There will not be a parkrun on 4th June, the jubilee weekend here at Fulbourn Hospital. For a variety of reasons, your entire core team is away that weekend. We all have different plans - we haven't gone on a big jolly together.

We have been trying to find experienced run directors from other events but nobody can supersub for us that week. We are still looking for new members of the core team, people who would like to take responsibility as run directors for the event each week. Let us know if you can help us out.

We will be back on 11th June as usual.

Richard and Anna


Fulbourn Hospital Parkrun event #42

Thank you to the volunteers who made today possible and a very special thank you Pauline who has now volunteered 100 times and is wonderfully encouraging to all. Pauline feels everyone is a hero for taking part and had a chocolate ‘hero’ waiting for everyone at the end.  Thank you Pauline.


Today 66 people ran, jogged and walked the course we hoped you all enjoyed it. A special mention to Stephen Tarrant who drove up from Croydon to complete his 300th consecutive event at a different parkrun each week. Now that’s a streak.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fulbourn Hospital parkrun Results Page.


Fulbourn Hospital parkrun #34 12th March 2022

What a glorious morning!


After lots of messy rain over the last few days, bright sunshine shone on us as we gathered for today’s Fulbourn Hospital parkrun. Arriving in good time, it was reassuring to see car park marshal Jennifer who could confirm I had parked in the right place. 

Admiring the daffodils and the blossom from the flowering cherries, I then headed towards Anna and the gathering volunteers, who all welcomed me and made sure I knew what I was doing! I must apologise for asking so many questions- the last time I was in the vicinity was about forty years ago and, unsurprisingly perhaps, things have changed!! 

As regulars will know, Fulbourn Hospital began life in the 19th century, opening in 1858. Over the years there have been many changes in approach, with some of the developments in treatment gaining international fame. Most of the activities take place now in modern buildings but some of the original buildings are still used by the NHS and I recommend any tourists to have a drive into the next-door Capital Park business park to have a quick look at them. 

Soon it was time for Run Director Richard Lyle to call everyone together for a briefing. His main concern was that everyone should enjoy the event. As he said, you can take as long as you like. In fact he even suggested it would be OK to stop for a picnic halfway round- that is until he remembered that one of the site rules was that picnics are unfortunately not allowed. And he warned us to beware of the rabbit burrows!

The course itself is four and a bit laps round the site, with a mixture of grass, and paths. Due to twists and turns, it is an enjoyable route. There is, we were informed, no hill. However there did seem to be something of an incline which had to be run up each lap. And what was baffling to me was that there didn’t seem to be a corresponding section sloping down. It was like some kind of Escher construct. Everyone else seemed to be taking it in their stride so maybe my issue is really to do with the extra weight I am currently carrying around my midriff. 

With the numbers present, the paths were never crowded. Being towards the back of the pack I had an extra opportunity of congratulating the fastest runners as they overtook me twice on their way round. There was no risk of me overtaking tail-walker Lorraine though.

All the volunteers were super encouraging as we went round. The wildlife was also supporting us- Magpies with their football-rattle calls and Green Woodpeckers with their yodelling cries. Many of the resident birds were singing to establish territories, keen to start breeding before the summer migrants arrive. I heard Robins, Great Tits and Chaffinches as I circumnavigated the course. 

Although my body wanted to finish a lap early, I kept going and was pleased to still record my fastest time of the year so far- good news as I have been taking quite a lot of meds recently. 

In all, 66 participants finished the event. These included plenty of experienced Fulbourn parkrunners of whom eleven secured course personal best times, perhaps a reflection of the great weather and the springy turf. One of these was William Roberts-Sengier who was first home- congratulations! Congratulations too to first lady, Clare Arnott!

We were joined this time by one first-time parkrunner- I hope you enjoyed the experience and will return!

There were also a healthy score of tourists attending Fulbourn Hospital parkrun for the first time, from a whole variety of locations, not just within Cambridge but from other counties, including Norfolk, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and Dorset. It could be that some were lured by today’s run number, thirty four. Amongst those who collect statistics there is an interest in attending event numbers that are part of the Fibonnaci sequence. Quite clearly the 12th century mathematician and scientist Fibonnaci himself was not a parkrunner but his sequence does keep turning up in unexpected situations and now it has been introduced as a parkrun challenge. I am sure he would have been bemused…

As ever, massive thanks to all the volunteers. You really created a great atmosphere for us all today and I drove home happy. The whole event was a welcome tonic in the challenging times we are currently living through. 


All the best

John Buchanan




Fulbourn Hospital Parkrun #30

12th February 2022

Many thanks to the volunteers and everyone who took part in our 30th park run event and for making my first RD role since pre-covid times run smoothly.  It was lovely to have Garry Parr join us, who is one of our regional Ambassadors, to also give wise words of encouragement.

A few post event shout outs:
Roy Reeder completed 572 parkruns today and was also first across the finish.
Stewart Anthony completed 350 visiting from Heaton Park Parkrun.
We had a lovely fun group called The Woozby Nerbets visiting, who left us guessing the meaning of their name.
A very happy birthday to Emily, who kept her cool being a solo timekeeper!

I have just about warmed back up, please come and join us next week.

This week 71 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 24 were first timers and 11 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Pauline BLAKE • Richard LYLE • Fiona MCDAID • Amelie KIRCHGAESSNER • Linda IGGLESDEN • Jon BYFORD • Jackie TOMLINSON • Tony TOMLINSON • Emily ARNOTT • Lorraine DUNSMORE • Cameron DUNSMORE • Andrew ALDRIDGE • Fufu FANG • Oliver RAUSCH • Roy PESCOD • Emma PESCOD

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fulbourn Hospital parkrun Results Page.


Fulbourn Hospital event report #25

Thanks to Pauline Blake for providing us with a run report for this week!

History has witnessed some marvellous performances of the 1812 Overture, but this morning David McLean put in his own remarkable performance, finishing in position #1, with an impressive time of 18:12. Well done David, and a shiny new PB too!

Among the 67 people that ran, jogged, and walked the course, 26 were first timers. We extend a huge welcome to you all (as well as to all those that have participated before). We hope you enjoyed the parkrun and that we will see you again very soon. We were pleased to welcome Alison Ainsworth, the parkrun ambassador for Cambridgeshire, as one of our first timers. Alison also volunteered by helping to set up the course this morning. Thank you!

Among the results some were aesthetically pleasing. Matthew Wingate, a first timer in position #9, recorded a time of 24:24, and Tabs Appleyard recorded a time of 33:22, which earned her a shiny PB. Well done to both.

Our youngest runner was Evie De Groot (JW10), who recorded an impressive 28:21 in position #28, coming in with the same recorded time as Oliver De Groot in position #29, both first timers at Fulbourn Hospital parkrun. Great running!

Coincidentally, another member of the De Groot family, Clare, also recorded the same time as another runner. Clare, in position #10, recorded a time of 24:33, the same as Lindsay Crockford in position #11. Both in the same age category, both on the same time, Clare was a first timer, and Lindsay earned a shiny PB. Congratulations to you both.

It seems unfair not to mention the fourth De Groot, Tobias (JM11-14), another first timer, who recorded a very respectable time of 27:20. Well done! It is such a joy to see families coming along together every Saturday, for their weekly parkrun experience.

As well as those already mentioned, seven other runners recorded PBs. The conditions were cold, wet, and windy (especially ascending the Cambridge ‘hill’), and a little slippery underfoot, so congratulations to: Philip Cowans, Paul Whitehead, Lily Matthews, Sean White, Sarah Moulton, Sue Stearn, and Mohammed Faisal Khaffar.

A special shout out goes to Chris Rogers, another first timer in position #34, but certainly not new to parkrun. Today Chris ran his 50th parkrun, earning him that lovely red milestone tee-shirt. Congratulations Chris!

Well done and huge thanks to everyone that participated today, and special thanks to all 24 volunteers, who made the event possible. To quote Richard, our lovely Event Co-Director, “It was wet and it was miserable, but you were warm and lovely.”

As one of the Tail Walkers, Richard himself was one of those warm and lovely
volunteers. Sadly, you won’t see his name in this week’s results. Richard crossed the finish line in position #67 but is recorded as “Unknown”. Why? He forgot his barcode!

Hope to you next week.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:
Alison AINSWORTH, Andrew ALDRIDGE, Pauline BLAKE, Emma
FAROUK, Valerie KERR, Stephen KYLE, Richard LYLE, Lucy

Fulbourn Hospital parkrun started on 7th December 2019. Since then, 1,495
participants have completed 2,898 parkruns covering a total distance of 14,490 km, including 399 new Personal Bests. A total of 164 individuals have volunteered 532 times.

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