Fritton Lake parkrun is cancelled on 24 August 2019: Fritton Lake parkrun is under temporary suspension

Fritton Lake parkrun under temporary suspension

Dear parkrunners,

Please note that parkrun remains suspended at the Fritton Lake site.

It is important to stress that this suspension is temporary due to building work taking place during the Spring and Summer months.

In the meantime the Event Team, under the leadership of Ashley Johnson, will be working with the Event Support Ambassador, Phil Henry, to re-route the course to avoid the changes taking place on the site.

We will keep you updated with any news when we have something to share.

Thank you,

The Fritton Lake Event Team



PLEASE READ: Parkrun Cancellation On 22 July 2017

Sorry to inform you that Fritton Lake Parkrun is cancelled on Saturday 22nd July 2017.

Due to administration issues, we are unable to process any results on that day.

However this does provide an opportunity to visit the other local parkruns in the area.

Hopefully the issues should be resolved by next week and a parkrun is still planned to take place on 29 July 2017.


Saturday February 25th… Pace Runners

We will have some pace runners at Fritton this Saturday 25th February. Times will range from 24 to 40 minutes with intervals of 2 minutes.

So if you feel like trying for that elusive time and need a bit more encouragement now is your chance!

Of course as always you can run or walk at whatever pace you want.


Saturday 18th February

You may have seen a notice published today that Fritton Lake is now closed to the general public.

The Somerleyton Estate Office has confirmed the good news that they still wish to support us and that we are still able to go ahead with Parkrun.

On behalf of all our parkrunners we would like to thank the Somerleyton Estate for their continued support.

This Saturday is also our 250th event...have a good run.


Christmas Eve Parkrun

Dear Fellow Parkrunners,

There was an 'issue ' with the stopwatch today. I have done the best I can with the data available. If you have a time recorded on your own stopwatch which you wish added please e-mail the office. There are also a few runners with the same times at the end. Likewise please e-mail the office if you wish to change these.

E-mails may not be read until after Christmas.

This just leaves me to wish you all a Merry Christmas.. and see you all again on New Year's Eve!

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