Event 152 – The One with a new ‘H’

This Saturday saw a great turnout, as despite it being the first Gedling Junior Parkrun of May, conditions were on the bracing side of warm (temps at the start hovering around 7oC) - Our wonderful group of volunteers had to be well wrapped up!

<Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

Thanks very much to those intrepid volunteers this week for all their efforts and enthusiasm: Sharon, Frances, Louis, Tom, Eveline, Oliver, Nick, Madeleine, Sarah, Sammy, Matthew, Caroline, Bo, James, Helen, Zoe, Joanne, Jonathan, Ewan and Madeleine.

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

As it was my first time as RD, I was particularly grateful that there were loads of experienced volunteers around me, including at least 3 other RDs, helping to nudge me in the right direction when I’d forgotten various things ! And as is often the case, Ewan was there first, getting all the equipment out of the shed, and leading the funnel set-up – great work !

If you fancy a morning start of high fives and cheeriness then please email gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com to give it a go!

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

This week we had 65 parkrunners and 6 first timers - welcome and well done to Joseph, Keira, Finn, Sharay, Dillon and Herbie !

We also had 10 New PBs: Amelia, Oliver, Jenny, Harry, Zara, Florence, Scarlett, Isobel, Hannah and Ben – fantastic effort, and well done to you all

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019">

And very,very well done to Neve, for completing her 11th Junior Parkrun, and receiving her Half Marathon wrist-band. (If you didn't already know after 11 junior parkruns you can collect a half marathon wrist band, 21 a marathon band and 50 an ultra band. After 100 you get a certificate which is excellent value for a show and tell at school! )

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

Once again, thanks to Ewan and Sammy for their energetic leading of the mass warm-up, that no doubt helped get the runners in a peak state of readiness !

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

It was a great atmosphere, as usual with lots of smiling faces as people passed the finish line - just a little reminder parents - please don't go down the finish funnel it makes timekeeping very hard!!

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

See you next Sunday folks!