Peterborough parkrun #322 – parkrun Tourism & Bank Holiday Running

Many people choose to go away for the August bank holiday, and this year is no different, with the encouragement of great weather to add to it, us runners also think about where we can include parkrun on Saturday morning.

We had a total of 585 people who ran, jogged and walked the course and representatives of 42 different clubs took part. Whilst several of our regulars, ran elsewhere in a bid to soak up some glorious sunshine on tourist runs, we had 60 shiney new first timers at Peterborough, a massive welcome to parkrun from all of us! Equally, if you are not new to parkrun, but your home run is elsewhere, it may have been your first time to Peterborough so welcome also, we hope to see many of you again in our midst.

As Peterborough parkrun is rapidly growing into one of the biggest in the country, this has seen more smaller parkruns spring up around the local area to allow for more tourism runs, without the need to travel too far. Those of us that are regulars at Peterborough, and have it as our "home run", have noticed the expanse but are so thankful every week that we have such a glorious place, such as Ferry Meadows to run in, and we know it can't go ahead without the park being open, and of course, all the lovely volunteers, of whom we have 34 to thank this week:
Steve MEGSON • Andrew CHILCRAFT • Carol COOK • Charlene ELLIOTT • Michael BARKER • Michaela PARR • Gary PARR • Sean O'DRISCOLL • Caroline CHAN • Phil SAVAGE • James CURT • Paul NICHOLLS • Peggy STARR • Roy YOUNG • Mark GIDDINGS • Michael STEWART • Billy SLAVEN • Lorna YOUNG • Dianne BOOTH • James SELLS • Sarah-Jane GILL • Hannah CHAPMAN • Kayleigh DRAPER • Joan SAVAGE • Joe HALL • Lee JONES • Hannah STEWART • Robert STONE • Pam CRANE • Sarah ROSELLA • Daniel NUNZIATA • Anna FLETCHER • Karen WILLIAMS • Michelle GARD
- queue round of applause!

A huge well done to the wealth of PBs out there, 63 recorded new Personal Bests - do share your best tactics!

I often think a change of course can help with a new time (several of my own tourist runs over the years have helped toward this theory) however, running on home turf often enough can allow for familiarity to take over and you know where you can be your best! Well done to all.

Tourism means different things to different people, whether they want a new route, a specific letter in the alphabet, or simply fitting in a parkrun when seeing friends and family at the weekend! And Peterborough, like all other parkruns, has all these things and more to offer and I'm so proud to be part of this ever growing running family and knowing that no matter how far we may want to venture elsewhere, the grass will always be green at Ferry Meadows.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Peterborough parkrun Results Page.

Michelle G (ECR)