Event 170 – the one where you all got back from your hols

A beautiful morning to arrive at Gedling Country Park. 79 of you showed up to try our new route some of you took your grown ups out for some exercise too, which was very nice of you.

We were joined by 9 first timers this morning, including 3 doing their very first parkrun with us. Thank you for joining us! I hope you enjoyed our course and we hope to see you soon.

Emma and Joshua collected their half marathon wristbands. I noted Marrissa and Talitha became eligible for their's too! You can collect them on your next run. Well done all four of you. Also well done to the two boys who qualified for their marathon wristbands - great job.

wrist bands

Finn and Sammy did the warm up before we moved over to our new starting position and, after we'd checked the coast was clear, you were off!

First back this week was Jake Greenhalgh with a time of 07:12 and a new PB. We at Gedling Junior Towers had to check if we could find a faster time, ever, at Gedling. We could only find one, from way back in 2016 . Very well done Jake; that was a very impressive performance.

First finisher

The rest of you did an amazing job too. So many PBs this week (I counted 19) and much more importantly, so many smiles! There was even a bit of impromptu high-fiving from you kids on the run in to the funnel as you supported each other to the finish. I think this should only be encouraged! We're all loving the party atmosphere at the new finish funnel!

Thank you also to all who are giving us your feedback on the new route. We're taking it all on board and continue to make little tweaks to where the cones go, how we do the start, manage the turn-around and manage the finish funnel. We're all having loads of fun and given the bright smiles we see there, I suspect you're all having fun too.

Team Awesome this week were Damian Benner, Jake Broughton, Jenny Brown, Karen Broughton, Tom England, Nick Hill, Oliver Hill, Finn Jones, Matthew Marshall, Kelly Morphus, Bo Nowicki, Matthew Ratcliffe, Louise Ratcliffe, Jolene Sanderson,Oliver Sanderson, Joanne Tanner, Thomas Wall, Julie Webster, Roger Smalley, Sammy King, Alice Townend, Zoe Tanner, Matilda Franklin, Nicola Dickinson and the ever awesome Sarah Horrigan-Fullard.

Team Awesome

Team Awesome will be led by Nick Hill next week. If you'd like to join the team, email gedling-juniorhelpers@parkrun.com