parkrun #249 59:59

I released this message on our Fountains Abbey Facebook page a few hours ago, along with a photo of the broken stopwatch.

'Well done to all 444 runners this morning. Unfortunately, we don’t have good news. We were down to one stopwatch this morning, only to find the download port has disconnected from the solder plate. Thus it’s impossible to download the finish times.
We are working hard to process the finish places now. These will all default to 59:59. I know many of you will email with your finish times, but as volunteers we also have other commitments this weekend so we would ask for your patience and understanding as we don’t intend to process 444 emails into our in-box and process 444 times manually.

On the bright side, we hope you all enjoyed your run this morning! And of course your run will count towards your next t-shirt.

If you don’t want a 59:59 against your name, we can of course remove your results.
Huge apologies, we too are immensely disappointed to be let down by our equipment, but we do hope you understand.