemarie TURNER, Lisa WHITE.
Exmouth parkrun stats:
Number of events: 78 Number of runners: 5,939 Number of runs: 26,663 Number of first
finishers: 80 Number of clubs: 487 Number of PBs: 5,768 Average number of runners per week: 341.8 Average number of runs per runner: 4.5 Biggest Attendance: 710 Average run time: 00:29:16 Total hours run: 1Years 177Days 3Hrs 44Min 54Secs Total distance run: 133,315km Female record holder: Hannah TAUNTON - 17:11 - Event 65 (23/03/19) Male record holder: Jake SMITH - 14:21 - Event 35 (25/08/18) Age graded record holder: Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN - 94.2 % - 18:58 - Event 5 (20/01/18).

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