Happy Birthday

115 children joined us this morning to help celebrate our 2nd Birthday
Thank you to everyone who braved the miserable weather and made it a really special occasion 

A gigantasaurus thank you to Thinkusaurus? who came out of hibernation to celebrate with us this morning. What an amazing inspiration this young man and his friends have been in Rugby during these turbulent times. The smiles he brought to the faces of the children (and adults) this morning really made our day! He even inspired one reluctant young park runner to take part in today’s run - TRULY AMAZING
There were some fantastic achievements this week - including 25 personal bests, 5 first timers, 3 half marathons and 3 full marathons (join us next week to collect your well earned bands)
We have 2 children who will achieve their half and full marathon at their next parkrun (we hope you choose ours to do this!)

As always the greatest achievement is the fact that 115 of our young people got up this morning and completed a parkrun 

A massive thank you again to our wonderful volunteers, without whom none of this would be possible. 

GEC rec junior parkrun by Daniel

GEC Rec junior parkrun #15.


At a parkrun meeting on Monday, I realised that despite having run or volunteered at over 250 parkruns, I had never been to a junior parkrun.  This is mainly because when they were younger there were no events close by.

Being under strict physio instructions of not running a marathon this weekend I decided that I should volunteer instead.  So a quick search on the parkrun tourist tool and I found Rugby and Stratford both had new events and GEC Rec had a few gaps on the roster so I signed myself and daughter.  At 16 she is now too old to run a junior event but can be helpful - even if she isn't at home.

So at 8:30 my daughter an I arrived to an overcast sky at GEC Rec to volunteer.  Soon had our #HiVizJackets on ready to help. If any parent reading this hasn't yet worn the tabards yet sign up.  It doesn’t take much out of your day and no role is really that tricky, the lanyards explain your role and there is an RD or Volunteer Coordinator who can also show you what to do.  So as your child runs, jogs or walks around you can help make it happen, this is especially important in the summer months when regular volunteers are away on holiday. If you can help email gecrec-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com don’t worry you don’t have to commit to helping regularly you can help when you can.

On behalf of the 89 parkrunners today can I offer a huge thanks to Brian Thomas PETERS  • Carl HEATON • Charlotte CARTER • Clare PHEASANT • Davina LAMBETH • Duncan GORDON  • Emily ABBIS • Greg MORRIS • Jason CORTESE • Jennifer HEATON • Jenny BROWN • Jonathon GROVE  • Karen WILLIAMS • Kate SPENCE • Lauren ABBIS • Lynn LITTLE • Mike SPENCW • Paul ABBIS • Sophie ABBIS  • Stuart BRADLEY • Susan SPENCE for volunteering today being on of the #HiVizHeroes

After 15 weeks of GEC Rec parkrun happening each week a few new youngsters join the parkrun family and come along with their barcodes so a huge well done to :- LiMerryn HUTCHINS-MORANT, Esther HUTCHINS-MORANT, Arjan NANDHRA, Alfred TAYLOR, Ethan FRANKISH, Siddharth KARTHIK, Edward TAYLOR, Sienna KERR & Isabella KERR who all used their barcodes for the first at junior parkrun.

There are a few differences at junior parkrun to theSaturday 5km parkrun.  Unlike an adult parkrun the start of juniors starts with an energetic warm up, this week brilliantly led by some of the junior runners giving the 10 marshals on course time to get to their allocated positions. Another difference to the 5km parkrun is the lack of beeping GPS watches at the start although the runners charging off is exactly the same, even if the runners are just a little smaller.

The biggest and best difference is the respectful quiet during the run briefing, it is great how young runners and their parents listen carefully to what is being said - I wish that some of the adults on a Saturday could be seen and not heard as the RD does his briefing.

Once runners started, I wandered over to the scanning point with my phone and the Volunteer App all ready to go.  

I didn’t have to wait long to start my scanning as Isaac HUTCHINS-MORANT (JM11-14) raced over the line in 08:14 closely followed by an unknown junior girl!  Just like at the full 5km parkrun - No Barcode No result. The good news is that for those 8 unknown runners there is always next week to run again, just #dfyb (Don’t Forget Your Barcode)

The thing I really enjoy about parkrun is that it is a run not a race.  You are not competing against anyone but yourself. Each week your barcode gets zapped and it records a time and some weeks you run well and beat your best time over the course.  This week 12 runners manage to get a PB so a huge well done to James GORDON, Olivia HAWKINS, Sophie SIGGERS, Rebekah TATHAM, Persephone ALLEN, Seth MARKS, George SIGGERS, Oscar HYDE, Charlotte PHEASANT, Oscar HARLOCK, Lucy MCCLEMENTS & Hannah FAITH.

If you didn’t manage to run a PB this week… don’t worry you still had a lovely run in the park with lots of other parkrunners and you can try again next week.


Happy parkrunning

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