Event #188 – 19th January 2020

What a beautiful sunny morning it was at Gedling junior parkrun. With it being a cold night I was worried whether we would have to cancel due to ice. However with some extra cones and marshals on the course I decided that we were good to go.


96 juniors and their grown ups were definately ready to have a morning wake up walk, jog or run around Gedling Country Park. It was fantastic to see so many smiling faces this morning so thank you to you all for turning up. I understand that even the car park got full this morning so fingers crossed the work on the car park extension will finish soon.


We welcomed 9 first timers to parkrun so hello to Maya, Isla, Hanna, Poppy, Eva, Alfie, Olivia, Findley and Noah. Do come and see us again soon.


There were some milestone wristbands to hand out - Tallyn got his ultra marathon wristband (50 junior parkruns) and Sophie got her half marathon (11 junior parkruns). I also noticed that Marrissa should have got her marathon wristband so do let the us know next time you join us. Well done to you all.


There were PB's a plenty with 21 of you achieving your personal best time so well done to Archie, Isla, Imogen, Lily, Alexandra, Ruby, Georgia, Felix, Charlie, Evelyn, Adam, Oliver, Abigail, Isabella, David, Jodie, Jack, Madeline, Leo, Fyfe and Charley. Gedling junior parkrun has now had 1997 PB's so if you get a PB next week you have a chance of being our 2000th PB!


As always we can not go ahead without our fantastic volunteers in the hi-viz so a massive thank you to the ones who were already on the roster and the extras who helped last minute to be "ice marshals"!
Our volunteers this week were:



See you all next week!



Event 185 – 22nd December 2019

The last Gedling junior parkrun of 2019 was a pure festive frenzy!

Joining us by the shipping container in the hi-vis were Frances ASTILL, Louis ASTILL, Sharon ASTILL, Damian BENNER, Tom BLAKEY, Jake BROUGHTON, Anysha CHINYEMBA, Laurence COE, Matilda FRANKLIN, Oliver HILL, Nick HILL, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Lyndsey JOHNSON, Sammy KING, Matthew MARSHALL, Steve MARTIN, James MARTIN, Andrew MCLENNAGHAN, Ted SELBY, Helen SMALLEY, Richard SMITH, Will SULLIVAN, Ian SULLIVAN, George SULLIVAN, Joanne TANNER, Jonathan TANNER, Zoe TANNER, Ewan WANE.20191222_084852

80127553_466150304304002_1592482192984899584_n  There were lots of festive costumes on display, you all looked amazing!!81278215_981264332246487_1492699219251691520_n 79704963_453604828874509_3941661194581966848_n 80967828_2883340008384352_2668156425850585088_n  Many thanks as always to our warm up leaders, you do it so well!20191222_090227
A huge thank you to our awesome volunteers for making the magic happen. If you fancy a stint in the hi-vis it’s super easy and no experience is necessary. Get in touch with us here or on Facebook, or let us know next Sunday.

At event 185 we welcomed 40 walkers, joggers and runners to the hills. Welcome to our two first timers and congratulations to the ten that hit a new PB, the new course is certainly seeing times tumble!80472578_606075436807674_388016102958956544_n
We welcomed some tourists from Swadlincote juniors and we had one first timer who chose the best hilly course in Nottingham to do their first junior parkrun.
We were also joined by four awesome clubs: Notts AC, Absolute Tri, Rushclffe AC and Ivanhoe Robins.
Well done to Saul Mansell who was awarded the “Ultra Marathon” wristband! 50 junior parkruns! That’s amazing, well done!
There is no event this Sunday. We are cancelled for the Christmas break.
Normal service will resume on the 5th January and the roster is quite bare, so please get in touch if you can help us put on the show.
In the meantime you can check out which 5k parkruns are hosting extra events on New Years Day here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events/79839959_2382969332014918_1277004540012396544_n

A huge thank you to everyone who has walked, jogged, run or volunteer with us this year. This year we’ve welcomed 263 new registrants to the Gedling junior parkrun family, recorded 3162 runs by 611 parkrunners, all supported by 161 volunteers across 1184 volunteer occasions!

Until next year…
Love George & Ian


Event 155 – 26th May 2019 – The one where we got the run in before the rain

Well hello lovely people!  Another Sunday has popped along, and with it the loveliness of Gedling junior arrived with it. Given that it's the start of half term / a bank holiday weekend, I half thought that it would just be me and 20 volunteers standing around while everyone else was off by the seaside having a whale of a time.  But no!  We had 57 fabulous juniors and 6 runners new to Gedling with 4 of you being brand new to parkrun.  An especially warm welcome to Freya, Amen, Amelia, Lucia, Rohan, and Lyla... and of course a big Mount Gedders cheer for our lovely regulars as well!


As ever, there was a great big clap for all of our brilliant volunteers.  We had Isabella and Zoe doing a terrific job of time keeping; Nick, Madeleine, Martyn, Matthew, Tom, Eve, Linda, Jo, Louisa, Michael, Cate (first volunteering stint ever and a very welcome addition - thanks, Cate!) and Ian marshaling, hi-fiving and cheering everyone round the course; Oliver and Clare barcode bipped, with Clare surviving her first ever stint on the scanner!; Sammy and Ewan manning the finish funnel as well as doing an awesome warm up; Laura tail walking and making sure everyone finished safe and sound, Maddy sorting finish tokens and me, Sarah, wearing the huge hi-vis jacket and being surrounded by fabulous people for the morning!


It also gave me a ridiculous amount of pleasure that we had two unrelated Marshalls (Ian Marshall and Matthew Marshall) marshalling as well as Nick Hill marshaling the bottom of the hill.  I really do need to get out more... if you'd like to get out more how about having a go at volunteering?  Drop me an email to gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com and I'll get you added to the roster.  There are lots of fun easy jobs and plenty that will easily fit around your children running juniors.


We had 10 PBs today - on the roll of honour were Joe, Sailor, Bella, Greta, Arthur, Hannah, Imogen, Amrit, Gabriel and Jessica. Well done all!  Not only did we have those to celebrate, but we now have a cow bell to celebrate, well, pretty much anything really.  If you've run your best time - ring it... if you've had a good time... ring it... if you need cheering up if you've had a tumble - ring it... if you just like ringing bells... ring it!  And it sure rang a lot this morning.  You guys are ace!


So, another week draws to a close.  The results are online.  The run report is finished.  We managed to get parkrun done and dusted before the heavens opened.  Plus, I can see there are a few milestone wristbands ready to be awarded by Jonathan next week... so... on that exciting note...


... Enjoy your half-term! And get those quick legs of yours out there for a run while you're at it!

Sarah H-F


Event 154 – 19th May 2019

On Sunday 19th May 2019 we were welcomed to Gedling Country Park with sunny skies and 92 juniors who ran, walked and jogged their way around our course.20190519_090219

The course was set up and our merry bunch of volunteers all had their roles given out in record time so we were able to have a prompt start time.

Big thanks to our amazing hi-vis heroes, on timers we had Zoe and Isabella, managing the funnel was Richard and Matthew, and scanning the barcodes was Ewan and Jonathan. Out on the course, managing you safely round as marshals was Clare, Rachel, Tom, John, Nick, Madeleine, Sarah, Jonathan, Joanne, Mark and Julie. Finally, bringing up the rear as tail walkers was Bea and Nicola.
Thanks also to Madeleine and Eloise for their extra help with the funnel and token sorting.


If you want to help out one week, have a look at our future volunteer roster to see if theres a job you fancy, and then drop Sarah an email at gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com . Every role is really simple and everyone looks good in hi-vis!

There were a couple of half marathon writstbands handed out, these went to Finlay and Florence. Well done! Don’t forget to print off your half marathon certificate!

Big thanks to Ewan for leading the warm up and getting everyone raring to go20190519_090024.
And then you were off! Speeding your way round the park, up and down those hills! It was the perfect day for a PB as 13 of you scored new personal bests, well done!20190519_09020520190519_09112420190519_09113120190519_091148

That’s it from me for now, next week it’s Sarah being shouty with the megaphone!


Event 150- 21st April 2019 – Easter!

A big thank you to Ewan for writing the run report this week. Ewan was originally one of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who has continued to come and volunteer every week even though he has completed his Duke of Edinburgh award. From all of us at Gedling junior parkrun we want to say thank you to Ewan for supporting us every week. He is always the first of the volunteers to arrive and start to get the course set up. You will also recognise him as one of the warm up team!

The warm weather matched everyone’s high spirits for the 150th Gedling junior parkrun, although it fortunately stayed cool enough, so the boxes of Easter Eggs managed to stay solid for the runners to enjoy at the finish.

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019A brilliant volunteer turnout for this week saw us have more than we needed, enabling us to have extra marshals positioned around the course and volunteers around the finish area to distribute the Easter Bunny’s treats. However, this isn’t the case every week so if you want to start your day with smiling faces and high fives please consider volunteering every so often to make sure that we can continue long into the future. If you are interested please email Gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com . Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

A huge thank you to this week’s volunteers Bo, Darren, Debra, Ewan, Finn, Frances, Helen, Joanne, John, Jon, Jonathan, Louis, Louisa, Lyndsey, Madeleine, Madeleine, Matthew, Nick, Nicola, Sammy, Sarah, Sharon, Tabitha, Wayne and Zoe for getting out of bed early and enabling the event to run as well as it did.

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

We had 73 parkrunners joining us with 7 first timers and 16 PBs! Todays parkrunners have now ran 1927 junior parkruns between them, the equivalent of running from Gedling Country Park to Dubai and 40% of the way back!

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

Both Harriet and Riley celebrated Easter Sunday by earning their half-marathon wristband! Please remember there are wristbands to celebrate half marathon (11 runs) marathon (21 runs) and ultramarathon (50 runs) - at 100 there is a certificate, if you let the run Director know we can celebrate!

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

See you next week for the last run of April, where Tamsin will be your run director.


Event 139 – 3rd February 2019

What a surprise it was that Gedling junior parkrun was not cancelled this week. We are use to how the course gets icy so when I arrived just after 7.30am on Sunday morning to inspect the course I was fully expecting to have to cancel and be back home shortly after to tuck into my breakfast! Luckily I was wrong and with only a couple of minor icy areas where we had extra marshals we were able to proceed.

What a fantastic morning we had too - 75 juniors and their grown ups joined us at Gedling Country Park to walk, jog and run up and down our hills and zig zags. Some juniors managed to come and visit us as their usual activities (football and rugby) were cancelled and we also had tourists from Hucknall, Rushcliffe and Long Eaton junior parkruns so welcome to you all.

We had 14 first timers to Gedling and 9 of whom were completely new to parkrun so hello to Ioan, Finley, Henry, Woody, Edward, Amy, Madeline, Martha and Heidi.

The cold did not stop you zooming around the course and 14 of you achieved a personal best so well done to Fleur, Edward, James, Finlay, Kitty, Rosa, Jacob, Edward, Daniel, Pippa, Olivia, Lexi, Harry and Isabelle.

Martha, Maisy and Edward all ran their 11th junior parkrun so have earnt their half marathon wristband.

Don't forget that when you reach 11 junior parkruns you have ran the equivalent of a half marathon, 21 is a marathon and 50 is an ultra marathon. Let the run director know and you can be presented with your wristband and you can print a certificate off the website on your parkrun profile. They are a great achievement and are really good towards badges at cubs/brownies etc and for show and tell at school.

Talking about schools - did you know that at least 22 out of the 75 juniors this week were from Woodthorpe Infant School or Arno Vale Junior School (they are a linked infant and junior school). Well done! Maybe you would like to see if any of your friends from school would like to join you next week?

Of course junior parkrun can not happen without our wonderful volunteers who were still smiling despite the cold weather. So a big thank you to our hi vis heros - Louis and Sammy were keeping time, Frances and Nick were scanning the bar codes, Ewan and Louis were on the funnel, Nic and Oliver were tailwalkers and the mountain marshals were Sharon, Jonathon. Joanne, Zoe, Richard, Tom, John, Jolene, Seb, Eve, Matthew, Linda, James, Michelle and Rob.

See you all soon

P.S Apologies for the lack of photos - I have had a few technical difficulties and will put them on facebook instead!


Event 123 – the last one this year!

Another year draws to a close... and since we're on New Year's Eve Eve, it's the last junior parkrun of the year too. Hasn't the time whizzed by? All those kilometres run, all those personal bests, all those wristbands given out, welcoming lots of new runners, having so many wonderful volunteers, getting some more new Run Directors and having the brilliant support of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers. Fantastic!


As ever, our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers did us proud and I think that Yasmin did a particularly good job of RD-ing with me this morning. She's very nearly finished her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and has been superb at juniors in all the roles she's taken on. We hope she won't leave us entirely once she's completed her award, but from the core team to you, Yasmin - thank you so much!


Volunteering today, we had Kel and Sammy beeping everyone in with the stopwatches Jon, Emma, Jenny, Fiona, Matthew (and Jonah!), John, Michael, Jane, Thomas, Sam and Rob high fiving everyone around the course... Zoe and Joanne bipping barcodes (only 2 people forgot theirs today - great work guys... I wonder if we can get everyone to remember their barcodes for next week?)... Ewan and Louis managing the finish funnel, Nic tail walking and Felix sorting out the tokens at the end of the morning... plus Yasmine and me, Sarah, Run Directing. You all did a fantastic job so thank you for that!


If anyone else would like to try their hand at volunteering while their little ones ran juniors, do give our volunteer co-ordinator team know \ post on our Facebook page and we'll pop your name down. It honestly is so much fun to cheer and support our runners all around the course - and even using the stop watches is dead simple too - we'll make sure we talk you through what you need to do and I promise it's much easier than you might think.


It was also fantastic to see 35 runners today. We know how hard it is to get out of bed when it's dark out there and there are Christmas toys to be played with... but with 6 personal bests racked up today (great work Charlie, Miriam, Fearn, Martha, Lauren and Daniel!), all those Christmas choccies don't seem to have slowed up those running legs of all of you!


Welcome also to our brand new parkrunners, William and Emily hope to see you again soon!

All that's left to be said is thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us this year, we'll see you on Jan 6th next year and be excited to see you as ever!


Happy New Year and happy running!!


PS Bobble Hat of the Day award goes to...


Event 133 – 23rd December 2018 – the Christmas one!

It's Christmas! We had lots of Christmas fun this morning despite the rain! A big thank you to all the runners and their parents/carers for bringing you on a wet misty morning. We welcomed 34 jolly juniors to the holly hills at Gedling junior parkrun. Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Dec 18.There were lots of seasonal Santa hats, Christmas jumpers and reindeer headbands so thank you to you all for joining in. It definitely helped give Christmas cheer to support our juniors get around the Christmas course. Gedling juniors 23rd december 2018 We had two festive first timers so welcome to Miriam and Daniel. Come back and see us again soon! Some tourists also came to see us so a big hello to Saoirse from Swadlincote, Oliver, Harrison and James from Leeds and Alastair and Rowan from London. Alastair and Rowan joined us last Christmas for their first ever junior parkrun and since then they have completed 47 junior parkruns at 19 different locations. Wow! Maybe we will see you again next Christmas?! Apologies if I have missed any tourists off - let me know and I will add you on. Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Dec 18. Two wristbands were presented by the Christmas Tree to Saul (21 junior parkruns) and Mia (11 junior parkruns). However it also looks from the results that Alberto should have got his half marathon wristband and James should have got his marathon wristband so do let us know next time you see us and we will give you your wristbands. Well done to you all. Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Dec 18. Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Dec 18. Seven of you got an early present by recording a personal best - congratulations to Mia, Oliver, Saoirse, Evan, Tom, Alastair and Rowan. An absolutely massive tinsel thank you to our wonderful volunteers who braved the rain to get to Gedling Country Park this morning to set up the course for you. Did you realise that out of the 21 volunteers today only 3 of us had juniors taking part - the rest were here just because they love junior parkrun! That is fantastic! This week we had Frances and Sammy keeping tinsel time, Louis and Oliver bar (humbug) code scanning, Louis and Ewan on the festive funnel and Zoe and Nicola tinsel tail walking. The merry marshals were Sharon, Sarah, Kelly, Nick, John, Jonathan, Joanne, Tamsin, Richard, Tom, Roger and Eloise. Of course there was also myself looking very silly as a Run Director dressed up a Christmas Tree! 2018-12-23_12-24-10 On behalf of everyone at Gedling junior parkrun we would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you soon. Gedling junior parkrun.  23 Dec 18. Helen


Event 130 – the one where Sarah returned

A dull and miserable start to a Sunday morning. The hills were missing the sunshine today, but that didn't stop you coming to join us - hooray! We did witness a rainbow too so that’s a lovely sight to see.

We arrived at 8.15 to get the show on the road. We had one missing spot this morning but thank you to Ian arriving we had a full roster so thank you very much to our wonderful volunteers!


So we had Ian and Louis timing you through finishing line. Our lovely Marshals giving high five were Lindsey, Michele, Rob, Sam, Karen, Alice, Esther, James, Jonah, Tom and Kel. Team working the finishing area we had Ewan and Louis giving out the finishing tokens, barcode scanning you in were our brother and sister team Yasmin and Sammy. Nicola and Kitty ensured everyone got back safely as our tail walkers, Then there was me, Sarah in the Run Director vest - for the first time in a while - properly complaining it was too cold, but wearing a Christmas jumper to make up for the whinging!


There’s always room on the roster to volunteer so if any parents are free in the next few weeks please email in to juniors head office - gedling-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com. We would very much appreciate it. We've also got a meeting next week after parkrun for anyone who's interested in getting a bit more involved and might be interested in roles such as volunteer coordinator or Run Director... full training would be provided and we'd love to have you join us!


43 of you tackled our course this morning. That’s a great turnout. There were two newbies to our wonderful course this morning so a huge Gedling juniors' welcome to Harry and Frieda. We hope you will join us again soon.

The weather must have helped because 5 off you achieved personal bests. That’s brilliant well done guys. Every single one of you ran your socks off this morning and it was lovely to see. Especially so many smiley faces who'd earned themselves plenty of high fives as they ran round the course.


We love hearing everyone’s stories of success and milestones so don’t forget if you think you're due your wristbands shout up to the Run Director on the day. Remember it's 11 runs for a half marathon wristband, 21 runs for a marathon band and 50 for an ultra marathon band. When you get to 100, you'll have a certificate to show off and lots of cheers from us all for such an amazing achievement!

We hear that there will be cake next week as Charlie joins the 100th junior parkrun. So if you love cake and running... we are definitely the place to be on Sunday.

Have a lovely week.

Happy Running Sarah x


Event 127 – 11th November 2018

Lots of thank you's this week at Gedling junior parkrun. Thank you to the volunteers who turned up at 8.15am in the rain to set up the course. Thank you to the 28 juniors who looked out their windows at home this morning and saw all the rain but still turned up to run and thank you to their parents and family for bringing their juniors to parkrun! However we were all rewarded by it stopping raining at 9am. Hooray!

Gedling junior parkrun 11th November 2018

Out of the 28 juniors running we welcomed one first timer who was completely new to parkrun so hello to Imogen and welcome to Dylan who visited us from Hucknall junior parkrun for the first time.

Gedling junior parkrun 11th November 2018

8 of you recorded a terrific personal best this week so well done to Rav, Jonas, Alberto, Scarlet, Samuel, Leo, Mia and Kitty. Kitty also ran her 11th junior parkrun to achieve her half marathon wristband.

Gedling junior parkrun 11th November 2018

Our volunteers this week were Oliver and Nick keeping time, Yasmin and Ewan scanning bar codes, Louis was on the funnel and Jonathan, Zoe and Evie were the tail walkers. Our marshals were Madeline, Joanne, Kelly, John, Ruth, Eve, Tom, Karen, Richard, Sarah, Rob and Roger. Thank you! Gedling junior parkrun 11th November 2018

See you soon!


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