Event 137: The one with the token panic!

One of the most beautiful sunrises that I have seen in a very long time was waiting for us on arrival at Gedling Country Park this morning. This is just one of the reasons that we love this place, add this to the wonderful sound of 64 excited junior parkrunners on the start line and ready to go and I can think of nowhere I would rather be on a Sunday morning. Just look at that view! Thank you to Richard for capturing a marvelous photograph.

Gedling junior parkrun. 20 Jan 19.

After a year or so of being a Run Director, I'm finally getting some of your names into my head! I will never complain about having to learn new ones though, so today it was just lovely to see so many of you turn out for your very first junior parkrun; Fleur, David, Jasper, Beatrice, Harry, Lauren, Martha and Gabriel, I hope that you enjoyed yourself this morning, It will be great to see you on the hills again very soon. Despite the chill in the air, a tremendous 13 of you managed to record your best time around the course, well done all of you and to everyone who got up and down the hills.

Gedling junior parkrun.  20 Jan 19.

After a very thorough warm-up, led by Sammy and Louis, it was time to go and 64 pairs of little legs thundered down to the dip. While that was happening, the rest of us made our way up to the finish line and got ready to welcome all of our juniors back in. Normally this is a very quiet time where we try to guess who we will see coming around the corner first, today was a little different! I'm not going to name any names, but somehow every single one of the finish tokens ended up on the floor, making a very interesting but stress inducing pattern on the pavement! This is when the famous Gedling team spirit kicked in and with the help of a couple of emergency volunteers, we managed to get everything picked up and in order before Finn appeared and sped his way through the finish funnel. Extra special thanks to Katrina, Jon and Finn's Dad for slowing down my heart rate!

Gedling junior parkrun.  20 Jan 19.

On that note, it's time to thank all of our volunteers. It's only because this lot turn up that we are able to line the route, hand out high-fives and make sure that you all get around safely. If any of you fancy giving the high-viz a go one week, then please do. All of the roles are fun and you'll be looked after from start to finish. go on, give it a try, you know it makes sense. Drop us an email or message us through our Facebook page and we'll get you on the roster.

Gedling junior parkrun.  20 Jan 19.

Next week Tamsin will be your Run Director, I hope she has as much fun as I did today! See you all very soon.

Jonathan. #loveparkrun