Event #164: Will it, won’t it? It didn’t!

On the way to the park this morning Zoe told me that there was a 94% chance of rain at 9 o'clock. Thankfully, the 6% chance of no rain was the stat that won and we managed to get through event 164 without being drenched; great news! Whatever the weather, there is ALWAYS a 100% chance of fun at Gedling junior parkrun and that was the case today.

Gedling junior parkrun.  28 Jul 19.

A grand total of fifty junior athletes made their way around our route this morning, it was wonderful to see so many of you managing to drag a grown-up or two along too, well done all! Some numbers for you: we had six first-timers, we welcomed Ben, Joe, Max, Elijah, Noah and Levi to Gedling for the very first time, please come back soon to see us again. A huge number of you, eight in total got your speedy feet on and recorded your fastest time ever around the course, well done to Leo, Jack, Cairo, Sadie, Harrison, Rowan, Noah and Poppy knocking a second or two off your best times.

Of course it's not all about going super fast from start to finish, however you chose to get around is good by us. If you run, walk, jog, skip or hop you'll get a special commemorative wristband to show off around school. These will be given to you when you've done 11, 21 or 50 junior parkruns. If you think that you have earned some parkrun bling, just have a chat with your run director and we'll make sure that you don't miss out.

Talking of free stuff, did you know that when a volunteer has completed 25 stints in the hi-viz, they qualify for a beautiful purple parkrun tee-shirt? No? Well it's true! Over the next few weeks we are a little short of names for the volunteer list and we really can't put on these events without some amazing people. If you fancy donning the waistcoat of wonder, then please email us or have a chat with your run director. Each job is very simple, you'll get fully briefed and you'll feel good about yourself all day!

Gedling junior parkrun.  28 Jul 19.

Today's cast, handing out high-fives, clapping and cheering was Bo, Catriona, Charlie, Damian, Darren, Debra, Ian, Jake, Jenny, Joanne, John, John, Karen, Linda, Madeleine, Madeleine, Sammy, Sarah, Sonny, Tabitha, Tom and Zoe, phew! It was a special day for Madeleine too, she was happy to give up the morning of her sixteenth birthday to come and join in the junior parkrun fun. Happy birthday Moo!

That's about it for today, a massive thank you to Damian for shadowing me as he trains to become our newest run director. He'll be back next week with Tamsin, they will be sharing the megaphone duties and I know it will be great fun.

Gedling junior parkrun.  28 Jul 19.

Bye for now, have an amazing week, Jonathan. #loveparkrun