Run Report 19 October 2019

Sunshine after the Showers

By Helen Hart

It was a beautiful morning after a week of heavy rain – the park looked fantastic and I was sorry I’d left my phone with my camera in the car.  However, the course was rather muddy and slippery and we had the usual warnings about tree roots and not to fall into the canal where there are holes in the towpath.

We had lots of first timers today, and some visitors, including from Devon, Northampton, Aberystwyth and Switzerland.  Hope you all enjoyed it and will be back. There were 474 finishers in total.

Congratulations to Alice Garner who finished in the overall top 5, first lady with a new course PB of 19.25!  Well done also to Mark Symes who was first overall finisher. Mark and Alice also had the highest age gradings of the day.  Congratulations to Andy Oldham who ran his 100th parkrun, Lucas Daniel ran his 10th and we had a few running their 50th: Charmaine Long, Amit Amin (also mentioned later) and Andrew Johnson.

Despite the mud, there were more than a few PBs today – I’ve picked out a few here: well done to Ellie Hyde, Jacob Wheeler, Catherine Mayes, Ellie Mayes, Charlotte Foster, Paul Foster, Jacob Wrenn, Matthew Knight, Lisa Bird, and Keren Day as well as everyone else achieving a PB!

Well done also to Alfred Boese who ran an aesthetically pleasing 20:20! Amit Amin ran 27:27, Pep Barbato ran 28:28, Alex White ran 29:29, Graham Stephens ran 30:30, Emma Howden ran 31:31, Marc Dubresson and Emily Taylor ran 32:32, Beverley Lilly ran 37:37, Emma Mahoney ran 38:38, Clare Pophale ran 40:40 and Jess Raynsford ran 41:41.

(Sadly, nobody managed the date: 19:10- maybe someone will run 26:10 next week – there’s a challenge for some of you!).

A few people were caught out today by the run starting pretty much on time at 9am.  We’ve historically started nearer to 9.10 but are aiming to be more punctual in future!

The event was made possible by 39 volunteers – thank you to all of them:

Dave DABORN • Alison LENAGHAN • Maurice GOODERHAM • Cliff HILTON • Mark SYMES • Pam BERRIMAN • Brian HOLDEN • Nigel BOARD • Rachel LANE • Alfred Richard BOESE • Roger SMITH • Helen HART • Peter BERRIMAN • Karen BARNARD • Malcolm Eric VAUGHAN • Elinor Mary BOESE • Amanda Dorothy CRITCHELL • Damian JAMES • Emma Maureen WHEELER • Alvin PETERSEN • Lucinda COBB • Maureen VAUGHAN • Marie MERRIFIELD • Penny ELLIOTT • John MEPHAM • Rachel GREENER • Bob TURNER • Dawn FAILES • Cheraine HAGAN • Catriona RIDDELL • Dawn SALTER • Andrew SALTER • Jon CORBY • Charlie HOBBS • Thomas DEAN • Christine ALLEN • Katie HUTCHINGS • Imogen SMITH • Bibi Jean KEEBLE-STEVENS



Run Report 5th Oct 2019

Frimley Lodge parkrun No.502

by Kieran Hughes


It was an early start (5am) for Tracey and I setting off from Taunton to mark the fifteen year anniversary of parkrun. On the 2nd October 2004 at Bushy Park a group of thirteen runners including Paul Sinton-Hewitt held the first Bushy Park Time Trial. Since then parkrun has grown to 1648 current global parkruns of this free weekly timed event. Later that day I was taking part in an obstacle course race in nearby Bagshot and thought I could combine the trip with a parkrun marking the special occasion.

The course is in Frimley Lodge Park and run on a mixture of grass, park paths and canal tow path. It is a delightful flat two lap course which is buggy and dog friendly. We were made to feel most welcome by the friendly volunteers and were cheered on by runners. Great parkrun spirit!

Now for the statistics, there were 536 who ran jogged or walked at Frimley Lodge and there were representatives from 31 clubs:

100 Marathon Club, Aldershot Farnham & District AC, Blackwater Valley Runners, Bracknell AC, Bracknell Forest Runners, British Military Fitness, Camberley & District AC, Cove Joggers, Defence Sports & Recreation, Evolution Triathlon Club, Godalming AC, Hart Road Runners, Hatch Warren Runners, Lonely Goat AC, Phoenix Triathlon, Reading Joggers, Reigate Priory AC, Run Mummy Run, Running Forever Running Club, Sandhurst Joggers, Swansea Harriers AC, Windle Valley Runners, Woking AC and Yateley SilverTracks.

The first male finisher was Mark SYMES with a time of 17:09 having run 375 times with Aldershot, Farnham & District AC.

Second was Daniel WESTON with a mile of 17:15 having run 126 times with Aldershot, Farnham & District AC.

Third was Cameron ENSER with a time of 17:27 having run 32 times with Bracknell AC.

The first female finisher was Naomi MAINI with a time of 19:53 having run 105 times with Reigate Priory AC.

Second was Louise MILLS with a time of 21:47 having run 129 times with Woking AC.

Third was Tracey DAVIDSON with a time of 21:51 having run 357 times.

Congratulations to the spectacular 78 new Personal Bests:

Amy HOLTON, Cameron ENSER, Roy SHERIFF, Alex K, Matthew KNIGHT, Mathew HOLMES, Luka WILLIAMS, Norma DUDLEY, Andy CALLUS, Ben ECKARD, Jacob MULLERWORTH, Kevin MCCULLEN, Claire COLES, Debbie OWEN, Jennifer HORNER, Sheighla HANNIS,      Angela KING  , Alan PERRETT, Alex SAUNDERS, Marie HOGSTON, Miles GRANT, Alex WHITE, Daniel WESTCOTT, Jemima ONEILL, Sarah JACKSON, Mark PILGRIM, Annabel CHRISTOPHER, Steve WESTCOTT, Hazel DINO, Ellie KIRBY, Tim HOOKER, Sara NORTH, Sam WILKINS, Anna BRIMBLE, Andrea PUTLAND,      Julia WHITEHEAD, John HARPER, Steve BAKER, Ellis LARSON, Dale BARRELL, Lucas DANIEL, Emily TAYLOR, Michelle KENNEDY, Bella TAYLOR, Daniel BAINES, Daniel WESTON, Graham STACEY, Stu TAYLOR, Jennie GIBB, Chris WAKE, Stuart FEGAN, Mike LLOYD, Max BAKER, Harriet PAGE, Caroline FEGAN, Sinitta CHUNG, David KITT, Chris HURSEY, Richard GRAY,    Katherine HUBBARD, Paul BERESFORD, Ellie HYDE, Matthew PLUNKETT, Jackie BAILEY, Naomi MAINI, Gary COLES, Alina CHAPMAN, Chris HANNIS, Paul FOSTER, Harry SOLJAK, Kelly PUTMAN, Olivia WINDARD, Peter PHELPS-JONES, Alistair WILKIE, Julia BRINTON, Jason RAUSCH, Caden LUCAS and Adam STANBRIDGE.

A warm welcome to the 15 first timers to the parkrun family, Colin GRAY, Francis LWAZI, Ingrid STOKES, Nicola CARR, Hannah HODGES-WHITE, Benedict STOKES, Noah DARBY, Sarah PERRIO, Robert STORER, Zach DARBY, Becky STORER, Ella PEDDIE, Gavin CAMPBELL, Bobbie CIMINO and ELLA CINMINO. May this be the start of your parkrun journey.

There were a fantastic number of celebrations today. A special shout out goes to the following who joined the following Milestone Clubs:

10 Club – Sam LAWRENCE & Caitlin PICKUP

50 Club – Katherine HUBBARD & Karen JELLY

100 Club – Jason LLOYD

250 Club – Phil JELLY

Well done also to Emma HOWDEN and Paul HOBBS reaching 200 runs and to Robert DRUMMOND on 300.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Frimley Lodge parkrun Results Page.

This event would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of the following 44 Hi Vis Hero’s: Tracey ALDER, Gareth BAKER, Karen BARNARD, Pam BERRIMAN, Nigel BOARD, Ian COATES, Lucinda COBB, Amanda Dorothy CRITCHELL, Dave DABORN, Olivia DETTMAR, Jason EAST, Penny ELLIOTT, Dawn FAILES, Declan FARRELL, Karen FORNOS KLEIN, Paula FUDGE, Richard FYVIE, Charlie HOBBS, Brian HOLDEN, Kieran HUGHES, Damian JAMES, Dilwyn JONES, Bibi Jean KEEBLE-STEVENS, Rachel LANE, Annabelle LAWRENCE, Alison LENAGHAN, Matthew LOWDON, Koji MIYAZAKI, John MURDOCH, Deanne NUTTALL, Darren POWELL, Neil PURCELL, Catriona RIDDELL, Dawn SALTER, Christine SCALLY, Roger SMITH, Amelia SMITH, Mark SYMES, Sally TAYLOR, Brian THEOBALD, Bob TURNER, Janet VENABLES, Anne WHILLIS, Simon WHILLIS

If you would like to volunteer simply email

From its humble origins parkrun has in fifteen years grown to a global phenomenon which is free, weekly timed and open to all abilities. Frimley Lodge parkrun started on 13th February 2010. Since then 18,796 participants have completed 175,237 parkruns covering a total distance of 876,185 km, including 27,790 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,186 individuals have volunteered 15,383 times.


Thank you Frimley Lodge parkrun for making Tracey and I so welcome.


Kieran Hughes, Longrun Meadow parkrun (Taunton)



Parking at Frimley Lodge

We would like to remind parkrunners of the parking policy at Frimley Lodge park! This means you can only park in the allocated car parks within the park. Anyone parking on the internal access road risks a fine - this road needs to remain clear for emergency vehicle access and for other park users access! There are several car parks available within the park - miniature railway car park, dog field car park, pitch number 4 car park (on the verge at side of last downhill field between the signs) and the main car park. 

Whenever possible we also have use of the 'overflow' car park within Frimley Lodge, however during wet or rainy conditions (more so Autumn to Spring) the overflow will be closed due to rising water table and muddy conditions on car park field.

Please consider - walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing to get to the park.  Allow plenty of time to park safely - if parking outside of the park, please park responsibly (and legally) on side roads or public car parks, do give consideration to local residents and pedestrians.  Do not block access to private properties or businesses, on road junctions or verges.


Run Report 28 Sep 2019

Frimley Lodge parkrun - #501, the calm after the massive 500!

By Nicola Reynolds


We had a fantastic day for parkrun here at Frimley Lodge – not too hot, not too cold, a little bit windy, lushy!

We were joined by runners from as far afield as Bury St Edmunds, Reading, and a large contingent from Rushmoor, who unfortunately did not have permission to use their alternative course. Whilst it was great to see you, hopefully you'll all be back at 'home' next week. We also were treated to a contingent from the Vegan Runners club! We hope you enjoyed your run!

As a tourist I always enjoy hearing other people's briefings and seeing what great practice I can steal back to my own home parkrun (Prospect, in Reading – do come along and give it a go sometime!). Emma Owen and Amelia Smith gave a cracking briefing – lots of advice, where to start, which sides of the course to run on to avoid falling in the canal … thanks ladies! We then listened attentively to Brian Holden give the main briefing – I was really impressed by the community feel to this parkrun, celebrating many milestones, a birthday and many thanks offered for last week's amazing showcase of what makes parkrun so great. The marshal team were fabulous – lots of cheering and clapping – very much appreciated. That's not to say the least about the “back stage” volunteers, pre and post event set up – an amazing number of cones are used on this course! - time keepers, barcode scanners, results processors, all very much appreciated.

Each week the core team are sent some core statistics, and you can see these at the bottom of this report, but here are some other stats I thought worthy of your attention!

33/661 runners ran without a barcode today! Oops! #DFYB! You can get various barcodes (paper, from the parkrun website, fancy wristbands, plastic tags for your shoes, credit card sized cards … all from - you can buy from here and a portion of your purchase price helps to keep parkrun free, forever! (I personally think the 15 year anniversary band is very stylish!)

22 people chose today to be their very first parkrun! Welcome to the parkrun family, and we hope to see you next week!

Jaedan POTTS * James MACGILLIVRAY * Michael LYONS * Sarah ROBINSON * Edward VAN OOSTRUM * Steve ROBINSON * Charlotte WILLIAMS * Michele FOX * Iain BELL * Michelle WENMAN * Simon MILLIDGE * Lucy MILLIDGE * Hariksha LAPHAM * Jemima ONEILL * Brian ONEILL * Nicola CHAMBERLAIN * Kirsten FRY * Ann-Marie WOODLEY * Faye SKENE * Tanya SKENE * Louise HUNTER * Georgia WARD

62 people made today their first trip to Frimley Lodge – great to see you all, hope to see you again soon!

A massive 87!!!! of you achieved a PB (13% of the field!) amazing work!

Katie WHENSLEY * Philip BENT * Leanna LARGE * Jason RAUSCH * Kenny TAYLOR * Debbie OWEN * Beccie WEDDERBURN * Andrea PUTLAND * Claire LEAH * Prati GURUNG * Matt SHORT * Matthew POPE * Paul KEELER * Charlotte KEEBLE * Victoria LONG * Julia BRINTON * Alan WALTERS * Jonathan PARRY * Sascha COOMBS * Alison THOMPSON * Bhumika DHAKAL * Owain JACKSON * Jennifer HORNER * Sameer DESHPANDFE * Matthew HARBORNE * Stuart FEGAN * Lucas DANIEL * Abigail PETERS * Tim DRAPER * Miriam INKSTER * Douglas HERITAGE * Steve TOLAND * Graham STACEY * Paul FORD * Mike BATCHELOR * George DUNN * Belle COOMBS * Jake KNIGHT * Elliot HENDY * Trevor CHRISTIAN * Clare PHILLIPS * Noah SCHOLLICK * Garry KIRK *Raeleah RAATH * Daniel BAINES * Jonathan BOWDER * Angela THORBURN * Kate WEREMKO * Nella MORRIS * Karen LEE * Kevin MCCULLEN * Alan PERRETT * Lindsey KNIGHT * Natasha GRIFFITHS * Max BAKER * Anna BRIMBLE * Michele HARPER * Gareth DREWERY * Richard LOCK * Heather ALLEN * Morgan DREWERY * Lucy MAHON * Zoe PAYNE * Ellie HYDE * Jon WEBB * Alexa KING * Andy CALLUS * Louisa MEAD * Michael MILLS * Jon MULLERWORTH * Jake MURDOCH * Owen ROBERTS * Stephen PHILLIPS * Celia CHAMPION * Emma HOLLOWAY * Kirsty CROUCH * Rowena HEARN * Larisa ANDRONACHE * Bryan URIZAR * Denise PALMER * Nik BATHE * Colin BATHE * Kayden LENAGHAN * Harley-Rai BROWN * Alex THOMPSON * Jane LIGHT * Nicola STOTT

Club joiners

Sarah Whillis joined the 50 club after 39 runs at Frimley Lodge! Congratulations!

Jason Francis, usually a Rushmoor runner joined us today for his 50th run! Again a massive congratulations!

Nicholas Gibbs completed his 100th run! It was awesome to see his balloon today at the course!

Tim Guscott completed his (unoffical) 150th run! Excellent!

And last but by no means least …

Daniel Boulter completed his 400th run ! Astonishing! I am running out of exclamatives!



Please remember to volunteer to make sure that Frimley Lodge parkrun can continue for a long time to come. If everyone volunteered twice a year, we would never have to ask for volunteers!

Massive thanks for hosting me – hope to see you soon!


Frimley Lodge parkrun
Event number 501
28th September 2019

This week 661 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 85 were first timers and 87 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 51 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 60 volunteers:

Darren WOOD • Ross MACLAGAN • Dave DABORN • Dave BUSH • Paige DIXON • Alison LENAGHAN • Royston CRANDLEY • Maurice GOODERHAM • Cliff HILTON • Mark SYMES • Pam BERRIMAN • Brian HOLDEN • Nigel BOARD • Roger SMITH • Tom CHURCHILL • Alison PARRY • Peter BERRIMAN • Karen BARNARD • Elinor Mary BOESE • Amanda Dorothy CRITCHELL • Veronica SCOTT • Damian JAMES • Lucinda COBB • Bob TURNER • Cathy BOESE • Anne THEOBALD • Koji MIYAZAKI • Elaine LOWDON • Andrew LOWDON • Amelia SMITH • Olivia DETTMAR • Simon WHILLIS • Emma OWEN • Eva CHURCHILL • Anne WHILLIS • Nicola REYNOLDS • Neil PURCELL • Deanne NUTTALL • Charlie HOBBS • Nicholas GIBBS • Alastair GIBBS • Fraser GIBBS • Julie GIBBS • Annabelle LAWRENCE • Samantha BENSON • Pamela DURY • Katie HUTCHINGS • Stephen ANDREWS • Imogen SMITH • John RICKETT • Richard PARRETT • Brian THEOBALD • Richard HAILSTONE • Naomi MISTRY • Karen FORNOS KLEIN • Henry COOP • Rebecca QUINLAN • Jadzia QUINLAN • David JONES • Bibi Jean KEEBLE-STEVENS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Frimley Lodge parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Joshua GRACE who recorded a time of 15:25 on 11th April 2015 (event number 273).
The female record is held by Lauren HALL who recorded a time of 17:39 on 22nd June 2019 (event number 488).
The Age Grade course record is held by Paula FUDGE who recorded 92.70% (20:33) on 2nd July 2011 (event number 72).

Frimley Lodge parkrun started on 13th February 2010. Since then 18,744 participants have completed 174,701 parkruns covering a total distance of 873,505 km, including 27,712 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,183 individuals have volunteered 15,339 times.


Run Report 21 September 2019

Happy 500th Frimley Lodge!

By Emma Owen

On 13th February 2010 71 runners lined up to take part in the very first Frimley Lodge parkrun. There were just six volunteers.

Fast forward nine-and-a-half years and an incredible 18,659 people have become a part of Frimley Lodge parkrun history, between them completing 174,039 parkruns at this venue!

Today was a day to celebrate! A record-breaking 764 runners, joggers and walkers completed Frimley Lodge’s 500th parkrun. It could have been the wonderful array of cakes on offer, it could have been what looks like our last day of summer sunshine, or it could have been the sheer excitement of being there for this momentous milestone, that got us all out of bed and into our kit.

There were lots and lots and lots of cakes! The judges had a tough decision to choose the best but the prize was awarded to Lorraine and Nigel for their runner made out of chocolate brownies and Smarties. Despite the number of cakes, the hundreds of participants and volunteers managed to eat their way through them all!

As part of the celebrations, the course was changed to take in the original finish line, just in front of the children’s play-park. We couldn’t run the full original course, which joins the canal sooner, as there were simply too many parkrunners to make this a safe option.

Conditions were perfect for this special run – warm but not too hot, dry and no mud. But the sheer numbers made it a little congested on the first lap.

First to finish was Alistair Gudgin, a first timer at Frimley who usually parkruns in Scotland. His time was 17:16. First female was Naomi Maini, a Frimley Lodge regular, in 20:41. There were 90 first timers, 104 achieved a PB and representatives of 56 different clubs took part.

As always our thanks go to the volunteers who make our parkrun possible. There were 54 today – nine times more than on that first parkrun in 2010!

Thanks to the amazing team who had the drive and determination to start up this event all those years ago, and to those who have kept it going on virtually every Saturday morning since, even when only 32 runners turned up on week six!  It’s down to them that we now have this amazing Saturday morning get-together which so many of us love. It feels such an honour to be a part of the parkrun family. Here’s to the next 500!


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