News update

At some point during the week commencing 3rd February, Wyre Council erected some parkrun signs for us - namely Start & Finish signs, 1 & 4Km sign, 2 & 3 km sign and a turnaround point sign. The team became aware of this on Saturday 8th February but as the 'Start' sign and the 'turnaround' point sign were now in different places, the course was measured by wheel again to confirm accuracy before it was used on Saturday 15th February. For information purposes, the Start and Finish are now more or less at the same place (either side of a Fire Exit door) at the back of the Marine Hall. Courtesy of either Storm Ciara/Dennis or both, the km and the turnaround point signs blew away, leaving only stakes to show of their previous existence. The km signs have now been replaced but we still have the turnaround sign missing as of this week. The council are aware of this and hopefully it will be replaced soon.