Festive parkruns

Peterborough parkrun will be holding an extra event at Ferry Meadows on Christmas Day at 9.00 am.

We will not however be holding an event on New Years Day 2019.


Car Parking

As you may be aware there have been some small changes to car parking at Ferry Meadows. For now there will be NO on-line payments, so please remember to bring cash or card in order to pay before exiting. Please also remember to bring you parkrun barcode with you (you shouldn't be forgetting this anyway!!) #DFYB


‘Wrong’ position tokens Sat 18/8/18

Hello Peterborough parkrunners!

Many of you noticed that the position token you were given last Saturday did not match up with the position in the results. Apologies for not responding to individual emails but hopefully everyone sees this message instead.

Unfortunately some people still do not realise that when they step over the finish line they MUST go all the way down the funnel and take a token. If someone gets timed over the line but does not receive a token it can have a massive effect on the results (anyone that has volunteered as the results processor will understand this, as will some of those that have volunteered around the finish area).

The funnel managers try their best to look out for people ducking out of the funnel but unfortunately we have a very long and busy funnel and sometimes not many people volunteer to cover this role. The number checkers run up and down as fast as they can trying to see that we stay in sync (and if we don't, where does it go 'out'). But again, with a funnel so long and busy, we cannot always narrow it right down. The volunteers handing out the tokens move their hands as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, this means that they sometimes don't see if someone slips out by them without taking a token.

Please, please, please! If you cross the finish line, take a token! If you haven't got a barcode then just hand it to one of the volunteers that are scanning barcodes and they will just put it straight in the bucket. This will ensure that you don't mess up anyone else's result. On that note, if you are running back for a friend to help them in (which of course is encouraged), when you come back, please do not go near the finish line again. The timekeepers want to give everyone the best time they can so if they see feet anywhere near the finish line they will be ready to press that button.

Each week our results processor volunteers extra time during their Saturday to compile the results. When things go out of sync we do our absolute very best to try give accurate times but because of the issues mentioned above, and sometimes just genuine human error, it is sadly not possible. But the good news is that you can always try again for free next week!

If you'd like to understand more about the way the results work and how it's important to keep the timers and tokens in sync, email in to peterboroughhelpers@parkrun.com and give 'number checking' a go!

Thanks all for reading and for understanding,
Laura Whitton, Peterborough parkrun volunteer co-ordinator


Happy Birthday Ferry Meadows

In addition to Ferry Meadows 40th birthday, a few milestones to recognise from parkrun #263 ....

10 Club


50 Club



Nichola GIBSON

100 Club

Alison BURTON - New PB!

Richard BURTON


Congratulations everyone and well done, hopefully we'll see you in your new parkrun club shirts soon.


Peterborough parkrun will celebrate NHS 70th birthday with celebration event on 9 June

Peterborough parkrun will be celebrating the NHS 70th birthday this weekend with a fancy dress (optional but encourage) themed event on 9th June!

If any regular parkrunners that are NHS staff members would like to volunteer this week it would be amazing, please email in to peterboroughhelpers@parkrun.com

We'd love to recognise our parkrunners that are part of the NHS. If you are NHS staff, when you arrive on Saturday morning, please find the paper by the volunteer co-ordinator and feel free to write down your name and what you do so we can mention in the run report!

If anyone would like to bring along cakes to share with the parkrunners and volunteers this week - many of which will be NHS staff members - I'm sure they'd be much appreciated...it is a birthday party after all.

Fancy dress as always is optional but it would be good fun to see lots of people dress in 'NHS themed' fancy dress...we are thinking doctors, nurses, paramedics, red crosses, blue and white, patients with bandages and slings, or anything more creative you can think of!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning

The ‘parkrun for the NHS’ initiative is being supported by Dame Kelly Holmes, a regular parkrunner who worked as a nursing assistant before going into the British Army and later becoming a full-time athlete, said: “Increased levels of activity leads to improved mood, self-esteem and a wide range of health benefits. I know from first-hand experience how sociable and welcoming parkruns are, so it’s fantastic to see it join forces with the NHS in its 70th year to encourage even more people to get active in this special year.”

The growing levels of obesity in adults and children is a major health issue for the NHS, as it can lead to a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, some types of cancer and stroke. Obesity can also affect quality of life and lead to psychological problems.

The cost to the NHS of treating diabetes alone is around £10 billion every year – nearly 10% of the NHS budget. It is estimated that obesity is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year and that obesity could overtake tobacco smoking as the biggest cause of preventable death.

In August 2017, parkrun conducted a UK-wide survey of almost 2,000 healthcare professionals. Over three in every five (63%) responding revealed that they prescribe parkrun in some form, while almost nine in ten (88%) said they would consider referring users to parkrun.


** Peterborough parkrun CANCELLED 3rd March 2018 **

Beast from the East 1 - Peterborough parkrun 0


We have spoken to the nice Rangers at Nene Park this morning and have made an earlier than expected decision to cancel Peterborough parkrun this Saturday. The paths at Ferry Meadows are reportedly very icy and although they are gritted in some places, they do not grit the whole course. In addition, Ham Lane access road is also causing considerable problems, so even getting everyone to the start is going to be challenging at best.

These decisions are not taken lightly as we hate letting everyone down. We know how much parkrun is enjoyed by everyone week in and week out, but we like you lot you know and we are just not prepared to put any one of you at risk.

We thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all for business as usual next week - minus the thermals !

The Core Team


Beast from the East

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice that its a little bit chilly outside at the moment. I imagine that for some of you this has already caused some disruption to your running, and that you have had to revert to the 'Dreadmill' to get some miles in.

Whilst we don't wish to add to your woes, we do have to consider your safety and look at whether we can all run safely together at Nene Park on Saturday morning. With this in mind we will be doing a course inspection at about 4 pm on Friday and making a decision then so we can give you plenty of notice if we have to make the unfortunate decision to cancel.

In the meantime keep warm and watch this space for updates


Parking at Nene Park

From Saturday 3rd February there will be a new parking code for the use of parkrunners on a Saturday morning

The code entitles you to a discounted parking price of £1 between the hours of 8am and 11 am

The new code will be announced during the Run directors briefing on Saturday and will be available on the RUN HQ sign outside the cafe.

Previously we have also had a volunteers code that is available for free parking on a Saturday morning in return for volunteering and supporting parkrun. I’m sad to report that recently it has been bought to our attention that the code is being used by people not volunteering, which is very disappointing. Although we will still have a free code, the process has changed, and more details will be sent to volunteers about this on the weeks that they help out.

Any questions please post below and we will get back to you


New Years Day

We are pleased to say that Peterborough parkrun is still going ahead as planned at 9 am tomorrow morning.

The dogs (and some humans) have been out and checked (paddled around) the course today to see how things were. Now, a word of warning - its slightly wet in places. By 'wet' we don't mean that you will need a snorkel or a 5 metre swimming badge to take part, but you may well get (very) wet feet.


Our advice is that you may want to consider some clean socks and trainers if you plan on doing the double......

Here is a final list of the local parkruns that are going ahead tomorrow:

9 am
Kings Lynn

1030 am
Rutland Water

So, who is doing the double ? You know you get extra bragging rights if you do it with a hangover and on less than 4 hours sleep right ?

Happy New Year


New Year’s Day Volunteers Required

For the first time ever, we are in danger of having to cancel an event due to the lack of volunteers. We are desperatly short of volunteers for our New Year's Day run.

If we do not have a full Volunteer Roster by midday Saturday we will call off the event to allow you enough time to make other plans.

Please help if you can, what a great way to start the year, volunteering at parkrun.

Please email peterboroughhelpers@parkrun.com

Thank you

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