Flickr Tips

This page describes how to get your pictures of parkrun events onto the photos page of an event's website.

Before you start

Photographers will need their own Flickr accounts (see Many photographers will already have Flickr accounts. For those who don't, Flickr accounts come in three flavours:
  • Free 1TB of photo and video storage.
  • Ad Free (currently $49.99 per year) 1TB of photo and video storage, and have no ads while you browse.
  • Doublr (currently $49.99 per year) 2TB of photo and video storage.
Further details are available on the flickr FAQ.

If you have not already joined your event's Flickr group you should do so before trying to upload photos to the group - follow the link at the top of your event's photo page.

The upload process

The easiest way to upload to Flickr is to use the Web Uploadr. For quick access there is an "Upload" link to the navigation at the top of every Flickr page.

  • Click on "Upload" at the top of your Flickr page.
  • Drag the images you want to upload into the web browser window, or click choose and navigate to where the images are saved.

To help the runners find specific photos, please use the Flickr tagging facility. At the very least please tag all the photos for one run with the date of the run in fixed format - for example photos for a run on 21st September 2013 should be tagged: "21-September-2013"

Please include the hyphens and spell the month name in full. This allows anybody to link straight to a particular week's photos.

If your local event has a different preferred tagging system they will have mentioned this on the discussion page of their Flickr Group.  Please follow their preferred approach it will help other parkrunners to find photos.

  • So click "Tags", which is on the left hand side of the browser window, and enter the date of the run.
  • Then click on "Add to Groups" and select your parkrun group.
  • Click "Upload x Photos" in the top right of the window, and then confirm the settings to upload your photos by clicking "Upload to Photostream". Be patient while your photos are uploaded to Flickr.

The photos will appear automatically on the event's photo page - you may need to refresh your browser. If you have only just joined Flickr there will be a delay of a few days while Flickr approve your account (they're just making sure you're not a spammer). If you have been using Flickr for some time then the photos should appear pretty much instantly.

If you want to upload from your smartphone, you can use one of flickers Apps for the iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, or check out the mobile version of Flickr,

You can also email your photos to your Flickr account. You have your own unique email address that you can use to add your photos to your Flickr Photostream or to upload photos to your Flickr Photostream AND automatically post them to your blog.

Finally, there are many uploading tools for both Windows and Mac that will help you get your photos on Flickr.

Further details are available on the flickr FAQ.

Adding photos directly from your Photostream

If your photos are already in your Flickr Photostream the easiest way to add a photo to a your parkrun group is to go to Organize.

  • Drag the Photostream images you want to add to the group into the top section of the browser window.
  • Click "Add Tags" which is along the top of the selected images and enter the date of the run.
  • Then click "Send to Group", choose your parkrun group. Be patient while your photos are uploaded.

Or go to the group and click "Add Photos". You can add 6 photos at a time this way.

Or, finally click on an individual photo to view it and click the "Add to a Group" link found in the actions menu. Then choose the group you want to add it to, and you're done!


Flickr takes ages to upload my photographs

Flickr's approach is not to adjust your photographs unless you specifically ask it to; in particular it does not (by default) resize your photographs before uploading, and so unless you have resized your photographs it will upload them at full resolution.

My photographs are not showing on my event's photos page

If you have joined your event's Flickr group and added your photographs to the group (as above), but they are still not showing on the photos page, then almost certainly this will be because of one of two main reasons:
  • If you have just joined Flickr for the first time and you have not previously uploaded any photographs, flickr performs some basic checks to make sure your account is genuine. There may be a delay of a few days before your first photographs show up; from then on however, your photographs will show up in the group as soon as you add them.
  • Please check your privacy settings - this has proved to be the most common reason that photos don't appear. Make sure that you have set your personal privacy settings to let people see your photos, and check that the photographs themselves do not have their visibility set to private (or the sets you may have placed them in).