Christmas and New Year 2018/19 at Fulham Palace parkrun

Over the Christmas period the Fulham Palace parkrun Team will be hosting runs on...

Christmas Day - 09:30 - only one parkrun may be registered for this day.

New Year's Day - 10:30 - a maximum of two parkruns only may be registered for this day.

Saturday 5th January 2019 - 09:00 - business as usual at Fulham Palace parkrun

The opportunity to do 'The Double' on New Year's Day can be arranged by checking our Christmas Compendium to see which of our immediate neighbours have declared what so far.

Further details regarding cafe services will be added in due course.

If you'd like to volunteer on any of the above dates, please email


Run Report – Event 225 – 6 January 2018

It's so far out, the way out is in

Report by Julian Abbott

What to write in this week's run report?

Well, I suppose the main feature was a record turnout of 563 athletes which eclipsed our previous record of 495.

New Year's resolutions coming to the fore?

Well done to all concerned and, particularly to those new to parkrun who we welcome to the community.

This remarkable figure has rather influenced this report which is truly stats dominated.

Today we celebrated our event number 225 when, as mentioned above, we welcomed a record number of 563 runners of whom 39 went home clutching a shiny new PB.

Of the recorded runners, we were delighted to welcome an amazing 122 first timers to Fulham Palace of whom 68 had chosen our venue for their very first parkrun.

What extraordinary numbers!

We hope all you first timers enjoyed your morning by the banks of the Thames and that we will see you back again soon.

Run director Farah Khan welcomed us all and after some necessary housekeeping sent us on our way.

Farah was supported by a merry band of 32 volunteers without whom our run would not have been possible.

Today's volunteer heroes were:

Dennis WILLIAMS • Neil GUTHRIE • Stephen JACK • Julian ABBOTT • Thomas DALEY • Dawn PAYNE • Sophie RAWORTH • Tom PRYSE-DAVIES • Rob CRANE • Margie SLADE • Anne MCCARVILLE • Spencer KELLY • Liza MIERS • Henri PLACEK • Richard SIMPSON • Eliza GAFFNEY • Denitsa MLADENOVA • Alex GAFFNEY • Jason CHEUNG • Amelia REES • Farah KHAN • Beth WORRALL • Sarah CARTHEW • Leo GEBBIE • Grace WHITFIELD • Deborah BABBINGTON • Laure SELLE • Martin HARTIGAN • Mark O'CALLAGHAN • Serena FOO • Olly BACON • Dominic BACON
and a big 'thank you' goes out to them.

Special congratulations and thanks go to those involved at the finish funnel for handling such a large number of runners.

Incidentally, don't be shy about volunteering - everyone is welcome to have a go; it is hugely rewarding to be involved in the running (ha!) of the event and some of the roles even allow you to have a run as well.

Above all, you get the opportunity to don the highly valued high-vis vest which, it is rumoured, instills much well-being and happiness in the wearer.

If interested, have a word with the run director or any of the other volunteers at your next parkrun.

Stats, dontcha just love 'em?

Notable PBs
Of the new 39 PBs, special mention goes to Emily SLADE (JW10) who achieved hers in her 44th run at Fulham Palace and, perhaps more importantly on the occasion of her 50th overall parkrun. Her time today of 28:55 smashed her previous best here of 29:10 set as recently as Christmas Day.
Well done, Emily!

Another PB of note was achieved by Rona FAIRS (VW45-49) who in her 64th parkrun (all at Fulham Palace) finished the course today in a time of 34:21 beating her previous best of 34:32 set on 25 November last year by a significant margin.
Congratulations Rona!

Notable first timers
Of the 122 who graced our course today for the first time was Jeremy TOWNSEND (VM50-54) who was participating in his 257th parkrun. I won't go through all of Jeremy's stats but, as a sample, he has now run at 82 different parkrun events - his regular course being Bromley where he has run 141 times.
Good to see you Jeremy, but what took you so long to find us!

Also Iain MACDONALD (VM55-59) chose to run his 195th parkrun at Fulham Palace, having predominantly run at Camperdown parkrun in Dundee on 163 occasions. Indeed, Fulham Palace appears to be Iain's first London parkrun.

Also Andy EVANS (VM50-54) strayed from Tring parkrun where he has run on 109 occasions and chose Fulham Palace for his 199th.

Milestone clubs
No new memebers of the 500, 250 and 100 clubs at today's run but congratulations go to the following who joined the 50 club:
Steve EMMERSON (SM30-34)
Michael KRAUTZBERGER (VM45-49)
Megan ROWE (SW25-29)
Andrew GOBLE (VM50-54)
Sally BOVALL (SW20-24)
Emily SLADE (JW10)
Charlie NEWSOME (VM50-54)
Well done to them all on achieving that milestone.

parkrunner of the week
This highly-prized accolade goes to the athlete whose finishing position correlates to this week's event number. So let's see, as this was event number 225 it must be ... yes it is ... Warren CHURCH (VM35-39) who, of his 103 parkruns, completed his 10th run at Fulham Palace today in a time of 25:08. Apart from his appearances at Fulham Palace, Warren's parkrun events are dominated by Wimbledon Common where he has run on 92 occasions. His spirit of adventure surfaced when he ventured out of SW London to Tring parkrun on the one occasion.

For the men:
First to cross the line was Ross MATHESON (SM25-29) who finished in the time of 16:16 followed by an 'Unknown'and then by Keith MACKINTOSH (VM40-44) whose time was 17:17.

For the ladies:
Alice RIDDELL-WEBSTER (VW50-54) crossed the finish line first (29th position overall) with a time of 19:47, followed by Natalie CARROLL (SW25-29) (33rd position overall) who achieved a very round 20:00 and Leah WALLAND (VW35-39) (37th position overall) not far behind in 20:04.

The first three juniors home and their respective times were:
Finlay WHITE 19:35 (24th overall)
Hector WORSLEY 21:24 (78th overall)
Harry CHAPPELL 21:33 (83rs overall)

Highest male age grade scorers:
Keith MACKINTOSH (VM40-44) 81.39%
Ross MATHESON (SM25-29) 79.30%
Alan FREER (VM60-64) 77.49%

Highest female age grade scorers:
Alice RIDDELL-WEBSTER (VW50-54) 84.75%
Louise BELL (VW40-44) 75.49%
Tomoko KIKUCHI (VW50-54) 75.36%

Percentages of the day
Of the 563 parkrunners taking part today, 468 were identified and 95 were 'unknown' (16.87% of the total field)

Of the identified runners there were :
39 PBs (8.33% of field)
122 First timers (26.07% of field) of whom 69 were first timers to parkrun (14.74% of field)
259 males (55.34%), 209 females (44.66%)

How fast?
Of the number of identified finishers, 31 ran sub 20 mins (6.62% of field); 161 between 20:00-24:59 (34.40%), 154 between 25:00-29.59 (32.91%) and 122 over 30 mins (26.07%).
29 parkrunners achieved over 70% age grade, 2 of whom graded over 80%.

How many parkruns?
Of the identified field:
110 have now completed at least 50 runs (23.50% of the field) of whom 4 are members of the 250 club, 47 of the 100 club and 59 of the 50 club.

That's it!
Like my parkruns, I've run out of energy - as has my calculator - so I'll come to a.

Oh, just one final thought ...
'If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.'

And no, for the curious amongst you, the Cheshire Cat never said this in so many words but George Harrison did.

Happy running.


Run Report – Event 217 – 25 November 2017

Report by Joseph Spraggins

With the cold winter weather drawing in and the temptation of a glass of mulled wine on Friday night followed by a lovely snooze in our warm beds the following morning, you'd be justified in thinking numbers might have been on the sparse side on this most recent parkrunday. However, the patrons of Fulham Palace are made of sterner stuff, as 431 of you ambled down to Bishop's Park for event # 217.

It's one thing running in the cold, but it takes an even greater resolve to volunteer in these frosty conditions, so as always, we owe a massive debt of gratitude to all those that donned a high-vis vest and allowed us to indulge in our weekly 5km fix.

Farah Khan was in charge of proceedings this Saturday, ensuring the good ship parkrun ran like clockwork as always. If you haven't volunteered yet this year, please make sure you get your name down at some point in the near future.

Thanks to all this week's volunteers:


We had a gaggle of runners reaching some rather significant landmarks:

David Welch - A massive congratulations to David, who is the newest member of the 250 club, a quite remarkable achievement. 154 of these runs have been with us here at Fulham Palace. David began his parkrun journey at Gunnersbury back in May 2012, before transferring his allegiance to Fulham in April 2014. All his runs apart from 2 have been at these two venues, with solitary runs at Brighton & Hove and Kesgrave making up his quarter century. He's also volunteered on one occasion in 2013.

Katie Lysons -Katie has taken the slightly more 'travelled' route to the 100 club, with her runs taking place at 32 different venues, from North London to New Zealand. However, with 26 runs at Fulham Palace, it's safe to say she now considers our corner of South London as 'home'. She started out (alongside yours truly) at Brockwell park in April 2014, setting a time of 24:34. Over the years she's worked hard at her running, with her current parkrun PB now down at 19:23. She has also picked up eight 1st place finishes along the way.

George Hicks - George is another Fulham stalwart, clocking 89 of his now 100 runs at the Palace. His tourism has also taken him as far afield as New Zealand, but his first run in January 2014 was at Norwich Parkrun. Two weeks later he ran with us for the first time and since then, has never looked back. Back then he ran a 24:58, but has since shaved more than 4 minutes off that time, with his current PB now standing at 20:50.

Steven Jones - We seem to have a lot of loyalists amongst our milestone men and women this week. Of Steven's 100 weekly 5kms, 92 of them have been around Bishop's Park. He's always kept it fairly local, apart from a couple of outings to Conway, in North Wales. His parkrun journey began in October 2014, and since then he has whittled his PB down to an impressive 20:54. Congratulations Steven, and welcome to the club!

Greg Harris -The milestones keep on coming! Greg is the latest member of the 50 club, with 47 of these taking place here. He started back in July 2016 and has been a regular ever since.

Will Woodcock - Will was one of our speedier runners from the weekend, finishing in an impressive 16:27. Most of his runs have come in Aberystwyth and Chester, and of his 50 runs, he's finished 1st in 31 of them, with a parkrun PB of 16:01.

The Results bit
The first runner over the finish line on Saturday was Alex Milne from Enfield & Haringey AC, breaking the imaginary tape in 15:44. Alex has ran Fulham 19 times now, and picked up the number 1 token on every occasion. He was pushed all the way by Ollie Garrod (15:57), from Epsom and Ewell Harriers. Ollie is no stranger to parkrun or the podium, and from his 232 runs in total, he's finished on the top step on 178 occasions; the second highest number of male victories in the UK. Third was Charles Houston, in 16:10, just 10 seconds off his PB.

Carla Molinaro (Clapham Chasers) was our leading lady, clocking 18:47 during her first run here at Fulham. She was followed by a rather speedy junior (11-14), Georgina Clarke, of Hercules Wimbledon AC, breaking the 19 minute barrier for the first time with an 18:57. Congratulations on a fantastic new PB, Georgina! The top 3 was rounded out by Alice Riddell-Webster (Fulham RC), in 19:46.

Age Grading
Our top 3 age graders have already been mentioned, with Alice Riddell-Webster recording a great score of 84.82%, closely followed by Georgina Clarke (84.26%) and Alex Milne (81.99%).

We had a number of well-travelled runners appearing on the FP results list for the first time, with Adrian Thomas choosing to do his 263rd run with us, making the trip from Marple, near Manchester. Alison Giblin (245 runs) joined us from Brueton, whilst Sharon Andrew (169) made the somewhat shorter trip from the mecca that is Bushy.

The beady eyed amongst you may have scanned the results list and seen a certain Mr Harry Judd finishing in 20:40. Apparently he used to be in some band called McFly or something..?

It was probably also impossible to spot a large number of Clapham Chasers running around in jeans on Saturday. Being one of those fools in question, I'd love to tell you the reason why, but I still haven't quite worked it out myself yet. As great an idea as this sounded beforehand, I think I'll stick to the conventional running shorts next time around.

I've kept it short and sweet; I hope everyone finishes off the year in style, and happy parkrunning.


Run Report – Event 216 – 18 November 2017

Report by Laura Burge

A flurry of PBs at Fulham Palace parkrun got the weekend off to a good start, with more than one in five people recording their best time.

Eighty-nine personal bests brightened what was an otherwise grey and murky morning, and it can’t have been a coincidence that nine fantastic pacemakers were on hand to guide runners around the course.

Tanja Daub had cause to join in the celebrations, as she marked her 50th parkrun, and we were delighted to welcome 65 people to Fulham Palace for the first time – 26 of whom were doing their first-ever parkrun.

Just three seconds separated twins India and Kosana Weir, who were the first and second females respectively in 18:11 and 18:14 and the best age-graded performers of the day. The teens weren’t the only young people showing their elders how it’s done, with Iasonas Tazartes (JM15-17) clocking 18:53 in his first-ever parkrun, and 30 juniors passing through the funnel.

Paul Hunt was first to cross the line in 17:20 in what was a particularly competitive morning, with 10 runners notching up a sub-18 time.

Number of finishers: 431
First male: Paul Hunt (17:20)
First female: India Weir (18:11)
Best age graded performance: India Weir (82.31%)
First timers: 65, 26 of whom were doing their first-ever parkrun
PBs: 89
Milestones: Tanja Daub (50)


Run Report – Event 215 – 11 November 2017

Report by Laura Burge

Fulham Palace parkrun returned with a bang following a two-week hiatus imposed by last Saturday's firework display.

A bit of rain wasn’t enough to put off the 326 finishers, with adults, children and dogs coming together on what was a particularly grey morning in the capital.

As ever, the run proved popular with tourists, with some coming from as far afield as Copenhagen in Denmark – tusind tak! We also welcomed serial parkrunner Ian Cockram, who has now racked up 407 parkruns, three of which have been at Fulham Palace.

The conditions clearly suited some, as an impressive 47 finishers managed PBs. We also welcomed 59 first-timers, 34 of whom have never run at parkrun before.

Congratulations are most definitely in order for Andy Gardner, who hit the magic 100 mark. Meanwhile, Alan Freer recorded the best age-graded performance (76.84%).

First over the line was Stuart Macdougall in 17:27, while Alexandra Stuart-Smith was first female in 20:55.

Be sure to join us at next week’s paced event (even numbers) – the perfect opportunity to go for that PB!

Number of finishers: 326
First male: Stuart Macdougall (17:27)
First female: Alexandra Stuart-Smith (20:55)
Best age graded performance: Alan Freer (76.84%)
First timers: 59, 34 of whom were doing their first-ever parkrun
PBs: 47
Milestones: Andy Gardner (100)


Run Report – Event 212 – 14 October 2017

Report by Laura Burge

Event #212 proved to be one of the most popular in Fulham Palace parkrun history, bringing with it a haul of personal success stories.

On an unseasonably mild morning, 471 runners – the third highest number ever at the event – crossed the finish line, with 59 of those setting a new PB. Among them, and first through the funnel, was Charles Houston in exactly 16 minutes, while Sarah Johnson was first lady in 17:43. Their respective age gradings of 80.63% and 83.54% were in the top three for the event, along with Stephen Plummer (80.03%).

Preston North End Football Club’s kit man, Steve Cowell, whose beloved team was to take on Fulham at Craven Cottage that afternoon, was among the parkrun tourists. A good run for him did not set the tone for the rest of his day, however, with Preston conceding an equaliser in the dying seconds of the game – doubtless good news for many of our other runners, though.

Sixty-seven people made the trip to Fulham Palace for the first time, and 23 of those completed their first-ever parkrun. This included a group of students from nearby Imperial College London, who made the short journey as part of their freshers’ week celebrations.

Congratulations to Malcolm Nicholls, who recorded his 250th parkrun (more than half of which have been at Fulham Palace). A fantastic achievement!

Next week’s event is extra special, as Fulham Palace marks its fourth birthday. Please do join us for celebrations – and cake...

Number of finishers: 471
First male: Charles Houston, 16:00
First female: Sarah Johnson, 17:43
First timers: 67, 23 of whom were doing their first-ever parkrun
PBs: 59
Milestones: Malcolm Nicholls (250 parkruns)



Run Report – Event 210 – 30 September 2017

Keeping the pace at ParkRun – the 5K from a pacer’s perspective

Report by Amanda Cooper

When the appeal came for volunteers for the Fulham Palace ParkRun in Bishops Park on Sept 30, I thought I’d try my hand at pacing. So I picked the 28-minute slot - a time that I knew I could achieve without worrying too much about my own speed. I tend to run 5K in a very “C-minus, must try harder. See me at break” 25 minutes, which would leave me plenty of room to work on keeping my pace steady. “I shall be a human metronome...the Swiss commuter train of running….tick tock, tick tock… “ I told myself.

Cool and overcast, the morning of the event felt like the first proper Saturday of autumn and Bishops Park was appropriately scattered with a confetti-like carpet of amber, russet and yellow leaves. I must admit to being somewhat nervous. Anyone following a pacer is there for a reason – to secure a personal best, to try their hand at a faster or even a slower time, or simply to match their average time. For all the amazing GPS technology we have at our fingertips now, there is no substitute for seeing another person run at a certain speed and trying to keep up with them. I couldn’t let anyone down.

I walked up to Eliza, the day’s run director, gave my name and got my yellow bib with a big “28” pinned on the back. Being fairly new to Fulham Palace Park Run, I don’t really know many people, but that gave me plenty of chance to watch the runners arrive and prepare, whether that was stretching, getting “into the zone”, or chatting to their friends. “When’s your race?” “Next Sunday…” “ How are the new trainers?” Snippets of conversation drifted on the breeze, as people adjusted their watches, tied their laces or lined up that day’s playlist on their iPods.

Once Bob finished his briefing for the first-timers, the bell rang for the run director’s welcome. The pacers were all handed a print-out detailing the “landmarks” along each lap of the 5 kilometres of the course and the time we had to reach them, depending on what pace we were doing. I’d been counting on sticking to 9:07 minutes/mile on my trusty watch and was quite sure this would be enough.

Standing on the usual bench by the playground in Bishops Park, Eliza gave a warm welcome to the runners and thanked all the volunteers, from the marshalls, to the token counters, the barcode scanners, the day’s tail walker, to the pacers, who all had to come out one by one and wave at the crowd so they would know who we were. There was no escaping it now. Everyone that wanted to secure around 28 minutes knew who I was. “Please just don’t let me mess this up and give someone a heart attack or worse… mess with their splits on Strava!” I prayed. Visiting runners were given a cheer, as was anyone completing a milestone ParkRun. We headed off to the start line. Several people tapped me on the shoulder and said “I’ll be sticking with YOU.” A few moments later, the 210th Fulham Palace ParkRun was underway.

Doing my best to follow my own advice and ignore the other starters, I kept my eyes on my watch, watching the pace tick down to the magical target of 09:07 per mile. My first landmark on lap one, the 4K sign, approached. I needed to pass it at exactly 2:53. My Garmin said 2:21. Horrors. I had to slow down. “But….but…if I slow down, I can’t keep to exactly 09:07 a mile and then I’ll be…you know… Too. Slow.” Slightly panicked, as we turned left to run along the river, I dropped my pace. Next landmark “halfway bench – 4:14” and I passed at 3:45. Barely 1k in and I’d have quite happily thrown conkers at the back of my own head at this point, had I been running behind myself. But four or five more landmarks on and gradually and my pace neared its target. I was only 10 seconds out now. With any luck, my group of 28-minute 5Kers were relieved to be running at a more relaxed speed, as opposed to what must have felt like “scalded cat pace” when we set off.

Concentrating on the landmarks and monitoring my own speed on my watch, I lost track of how far we’d run. I hadn’t even realised that the clouds had gone and the sun was shining. It was proving to be a completely different exercise to set a pace for other people than achieve a certain time when running myself. As we passed the 1K sign for the final time, with around 400 metres to go, one of my 28-minuters asked me if she should speed up. “No,” I said. “Pick it up slightly now and when you see the 200-metre sign, hit the gas, but REALLY hit it!” Mentally, I crossed my fingers for her as she took off, weaving in and out of the other runners. My job was not to speed up at this point, but to get to the finish line on time. With my watch showing 27:59, I reached the funnel. Phew! All I hoped for now is that anyone that was following me got the time they wanted and felt good. I’d definitely felt like less of a human metronome and more of a human fidget spinner in the sticky clutches of a three-year old. As I waited to get my barcode scanned, one runner after another came up to thank me for having paced them and, best of all, several of them had scored personal bests. I was over the moon for them. I felt as happy as if I'd logged a PB myself. Hugely deserving of an enormous shout-out are Christopher Allinson, who scorched across the line first, clocking an impressive 16:27, and Louise Bell, the first woman past the post in just 20:53.

Excitingly, this week’s ParkRun was joined by the “6xOpen” team, who are touring the country, taking part in sporting events and holding fundraising dinners, to raise £100,000 in support of the British Heart Foundation, as Jonathan Stretton-Downes prepares for his sixth open-heart surgery later this year to treat a congenital heart problem. Jonathan, who was running in Newcastle this week, and his 28-year old fraternal twin David, who joined us in Fulham, have so far raised close to £13,000 pounds.

ParkRun wouldn’t be ParkRun without everyone that takes part in it. It could no sooner happen without volunteers than it could without runners or indeed, without a park in which to hold the event itself.

So here’s wishing big congratulations to all you runners for lacing up your trainers and getting out there, as well as a huge thank you to everyone that volunteered to make Sept 30’s event happen:
Helga BARRY, Beatriz BONILLA, Jonathan CHAMBERS, Amanda COOPER, Stephanie CUNNINGHAM, Ruth DAVEY, Neil DAVIES, Tony DAVIS, Sheri DAVIS, Maggie FLANAGAN, Eliza GAFFNEY, Mark GALEON, Philippa HAWKINS, Tracey INSTON, Stephen JACK, Spencer KELLY, Farah KHAN, Charlotte LAM, Bob LYNAM, Anne MCCARVILLE, Milan MISAK, Anthea MITCHELL, Claire O'BRIEN, Alice O'BRIEN, Patricia O'BRIEN, Dawn PAYNE, Henri PLACEK, Richard John POWELL, Alice RIDDELL-WEBSTER, Gideon SHAWYER, Grace WHITFIELD


Run Report – Event 206 – 26 August 2017

Report by Martin Milward

Another great social occasion that is Fulham Palace parkrun, illuminated by the late and warming summer sun, kicked off with a ‘no nonsense’ first timers briefing by Bob Lynam.

That Bob had his work cut out was evident by the fact that nearly 20% of the field of 379 runners were first timers with no fewer than 73 new faces to Bishop’s Park of whom 33 were new to parkrun.

With runners welcomed from as far afield as Tasmania, Russia, Egypt, Tooting and Bushy Park it was another wonderful weekly get-together, tinged, but never spoiled, by the aerobic exertions (aka pain) of those chasing personal best times or merely covering the distance, some for the first time.

No fewer than 68 personal best times were recorded and warm congratulations to those runners who earned their ‘New PB!’ status; how I envy you!

Congratulations, as well, to Danny Baxter (JM10) who came ‘on stage’ to receive his deserved applause for completing 10 parkruns and to Agnes Harmati who joined the ‘100 Club’.

First finishers (men) were Calum NICOL (17:10) of Thames Valley Harriers, a first-time first-finisher in 16 outings at Fulham Palace, closely followed by first-timer to Fulham Palace, Matthew STEVENS (17:16) and Alexie CALVERT-ANSARI (17:23) of Hercules Wimbledon AC.

First finishers (women) were Katie Rowland (19:07) of Kent AC, first-timer to Fulham Palace, Ali Campbell (19:22) of Clapham Chasers RC and Ariadne SNOEK (20:20). Congratulations to Katie in also recording a New PB!

As a social runner on this occasion it was an interesting experience to be lapped by the front-runners, who, I noted, in all cases were polite and tactful in finding a way through the field despite competing with ear phones and having to shout sometimes to make their presence felt.

Finally I’d like to give massive thanks (on behalf of all Fulham Palace parkrunners, I’m sure) to Dawn Payne for her tireless work as Volunteer Co-ordinator.


Run Report – Event 205 – 19 August 2017


Report by Richard John Powell

This parkrunday we were celebrating #teamparkrun. Across the country a number of parkruns were joined by Olympians who were volunteering in the tail walker role; in our case Stuart Bithell, Silver medallist in sailing. Many thanks Stuart, we really hoped you enjoyed your parkrun experience. Stuart was one of 40 volunteers who made this event possible.

The full volunteers line up was:


Two of our visitors today were Jasmine JONES and Jonathan LYE from Harrogate parkrun.

And now to this weeks milestones…

Joining the 50 milestone club this week were Jazmine JONES, Jonathan LYE and Diane MULHOLLAND. Well done all.

This week also saw Rachel BEDFORD reaching parkrun number 100. Very well done as well.

This week 423 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 73 were first timers and 76 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 36 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fulham Palace parkrun Results Page.

Male placings:
Tom HARDING (SM25-29) (Unattached) was first over the line in 17:05 - first appearance.
James NEAVE (VM40-44) of Clapham Chasers RC, was second over the line in 17:08 - was first to finish once before.
Stuart MACDOUGALL (SM30-34) of Fulham RC, was third over the line in 17:13 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.

Female placings:
Natalie CARROLL (SW25-29) of Fulham RC, was first (51st overall) over the line in 20:47 - first time in 23 appearances.
Kate PEACOCK (VW35-39) (Unattached) was second (58th overall) over the line in 21:02.
Teresa LEESE (SW25-29) of Thames Valley Triathletes, was third (62nd overall) over the line in 21:13.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Paul STUART-SMITH (VM55-59) - 87.06% for the time 17:39 (6th overall).
James NEAVE (VM40-44) - 80.25% for the time 17:08 (second overall).
Alan FREER (VM60-64) - 79.11% for the time 20:16 (41st overall).

The male record is held by Chris OLLEY who recorded a time of 15:03 on 19th December 2015 (event number 116).
The female record is held by Lorna RUSSELL who recorded a time of 17:03 on 3rd June 2017 (event number 194).
The Age Grade course record is held by Andrew RIDLEY who recorded 90.49% (16:18) on 27th June 2015 (event number 91).

Fulham Palace parkrun started on 19th October 2013. Since then 9,654 participants have completed 53,198 parkruns covering a total distance of 265,990 km, including 9,065 new Personal Bests.



Run Report – Event 203 – 5 August 2017

Inspired by Mo’s Gold medal.

Report by Man-Yee Lam
Whilst our usual race director Dawn helped out at the World Athletics competition and meeting the professionals, Richard Powell took charge of the team of volunteers and managed the event with aplomb.
It was the day after many of us watched Mo Farah win the 10,000 metres on the track.
Whilst most of us can only dream of achieving the time in which he ran his 10k, some of us set ourselves his time of 26:46 as a target to aim for in our 5k run this morning.
There was certainly a distinct vibe from the night before with a larger turn out than usual for this time of year.
Indeed, we welcomed 96 first timers to the parkrun community today.
We hope you all enjoyed your morning by the banks of the Thames and that we shall see you back here again, soon.
For me, it was a particularly special day as my eldest daughter completed her 50th parkrun today!
Well done Charlotte!
She was very proud and excited to stand with Richard prior to the run for an official photograph.
We also had a leaving do for Rose who was leaving the country for new pastures. There was a large group of Fulham running club members all dressed up for the occasion.
It was a wonderful sight to see.
We were indebted to the fantastic 28 volunteers who made sure that our run went smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves either chasing the fancy dress participants - there was one with cow bells who kept making a noise as she ran - or, like me, chasing the 26:46 mark.
Whatever our aim, we were all cheered on by the marshals and volunteers around the course.
Even my youngest helped with the marshalling and cheered and enthusiatically high-fived the runners as they passed.
After 402 athletes had completed their run, received their finishing token number, and had their barcode and token scanned by the scanners - not forgetting to return their finishing token, of course - it was time to head off to the Fulham Palace café for refreshment.
For some of the volunteers, this is when their role starts.
There is the 'post-event close down' when everything around the course is collected and accounted for.
There is the token sorting role whereby all the finishing tokens are sorted in numerical order, which is what I and my eldest daughter did today.
Whenever we carry out this task, we are always excited to find number '1' or our own finishing token for the day.
Then, and most importantly, the results have to be processed.
The race director and his core volunteers involve themselves in downloading all the information from the barcode scanners onto the computer.
Some details have to be manually entered.
Considering the amount of work involved, I am always amazed at how quickly the results appear.
For my own part, I was happy to dip under 26 minutes for my run, whilst my daughter received a special milestone email welcoming her to the parkrun '50' club.

Here are the results for the day:
For the men:
Bryn REYNOLDS (SM25-29) was first to cross the line in 16.48 folllowed by an
Unknown athlete who in turn was followed by Stuart MACDOUGALL (SM30-34)
whose time was 17.08.
For the ladies:
Rose PENFOLD SW25-29 came in first with a time of 19.49 followed by Alice
RIDDDELL-WEBSTER (VW50-54) who achieved a time of 19.42 and then Ella
HAYNES (JW11-14) in 20.18
Top three age grades:
Paul STUART-SMITH (VM55-59) at 86.09%
Alice RIDDELL-WEBSTER (VW50-54) at 85.11%
Mark RABBETTS (VM50-54) at 84.21%

Today's full results and a complete event history of our event can be found on the Fulham Palace parkrun Results Page.

Finally, a special 'thank you' to this week's volunteers.


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