Event 183 – December 8th 2019 – the one with all the volunteers

Blink and another junior parkrun has whizzed by! It definitely felt like it was over in a flash this morning. We had 24 runners join us up on Mount Gedders this morning and for the first time ever, we had more volunteers than runners!! Maybe everyone was out Christmas shopping or put off by the forecast of wind and rain? It was lovely out... big blue skies, a bit of a breeze, but pretty darned nice for a run even so!

Gedling junior parkrun 8/12/19

So, who were all those wonderful volunteers? Well, we had Evie and Anysha stepping in at the last minute to act as time keepers; Matthew, Tamsin, Madeleine, Jonathan, Joanne, Steve, Karen, Jim, Julie, Nick, Bo, Madeleine, Eloise and Jake acting as marvellous marshals; Sammy and James scanning barcodes; Zoe and Ewan on finish funnel duty; Henry, Helen, Laurence and Ted tail walking the course; Matilda taking photos; Felix sorting tokens and me, Sarah, trying to keep everything running vaguely smoothly!

Gedling junior parkrun 8/12/19

That's 27 volunteers vs. 24 runners! Just shows what a team it takes to get our juniors running each Sunday morning, doesn't it? Even if there were only a couple of runners, we'd still need a full roster to go ahead safely. Speaking of which, if you'd like to volunteer for future weeks, why not drop us a line to gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com and I'll pop you on the roster.

I have a couple of special mentions this morning. Firstly, Ewan, who was presented with a parkrun water bottle today for having volunteered the most this past year. He's made a huge difference to us at Gedling juniors and, while we appreciate everything our volunteers do, Ewan goes the extra mile - turning up early to set up the course, helping out with our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, taking on the Run Director role etc - and he's still an under-18 himself. What a superstar!

Gedling junior parkrun 8/12/19

Also superstars this morning were Evie, Anysha, James and Sam, all of whom took on timing and barcode scanning using the parkrun app which we've never used before. And why did we choose today to use it? Well, because I'm a bit hopeless and didn't check to see if I'd got the timers and scanners in the bag this morning! Whoops! Thank you to you all for making a difference today.

Gedling junior parkrun 8/12/19

Gedling junior parkrun 8/12/19

Our runners were also pretty darned awesome too. Our first finishers for boys and girls were Lewis and Sienna. Cassius, Safeeya, Paige and Seb earned themselves new personal bests this morning. Plus, George and Henry joined us for the very first time - so a warm welcome to you both and we'll look forward to seeing you again soon! There weren't any milestone wristbands to hand out today, but if you have done 11, 21 or 50 runs, make sure you let the Run Director know and you'll be awarded your half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon band, which we always love to give out.

Gedling junior parkrun 8/12/19

Rightie ho, that's me done for the week. Next week Tamsin is steering the good ship Gedling juniors. We've only got two more junior parkruns until Christmas and then we'll be taking a little break until the New Year when we start again on the 5th of January.

Happy running all!

Sarah H-F


Event # 182 – Pinch Punch, first of the month!

We have been looking forwards to the beginning of December in our house for a little while, which is why the first words I heard this morning were "Pinch, punch, first of the month" accompanied by strikes on the arm and then the words "Can I open my advent calendar now?!"

frostry swing

I'll be honest, I hadn't slept all that well. I knew there was a genuine possibility I'd have to cancel the event and I don't think I was on my own, as I wasn't even the first member of the core team out there, inspecting the course. Not an easy decision, but we called it and we decided to go ahead.

Frosty fox

After the course inspection, I had a fairly easy morning. I got to hand over Run Director Duties to Ewan, knowing he'd do a great job! We're very lucky at Gedling Juniors to have such a team of bright, enthusiastic under 18's regularly involved. Ewan set up the funnel, handed out all the jobs, briefed anyone who needed to be briefed. Gave the volunteer brief, briefed the runners, led the warm up, started the runners off, handled the un-scannables, helped me manage a minor incident, closed down the course at the end and then he came over to the cafe and processed the results, too! So, I don't have much of a problem in declaring Ewan to be today's MVP.

Or at least I didn't until a little bird told me today was also Sarah HG's 50th time as volunteer coordinator, which means she's helped to fill over 1000 roles for 50 events!

And then I started feeling bad for trying to pick an MVP, so this week's Most Valued Players are everyone; Louis ASTILL, Sharon ASTILL, Frances ASTILL, Damian BENNER, Tom BLAKEY, Jake BROUGHTON, Chris COE, Laurence COE, Nicola DICKINSON, Julie DRIVER, Ann FISH, Eveline GRIFFITH, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Sammy KING, Matthew MARSHALL, James MARTIN, Steve MARTIN, Richard MILLNS, Bo NOWICKI, Isabella RIELEY, Joanne TANNER, Zoe TANNER, Jonathan TANNER, Ewan WANE, James WILKINS and Emma BENNER.

Team Awesome!

No first timers with us this week, but a few milestones achieved. Oscar and David both qualified for the half marathon wristbands and Evan collected his Ultra Marathon wristband. Well done guys. If you think you've recently achieved a milestone but forgot to collect your wristband, please let us know.


One of the many, many things I love about junior parkrun (and it's 5k sister - it'll never catch on, though) is how many of you and your parents looked outside on this cold and frosty morning and said "yeah, I'm up for that!". 32 of you put on your kit, lined up and set off on a cold, dark, December morning. Your energy and enthusiasm in infectious!

Happy runners at 11

Six of you even managed to achieve PBs this morning. well done Harrison, Oliver, Charlie, Oscar, Beatrice and Ethan. That's about 20% of the field.

Flying feet at 11

That wraps it up for me, for this week. I'll be handing the baton over to Sarah HG for next week.


Event number 181, 24 November 2019.

It was a little damp and dull at Gedling Country Park this morning, but if there is one thing that brightens up my day, it's the sight and sound of our juniors warming up and getting ready for another crack at the course, smiles are always guaranteed.

Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19.

Fifty wonderful juniors jumped out of bed and persuaded an adult or two to accompany them to the park. Well done all, special congratulations go to the 14 of you who got new personal best times around our beautiful 2k course and the fantastic 4 that turned up for the very first time, well done and welcome to Seb, Cassius, Oliver and Connor. We hope you come back again soon. In an exciting finish, Tom just about pipped Megan to the post, I think that there may have been a tiny amount of family rivalry on show there! Today Freya was awarded her half-marathon wrist band as a special prize for completing her eleventh junior parkrun, huge congratulations. I also noticed that a couple of you are due your half-marathon bands too, so please let us know next week and we'll make sure you don't miss out.

Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19.   Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19.

Twenty-seven people gave up their valuable time in order to get everyone around in safe fashion. A huge thank you to every involved. We have a great group of volunteers and we would always like a few more. Whether you're taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme or you just fancy making use of that spare hour that you may have, just drop us a line at gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com or have a chat with your friendly Run Director.

Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19.

Somebody pointed out to me that today was my 101st turn in the legendary hi-viz (100 at Gedling and just the one when I went rogue and ended up in Bury St. Edmunds). It's been an amazing couple of years and has seen me make so many new friends, I absolutely #loveparkrun.

Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19. Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19. Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19. Gedling junior parkrun. 24 Nov 19.

Damian and Ewan (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) are sharing the RD vest next week, I know that they are both looking forward to seeing you all. Until then, have a great week.



Event #180: the one where we didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits!

Despite the rain coming down again, we had a fantastic turnout at Gedling Junior Parkrun this morning: 58 smiley happy faces joined us out on the course supported by 25 wonderful volunteers.

We welcomed three people to the Parkrun family for the first time today, welcome Ethan, Sienna and Finnley. We also had three visitors to Gedling, Rosie, Edith and Arthur.

We also handed out three wrist bands but I think there were a couple more of you who earned them and didn't let us know so please let us know next week if you didn't collect yours so we can sort that for you. Wristbands are earned at when you have reached your 11th (half marathon), 21st (marathon) or 50th (ultra marathon) junior parkruns.

Ewan ensured we were ready and raring to go with a fantastic warm up and then we were off! Clearly there was something in the air today as an amazing 16 personal bests were set today. A huge well done to Alicia, Safeeya, Amelia, Ben, Henry, Daniel, Ella, Oscar, Scarlett, Sadie, Toby, Charlie, Joshua, Edward, Leo and Elijah!


As ever, a huge thank you goes to all our volunteers: Damian BENNER, Tom BLAKEY, Jake BROUGHTON, Catriona BUCKLEY, Laurence COE, Matilda FRANKLIN, Chris HILL, Nick HILL, Oliver HILL, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Kate HORTON, Lyndsey JOHNSON, Sammy KING, Matthew MARSHALL, James MARTIN, Steve MARTIN, Bo NOWICKI, Isabella RIELEY, Ted SELBY, Helen SMALLEY, Helena STASZKIEWICZ, Jonathan TANNER, Joanne TANNER, Zoe TANNER, Ewan WANE.

If you would like to volunteer in any future weeks please do let Sarah, our volunteer coordinator, know at gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com to avoid us having any last minute panics about not having enough volunteers!

Finally, I had a few technical difficulties processing the results this morning so please do let me know if something isn't quite right so that I can look into it for you.

Have a great week everyone, see you all soon.



Event #179 – 10th November 2019

A big thank you to everyone who joined us at Gedling junior parkrun this morning. We had 64 runners and their grown ups as well as an amazing 30 volunteers!


We welcomed 9 "tourists" who had not been to Gedling junior parkrun before so hello to Cole, Joshua, Daniel, Jack, Dougie, Rory, Thomas, Joshua and Andrew who were all visiting us from other local junior parkruns at Hucknall, Worksop and Newark.


There were not any wristbands to hand out this week but do let us know when you have reached your 11th (half marathon), 21st (marathon) or 50th (ultra marathon) junior parkruns.

Well done to Olivia, Seth, Gilbert, Poppy, Charlie, Isla, River, Max, Connie, Joshua, Reuben, Will, Leo, Scarlett, Alberto, Jasper and Charley who all achieved a personal best this week.


We have 2 main ingredients to a successful junior parkrun - our runners of course but also our fantastic volunteers. On Friday evening we were very short of volunteers and thought that we would have to cancel this week but our local community stepped in and we had a fantastic team to cheer you on around the course and do all the necessary jobs around the finish funnel. So a big thank you to Laurence and Tom who were keeping time, Jake and Sammy scanning the bar codes helped by Isabella, James managing the funnel, Ewan handing out the tokens, Oliver and Louise tail walking and the magnificent marshals were Steve, Bo, Jenny, Claire, Chris, Max, Jenny, Peter, Emma, Martin, Laura, Lucy, Eveline, Karen, Neil, Nick, Josephine, Matthew and William.


Ewan also led the warm up, it is 2 years since he first started volunteering with us. He was only suppose to be here for 26 weeks as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award but 2 years on he is still here and rarely misses a week! So a big thank you to Ewan from us all.

If you would like to volunteer in any future weeks please do let Sarah, our volunteer coordinator, know at gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com to avoid us having any last minute panics about not having enough volunteers!

See you soon



Event #178 – Sunday 3rd November

It's been a while but I absolutely loved being back on the hills of Gedling on Sunday morning Directing another 2km run / walk / job around our fabulous park. I say Directing, to be honest, our fabulous volunteers don’t need much directing any more but myself and Jake did our best to make sure all the marshall spots were safely covered off. Here’s a photo of some of the 24 volunteers who made it happen:


We had some fantastic milestones on Sunday too. A very shy Oliver claimed his half marathon wristband before the run but wanted remain under the radar. Another regular received their wristband after James spotted him with his hand up in the briefing even though I missed him. Not so shy were Jasper collecting his Ultra wristband having completed 50 runs….

Gedling juniors 3rd nov 2019

And Jonah wasn’t backwards in coming forwards marking his membership of the 100 club! No wristband for that but you do get an entry on the website. Jonah now joins his sister Grace and Jasper’s sister Tegan along with Theo and Fleur as the 5 members of Gedling junior’s exclusive 100 club!
Gedling juniors 3rd nov 2019


Now to the run, 60 of you completed the course today, 13 of whom managed a shiny new PB (including our milestone runners Jonah and Jasper, Oliver and Arthur). The first finishers were flying through the funnel and we had to check to see if the course record had been broken. It wasn’t but it was incredibly close so well done to Jude and Eddie on your new PBs.

Gedling juniors 3rd nov 2019

Welcome to Jessica and Lexie on your first junior parkruns, we hope to see you soon.


I’ve rambled on for long enough now so its over to Helen who’ll host next week’s run.



Gedling junior parkrun #177 – the halloween edition

I've been really looking forward to run directing this run. I love dressing up! I was so pleased so many of you got into the spirit for our spooky Halloween special too! I went for the scariest thing I could think of; a real apex predator! The silent killer of the deep. Death incarnate. A Great White shark! Imagine how deflated I felt when you lot started singing Baby Shark at me!

Dancing shark

We are very grateful to the terrifying team who made this event happen: Linda ALLEN, Emma BENNER, Damian BENNER, Tom BLAKEY, Jake BROUGHTON, Laurence COE, Chris COE, John ENGLAND, Tom ENGLAND, Ann FISH, Matilda FRANKLIN, Neil Scott FRANKLIN, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Matthew MARSHALL, Steve MARTIN, James MARTIN, Ted SELBY, Joanne TANNER, Zoe TANNER, Jonathan TANNER, Judith TOWNEND, Alice TOWNEND, Ewan WANE, Julie WEBSTER. Special thanks to Emma, who stepped in at short notice as a tailwalker (and provided her own tail), to Alice who did double duty as a marshal sprinting from marshal point 2 to marshal point 13; and to Ewan who led the warm up, set up the funnel and also did the umpteen other things Ewan does for us every week.

Team terrifying

Three mistakes happened this week that I will confess to. The first was I forgot the big tub of sweets I'd intended to hand out for all you trick or treaters. I guess next week it'll have to be tricks! (sorry Tamsin).

Skellington Ghost

The second mistake was I got my words the wrong way around and said parkrun was a race and not a run. NAUGHTY SHARK! BAD SHARK! I have had to sit on the step for 43 minutes this afternoon to think about my actions.

On the course

I got to give Seb Sanderson his wristband for completing 50 junior parkruns - What a star! If you're reading this, I suspect you already know that's the equivalent of an ultra marathon. I missed out on the opportunity to give a half marathon wristband to George and a marathon wristband to Esme Cope. Maybe one of the other run directors will have that honour in the coming weeks.

Ultra Marathon

After the warm up led by Ewan, we led you over to the start, corrected myself that it's a run and not a race and you were off!

warm up

You did an amazing job! For me, this week wasn't really about going fast, but having fun! I hope the four of you who joined us for the first time had fun.

On the course

There were another four of you who managed to get a new PB this morning including your first finisher, Ben Taylor. Your highest placed finisher this week by age grading was Megan Taylor, with an age grading of 71.58% in the JW11-14 group. If you're not sure what that means, it means she's quick! Really, really quick!

First finisher

My absolute, hands down, favourite bit from this morning was having young Gabriel, dressed as a very cool Spider-Man, ditch the finish line to run towards me instead, singing Baby Shark. Happy 5th birthday, Gabriel!


Which is what got me through Mistake No. 3, which was all to do with results processing. I'll not burden you with the details, but hopefully most of you now have your results! Five of you may still be waiting. If this is you, reach out to us and we'li do our best to recover your time.

Next week Tamsin will be leading an intrepid team of volunteers If you want to join in the fun, get in touch!


Gedling Junior Parkrun #176

After all the rain last Sunday, I spend most of the week checking the weather forecast to see if I would need to bring my snorkel and flippers along. Alas, when I opened the curtains, we had a lovely crisp day for event #176.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers who turned up ready and raring to go. This week, our high-vis heroes were:

Alan TOWNEND  •  Alice TOWNEND  •  Ann FISH  •  Chris COE  •  Eloise MILLNS  •  Ewan WANE  •  Jake BROUGHTON  •  James MARTIN  •  James MARTIN  •  Jenny BROWN  •  Joanne TANNER  •  Jolene SANDERSON  •  Jonathan TANNER  •  Josephine FRANKLIN  •  Laurel TOWNEND  •  Laurence COE  •  Lyndsey JOHNSON  •  Madeleine MILLNS  •  Matthew MARSHALL  •  Oliver SANDERSON  •  Richard MILLNS  •  Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD  •  Steve MARTIN  •  Tamsin MILLNS  •  Ted SELBY  •  Tom BLAKEY  •  Tom ENGLAND  •  Zoe TANNER



This was my first time in the Run Directors vest on the new route so the giant map from Damian and Fyfe was greatly appreciated as was all the help and support from our regular volunteers. If you would like to be a high vis hero at a future event, please drop Sarah a line and she will add you to the roster.

This week we were inundated with first timers. Welcome to the parkrun family Fred, Samuel, Nina, Erin, Olivia, Rosie and Imogen! We hope you enjoyed your run with us and will see you again soon.

We also had four runners who achieved a milestone run: Reece joined the ultra marathon club (50 runs) and Eve, Poppy and Isabella joined the half marathon club (11 runs). We think Mylo also joined the marathon club (21 runs) but didn't collect his wristband so let us know next time you run with us and we'll get that sorted for you.


There were 64 of you who joined us this week, with the girls edging out the boys with 39 runners and the boys with 25 runners (girl power!). After a fantastic warm-up led by Ewan, we were off! All that bouncing and jiggling around clearly did something as we also had 10 shiny new PBs earned this week, a huge well done  to you all!


Remember, next week is our Halloween run so please feel free to dress up in your spookiest outfits and join us for more fun. Your Run Director will be Damian and he currently needs a few more marshals so if you can help, please email the office and let us know :)

Have a great week all, happy running!



Gedling junior parkrun # 175 – 13/10/2019 The One with the Rabbit.

Before we opened the curtains this morning, we could tell they weren’t going to be the kindest of conditions for a run, with the sound of rain hammering on the windows. We arrived early at Gedling Park for a pre-run course inspection. Oliver, co-Run Directing for the first time, ran round the course upon our arrival, to check for flooding. Conditions were ok, with the only significant puddles at the start line, so were good to go!



Ewan was on site first, as usual, busy setting up the finish funnel; and soon the volunteers were arriving in their droves. A big thankyou to Sarah H-F for her usual fantastic efforts as Volunteering Coordinator; Once again we had a full roster of volunteers, with first time volunteers including Ted and James. After removing the rabbit*, we set about agreeing the marshalling positions, using the big map which Damian and Fyfe created last week, which was really helpful - so big thanks for that.
This week we were joined by three first timers (welcome to parkrun to Eva, Hollie & Max) - it’s always great to see first timers – hopefully we'll see you again some time very soon.

Well done to two runners (Talitha and Marrissa) on achieving and collecting their half-marathon wristbands (Don’t forget, when you reach 11, 21 or 50 runs, you are awarded a special wristband to show off!).

After a warm-up led by Ewan, Ted and James the run was on;

IMG_0370 updated

There were 42 runners, which was a fantastic number, given the weather; so well done to all of you, and an extra well done to the 8 of you who achieved a new PB this week.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event happen: Fyfe BENNER, Emma BENNER, Damian BENNER, Jake BROUGHTON, Jenny BROWN, Laurence COE, Neil Scott FRANKLIN, Matilda FRANKLIN, Neil GREGORY, Oliver HILL, Nick HILL, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Matthew MARSHALL, James MARTIN, Angela MOSELEY, Michael QUALTROUGH, Isabella RIELEY, Jolene SANDERSON, Oliver SANDERSON, Ted SELBY, Helen SMALLEY, Helena STASZKIEWICZ, Zoe TANNER, Jonathan TANNER, Joanne TANNER, Neil TUCKER, Ewan WANE
Your run director next week will be Lyndsey. If you'd like to join Lyndsey on the volunteer team then email the office: gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com.

* The rabbit needed to be removed, because, to borrow from the Pythons ‘ 'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This rabbit is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! … 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the ' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-RABBIT!!’


Gedling junior parkrun # 174 – the one with no massive ducks

This week Fyfe and I had our felt tips out to have a go at creating a totally-to-scale map of our new course. It's a work in progress but two things will become apparent if you look closely. One is that if it's to scale, that duck in the pond must be massive! The other is that I really can't draw cows. Anyway, I half-thought we'd have to leave it in the car, but the weather was loads better than expected.

Starting line

This week we were joined by six first timers and two tourists visiting for the first time. A massive welcome to Louie, William, Seth, Will, Matilda, Ella, Libby and Silvie. we hope you had a great time and that we'll see you again some time very soon. By the way, Ella has the distinction of being the 1234th runner at Gedling Juniors.


Well done to Hannah on achieving and collecting her marathon wristband. What an achievement! Don't forget to print off the certificate and show your teacher. I see we have some more milestones.

Finish line

After a warm-up led by Sammy and Ewan you were off! 65 of you crossed the line this morning. The first back was Finn, closely followed by Reece, Lewis and Jack; all three of whom got a new PB.

They weren't on their own though! 14 of you got PBs this week!

Into Stitch alley

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Damian Benner, Jake Broughton, Catriona Buckley, Sonny Chapman, Laurence Coe (and his Dad), Nicola Dickinson, Tom England, Josephine Franklin, Martha Franklin, Sammy King, Matthew Marshall, William Martin, Lucy Martin, Tamsin Millns, Richard Millns, Kelly Morphus, Bo Nowicki, Jolene Sanderson, Oliver Sanderson, Jonathan Tanner, Joanne Tanner, Zoe Tanner, Alice Townend, Ewan Wane and the ever-vigilant Sarah Horrigan-Fullard who coordinates all this.

Team Awesome

Your run director next week will be Nick. If you'd like to join Nick on Team Awesome (and why wouldn't you; it's awesome!) then email the office.

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