Event 135 – Hello 2019!!!

Well it was a chilly start to the day (not sure why I’m surprised given it’s January) but we had an AMAZING turn out of volunteers. We had people on marshall points left right and centre and even invented a new one! We even had to pinch Hi-Vis tops from the 5k. This is a really unusual scenario though so please continue to volunteer by emailing gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com to make sure every week is really successful.

944C844D-687F-489A-BE59-29AA1733E817It was a good job we had so many people as we also had a storming turnout of runners with 67 people, 16 first timers and 9 PBs! What a way to start the year. Well done everyone. You definitely kept Frances, Louis J, Louis A, Zoe, Ewan, Yasmin and Sammy on the toes at the funnel – Zoe and Louis A did a particularly fine job of timekeeping given their fingers were frozen and I forgot to tell new parents not to go down the funnel!


We also had three milestones Tallyn and Imogen getting their half marathon wrist bands (11 runs) and Alana getting her marathon band (21 runs) – please let the run director know if you are doing a wrist band run and we can all give you a big round of applause.

4D82E6E5-FEDE-44CB-87DB-B12CB1E4EB99We also had the amazing marshalling team of Sharon, Susanne, Charlie, Heather, John, Tom, Nick. Oliver, Fiona, Mike, Helen, Joanne, Jon and Finn. Finn usually does the run so was very diligent on making sure the out and back was in just the right place! Nicola made sure everyone got home as tail walker. Thanks too to Louis, Ewan and Sammy for a very energetic warm up!



Parkrun is a great way to get started on a Sunday morning with a bit of fresh air – and the air is always ‘fresh’ in Gedling – although sometimes it comes in a bit too sideways! Hope to see you on the hills soon….