Gedling junior parkrun is cancelled on 4 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 194 – the Girl Guides takeover!

Well, everyone who was at Gedling junior parkrun, whether running, jogging, walking, volunteering or observing all agreed that we had a fabulous time!


It was a special week as we welcomed lots of Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows as part of their parkrun takeover. Thank you so much for joining us, we really did enjoy watching you all.



Altogether we had 93 juniors having fun zooming down the zig zags and smiling away as they conquered the hill up to the finish line. I think we probably need a name for the hill - do let us know if you have any ideas? We welcomed 18 official first timers but I think that lots of the "unknowns" were also first timers. Do get registered on the parkrun website, print off a barcode and bring it with you next time you join us. I hope that you are all very proud of yourselves for what you achieved. I really did enjoy seeing so many smiley faces.


We didn't have any milestones this week to award but remember that when you have ran 11 junior parkruns (half marathon), 21 (marathon) or 50 (ultra marathon) to let us know and we will award you with a wristband. You can also print a certificate off the parkrun website.



Well done to Megan, Malachi, Freddie, Arthur, Arthur, Aurelia, Laura, Tommy, Patrick, Evie, Anais, Ellis and Darcy who all achieved a personal best.


A first for Gedling junior parkrun this week was that we had two Girl Guides running the course barefoot! Why? Well they were inspired by Anna McNuff, who is the official ambassador for Girlguiding. She is an inspirational adventurer and former GB rower. Among her many adventures last year she ran 2,532 miles (the distance of 90 marathons) through Britain - completely barefoot! Along the way she delivered motivational talks including to some of the Guides who were with us at junior parkrun. Well done girls - I am sure that Anna, your Guide leaders, as well as us at junior parkrun are very proud of you.


It does not matter how fast or how slow you are but I do think that it is worth congratulating Megan today who was the second finisher in a time of 07:41 which was a new course age category record for girls aged 11-14. In fact it is double congratulations as I know both Megan and her brother Ben, who was our first finisher, both achieved new course age category records at Wollaton parkrun the day before as well!


Well of course none of this could have been achieved without our marvellous volunteers. So a massive thank you to them all. This week we had Katie, Damian, Emma, Tabitha, Wayne, Ann, Matthew, Richard, Tamsin, Rob, Sam, Jonathan, Charlotte and Deborah who clapped and cheered you around the course (but no high fives this week). Sharon and Danny were your tail walkers, Louis and Ewan were scanning the bar codes, Anysha was handing out the tokens while Tom managed the funnel and Rose and Siena were the timekeepers.



I would like to say that we will see you next week but due to the current situation with Covid-19 that is looking uncertain. We are waiting for an official announcement from parkrun HQ tomorrow regarding how to proceed so do keep an eye on our website and social media. I would like to say a massive thank you from all the core team to all the juniors and their adults and the volunteers. We have really appreciated all your support and smiles. You really do make it worth getting up early on a Sunday morning even when it is raining and grey! One thing is for certain, that if we are cancelled, we will be back whenever that may be and we will always have a warm welcome for you all. #loveparkrun

I hope that you all keep safe and well



Event 192 – the kids RD take-over one

Fyfe Benner (age 7) was Run Director on the morning, assisted by his Dad, Damian (age 43). Fyfe took charge of assigning marshal positions, giving the run brief and making his mother proud, whilst his Dad did the lesser, more boring duties, such as overseeing H&S, processing the results and writing the run report.

You'll have noticed we had another under 11 volunteering this week, too, which was young Finn, who took the marshal spot on Bunny Corner, at the top of the hill with his Mum. If any other kids want to get involved like Fyfe and Finn, rocking the Hi Vis, just let us know.

Fyfe and Dad in his big coat

The full volunteer team included a few people volunteering for the first time. I hope you all enjoyed it. We certainly appreciated your help!

Class of 192

We had some milestones this morning, with Ivy Miles collecting her half marathon wristband. Talitha Roberts and Daniel Charlton collected their marathon wristbands.

Wristband based glory

After expertly delivered the run brief, Francis, Archie and Ewan led the warm up

Warm up

We were also joined by four first timers. Welcome Harry Walker, Charlotte Carter-Smith, Anais Schoeman and Belle Walton! Also, welcome back to Aurelia Cooney who completed her second run with us.

Super powered

Fyfe got to do another important job, which was to set you all off running and 63 of you set off, many of you with your grown ups trying to keep up with you.

Thumbs up

Despite the wind or maybe helped by it, 11 of you managed to achieve a new PB this morning.

PB Performance

Flying feet

That includes your first and second finishers Ben Taylor and Eddie Lowe. Both achieved new PBs of 07:18 and 07:25 respectively.



We had lots of fun waiting for you all back at the funnel.

Ewan time

We did have a few problems with some of the scanning, which can happen on busy and bright sunny mornings. If you think your result is missing, do let us know.

Scanners VS kids


Event 191 – The one where the storm clouds cleared

The Weather over the past few weeks has been nothing short of horrible meaning that the hills of Gedling haven't seen the Junior parkrun gang for the last couple of weeks, so we were all delighted when the clouds broke and the rain stopped just in time for us to get event number 191 underway this Sunday.  Ewan did a fantastic job in the Run Director's tent on Sunday, making sure that all the marshall slots were covered and we could go ahead safely.

The early morning rain didn't put 20 of you fabulous runners and some grown ups off, and a massive well done to Finn and Danny for achieving their personal bests over the 2Km course. Hopefully the weather will start to improve over the next few weeks, and we can all start to look forward to a sunny Sunday run/walk/jog!



Scarlett has been waiting 3 weeks to run her 50th with us here at Gedling and it was an absolute pleasure to present her with her wristband. Congratulations!


In spite of the rain, we also had a great bunch of volunteers turn up to marshall, keep time, scan barcodes and manage the funnel. I know we mention them often but the event really couldn't happen if we didn't have them on board, so a huge Thank You, to anyone who has ever donned the high Viz. If you want to get involved and join the team of volunteers, let us know via our facebook page or by emailing the team


We hope those of you who have been back to school after half term have had a good week so far, and we look forward to seeing you at Gedling Country Park again soon.


Event #190: Getting February off to a flying start!

It was a little grey and rainy at Gedling Juniors today but we didn't let that get us down. A fabulous 50 of you turned up despite the conditions, ready and raring to go!


We welcomed two new members to the Junior Parkrun family today, with Billy and Lance taking part for the first time. We hope that you had a fantastic run and that we will see you again soon.

Wristbands were earned by three runners this week: a huge well done to Molly for earning her marathon band (21 runs) and to Ben and Oliver for their half marathon bands (11 runs). Only one of you collected your band this week so come and see us next week to collect yours.


PBs were also earned by 13 runners today! Congratulations to Joseph, Charlie, Olivia, Noah, Sienna, Luke, Daniel, Archie, Hanna, Jodie, Eva, Austin and Kaydn!


The hills were alive with the sound of cheers, clapping and lots of encouragement with parents and volunteers alike supporting. As ever, a huge thank you to all our volunteers for helping make the magic happen this morning: Alice TOWNEND • Archie IBELL • Damian BENNER • Emma FURNESS • Ewan WANE • Frances ASTILL • Helen SMALLEY • Isabella RIELEY • Jake BROUGHTON • Jenny BROWN • Joanne TANNER • Jonathan TANNER • Julie DRIVER • Katie ANDREWS • Louis ASTILL • Lyndsey JOHNSON • Matthew MARSHALL • Myles SOMERTON • Neil GREGORY • Nick HILL • Oliver HILL • Roger SMALLEY • Rose PROBERT • Sammy KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Sharon ASTILL • Siena LACEY • Sue UPSTONE • Ted SELBY • Tom BLAKEY • Tom ENGLAND • Zoe TANNER. We really couldn't do it without you and we really appreciate all your help.


A couple of special mentions this week. This week, Henry Smalley reached his 100th Junior Parkrun and what better way to celebrate it than with cake at the end! 100 parkruns is an incredible achievement and we are all really proud of you Henry.
Also today, Isabella Wright turned 9 and decided to celebrate her birthday by running at Gedling. We all hope you have a lovely rest of your birthday!

The high vis are drying out as we speak so we will see you again next week for more fun and laughter on the hills. See you then!


Event #189 – the one above zero.

64 young athletes and an assortment of their grown ups joined us on Mount Gedders this morning.

Young volunteers

Three of you scanned your barcodes for the first time today. Welcome to Joseph Bailey, Esme Ward and Markus Slabbert. We hope to see you again, soon. Just like Maya and Hanna Romaniuk who came back for their second run.

starting line

No one claimed their milestone wristbands this week, but I do note from the results that Abigail Pugh did make the milestone. Well done Abigail. You can collect your wristband, if you want to, any time you like.

The view from the flying dog squad

The first finisher this morning was Lewis Marston; his ninth time finishing first. A whopping 13 of you managed to get a PB.

First finisher

The team who enabled the magic to happen this morning were Katie ANDREWS, Daniel APPLEBY, Damian BENNER, Emma BENNER, Tom BLAKEY, Anysha CHINYEMBA, Laurence COE, Jim DRIVER, Julie DRIVER, Tom ENGLAND, Nick HILL, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Archie IBELL, Sammy KING, Matthew MARSHALL, James MARTIN, Steve MARTIN, Richard MILLNS, Rose PROBERT, Isabella RIELEY, Ted SELBY, Joanne TANNER, Jonathan TANNER, Zoe TANNER, Alan TOWNEND, Alice TOWNEND, Laurel TOWNEND, Ewan WANE.

dream Team

Couple of special mentions. Danny Andrews who should be listed as a marshal with his Mum this morning, but I couldn't find him on the system. Dan Appleby who joined us for the first time and I hope we see again. Finally, James Martin, who has been coming down consistently and really helping out with his Dad Steve (who I've been calling John for months) and came to the end of his D of E bronze volunteering commitment today. Thank you for your contribution. We hope to see you again!

Finish funnels

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