Fire Service College parkrun is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Fire Service College parkrun cancelled until further notice

At the request of the site owners FSC parkrun is currently cancelled until further notice.

This is due to restrictions placed on who can enter the FSC site due to the coronavirus.

We're obviously gutted about this and will do all we can to get back up and running (literally!) as soon as we can.

Please do keep checking back to this site and our social media feeds for updates.

In the mean time stay well everybody.


Who Runs The World…? Event #60


Who doesn't love a run report that starts with a Beyonce reference?!

Saturday saw a crack all women volunteer team deliver another great FSC parkrun, event number 60. The team was put together in recognition of the parkrun UK partnership with the This Girl Campaign, which was aiming to specifically increase female participation in parkrun (whether as a runner, jogger, walker or volunteer) on March 7, the day before International Women’s Day.

group vols banner

It was great to welcome volunteers new and old and particularly great to support Donna in her first duty as Timekeeper (nope... she wasn't worried at all!) and Angela in her first time on Finish Tokens. Great job, both!

token hide

timekeepers 2

You can see that Elsa, one of the three team members volunteering as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, wasn’t entirely positive about having her photo taken!

181 runners, joggers and walkers successfully completed the course and thank you to all of you for bearing with us as we had to juggle our starting line and first few metres of the route. We don’t always know in advance when course changes will be coming (this week we found out on Thursday morning) and the core team then have to spring into action and measure out an alternative. Well done to Martin and Bryan for doing this so speedily on Friday afternoon.

First Finisher this week was an FSC regular, Tim Carter who also achieved a PB. Go Tim!

tim pb 2

Overall there were 29 PBs this week, well done to all of you. Unfortunately, the only other PB pic we managed to capture was Tom. If you get a PB and would like a pic please just ask the RD on the day - we'd love to capture it for you and us!

tom pb 2

Thank you to everyone for helping create another lovely start to the weekend.

Please, if you are a regular runner but yet to volunteer, think about doing your bit and signing up to volunteer. We love seeing regulars run past every week and it’s great to get to know people and to be able to call you names as you go by, but we’d love you even more if you helped share the load and volunteered every so often too.

Volunteering genuinely is a great feeling: volunteering isn’t about missing out on anything, I promise. You gain so much more than you give.

Run Director


Event #59 – 22nd February 2020

Thank goodness we were able to resume parkrun at the Fire Service College this weekend! Several neighbouring events were cancelled once again because of flooding and waterlogged courses. While our course is still wet in places (my apologies for describing it as “moist” in my briefing) we are usually more concerned about wind when it comes to safety. We are fortunate to have the support of the Fire Service College for hosting the event, but the wooded areas we run through, while pretty there is always the concern that branches may fall (or worse whole trees) and we obviously wouldn’t want that to happen during an event.

Having missed last week because of Storm Dennis, we were dismayed to see strong winds forecast again. Unlike last weekend there wasn’t a Met Office Weather or Travel Warning and a gap in the gustier winds seemed to be forecast for 9-11am. We decided rather than cancel the event on Friday night we would assess the course first thing. I met with a few members of the core team at 7.30am to walk the course and we decided that with some adjustments we could go ahead. We promise as a team to always hold your safety as our priority and we only cancel if we think it’s not safe to run.

IMG_7592 IMG_7660 IMG_7661 IMG_7568

It was my first time as Run Director and I was delighted to meet people brand new to parkrun and new to our event. Visitors from Coventry, Witney, Northampton, Bridgnorth, Banbury, Evesham and Cornwall were most welcome - we hope you found our event enjoyable and friendly. A special mention to Theresa Moss from Charlbury who ran her 150th parkrun with us today.
First past the post this week were Tim Carter 19’30” and Donna Allen 22’37” but, as parkrun always say, a 50 minute 5k is just as far as a 20 minute one. This week 138 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part. Well done everyone. Friends of St David’s School were looking after the refreshments - and delicious they were too. Thank you.

IMG_7664 IMG_7679 IMG_7710 IMG_7711

The event was made possible by 19 High Vis Hero volunteers. We’re always looking for new volunteers. As I said in my briefing, there is also a milestone T Shirt for volunteering 25 times, so you’re still very much taking part by doing it. Details of how to get involved are on our website.

Next parkrun is 29th February, so let’s propose to leap into action again!


Event #58 – The one with the Haikus

Early doors set up

Muddy run, music and smiles

Beautiful flapjack.


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Sorry results were so late

Off to bed now, thanks.


Hello February – Event #57

Yesterday's event marked the start of Fab Five February:  one of very few months in 2020 when you can actually get in five parkruns.    It was bright and clear, albeit a bit chilly, and we welcomed 180 participants as runners, joggers and walkers.


For some it was their first time and Jonah, Esme and Dad made it a family affair.  It may have been Dad's first parkun, but he was more preoccupied with sorting out his Strava settings than posing for a pic.  It didn't matter, while Dad was busy Jonah told me all about how although it was the first time he himself had ever run 5k, he had previously walked a whole 5 miles.  Good work Jonah, hope to see you, Esme and Dad again.

First Timers

For other participants it was a milestone day:  huge congrats to Royston for completing his 100th parkrun and to Jayne for reaching her 50th.

Royston 100Jane 50

A new month also marked the start of two new charity pairings running our tea stall.  This week we welcomed 1st Moreton Scouts who were ace: super enthusiastic and friendly and with brownies my husband is STILL talking about.   He is able to confirm, slightly sheepishly, that he ate "more than 3, but definitely less than 15"   Thanks to your generous donations £70 was raised for Scouts yesterday and James, James and Tom told me it will make a real difference.


Scouts will be back in two weeks, while Friends of St Davids School will join us for their first time on the 8th.  The bakery bar has been set high, folks!

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the event a success.  For Katie it was her first time as Timekeeper and she was feeling the pressure!  No need to worry though, she and her thumb did a cracking job.



As ever we welcome hearing from anyone who would like to volunteer:  you won't get roped in every week, you're always in control of how often you commit (even helping as a one off is invaluable) and you can pick the roles you are comfortable with.  Just email with date/s you are free and your parkrun ID number.

Helen  (Run Director 01/02/2020)





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