Run Report 16 October 2021

Volunteers Abounding!

By Louise McIntosh

We woke up on Saturday to a very grey start, however luckily the rain cleared in time for everyone to enjoy the 540th Frimley Lodge parkrun!
Our team of hi-vis heroes was on hand to ensure the course was set up safely. parkrun is only possible due to the amazing people who volunteer their time to make sure we can all take part. This week local running group Frimley Flyers did a volunteer 'take over' alongside our regular volunteers, and there were a huge number of people who made it possible this week:
They are:
Adrian KEANE-MUNDAY  •  Alan BUSH  •  Alan MACKIE  •  Alison LENAGHAN  •  Amanda Dorothy CRITCHELL  •  Brian HOLDEN  •  Brooke HEWLETT  •  Chelsea KNIGHT  •  Chris PEDDLE  •  Christine SCALLY  •  Cliff HILTON  •  Damian BOUCH  •  Damian JAMES  •  Darren STONE  •  David Craig PEDDLE  •  David HOLLINSWORTH  •  Deanne NUTTALL  •  Derek PEDDLE  •  Duncan BALL  •  Elliot DUCHATEAU  •  Emily BENSON  •  Emma HOWDEN  •  Eve MARSHALL  •  Fiona KEANE-MUNDAY  •  Harriet PAGE  •  Helen HART  •  Ian COATES  •  James BALL  •  Jess BYRNE  •  Jo WOOD  •  Jodie RAYNSFORD  •  John MURDOCH  •  John TAYLOR  •  Karen BARNARD  •  Kirstie STONE  •  Koji MIYAZAKI  •  Leonie Jane HARVEY  •  Louise MCINTOSH  •  Lucinda COBB  •  Lucy BASS  •  Lyn TAYLOR  •  Martin GAY  •  Mary WILLIAMS  •  Neil PURCELL  •  Nicholas GIBBS  •  Pam BERRIMAN  •  Paul R WILLIAMS  •  Paul WILLIAMS  •  Peta REVELL  •  Peter BERRIMAN  •  Philip BARKER  •  Richard FYVIE  •  Rob HARKNESS  •  Roger SMITH  •  Ross MACLAGAN  •  Sarah CAMPBELL-FOSTER  •  Simon John HARVEY  •  Steve PAGE  •  Susan Jane HARVEY  •  Tom CHURCHILL
A huge thank you to you all for ensuring Saturdays remain parkrunday!  Volunteering is a great way to enjoy parkrun, please let us know if you would like to help out one week by using the link on our volunteer page.
The wet start didn't seem to deter people, as this week we welcomed 352 parkrunners. They ran, jogged and walked the course, and it was great to see so many people out, with several people sporting their recent London or Manchester Marathon finishers t-shirts!
A very impressive 27 of the participants were First Timers at Frimley, including 11 people who chose to start their parkrun journey with us. Welcome to the parkrun family we hope you enjoyed your visit and come and see us again soon.
Congratulations to Brendan KENNY & Andrew HATZFELD who completed their 100th parkrun today.
Warrick RAATH was first finisher in a time of 16:57, followed by Adam Joseph DART with a new PB of 17:40 and then Jake PEARCE (JM11-14) of AFD in a new PB time of 17:48.
Our first three female finishers were Victoria WILLIAMS, who was 12th overall, in a PB time of 19:39, also Victoria's first run at Frimley; Amy COOPER (JW11-14) in a PB time of 20:24 and 23rd overall, followed by Deborah MACPHEE also with a new PB of 21:32 and 43rd overall.
Congratulations all and excellent running!
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Frimley Lodge parkrun Results Page.


Run Report 25th Sept 2021

Some great PBs and no Funnel Duckers!

by Amanda Critchell

This week, we welcomed a reduced number of just 334 parkrunners to Frimley Lodge on what was a cloudy and, at times, rainy Saturday morning. Amongst the numbers were 18 first timers to Frimley Lodge, which included 9 first time parkrunners. The course was good with no fallers this week and perhaps the slightly cooler conditions assisted 52 to a new PB. Some however, may have been taking it a bit easier in preparation for the somewhat hilly Run Frimley 10k, which took place the next day. It was lovely to see so many Frimley Lodge parkrunners both running and marshalling around the Run Frimley course. Well done to everyone who took part, whether running or volunteering. In fact, it may have been due to Run Frimley taking place the next day that we appeared in the stats this week as the parkrun in the UK with the highest drop in attendance (-215) after our numbers were swelled last week by visitors from Rushmoor.

However, there were a lot of PBs this week amongst the first finishers for the men, women and junior runners. The first 3 men to finish were all from Aldershot, Farnham & District running club. James Quinlan was first with a PB of 16:29 and he was followed by Mark Symes in 16:59. However, Mark also achieved the highest age-graded score this week of 88.22%. Third to finish was Daniel Quinlan with a PB of 17:05. The person to achieve the second highest age-grading was Austin Soane, with 87.88% for his time of 19:29. The third highest age-grading was 83.21% by Paul Gaylor for his time of 18:10. Great running!

Candice Johnson was first home for the ladies in a time of 19:23. Candice has run just 5 parkruns in total, all of them at Frimley Lodge and has finished as first lady in 4 of her 5 finishes. She also achieved the highest age-grading by a woman of 76.87% this week. Natasha Stevens finished second for the women with a new PB of 20:27 and she was followed by Caitlin Mason in third, who also achieved a PB of 21:48. Well done to all of you.

Congratulations to all of our juniors, but particularly to those first finishers.  Benjamin Everingham (JM11-14) was first with a PB of 19:06, which was his third PB of this year and he also achieved the highest age-grading by a junior of 74.26%. Daniel Barrett (JM15-17) was the second junior to finish with a PB of 19:35 and Sacha Berryman (JM15-17) was third, also with a PB of 21:04. For the junior women, Natasha Griffiths (JW15-17) finished first with a time of 23:36. Charlotte Knight (JW11-14) was second with 26:50 and third to finish was Lois Taverner (11-14) in a time of 32:44.

Congratulations also, to Martin Sheldon, who this week ran his 100th parkrun, joining a new parkrun T-shirt club. Well done also to Olive Stewart on her 50th parkrun this week.

Well done also to everyone who achieved a new PB this week. The person who had run the most parkruns (246) and who achieved a PB was a visitor from Reading parkrun, Nevil Hunt, who finished in 23:22. However, although he has only run 5 parkruns at Frimley Lodge, all of them were run this year and it was his 3rd PB of the year. Matthew Roberts (JM11-14), who achieved a PB of 29:35, was the person who had run the most parkruns at Frimley Lodge to get a PB this week with 99 parkruns in total and 98 of them at Frimley Lodge. Just one run to go for the big 100! Some other PBs achieved this week by those who have run more than 20 parkruns at Frimley Lodge and who have not already been mentions were: Karl Seward, 22:44; Heidi Khetani, 27:55; Michelle Harper, 27:06; Paul Batey, 20:26; Andrew Golding, 19:48 and Matt Bartlett, 23:03, with his 4th PB of this year.

You may have noticed that new signs appeared this week asking that everyone remain in the finish funnel until  the end. This point was also emphasised in the communication brief before the run. Thank you and well done to everyone, as we had no funnel duckers this week! It made processing the results a lot easier! Thank you also to all of our volunteers and particularly to those scanning all of our barcodes, who have done really well using the new parkrun app since we have returned with very few errors and who this week had to still scan using their phones in the rain. Also, if you would like to write this run report after parkrun in the future, we would welcome some new (or old) voices. Just email and let us know. Finally, best wishes to everyone who is running the London Marathon on Sunday, whether at the event itself or virtually.


Run Report 18th Sep 2021

Welcome to our visitors from Rushmoor parkrun

by Amanda Critchell

Boosted by visitors from the neighbouring Rushmoor parkrun, Frimley lodge vibrated to the sound of 549 parkrunners pounding its paths this week. Amongst the visitors, we welcomed 65 first timers to our course and for 19 of those it was their very first parkrun. There were just 77 PBs this week and quite a few of those were by returning visitors. Amongst the low lights of the run, there were quite a few falls around the tree-rooty station area and one new runner extended her parkrun by inadvertently turning the wrong direction along the canal on the second lap. However she was rescued and set back on the right course by some of our faster runners who found her on their cool down lap.

Stephen Blake finished first this week in a time of 16:44. He more regularly runs at Rushmoor parkrun and has only completed 3 parkruns at Frimley Lodge, but he has finished first on all 3 occasions! He was followed by Alexander Matthews in 17:00, another regular at Rushmoor. Frimley Lodger Mark Symes was third in 17:18, although he came first in the age-gradings with the highest age-graded score this week of 86.61%. After Mark, Koji Miyazaki came a very close second with an age-grading of 86.59% for his time of 18:31 and Jon Cross had the third highest age-grading of 83.85% for his time of 19:49. Lesley Barnes achieved the highest age-grading set by a woman this week of 76.34% for her brilliant PB of 29:39. Lesley has run just 5 parkruns, all of them at Frimley Lodge, including 3 PBs, reducing her first time by nearly 20 minutes!

For the ladies, Clare Rees came first in a time of 20:40, which is the third time that she has come first this year and her 8th, first place finish overall. Sam Murphy finished second with a time of 21:10 and Deb Paynter-Hetherington was third with a PB of 21:40. Amongst the 3 fastest finishing juniors for each of the boys and girls, 3 finished within 10 seconds of their PB, just missing out and 2 achieved a PB this week. Joshua Williams (JM15-17) finished as first junior for the boys in a time of 20:09. He was followed by Aaron Webb (JM11-14) in 20:54 and Ewan Mayes (JM11-14) in 21:52. Raeleah Raath (JW11-14) finished first for the junior women in 21:40 and also achieved the highest age-grading of all the junior parkrunners of 73.69%. Freya Sutton (JW15-17) was second with a PB of 22:27 and Harriet Page (JW11-14) was third with a PB of 25:34. Congratulations also to both Emma Booth (JW15-17) and Graham Taylor who managed to finish as perfectly average for the course, finishing exactly in our current average finish time of 28:24!

Congratulations to all of those who achieved a milestone parkrun both this week and last week as well. A couple of notable achievements from last week include Jason Mistry who joined the 250 parkruns club and Mark Symes who reached his 400th parkrun. This week the unofficial milestones were: Greg Tate who reached his 350th parkrun; both Beverley Jennings and Anna Zmijewska who achieved 200 parkruns and Michael Try who finished his 150th parkrun. Those who joined a new parkrun T-shirt club this week were Lov Gurung and Kirsty Howe who joined the 100 club and Mark Pilgrim, Pamela Phelps-Jones and Robert Chapple who all finished their 50th parkrun. Well done to you all.

Huge felicitations to all of you who achieved a PB this week including all of those returning visitors from Rushmoor and elsewhere. The person who had run the most parkruns and who achieved a PB was Lisa Dennis with 319 parkruns (255 of them were run at Frimley Lodge) and who achieved a PB of 27:24, which was her second PB in a row. The person with the second highest number of parkruns to achieve a PB was a visitor, who more regularly runs at Basingstoke parkrun, Steve McGeown, who achieved a PB of 18:20. Those who had run more than 30 parkruns at Frimley Lodge and who achieved a PB included: Cheraine Hagan, 25:38; Val Wescott, 31:08; Mark Djeneralovic, 20:39; Mikey Westcott (JM11-14), 24:46; Karl Seward, 22:55; Oliver White, 20:23; Sacha Berryman (JM15-17), 22:00 and Alison Thompson, 26:57. The person with the highest age-grading to achieve a PB was Terry Booth, who finished in 18:14 with 83.55% and he was also the fastest parkrunner to achieve a PB. The person with the slowest time and who achieved a PB was Alysia Bartlett who achieved her second PB in a row of 44:00 on just her 6th parkrun, reducing her first parkrun time by over 5 minutes! Congratulations to everyone with a PB this week.

Thank you to all of our hard working volunteers this week, who worked tirelessly in all of their individual roles to make our parkrun great! A special thank you this week to all of those who help to take down equipment from around the course afterwards on their cool down lap and who this week also rescued a lost parkrunner! Finally, a special request: please don’t be a funnel ducker! Every week a number of people leave the taped off finish funnel before reaching the end of the funnel and the people who give out the finish tokens. This makes the results less accurate and more difficult and time consuming to process. So, please don’t leave the funnel before the receiving your finish token. If you see someone duck the funnel, please note how many people in front or behind you they were and tell us. It will help us a lot! Thank you and happy parkrunning.


Shed Funds Needed!

Shed Load of Funds Needed!

Its crunch time at the park! We need to raise £2K pretty quickly to purchase and install a decent shed to relocate our parkrun store from the pavilion to the new compound and are asking for your help in raising necessary funds to provide an alternative home for our equipment necessary to make FL parkrun happen each week.
If you are able to make a donation to the FLparkrun Shed Fund please follow this link to the official About Us page and scroll down to the Donate button to make your pledge. All contributions will be appreciated and gratefully received.
Please share this request with the local parkrun Community and thank you Frimley Lodge parkrunners for your valued support at our time of need .... We will let you know how the fund raising goes and post a regular update on progress towards our total.
Thanks to parkrunner generosity we are almost half way to the £2K target to purchase our new store necessary to keep FL parkrun functioning. If you have yet to consider donating to the 'Shed Fund' please visit the link to FL parkrun 'About Us' page and hit the Donate banner half way down the page to register your contribution. All donations gratefully received in helping guarantee the future of FL parkrun ....
Please continue to share this request with the wider FLparkrun Community ... Many Thanks
FLp Core Team

Run Report 28th Aug 2021

Speedy Mark takes his 200th First Place Finish

by Amanda Critchell


Cool and cloudy conditions welcomed 482 parkrunners including 20 newbies to the 533rd Frimley Lodge parkrun. After recent rainy and muddy parkruns, it was a change of pace to have the course turned into a dustbowl with most commenting on how dirty their trainers were after the event! However the dry conditions encouraged a massive 103 PBs (21.3%). We were also blessed with 41 valiant volunteers who cheered as they marshalled, scanned, timed and completed all of their various tasks before, during and after the event. Mark Symes, who has been regularly finishing first at Frimley Lodge since 2011, has had an ambition to reach 200 first place finishes, a task made all the more difficult by the advancing years and speedy youngsters! However, this week, he achieved it, although the second place finisher (a visitor to our parkrun) almost spoiled the party, finishing just 2 seconds behind and forcing Mark to a sprint finish and a new highest age-grading of 89.36%!

So Mark finished first this week in a scintillating time of 16:46. He was followed home by Ted Mockett in 16:48 on his first visit to Frimley Lodge (he more regularly runs at Bushy and Richmond parkruns but has visited a total of 61 different parkruns). Max Duckworth (JM15-17) finished an impressive third in 17:07 achieving the highest age-grading by a junior this week with a palindromic 78.87%. However, Austin Soane achieved the highest age-grading overall with 90.07% for his time of 18:58, with Mark Symes second and Koji Miyazaki in third, with his highest ever age-grading of 87.61%. Sachio Dixon achieved the highest age-graded performance for the women with 80.21% for her time of 21:59.

However, Naomi Maini was the first lady to finish in 19:17 and she was followed by Samantha Murphy in 20:43 and Amy Cooper (JW11-14) who achieved her second PB of the year in 21:02. Following Max Duckworth home for the junior boys was Thomas Martin (JM15-17) in 19:19 with a 40 second PB and Harry Lamb (JM11-14) with his third PB in a row of 19:35. For the junior women, Amy Cooper was first and she was followed by Lucy Duckworth (JW15-17) in 23:49 and Maisie Harkness (JW11-14) who achieved a PB of 26:15.

There were many celebrations at parkrun this week, not just Mark’s 200th finish. Congratulations to everyone who achieved a parkrun milestone this week. Well done to Chris Peddle for completing his 300th parkrun and to the 8 people who joined a new parkrun milestone club. Richard Lamb, Emma Owen, Pam Dury and Gordon Randall all reached their 100th parkrun whilst Raymond Zammit, Kevin McCullen, Paul Alexander and Nick Birch (with a new PB of 23:05) reached their 50th parkruns.

Congratulations also to everyone who fought hard and achieved a new PB this week. Jason Mistry was the person who had run the most parkruns at Frimley Lodge who achieved a PB in a time of 22:09. The person with the highest age-grading and who also achieved a PB was Soren Schultze with 19:42 and an age-grading of 82.15%. Those who have run more than 25 parkruns at Frimley Lodge and who achieved a PB (not previously mentioned) were: Liam Byrne, 19:18; Philip Saddleton, 21:01; Kath Mageean, 29:21; Anne Holland, 26:29; Nicholas Twomey, 17:09; Oscar Bond (JM11-14), 25:05; Thomas Bailey, 24:28; Craig Goble, 25:07; Matthew Bradshaw (JM11-14), 33:42; Helen Soloman, 25:53; Ben Roberts, 21:57; Graham Stacey, 24:29; Joshua Williams (JM15-17), 19:56 and Alison Cookson, 30:31.

Well done to everyone who completed parkrun this week, whether walking, jogging, having a natter, or pushing yourself to your limit and thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers. However, I give the final congratulations to Mark Symes on his tremendous feat of 200 first place finishes and a word about his parkrun story. Mark started at parkrun back in February 2010 with a time of 20:43, but followed this up with 8 PBs in his first year, finally achieving his first ever first-place finish in October of the same year with a time of 18:13. In 2011, Mark achieved a further 6 PBs and the first places started flowing more regularly, with 22 that year. Mark has completed 189 of his first places at Frimley Lodge, achieving the remaining 11 at just 5 other parkruns. Mark is also 10th on the list of all parkrunners in the UK with the most first finishes. However, Mark has faced competition from a number of other parkrunners over the years in his bid to finish first, but the number he has achieved is a testament to his commitment to parkrun and Frimley Lodge in particular, his consistency over the years and the fact that he just keeps getting better! Mark is a regular volunteer and is the record holder for the fastest times recorded at Frimley Lodge in all of the age-categories that he has run in (VM 40-44, 45-49 and 50-54) and with his latest age-graded PB this week, appears at number 6 on the list of all time highest age-grades achieved at Frimley Lodge. Well done Mark.

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