Event 155 – 26th May 2019 – The one where we got the run in before the rain

Well hello lovely people!  Another Sunday has popped along, and with it the loveliness of Gedling junior arrived with it. Given that it's the start of half term / a bank holiday weekend, I half thought that it would just be me and 20 volunteers standing around while everyone else was off by the seaside having a whale of a time.  But no!  We had 57 fabulous juniors and 6 runners new to Gedling with 4 of you being brand new to parkrun.  An especially warm welcome to Freya, Amen, Amelia, Lucia, Rohan, and Lyla... and of course a big Mount Gedders cheer for our lovely regulars as well!


As ever, there was a great big clap for all of our brilliant volunteers.  We had Isabella and Zoe doing a terrific job of time keeping; Nick, Madeleine, Martyn, Matthew, Tom, Eve, Linda, Jo, Louisa, Michael, Cate (first volunteering stint ever and a very welcome addition - thanks, Cate!) and Ian marshaling, hi-fiving and cheering everyone round the course; Oliver and Clare barcode bipped, with Clare surviving her first ever stint on the scanner!; Sammy and Ewan manning the finish funnel as well as doing an awesome warm up; Laura tail walking and making sure everyone finished safe and sound, Maddy sorting finish tokens and me, Sarah, wearing the huge hi-vis jacket and being surrounded by fabulous people for the morning!


It also gave me a ridiculous amount of pleasure that we had two unrelated Marshalls (Ian Marshall and Matthew Marshall) marshalling as well as Nick Hill marshaling the bottom of the hill.  I really do need to get out more... if you'd like to get out more how about having a go at volunteering?  Drop me an email to gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com and I'll get you added to the roster.  There are lots of fun easy jobs and plenty that will easily fit around your children running juniors.


We had 10 PBs today - on the roll of honour were Joe, Sailor, Bella, Greta, Arthur, Hannah, Imogen, Amrit, Gabriel and Jessica. Well done all!  Not only did we have those to celebrate, but we now have a cow bell to celebrate, well, pretty much anything really.  If you've run your best time - ring it... if you've had a good time... ring it... if you need cheering up if you've had a tumble - ring it... if you just like ringing bells... ring it!  And it sure rang a lot this morning.  You guys are ace!


So, another week draws to a close.  The results are online.  The run report is finished.  We managed to get parkrun done and dusted before the heavens opened.  Plus, I can see there are a few milestone wristbands ready to be awarded by Jonathan next week... so... on that exciting note...


... Enjoy your half-term! And get those quick legs of yours out there for a run while you're at it!

Sarah H-F