Event 126 – 4th November 2018

51 awesome young people and their responsible adults joined us on the chilly hills of Gedling Country Park this Sunday morning.

Gedling junior parkrun.  4 November 18.

It was so good to see so many faces, new and old all chatting, playing and enjoying being outdoors together. Whether you are chasing a PB or just enjoying the event as a runner or a volunteer, it is so great to hear your stories. I know that we had some first timers to parkrun on Sunday, 2 were recorded on the results so welcome Max and Tommy!

We gave out 2 wrist bands on Sunday. Here are Fred and Alice accepting their Half Marathon (11 runs) and ultra Marathon (50) wristbands respectively. If you think you are due a wristband whether you have been away for a while (like Fred who usually plays Rugby on a Sunday morning) or usually run elsewhere (like Alice who seems to have toured most of the local parkruns), just let the Run Director know and they will make sure that you get yours.

Gedling juniors 4th november 2018

Eight lovely runners recorded a PB on Sunday, congratulations to our first finisher Theo as well as Oliver, Mia, Arthur, Imogen, Ravi, Eloise and Scarlett for beating their own best times.

Gedling junior parkrun 3rd November 2018Gedling junior parkrun.  4 November 18.

Gedling junior parkrun.  4 November 18.Gedling junior parkrun.  4 November 18.

Increasingly we are noticing that our juniors love volunteering as much as running, so if you’d rather put on the high vis on a Sunday morning, please sign up to the volunteer reminder emails on your parkrun profile. Thank you to all of the volunteers who joined us on Sunday, they were: Sharon ASTILL, Frances ASTILL, Louis ASTILL, Nicola DICKINSON, Nikki DIXON, Tom ENGLAND, John ENGLAND, Lily GREENWOOD, Eveline GRIFFITH, Nick HILL, Oliver HILL, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Louis JAMSON, Laura MCKAY, Eloise MILLNS, Tamsin MILLNS, Kelly MORPHUS, Jonah SINCLAIR, James SINCLAIR, Zoe TANNER, Joanne TANNER, Jonathan TANNER, Ewan WANE

Gedling junior parkrun 3rd November 2018

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering, or getting more involved in the Core Team, we will be holding an information session after the event on Sunday 9th December at the Willowbrook pub in Gedling. They serve breakfast from 9am (and beer if you are feeling festive!) so as well as finding out more we are hoping it will be a nice social event in warmer than usual surroundings! Hope to see you there and in the meantime, I will hand over to Helen for who will be wearing the Blue and white next week.