Event #189 – the one above zero.

64 young athletes and an assortment of their grown ups joined us on Mount Gedders this morning.

Young volunteers

Three of you scanned your barcodes for the first time today. Welcome to Joseph Bailey, Esme Ward and Markus Slabbert. We hope to see you again, soon. Just like Maya and Hanna Romaniuk who came back for their second run.

starting line

No one claimed their milestone wristbands this week, but I do note from the results that Abigail Pugh did make the milestone. Well done Abigail. You can collect your wristband, if you want to, any time you like.

The view from the flying dog squad

The first finisher this morning was Lewis Marston; his ninth time finishing first. A whopping 13 of you managed to get a PB.

First finisher

The team who enabled the magic to happen this morning were Katie ANDREWS, Daniel APPLEBY, Damian BENNER, Emma BENNER, Tom BLAKEY, Anysha CHINYEMBA, Laurence COE, Jim DRIVER, Julie DRIVER, Tom ENGLAND, Nick HILL, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Archie IBELL, Sammy KING, Matthew MARSHALL, James MARTIN, Steve MARTIN, Richard MILLNS, Rose PROBERT, Isabella RIELEY, Ted SELBY, Joanne TANNER, Jonathan TANNER, Zoe TANNER, Alan TOWNEND, Alice TOWNEND, Laurel TOWNEND, Ewan WANE.

dream Team

Couple of special mentions. Danny Andrews who should be listed as a marshal with his Mum this morning, but I couldn't find him on the system. Dan Appleby who joined us for the first time and I hope we see again. Finally, James Martin, who has been coming down consistently and really helping out with his Dad Steve (who I've been calling John for months) and came to the end of his D of E bronze volunteering commitment today. Thank you for your contribution. We hope to see you again!

Finish funnels