Inconsiderate parking

inconsiderate parking 50 percent

I have been informed that this car belongs to a parkrunner.

Today, I received complaints from Falkirk Community Trust regarding the blocking of access to Callendar House and from a disabled driver who struggled to gain access to the disabled parking area. The car would also have blocked access to and from the staff car park. Worst of all, if there had been an emergency, an ambulance would not have been able to pass.

If this was you then hang your head in shame. Please be aware that I also have a picture from the other direction that show the number plate but have chosen not to publish that.

I do not want to have to try and arrange additional volunteers each week to operate as car park wardens but instead ask everyone to be vigilant and highlight to anyone if they spot them parking in an inconsiderate manner.

Please be aware that I have been obliged to report this as an incident to parkrun HQ as there is potential for reputational damage to our event and also parkrun as a whole.

Graeme Lawson
Event Director, Falkirk parkrun


25th December 2018 – keep the date in your diary

Falkirk parkrun will this year continue our tradition of hosting an event on Christmas Day, at the usual time of 09:30.



DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: 9th June 2018

We would like to encourage any participants and volunteers on Saturday 9th June to dress up as healthcare staff or anything medical. We would also love it if you could bring along any family or friends who work for NHS so that they can take part too and discover the wonderful world of parkrun for themselves.

This is because we are going to mark NHS 70th birthday with a special event. Falkirk parkrun will be one of hundreds of parkruns around the UK to host a special NHS birthday event on Saturday 9 June.

The initiative, known as ‘parkrun for the NHS,’ aims to recognise the contribution of the NHS to the health of the nation and inspire people to take part in physical activity and

But remember, no barcode means no time. The same as always.


Bella 10K and Bella 5K Road Races – Sun 1st September 2013

We had some visitors yesterday from some runners belonging to Bellahouston Road Runners. They left some leaflets about the Bella 10k and Bella 5k on Sunday 1st September.

In the excitement of our anniversary celebrations I maybe didn't highlight the events enough but there there are leaflets left so if you want to know more pick up a leaflet next week or have a look at this website



Falkirk parkrun cancelled till end of March 2013

*** Falkirk parkrun CANCELLED ***

Ongoing Forestry Commission work to improve paths and make it accessible to more people is meaning that parts of the course are unavailable for our use till the end of March 2013.

Please check here for updates but we envisage that we'll be back up and running on Saturday 6th April 2013 at the usual time of 9:30 am. We'll need volunteers for that day so if you can help please email and let us know.

Sorry for any inconvenience the cancellation may cause you but remember you can use your barcode at any parkrun so while we're away try one of our sister events.

JK and Spikey


Temporary results fix

HQ investigations continue, but we do now have times posted for all our runners. A permanent fix will hopefully be in place in the next day or two.



Results Gremlins

A few of our runners are not showing yet on the Falkirk parkrun results page, despite being on the file originally submitted. I have contacted HQ and they have already had calls from a few other parkruns, and have started an investigation into what has caused this. As they do not yet know what the problem is they are unable to provide a date/time for resolution.

I will let you know if I hear any further news.



Respect the facilites

For a long time, the core team at Falkirk has been working with the council to determine how toilet facilities could be made available at the times that parkrun operates, as it was outside of the standard opening times. Recently, this led to an agreement that the runners could use thetoilets at the golf course, which were previously only for use by golfers, who pay a fee which entitles them to additional rights.

Sadly, the feedback is that some of the runners have abused this facility. The toilets had to be closed on Saturday for cleaning as they were is such a state, which meant that the paying customers (golfers) had no facilities to use. Runners were cleaning themselves in the toilets and one even came out in his underpants asking for something to dry himself with (if that was you then no need to be ashamed – I am ashamed enough).

The result of all this is that we are no longer welcome at the golf course toilets, which also means that the core team will have to spend more of our own time working with the council on a revised solution.

I am extremely proud to be part of the community that has built up around Falkirk parkrun, as I know many of you are. I also want it to continue, but it will not if it develops a bad reputation.

Event Directors, Karen and I, along with the rest of the core team, give up a lot of our own time to arrange Falkirk parkrun. Please remember that if you disrespect the park, it’s facilities or other users of the park then you also disrespect our efforts to stage the event for the community.

So, let’s keep Falkirk parkrun going. Let’s appreciate whatwe have built up and let’s ensure that it continues to be an event that we can all say we are proud to be part of.

Graeme (Spikey)

Event Director


Event 51

It was the final race of the first year and before the points are reset. 102 runners, of whom 14 were first timers took part with 20 recordin new Personal Bests. After a couple of very wet weeks it was nice to have realtively dry conditions and we were even treated to a break in clouds.

With the weather being so rubbish this year it's been easy to spot people who are just back from holiday. Andrew Moodie was back from Turkey complete with Turkish Delight for all - the leftover box is sitting in my car and I'm not sure it's going to make it back to Callendar Park for next week.

JK, Spikey & Douglas will be back from their respective holidays next week. I'm sure they'll talk about how the first year has been for them but I thought (in my role as official geeky person) you'd be interested in these stats. Since 16th July 2011 1,348 different runners, including participants from 71 athletics clubs, have completed 6,141 runs covering a total distance of 30,705 km, and there have been 1,931 new Personal Bests.

Also in that time we've seen a great community of runners, a lot of whom never knew each other before, come together to support each other through injuries and inspire others to achieve better times. And how interesting that the top 3 mens and womens points scorers this year are not members of running clubs.

Speaking of points, as I mentioned this morning the points get reset this week. Everyone who volunteers gets 100 points for each of their first 3 volunteer shifts in a year. So if you want to join me at the top of the leaderboard next week then you might consider volunteering. We ask that everyone volunteers 3 times during the year and it was nice to see a lot of new faces amongst the regulars this week.

Finally don't forget we've got a Roman theme to Falkirk parkrun's 1st birthday next week. We're looking forward to togas-a-plenty and legions of centurions in the park next week. We'd love to see you slightly earlier - just after 9 - for the prizegiving before the run. And don't forget the post-run picnic (we're drafting in extra gazebos just in case) as we celebrate the start of a new parkrun season.

Extra finally - special thanks to all the volunteers this week who made my first week as Race Director so easy and straight forward. Also thanks to everyone who helped setup and pack up.

See you all next week.

Ali Maximus (just getting in the spirit early)


Event 50

The first thing that has to be said is a MASSIVE thank you to our volunteers today for enduring our worst weather so far. Congratulations to the 64 runners who now have webbed feet .

It was good to see our leading lady in the points table, Julie Scott, securing the 100 points by being the first lady home. Remember our 1st Anniversary is on the 21st and it will have a Roman theme so get googling for your togas!

The conditions proved slippy today with one nasty fall so please take extra care if these conditions persist. As always we are looking for volunteers to make sure that everyone can have a shot at running.

Have a good week of running and stay safe out there! DL

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