Event 173 – 29th September 2019 – the one where it didn’t rain!

It didn't rain, lovely people! It didn't rain! At 7am when I looked out of the window, it was pouring. Not a little bit of a shower, but a proper deluge. And yet, as 9am ticked around on the clock, the parkrun gods looked kindly down upon us and the sun came out. There I was prepared to rant merrily about the awful weather, kitted out in my bobble hat and mittens (in September!), but the weather behaved itself and it was lovely. Hooray!

It's been a while since I last Run Directed and though I was rusty, the new route was still shiny and special with 33 of you joining us for a run, jog, walk, skip or hop around the hills. We managed an incredible 12 PBs and it was awesome to welcome 6 first timers to Mount Gedders.

It was also lovely to be able to give out not one but two wristbands as Safeeya and Sophie earned their half marathon and marathon wristbands respectively. Don't forget to print out your certificates to show your teachers, both - we're really proud of you!

We're also really grateful to our wonderful volunteers. The new route needs an additional 4 marshal points and with the Robin Hood Half Marathon taking place today, the roster was looking scarily bare for most of the week... and yet, as ever, an amazing group came together to put on the junior parkrun show. If you would like to volunteer for next week and beyond, that would be fantastic. Just drop me an email to gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com and we'll add you to the list of hi-vis heroes in a blink of an eye!

Thank you to Oli and Jake for time-keeping; Matthew, Nick (Hill and Horrigan!), Martyn, Laura, Karen, Neil (Franklin, Gregory and Tucker!), Catriona, Kelly, Debbie, Wayne, Tabitha, Keith and Isabella for marvelous marshaling; Matilda and Jolene for bipping barcodes; Sonny and Ewan for fabulous finish token flourishing; Madeleine (Wells) for terrific tail walking; Madeleine (Horrigan) for marshaling and finish token sorting; and lastly me, Sarah, trying not to forget anything as I put on the Run Director's over-sized vest once more.

There was also cake, courtesy of Maddy Horrigan who joined the 25-club yesterday after volunteering 25 times for parkrun - thank you for giving up so much of your time... and the cake was much appreciated by all too!

Our first finishers were Zara - who was soooooo close to a PB today - and Theo. Well done for a cracking run, both of you.

Also producing some fabulous runs were Seb, Tallyn, Fleur, Emma, Oscar, Sophie, Archie, Belle, Laura, Max, Alberto and Connie who earned new PBs - great stuff! Finally, a very warm welcome to William, Tristan and Annabelle who ran their very first parkruns. Team Gedling juniors hope you had fun with us on the zig-zags!

Right, that's me done for this week. It's been a blast! Next week you're in the safe hands of Damian and with luck the sunshine will join us again too.

Happy running all!



Event 102 – 20th May 2018

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than on the hills of Gedling Country Park run/walk/job/volunteering for junior parkrun? 63 runners and 20 volunteers agreed and what with all the enthusiastic adults accompanying their young people there was a real buzz this morning.

Gedling junior parkrun 20th may 18

We welcomed plenty of new faces today: Bertie, Frank and Henry recorded their first official runs at Gedling juniors, and there were a few more who haven't yet registered and got their barcode. Its easy to register and you only need to do it once. You can then print off a sheet of 6 barcodes that you can keep in your car, house, in your phone case, laminate and pin to you or whatever you need to do to make sure you don't forget your barcode #dfyb! All you need to do then is hand it to one of the barcode scanners at the finish and they will match it up with your finish token to give you a time. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/

Gedling junior parkrun 20th may 18

We recorded 14 Personal Best times this morning which is epic considering how hot it was, well done to all of you and a special mention to John who was proud to take off almost a minute from his time. I didn't get a photo but promised him a special mention!

Gedling Junior Parkrun. 20 May 18.

Here are a few action shots from this morning's warm up which was led once again by Jack and Euan before Jack sprinted off to marshall point 7 in the middle of the zigzags:


Gedling junior parkrun 20th may 18Gedling junior parkrun 20th may 18Gedling junior parkrun 20th may 18

Your volunteers this morning were: Eloise MILLNS • Emma FURNESS • Eveline GRIFFITH • Ewan WANE • Jack MATTHEWS • James SINCLAIR • Jenny BROWN • Joanne TANNER • Jonah SINCLAIR • Jonathan TANNER • Joseph BANBURY • Kelly MORPHUS • Louis JAMSON • Nicola DICKINSON • Richard MILLNS • Ruth SWAIN • Samantha NEWTON • Tamsin MILLNS • Yasmin KING • Zoe TANNER

Thank you for your time and to all the people who have already booked in for future weeks. I've got most of the volunteers in this photo here:

Gedling junior parkrun 20th may 18

That's all from me this week. I'm handing over to the very capable Lyndsey who will be looking after you next week for a Bank Holiday special!

Tamsin x





Event 76 – 15th October 2017

Another fun junior parkrun has whizzed by! 78 runners had smiling faces and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Gedling junior parkrun 15th October 2017

We welcomed 4 first timers - Grace, Maisy, Tallyn and Betty.

Gedling junior parkrun 15th October 2017

A whopping 23 of you recorded personal bests - no wonder so many of you had happy faces!

Gedling junior parkrun 15th October 2017

A big well done to those of you who achieved a milestone today - Charlie and Kitty have both been regular junior parkrunners at Gedling and achieved their ultra marathon (50 junior parkruns) wristbands. We also awarded 2 other runners their wristbands. Don't forget to let the run director know when you have ran 11, 21 or 50 junior parkruns to receive your milestone wristband. You can then also go on your profile on the parkrun website to print off a milestone certificate.

Gedling junior parkrun 15th October 2017

One of the many things that I love about parkrun is how supportive all how community are of each other. Highlights today included seeing juniors high fiveing each other after they had ran well.

I also love how so many juniors love volunteering. So a big thank you to our junior volunteers today who gave up their time to allow other juniors to run - Niamh, Evie and Tabitha helped to marshal, Bea was a tail walker, Madeline and Eloise helped on the funnel and Evie was a time keeper. We also had several young adults volunteering - James timekeeping, Felix and James marshalling and Jack and Ella were bar code scanning.

Gedling junior parkrun 15th October 2017

Of course I can not forget our adults who were volunteering as well - Claire, Amanda, Wayne, Sarah, Kelly, Roger, Sue and Sam were marshalling, Richard was handing out the tokens, Nicola was tail walking and Helen was your run director.

Gedling junior parkrun 15th October 2017

So that means half of our volunteers were under 18! What an asset they are to our local community. A big thank you to all our volunteers.

Don't forget that on the 29th October it is our Halloween junior parkrun with optional fancy dress.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.



Event 70 – 3rd September 2017

It's Sunday... it's runday... it's funday... it's junior parkrunday! Hooray!! And I can barely believe that another parkrun has whizzed by. It was great to have 58 of you join us on the hills this morning.


With almost everyone back from their summer holidays it's brilliant to see you coming back to parkrun on a Sunday morning. It would be great to see even more of you, so next week, 10th September, is 'Bring a friend' week. Tell your friends at school, at swimming, at football, at gymnastics, at dancing... wherever! Let them know how much fun you have at parkrun on a Sunday and see if they'd like to come too next Sunday!


As usual parkrun was brought to you by our amazing volunteers. We had Christopher and Kel on time keeping duty; Peter, Sam, Debbie, Jenny, James B, Pete, Tamsin, Sue, Ellie, Rob and Roger out marshalling the mountains and giving out lots of high fives; Jack and Amanda beeped barcodes; Nicola and James G were fabulous at the finish funnel; Helen brought everyone home safely with terrific tail-walking; and me, Sarah, did a spot of run directing! An extra special mention for Kel today - it was the 100th time she's volunteered at Gedling juniors / Gedling parkrun and we think that's an awesome achievement. Thank you for all you bring to parkrun!


Talking of awesome achievements, we had some of our milestone wristbands to give out today (which we love doing). Evie had done an incredible 50 junior parkruns to earn her Ultra Marathon wristband, while James had achieved his Half Marathon wristband with 11 runs completed (and well done on that shiny new PB too, James!). Congratulations guys, it was great to be able to celebrate with you this morning. As ever, if you have a milestone run coming up, just chat with the run director before the start and we'll make sure you're presented with your wristband!


I think that the summer break has really helped everyone get their fast legs on. A brilliant 8 of you got personal bests this morning - Abbie, Arthur, Ivy, Anastazia, Charley, Sam, James and Austin - you did a terrific job. No matter what your time though, I definitely saw lots of little legs trying their hardest and saw lots of sprint finishes too. Pat yourselves on the back!


Rightie ho, I think that's me done. The results have been processed. The volunteers have had their thank you emails. And I've enjoyed writing this report and thinking about what a lovely way junior parkrun is to kickstart your Sunday!

Don't forget to bring a friend with you next week, and we can't wait to see you back then.

Happy running!



Event 60 – 25th June 2017

Wow! Junior parkrun was short but oh so sweet this morning as 50 of you ran round our hills in super quick time! 8 Personal Bests - and our first three finishers all managing to bag themselves a PB which was really fabulous to see.

Gedling juniors, June 25th 2017

A massive thank you needs to be said to our volunteers this morning. Not only did they give their time for free but they chatted, high-fived, cheered and laughed their way through parkrun. It's such a great atmosphere to be part of - I'm a lucky old me to be part of that!


So, who did what? Well, we had Jack and Shaun concentrating on the stop watches; Kel, Allan, Pete, Jonathan, Wayne, Zoe, Ray, Christopher, Ian, Jo and Tom (thank you for your last minute volunteering, Tom! An extra pair of hands is always appreciated) out and about marshalling the mountains; Nicola and Jenny beeping barcodes; Martin and James (the chaos twins) on finish funnel duty; Sue tail running and making sure our little legs got round safely; and lastly me, Sarah, brandishing the clipboard and megaphone and making sure the wheels didn't fall off!


I know I'm always asking for volunteers... so I won't do that this week. Okay, that was a lie. Of course I'm going to ask for more volunteers! Just give Olivia, our fabulous volunteer co-ordinator and all round top sort, a shout and she'll get you added to the roster quick smart!

Talking of fabulous people - congratulations to our new wristband holders. Tabitha did her 21st run and earned her marathon wristband as did Logan, while Noah earned his half marathon wristband. Congratulations team! Don't forget to print your certificates from your parkrun profile page! If any of our brilliant runners have reached a milestone (11 runs for half marathon wristband, 21 runs for a marathon wristband; 50 runs for an ultra marathon band) and haven't yet had their wristband, just chat to the run director and they'll make sure you get one!


Rightie ho! Think that's me just about done for another week. Enjoy what's left of the weekend - you've already been awesome today by coming to parkrun, so give yourselves a well earned pat on the back!

Gedling juniors, June 25th 2017

Helen is driving the Gedling junior parkrun bus next week. Hold on tight until then and happy running all!


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