Run report – 13 July 2019 – we’re back

Finsbury parkrun - Event number 473
13th July 2019

When my wife suggested a weekend in London as part of my “big birthday” celebrations, I knew, aside from seeing Jools Holland and Alison Moyet, there would be a parkrun involved. The question was which one?

She had researched several options and landed on this 2- lap event just 7 stops from Victoria on the tube. parkrun has become a way of life in our household over the last year since our home parkrun in Witney launched. In many ways, from never having done a parkrun before to volunteering and walking and generally being inspired by the people we have met and the huge positive impact it has on local communities. This morning was no exception. It was also no surprise that my wife had also volunteered us as tail-walker and run report writer, because giving back is just as important and participating.

We started out on the benches outside the café where we met fellow tourists while we waited for things to get started. A lovely man called Bill was marshalling the marshals and handing out the hi-viz bibs and caution signs on what was going to be a warm morning. The hi-Viz heroes donned their vests and off they went to their marshal points.


As we know the event cannot take place each week without our hi-viz heroes and this week the event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Hannah WYLIE • James TAVERNER • Helen WILKES • Patrick LUONG • Rachel BLACKAMORE • Lucy WILLIAMS • David BENNETT • William SUTHERLAND • Duncan MINTY • Rebecca MITCHELL • Katie BELKIN • Ben JONES • Chris SPEIRS • Graham PARKS • Hongbin GU • Fei WANG • Daisy VEITCH • Punam OWENS • Lewis OWENS • Caroline MCGRAW • Lois CASTLE • Lucas MAHER • Eleanor FREW

So to the start which was preceded by RD James who kicked off the event with a first timers and run brief and welcomed tourists from near and far. Far being New Zealand and Barbados and of course Witney among many other tourists joining more local participants.

He explained the course and said there was a hill. The good news was it was short, the bad news, we would have to do it twice. It certainly was an incline of opportunity! Thank you for the heads up James!


The team were not sure what the turnout would be since the event was returning after a short break of 3 weeks. Heading over to the start numbers looked to be above 400 and we were not far off. This week 480 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 95 were first timers and 58 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

My wife and I headed to the back of the crowd, keeping an eye out for anyone wanting to walk with us. It is always such a privilege to tail-walk at an event. You really get to see the diversity and inclusiveness parkrun brings. From the faster participants who make a point of saying a few encouraging words as they pass to those who are taking a slower pace and shout back a thank you and well done. And as you pass through as tail-walker there is an opportunity to meet your fellow course marshals who kindly point you in the right direction and confirm, yes that is the hill while providing lots of encouragement and applause as you navigate around the course.


And then we were off. It is an incredible and an inspiring sight to see so many people, young and older out in the fresh air doing something positive for themselves and their community.


Each week there are many magic moments. This week was no exception. There was 9- year old Tegan trying out her first parkrun; Yasmin who was completing her 98th event; Denise who was returning from ill health and Anne from Barbados who literally radiated sunshine! I am sure everyone who joined a parkrun experienced some sort of magic moment – it is the power of parkrun no matter what your reason for coming out each week.


So, as we approached the finish line, that was a wrap for another week. We really enjoyed being tourists for a week. Finsbury Park has a wonderful event and it was a real pleasure to meet the team and experience your 2 laps, including the hill ;)

We hope to see you again (perhaps in Witney parkrun) and in the meantime, thank you for having us. #loveparkrun


Lewis (and the wife, Punam)

And a final note from the Editor:
We also had a group from the Bank of England join us this week. Andrew Harley informed us:
"We managed to get 17 of us and 3 family members to the start line. 18 were first timers at Finsbury Park and 11 were first timers to parkrun. Everyone enjoyed themselves and there was lots of talk about when the next one would be!"



Run report – 15 June 2019

Our last run in June was a bumper turn-out as 520 people ran, jogged and walked the course. A mega 38 people ran their first ever parkrun, (including what looks like two Dad-and-Lad teams making an early start to Father's Day) and 44 tourists paid their first visit to Finsbury Park. It got a bit busy at the finish line so we are light on photos from this week. If you have one you'd like to share, please post it in the comments below

Remember we are CANCELLED for the next three weeks. As we grow our nearest neighbours struggle to absorb all the wandering Finsbury parkrunners, so do think about travelling somewhere a bit further or trying some volun-tourism if you can. Co-Event Director Andrew has arranged a special trip to Bushy Park - home of the first ever parkrun, visited by around 1,000 parkrunners every week and your chance to experience the "double funnel" phenomenon.

The details are:
Date: June 29th
Time: Train to Hampton Court departs Waterloo at 0736 or Vauxhall 0740. Arrives into Hampton Court at 08:12 giving plenty of time to walk around 1 mile to the start.
How: Email on or just meet us on the train!

We've also had an exciting email from one of our regular runners, Helen Burchett, who is working to set up a new junior parkrun in Caledonian Park (N7). She is looking for people interested in joining the core team responsible for delivering parkrun and/or train as run directors. You'll play a pivotal part in setting up a new parkrun community and introducing younger runners to the joys of parkrun. If you're interested, email us on and we'll put you in touch.

We'll really miss our weekly runs with you while we go on our "summer holidays", have a great three weeks and we'll see you back at Finsbury Park at 9am on Saturday 13th July. As ever, if we want to run we'll need volunteers, so email if you'd like to help out.


Run report – 8 June 2019

It felt more like autumn than June yesterday as 389 parkrunners running jogging or walking around in the wind/drizzle. We had tourists from Carlifornia and Harrogate this week, and certainly a lot of people visiting Finsbury parkrun for the first time - 58 in total including those new to parkrun itself. We had some GoodGymmers today who included both those new to GoodGym and those new to parkrun within their numbers. The PBs achieved numbered 55 so great work if that’s what you seek.

^some of the GoodGym crew from this week

There were 50 milestones for Andy COTTRELL and Shaan HAQUE - and Shaan was also volunteering as tailwalker today!

Thank you to all of today’s volunteers Dan S WILLIAMS • Luka MELON • Benjamin James KNIGHT • Ann WOULFE • Andrew WOODING • Daniel NORTHAM JONES • Gemma SOUTHREN • Trudy KEARNEY • William SUTHERLAND • Hannah JORDAN • Shaan HAQUE • Katie BELKIN • Tom PARKER • Chris SPEIRS • Serafina KILADIS • Torsten BELL • Anna GIBSON • Sebastian CONOLLY • Daf VINEY • Lois CASTLE for your help in ensuring 389 of you completed your parkrun safely.

^some of the volunteers later on when the rush died down

If you can help next week which is our last parkrun June, email to secure your place on the roster. Do you want a volunteering fix on a non-parkrun day? We will have a stall at Saddle and Soul, Finsbury Park's festival of cycling and walking, next week on Sunday 16 June. We're looking for parkrunners who would be willing to spend a couple of hours telling others about the joys of Finsbury parkrun. Let us know if you can help and we will give you a volunteer credit in return.

REMINDER - we are cancelled on 22, 29 June & 6 July and so get your tourism planning in now! Some of us are heading for a Bushy pilgrimage on the 29 June if you’d like to come we will get the following SWT to Hampton Court on the day:
07:36 London Waterloo
07:40 Vauxhall

It arrives into Hampton Court at 08:12 giving plenty of time to get to the start which is about 1 mile away from the station. If you are interested feel free email to let us know or we’ll just see some of you on the train!


Run Report: 1st June 2019

A gloriously bright and sunny morning welcomed 511 people to run, jog or walk around Finsbury Park. The good weather encouraged 42 people to try their first ever parkrun - we hope you had a good time and look forward to welcoming you back soon. We know that some new parkrunners have issues with their barcode formatting - as long as you bring a printed barcode, we can add you to the results.

It was GP parkrun pledge day, part of a national initiative to encourage healthcare workers to refer patients to parkrun if they could benefit from greater physical activity or social interaction and we were pleased to be joined by representatives from The Village Practice, one of our linked parkrun practices. It was also great to see lots of junior runners enjoying an end-of-half term parkrun.

A male and female runner stand outside. They wear matching blue "We are Team Village" t-shirts

Representatives from one our our parkrun practices enjoying a healthy start to the day

Two teenage boys in matching bright yellow t-shirts stand inside a large branded "Finsbury parkrun" frame

Two junior first-timers making use of the selfie frame

Joe Holyoake completed his 50th run and Carl Heap completed his 99th volunteering stint, taking his normal spot at the entrance to the boating lake AKA Carl's corner. Well done both!

Five people stand in a line. They have a trolley of equipment with them. Two are wearing high-vis vests.

Carl (far left) and some of the other volunteers from Saturday's run.

We expect to be on as usual for the next two weeks but then cancelled on June 22nd, 29th and July 6th for festivals. We understand about 10 runners didn't get the message last week and turned up at the park anyway - if you'd like to get reminder emails when we are cancelled then sign up to the Finsbury parkrun mailing list by following the "manage my profile" link in any parkrun results email.

A screen capture of a parkrun results email showing the "manage my profile" button

Not subscribed to our volunteer emails? You're missing out

With the lovely weather our normal post-run meet-up moved outside. If you'd like to join us for a coffee and catch-up after the run do just come and say hello. Parkrunners young and old are always welcome and we can always make space for an extra chair.

A women with grey hair is sitting outside. On her lap is a baby of about 6 months old.

Junior and senior parkrunners enjoy catching up in the cafe

There is lots of space on the roster for volunteers over the next two weeks - drop us an email on if you'd like to help out. We're always happy to receive offers to volunteer and if you've never done it before we'll explain everything you need to do on the day.


Run report – 18 May 2019

Another bright Saturday morning at Finsbury Park brought 454 people to run, jog and walk the parkrun course.

There was a lot of activity in the park with the festival set-up, caravans and cars at the bottom of the hill and a slightly extended briefing as we waited for the 9am tarmacing by the Finsbury Park station entrance to finish! Thank you for bearing with us, we never like cancelling so it was good to know we can cope with these alterations and still put on a successful event.

Remember we are *CANCELLED* next week

A wide carriageway is blocked by some hazard tape. Three workmen, with a wheelbarrow and another machine are laying tarmac across the carriageway. A parkrun volunteer is in the the corner of the photo, speaking on the telephone.

Not quite what you want to see on the first corner at 9am...

6-8 fast runners are running around the first corner of our course

Just a couple of minutes later (and just a couple of minutes late!) - we're off

We celebrated a few milestones this week:
Matthew Wilkes 10 runs (junior)
Nicolas Brown 100 runs
Matthew Lovat 100 runs
And one of our very own Event Directors (i.e. the people who deal with everything in the background throughout the week to mean Saturdays run smoothly!) Lorna Stevenson 100 runs

A female runner has her arms raised and a wide smile in celebration of completing the run.

ED Lorna completes her 100th parkrun!

There were 79 first timers running the course-congratulations and look forward to seeing you again next week ;) 73 PBs were recorded-too many to mention all of them but 5 picked at random...

Natalie Whitty
Thomas Goodey
Joseph Song
Vivienne O'Brien
Nicole Sheppey

Well done!

To the left, a pop-up sign for Finsbury parkrun. On the right, a runner in a yellow t-shirt stands next to another runner in an orange 'guide' t-shirt

Two of today's first-timers at Finsbury park - they normally run at Chelmsford parkrun.

There was a LOT of delish cake and Scottish tablet to celebrate in the cafe afterwards-please do come and join us after the run for a tea/coffee/chat (token sorting optional!)

A female runner holds a plate with a chocolate cake on it. The cake has "100" written on top in chocolate

Just some of today's cake selection

Parkrun is only possible thanks to our volunteers. We know lots of this weeks volunteers were running either Hackney Half or Crouch End 10k today - we hope your rested legs did you well. If you are able to volunteer for any weeks coming up please drop us an email on No experience necessary-please don't be intimidated, it's all very simple :)

Today's event was made possible by 23 volunteers:
Tim BAVISTER • Libby CADE • Ann WOULFE • Sean BRISCOMB • Victoria PHILLIPS • Richard PRENTICE • Tammela PLATT • Patrick LUONG • Peter VAN TONGEREN • Clair SIM • Annabel JUDD • Sue FORSYTH • William SUTHERLAND • Sam HARVEY-BREWIN • Katie BELKIN • Robbie CHAPMAN • Amanda BATER • Jack WILKES • Yasmin CHINA • Henry VAN DER KNAAP • Michael BURDEN • Richard STAGG • Alistair JONES

At the finish line, two female timerkeepers stand at the entrance to the funnel smiling.

Just some of today's fabulous volunteers

Please don't forget we're cancelled next week. We hope you have a lovely bank holiday and take the opportunity to visit a different parkrun! Stay tuned on social media to find out if we're running on 1st June. We hope to but still need to confirm some details around the festival take down.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Finsbury parkrun Results Page.

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