Peterborough parkrun #327

I didn’t really know where to start with writing a run report, not having actually run the event. I didn’t run but enjoyed watching everyone set off - I always think running events look so lovely with all of the various brightly coloured tops. However, I was still in Ferry Meadows on Saturday morning, as I was part of a team from the Cardiology department at Peterborough City Hospital who were involved with organising our first Cardiology themed health awareness/education/fundraising event.

I read this weeks run report from Manor Field parkrun and thought I should definitely cover just a few statistics as part of my run report. So, a big well done to all 571 of you who ran, jogged, or walked this week’s parkrun! Well done again to those who achieved a PB this week (and it looks like there was a fair few of you) and to all of you whose first time it was, either at Peterborough or parkrun altogether then welcome - we hope to see you back! I said I’d mention statistics so here is one I was particularly impressed with - between us all at Peterborough parkrun we have run (according to the parkrun website) for 8Years 109Days 3Hrs 3Min 8Sec which is some seriously healthy heart activity!

Finally, a huge thank you as always to the volunteers who make this event happen every week. This is both to the core team who work so hard to make sure that this event happens and to the volunteers on the day. This week I ‘encouraged’ a few of my friends/fellow Cardiac Physiologists to volunteer for the first time - which for many of them was their introduction to parkrun - and I feel that this leads to a double thank you. Firstly, thanks to the volunteers. But also, thank you to you parkrunners. I’ve been banging on for ages to anyone who will listen about how wonderful and friendly parkrun is, and the comments afterwards from my friends about how much they enjoyed volunteering and how friendly you all were left me feeling really energised about parkrun!

See you soon.

Laura Wilkinson