Fleetwood Promenade parkrun 85, 7th March 2020 #IWD

It was fairly damp and miserable taking the cones to the turnaround point around 7:30am but by 8:30am it had cleared, stopped raining and although overcast, there was only a mild breeze for the 128 participants. Pretty much ideal conditions.

Several of the ladies present were wearing purple and it was great to see some of the men also doing so. Had the weather been a little warmer we may have seen more purple on show. Don't worry guys, your time will come in November when it will be International Men's Day! A mixed team sporting their IWD t-shirts took part too. There were a few first time participants, including a group of young ladies from Rossall School. Local and Fleetwood regular Dave Coventry was also taking part in his 50th parkrun.

The course record was under threat, Joseph Beech (Brackla Harriers) - his first run at Fleetwood, was very quickly across the finish line in a time of 15:35, with local Steve Littler (Wesham Road Runners) in second place, with a PB in a time of 16:16. Another regular local runner Paul Muller (Blackpool Freedom Runners) was 3rd across the line in a time of 18:18.

The first male junior to finish was George Denye JM11-14 (Preston Harriers) in a great time of 18:26. The first lady to cross the line was Gillian Pryor from Thornton Cleveleys RC in 21st position, in a time of 22:18. Congratulations also to Jemima Bradburn JW10 who crossed the finish line in a time of 24:22.

Altogether, there were 30 first timers to Fleetwood and 28 personal bests set. There were unfortunately a couple of issues with the stopwatches, complicating the results somewhat. The results were amended and reprocessed on Monday and hopefully all is now well.

Several members of the all female volunteer team retired to the New Boston Hotel, for a post run brew along with a few parkrunners. It is a lovely quiet small hotel with a nice quiet relaxing atmosphere for a post run cuppa and a natter. With luck, this may become our new regular venue, so watch this space for updates.

If you would like to volunteer in the future, please drop us a line a fleetwoodpromenadehelpers@parkrun.com or speak to the Run Director on the day.


#IWDparkrun 7th March 2020

This coming Saturday sees the International Women's Day parkrun at Fleetwood Promenade! An all female volunteer team will be hosting this event and we would love to see as many women as possible taking part - both new parkrunners and current ones. Research shows that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make up 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate in parkrun events all over the world.

Of course all men are still welcome at parkrun! If everyone that currently comes to parkrun, whether it's to walk, jog or run, on their own or with friends, to walk the dog or take the baby out for a stroll brings along a female friend or colleague that would be fabulous! Purple is the colour of the day too - so see what you can find in your wardrobes...

One of our volunteers this Saturday will be MP for Fleetwood and Lancaster Cat Smith, great to see her supporting our local parkrun!! Local football team Fleetwood Wrens have also been invited to take part too.

So, come along and celebrate taking part in International Women's Day - lots of photos will be taken on the morning. 9am prompt start behind the Marine Hall, all participants should bring along their barcode to get an official time and electronic result. Register at www.parkrun.org.uk/register/ - which is free and quick to do!

For some months now we haven't had a venue for a post run brew and results processing but this Saturday we will be heading to the New Boston Hotel on The Esplanade, just a short distance from the venue. Teas and coffees will be £1 per person and cold drinks are available in the reception area.
**If you intend to join us please speak to the Run Director first on the morning, so that potential numbers can be passed to the hotel.


News update

At some point during the week commencing 3rd February, Wyre Council erected some parkrun signs for us - namely Start & Finish signs, 1 & 4Km sign, 2 & 3 km sign and a turnaround point sign. The team became aware of this on Saturday 8th February but as the 'Start' sign and the 'turnaround' point sign were now in different places, the course was measured by wheel again to confirm accuracy before it was used on Saturday 15th February. For information purposes, the Start and Finish are now more or less at the same place (either side of a Fire Exit door) at the back of the Marine Hall. Courtesy of either Storm Ciara/Dennis or both, the km and the turnaround point signs blew away, leaving only stakes to show of their previous existence. The km signs have now been replaced but we still have the turnaround sign missing as of this week. The council are aware of this and hopefully it will be replaced soon.


Fleetwood Promenade parkrun #69 23rd November 2019

Fleetwood Promenade parkrun # 69– 23/11/2019

Luckily, the rain held off for the volunteers and 67 parkrunners who turned up on a cold, dull and breezy morning until after the finish. The cold wind picked up considerably and made things tough and unpleasant for those out on the course (and finish funnel), the times reflecting it.
We had a first timer from Manchester, runners from Southport, regulars from Darwen (the Taylors) and Blackpool Freedom Runners, Red Rose Runners and also from Glossopdale and Redway. Great to see visitors at this time of year! We nearly had a parkrunner from Australia who unfortunately got the start time wrong (7am in Oz) thinking we started at 8am - hopefully we will see him next week!
First runner across the line was James Greenaway from TCRC in a time of 19:33, second being Steve Waterhouse from Wesham in a time of 19:47.
Garrick Coventry was our first J15-17 across the line in 6th place with a time of 20:45
First lady in 17th place was Andrea Smith from BW&FAC in 24:34

Unfortunately, the Fleetwood YMCA cafe has decided to close until March 2020. At the moment we do not have a regular designated cafe for post run drinks/coffee etc. Please let us know if you would like to have a chat afterwards for a brew - we could be able to find somewhere. Due to our location though, a lot of places are closed now for the winter. Please watch this space....

A big thank you to all our volunteers without whom the event would not go ahead, Catherine ANDERTON, ,Susan ASHTON, Karen BOYLAN, Paul BURROWS, Ian CAMERON, Susan CARTMELL, Steve CARTMELL, , Susan CARTMELL, Natalie COVENTRY, Helen MEEHAN, Michael VARLEY, Mike WARRINER and Wendy WOOD
Please consider getting involved in volunteering ask the Run Director who will be happy to get you started or contact us at: fleetwoodpromenadehelpers@parkrun.com or alternatively via our Facebook group


Fleetwood Promenade parkrun # 61 – 28th September 2019

A very blustery, wet autumn morning was in store for both volunteers and 44 participants on Saturday 28th September. The promenade was fairly deserted and the wind was a little too strong for the signage, so our marshals became human signage! The chances of the regular 'sand peel' were reduced by the fact that the sand was wet due to the heavy rain too. The hardy volunteers sheltered behind a wall, whilst the parkrunners wisely stayed in their vehicles or sheltered until they had to venture out. Philip Davidson from Red Rose Runners had kindly gave the Run Brief and many thanks to him for this, everyone sheltering as much as possible during the brief.
There were visitors from Oxford, Glossopdale and a good turnout from Darwen Dashers. Alex Spencer decided that the best way to start off his 30th birthday and 50th parkrun was to be on a wet windy promenade at Fleetwood. One of our stalwart volunteers Ian Cameron, also celebrated his 50th volunteering with parkrun before setting off with the others.

1st across the line was local runner Brian Cumpsty (minus emu!) from Thornton Cleveleys RC in a time of 20:54
2nd was Bruce Elliott from Darwen Dashers in a time of 22:05.
3rd place was Peter Boardman in a time of 22:15
4th place was Steve Wilson from Cybele in a time of 22:39
5th place was Philip Davidson of Red Rose in a time of 22:42
6th place was John Hickman from Thornton Cleveleys in a time of 22:49
7th was first lady Caroline Mclaughlan from Thornton Cleveleys in a time of 23:11 (a PB!)
8th was first JM15-17 Elliot Gray-Medd in a time of 23:24
9th was first JM11-14 Jacob Lovell in a time of 24:05

Despite the inclement conditions, there were 6 PB's and and Bruce Gray had his first Fleetwood parkrun! Well done and huge thanks to all who turned out, runners and volunteers. If you would like to volunteer on a Saturday, please speak to the Run Director on the day or contact us through Facebook or at fleetwoodpromenadehelpers@parkrun.com


Fleetwood Promenade parkrun 7th September 2019 # 58

A bright, cold and sunny morning with only a slight breeze, awaited the 179 parkrunners on Saturday 7th September. The fact that parkrun at Stanley Park was cancelled due to rugby, brought extra numbers to Fleetwood. Several Blackpool Freedom Runners were present, Thornton Cleveleys RC and visitors from Lowley, Lowestoft, Hyde, Salford, Caistor and a good turnout from Derby AC. All in all, we had 42 first timers to Fleetwood (of which 9 were first time ever parkrunners) and 36 PB's were set.

First across the line was Simon Denye (Wesham RR) in a time of 17:45 and following in 2nd place was a first time ever parkrunner Chris Ashworth in a time of 18:35 - not bad for a first parkrun! In third place from BF&W AC was JM11-14 (and with a PB to boot!) was Rafael Eaton in a time of 18:42. Well done Rafael!
First lady home in 7th place was Christine Dover from Derby AC in a time of 19:47. Local Thornton Cleveleys RC runner Brian Cumpsty was 8th home in a time of 19:58, narrowly missing equalling his PB.
In 13th place was Jessica Robertson JW11-14 in a time of 21:07 and last Saturday's 'groom to be' Dave Barras zipped around the course - pending nuptuals obviously spurred him on to a PB!
It was also good to see Blackpool regulars Wendy and Les Robertson who also ran a time very close to their PB. There were a few scanning problems but luckily we were assisted by our visiting Ambassador Kirsten Burnett from LSA RR, who found herself at a loose end after her run.... Thanks Kirsten!

Many thanks also go to all the volunteers without whom we could not hold this weekly event. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer on a regular basis, or even when your time permits, please either speak to the Run Director or contact us via Facebook or at fleetwoodpromenadehelpers@parkrun.com.


Fleetwood Promenade parkrun 31st August 2019 # 58

On a typically blustery Fleetwood Saturday morning expectations were high for a good turnout due to the influx of runners from Thornton Cleveleys running club who were using the event as part of their championship and also to celebrate the impending marriage of 2 of their members, namely Kate Formstone and dave Barrass.

The wind was blowing offshore as opposed to the usual onshore and the forecast was for heavy showers at any time during the morning. Fortunately the rain held off for the start and duration of the run as the 122 runners headed out along the course. Soon after the last runners had returned the heavens opened and it could have been a different story had it been a 10 o’clock start. Also with very high tides the run would not have been able to proceed some 3 hours later with the waves crashing over the sea wall and depositing debris near to the look-out tower.

As well as welcoming our visitors from Thornton we had visitors from Bognor Regis, Bolton and Darwen to mention just a couple.

Our first 3 finishers were all first timers at Fleetwood with Paul Johnston leading the way in 18.20 with youngster Joshua Howlett in 2nd in 19.40. First lady finisher was Gillian Pryor of Thornton Cleveleys who recorded a PB of 22.30, her first time under 23 minutes.

Overall we had 23 first timers at Fleetwood including 1 first time park runner. 24 runners celebrated their PB which is a great achievement on a less than perfect morning.

Well done to all those who took part and our great team of volunteers who make it happen every Saturday.


Fleetwood Promenade parkrun 24th August 2019 # 56

A beautiful and reasonably still sunny day greeted the 141 parkrunners for the Bank Holiday weekend. Many of the visiting parkrunners had family in the Fleetwood area, so came along to join us. We had visitors from Lions Running Community, Blackburn Road Runners, Bolton, Newbury, Truro plus Darwen Dashers, Blackpool Freedom runners and Thornton Cleveleys Running Club. After a long absence, it was great to see the welcome return of Grandad John (minus Rosie) who was comparing post-run notes with Grandad Pete. There were 39 First Timers to Fleetwood, including 6 parkrun 'virgins' (although only one admitted to it in the brief!), and a total of 21 PB's. Completing her 50th parkrun was Amanda Burrows from Blackburn RR.

First across the line was Mark Collier from Salford Harriers and AC in a time of 18:27
In 10th position was first lady Debbie Kirkman, from the Lions Running Community in a time of 22:08
16th across the line was Roman Holden JM11-14 in a time 23:26 and Amanda Burrows on her 50th parkrun a PB in a time of 28:41

Many thanks to all the volunteers; John AGNEW, Susan ASHTON, Karen BOYLAN, Paul BURROWS, Ian CAMERON, James CARTMELL, Jenny CLARK, Katie CLARK, Megan CLARK, Natalie COVENTRY, Stephen DUNSTAN, Tracey LOVELL, Paul TOMLINSON, and Kerrie WILKIE. If you are able to help out with our friendly team of volunteers, please drop us a line at fleetwoodpromenadehelpers@parkrun.com


Fleetwood Promenade parkrun 3rd August 2019 # 53

Pretty much ideal conditions; a bright, breezy and sunny morning greeted the 155 parkrunners for Week 53 - Fleetwood Promenade parkrun's 1st Anniversary! One of the more regular ways of celebrating an anniversary run is to run the course in reverse but this doesn't really apply to our straight out and back course, so we started at the finish and finished at the start instead!

There were 32 first timers to Fleetwood Promenade, which included 10 people taking part in their first ever parkrun. 32 people recorded PB’s and several different clubs were represented. There was a strong turnout from Thornton Cleveleys RC, Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde AC, Cybele, Wesham and Blackpool Freedom Runners. From a little further afield we had runners from Redhill RR, Lancaster & Morecambe AC, Kings Lynn, Colchester, Redway and UK parkrun tourist Paul Bliss!

Some runners wore fancy dress; Minnie Mouse, a returning Hawaiian tourist (?) and Brian with Octavia emu (with Octavia getting a PB!). Despite a last minute change which left us with only one timekeeper, once again there were lots of positive comments and good feedback. Maybe the balloons, banners, sweets and cake helped? Our Birthday cake definitely seemed to go down well! Our main aim for the day was to get as many donations for Fleetwood Food Bank as possible, which was definitely a success! Huge thanks to all those whom donated foodstuffs, household goods and toiletries. The representative from the Food Bank, Mr Colin Brown, attended to collect everything for distribution to local families in need.

First home was Paul Freary (VM50-54) from Belgrave Harriers in a time of 17:18 and in 11th place was Garrick Coventry (JM15-17) in 21:06. First lady across the 'finish' line was Kim Holmes (SW30-34) in a time of 23:38 and Ella May Leonard (JW11-14) with a time of 25:12.

A big thank you to all our volunteers without whom the event would not go ahead, Catherine ANDERTON, John AGNEW, Susan ASHTON, Kate BAIRD, Paul BURROWS, Steve CARTMELL, James CARTMELL, Susan CARTMELL, Natalie COVENTRY, Stephen DUNSTAN, David GORE, Tracey LOVELL, David MOSS and Paul TOMLINSON.
Please consider getting involved in volunteering ask the Run Director who will be happy to get you started or contact us at: fleetwoodpromenadehelpers@parkrun.com or alternatively via our Facebook group


Fleetwood Promenade Parkrun 13th July 2019 # 50

122 runners took to the promenade this week, on our 50th Parkrun. Only a few weeks until our anniversary parkrun. Hope everyone likes cake!

There were 38 runners running their first parkrun at Fleetwood this week, and for Sam Todd, Luke Platts, Charley Beavers, Melissa Gellatly, Liam Preston, Charlie Gellatly, Stephen Mason, Roman Holden, Ginny Evans, Steven Mcguirk, Harry Morris, Kevin Mcguirk, Josh Leach, Frankie Preston, Harrison Mcleod and Katie Ramsbottom, it was her their first parkrun ever! Congratulations as well to William Xavier Walker on his 10 th Parkrun as a Junior.

The fastest recorded time was 18:33 from Kevin Fryer, and the fastest female was Joasia Zakrzewski with a time of 19:06.
This week we had runners from: Blackpool Freedom Runners, British Army, Cybele, Darwen Dashers RC, Dumfries RC, Erme Valley Harriers, Fylde Coast Runners, Jolly Joggers, Redway Runners, Rock Runners, Rossall Triathlon Club, Royton Road Runners, Sale Harriers Manchester, Thornton Cleveleys RC, Wesham Road Runners and York Triathlon Club.
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: John AGNEW, Catherine ANDERTON, Susan ASHTON, Paul BURROWS, Steven CARTMELL, James CARTMELL, Jacob LOVELL, Tracey LOVELL, David MOSS, Anna PIPERIDES, Howard PIPERIDES, Joasia ZAKRZEWSKI.

Why not get involved and volunteer?
If you would like to volunteer, and help out Fleetwood Parkrun, E-mail fleetwoodpromenadehelpers@parkrun.com and you’ll be added to the future roster.
Thank you all, and see you next week!

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