Sun 9th June

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than on the hills of Gedling Country Park for our junior parkrun! 87 super speedy runners and 26 volunteers definitely agreed, creating a real buzz this morning.

We welcomed plenty of new faces today: 7 recorded their first official runs at Gedling juniors, and there were a few more who haven't yet registered and got their barcode. It’s easy to register and you only need to do it once.

Overall we recorded 21 Personal Best times this morning which was amazing, and definitely rewarding to ring the PB-Cowbell at the end! Well done to all of you and a special mention to Joey and Jenny for completing their half marathons (11 runs), as well as Cairo for completing his full marathon (21 runs). Anyone can qualify for a wristband after completing 11, 21 or 50 junior parkruns, so if you think that you are due to collect one, just speak to your friendly Run Director and we'll make sure that you're not disappointed.

A massive thank you to all of our volunteers who played a helping hand this morning. The lovely volunteers today were: Nick Hill, Frances Astill, Tom England, Sammy King, Sarah Horringan-Fullard, Matthew Marshal, Jonathan Tanner, Joanne Tanner, Sharon Astill, Bo Nowicki, Clare Cunningham, Tasmin Millns, Richard Millns, Helen Smalley, Ewan Wane, Zoe Tanner, John England, Isabella Riley, Catriona Buckley, Louis Astill, Madeleine Millns, Madeleine Horrigan, and Sonny Chapman.

Junior parkrun wouldn't happen without the efforts of our amazing volunteers, please do come and help out, it is loads of fun and none of the roles are difficult.

Thank you for coming to Gedling juniors to run, jog, walk or volunteer, see you next week when Sarah is back in the run director’s hi-vis.

Enjoy your week!


Super Sunny Sunday. Event number 153.

Another beautiful day in our glorious park and a grand total of 89 junior parkrunners made it up and down the hills today. What a turnout! Very well done all of you, especially those who managed to drag their adults around the course as well, great work!

Gedling junior parkrun.  12 May 19.

There must have been something pretty energetic in the air today as 21 of you managed to record your personal best time around the course, well done all of you. One of the best things about junior parkrun is watching everybody at the finish, it really doesn't matter how quickly you get over the line or how many times you had a little breather on the way around. What matters is that everyone enjoys themselves, today was definitely one of those days, gigantic Cheshire cat grins everywhere!

So, 89 young faces legged it around this morning. Of those, twelve were brand new first-time junior parkrunners. A huge slap on the back and congratulations to Jessica, William, Mae, Ted, Jasper, Rayan, Aryan, Ivy, Cara, Navleen, Oscar and Ruby for making such a fantastic effort today. We all hope to see you here again very soon. Just a little reminder that this is a junior event for ages 4-14, adults are more than welcome to run around the course with the juniors, but please, don't go through the finish funnel, your time will not be recorded.

Gedling junior parkrun.  12 May 19.   Gedling junior parkrun.  12 May 19.

Today I got to hand out a couple of wristbands too, Neve got her half-marathon band for completing 12 junior parkruns and Mia is now the proud owner of a marathon band for finishing her 21st, well done both of you. If you think that you are due to collect your celebration wristband next week, please let the Run Director know and we'll make sure that you don't miss out.

As always, we wouldn't be able to get this whole show off the ground if we didn't have our magnificent volunteers. Each week we need at least 19 hi-viz heroes to time, scan, high-five and cheer on our juniors. If you fancy a go at any time, please drop us an email or have a chat with your Run Director. We are always happy to welcome new faces to our happy group, the more the merrier. Thanks this week must go to Bo, Clare, Darren, Debra, Eveline, Ewan, Frances, Isabella, Joanne, Louis, Madeleine, Matthew, Nicola, Sammy, Sarah, Sharon, Tom and Zoe for all giving up a little bit of their Sunday morning.

Gedling junior parkrun.  12 May 19.

Next week Ian takes over for a spot of Run Directing, I'm sure that he is already looking forward to a great morning. See you on the hills folks, have a great week.

Jonathan. #loveparkrun.


Event 152 – The One with a new ‘H’

This Saturday saw a great turnout, as despite it being the first Gedling Junior Parkrun of May, conditions were on the bracing side of warm (temps at the start hovering around 7oC) - Our wonderful group of volunteers had to be well wrapped up!

<Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

Thanks very much to those intrepid volunteers this week for all their efforts and enthusiasm: Sharon, Frances, Louis, Tom, Eveline, Oliver, Nick, Madeleine, Sarah, Sammy, Matthew, Caroline, Bo, James, Helen, Zoe, Joanne, Jonathan, Ewan and Madeleine.

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

As it was my first time as RD, I was particularly grateful that there were loads of experienced volunteers around me, including at least 3 other RDs, helping to nudge me in the right direction when I’d forgotten various things ! And as is often the case, Ewan was there first, getting all the equipment out of the shed, and leading the funnel set-up – great work !

If you fancy a morning start of high fives and cheeriness then please email to give it a go!

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

This week we had 65 parkrunners and 6 first timers - welcome and well done to Joseph, Keira, Finn, Sharay, Dillon and Herbie !

We also had 10 New PBs: Amelia, Oliver, Jenny, Harry, Zara, Florence, Scarlett, Isobel, Hannah and Ben – fantastic effort, and well done to you all

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019">

And very,very well done to Neve, for completing her 11th Junior Parkrun, and receiving her Half Marathon wrist-band. (If you didn't already know after 11 junior parkruns you can collect a half marathon wrist band, 21 a marathon band and 50 an ultra band. After 100 you get a certificate which is excellent value for a show and tell at school! )

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

Once again, thanks to Ewan and Sammy for their energetic leading of the mass warm-up, that no doubt helped get the runners in a peak state of readiness !

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

It was a great atmosphere, as usual with lots of smiling faces as people passed the finish line - just a little reminder parents - please don't go down the finish funnel it makes timekeeping very hard!!

Gedling Junior Parkrun - 5th May 2019

See you next Sunday folks!


Event #149 – the one where we turned three!!

It was a good job everyone was excited to celebrate Gedling juniors parkrun turning three as it was a fairly miserable morning which did at one point involve some sleet. This was not the weather we had ordered. However prospect of the masses of cakes made by Sarah and Madeleine post run kept spirits high.

We had an excellent turnout of volunteers all wanting to join the celebrations and make sure there were plenty of high fives around the course, and parkrunners and volunteers alike included some of the original Gedling junior parkrun faces.

Thank you very much to Ben, Bo, Darren, Debbie, Emma, Helen, Ian, Neil, Jenny, Karen, Louisa, Madeleine, Nick, Nick, Peter, Roger, Sammy, Sarah, Tabitha and Wayne.  Week after week our fantastic volunteers get out of bed on a Sunday and whilst the actually getting out of bed bit can occasionally be a challenge - it's always worth it!  Smiling faces and high fives is a brilliant way to start your day.  If you would be interested in volunteering every now and again to make sure we can continue every Sunday please email


We had 69 parkrunners joining us with 11 first timers and 19 pbs!  I am sure it was the excellent warm up that led to such enthusiasm (or it may have been trying to out run the bad weather which appeared to be looming).



And here are some of our parkrun regulars who I'm informed were there on day one, Finn, Theo and Fleur.

IMG_0976  IMG_0982

And here are Greta and Arthur who both did their half marathon runs on our third birthday. Please remember there are wristbands to celebrate half marathon (11 runs) marathon (21 runs) and ultramarathon (50 runs) - at 100 there is a certificate, if you let the run Director know we can celebrate!

IMG_0984 IMG_0986

See you next week for the Easter Sunday parkrun when the mighty Evan will be run directing with Lyndsey.




Event #148 – The one with the pink rabbit

Well this week alongside some of our fantastic volunteers we had the assistance of Lily's pink rabbit (with tailwalker Emma) which mistakenly got left in with the 5k kit the day before - here it is posing with the rest of the volunteers before having a holiday at my house this week!

7th 1

It being the beginning of the Easter holidays for many meant we didn't have some of our most regular volunteers this week and it was lovely to see some new faces.  Unfortunately that also meant my RD organisational flaws were on full display!

Thanks very much to Alyson, Bo, Brian, Caroline, Clare, Debra, Emma, Karen, Louis, Louisa, Mhairi, Nick. Oliver, Rory, Sammy, Sharon, Tabitha and Wayne for your top volunteering - if you fancy a morning start of high fives and cheeriness then please email to give it a go!

This week we had 64 parkrunners, 6 first timers and 23 PBs - amazing work everyone!  I am sure it was the excellent warm up from Louis and Sammy that spurred everyone on!

7th 4

Micah, Bobby and Ivy collected their Half marathon wrist bands - here's Bobby having finished his 22nd parkrun.  If you didn't already know after 11 junior parkruns you can collect a half marathon wrist band, 21 a marathon band and 50 an ultra band.  After 100 you get a certificate which is excellent value for a show and tell at school!

7th 2

It was an excellent atmosphere with lots of smiling faces as people passed the finish line - just a little reminder parents - please don't go down the finish funnel it makes timekeeping very hard!!

7th 3

See you next Sunday folks!



Event #142 – 24 February 2019 – the one with all the fog

It was an faintly apocalyptic start to the junior park run this week with a fog that promised to burn off any minute but kept returning.  At one point Kelly could see Richard - next moment she couldn't!!!  Richard has posted some much better photos on our facebook page.


As ever we had a fabulous volunteer team of Alice, Charlie, Esther, Ewan, Helen, James, Joanne, Kelly, Kevin, Linda, Matthew, Nicola, Richard, Sammy, Tamsin, Tom and Zoe.  It takes a lot of volunteers to make sure everyone can run safely and it's a fab way to kick off your Sunday - if you're up for giving it a go do please contact the lovely Sarah on








We had some wristbands to give out this week with Alex getting her half marathon and Anya getting her marathon wrist band - well done girls!!!!


We also seemed to have a lot of teddies and cuddly toys in attendance this week.  Here is Jude and Martha with Stanley the bear who was spending time away from drama club to see what people got up to during the half term.  well done for getting all the way round Stanley!


Another fabulous morning.  Just a couple of quick reminders - please don't bring dogs with you some of our runners are really quite afraid of them, please don't take tokens home with you - I know they make a lovely souvenir but if you make sure you bring your barcode seeing your/your child's time is even better.  And finally please make sure your children understand this is a friendly event - it's not a competitive event and we expect kindness and patience from all our finishers!

That's all folks - see you soon - Peter from another park run will be with you this week - please be gentle!!


Event 141: 17th February

I think I may have mentioned before but I love parkrun!! It was a genuinely joyful experience on Sunday morning when 75 exceptionally motivated youngsters took a run around our lovely park after Sammy, Ewan and Louis warmed you up.

At least 11 runners were first timers to the world of parkrun and in fact there were a couple more who hadn't printed off their barcode. We hope you felt welcome and we look forward to seeing you again. There were 17 shiny New PBs so the warmer weather and lack of rain must have helped!

There have been a few changes with our email accounts and the way we store and share photographs. This is mainly just causing brain ache for the run directors whilst we work out how to embed photos in to these news reports. I think I've managed it but they might be a bit big!

And I can't quite work out how to get the volunteer photo in the right place but please pass on your thanks to this weeks excellent volunteers: Sharon ASTILL, Frances ASTILL, Louis ASTILL, Julie BRIDGES, Kevin ELTOFT-PREST, Tom ENGLAND, John ENGLAND, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Louis JAMSON, Sammy KING, Ian MARSHALL, Matthew MARSHALL, Tamsin MILLNS, Kelly MORPHUS, Bo NOWICKI, Joanne TANNER, Zoe TANNER, Alice TOWNEND, Ewan WANE, Mary WEATHERALL, Julie WEBSTER, Madeleine WELLS 

[I might have actually managed a photo too now...]

Did you know that 2 of our Marshals were made for the job given that their surnames are Marshall! If you are also born to be a volunteer, please get in touch at and we'll get you added on.  Full training is provided and its really good fun - honest!

Jenny will be in the blue and white next week so I'll hand over to her for now!

Happy parkrunning! Tamsin x




Event 140: 10th of February 2019.

Wet. That's what we were! Wet.

It was the soggiest Sunday morning for quite a while today, but that did not stop 35 brave and determined junior parkrunners turning up and tackling the elements and the hills of Gedling. A massive well done to all of you and also to those adults who were responsible for getting you to and from the park.

Gedling junior parkrun.  10 Feb 19   Gedling junior parkrun.  10 Feb 19

Despite the conditions, a fantastic thirteen of you somehow managed to record your fastest ever time, congratulations all of you. It's not all about speed though, today we welcomed four of you who were absolutely brand to junior parkrun. Welcome Grace, Riley, Joseph and Adam, we hope to see you all again very soon.

Gedling junior parkrun.  10 Feb 19

We had a couple of juniors picking up their first wristbands today, both Ravi and Ada are now very proud owners of their half-marathon bands. Well done you two, keep on coming and you will soon get your marathon and ultra-marathon bands.

Gedling junior parkrun.  10 Feb 19

There was a fine selection of umbrellas on show today too, helping to keep your marshals as dry as possible. We wouldn't be able to get this event up and running without the lovely volunteers and we are always on the look out for more happy helpers, willing to join to group. If you fancy it, just let your Run Director know, or drop us an email. Please note that the email address will change tomorrow (11 Feb 19) to

Gedling junior parkrun.  10 Feb 19

That's it from me. Tamsin takes the reins next week and I know she is looking forward to it.

See you soon, Jonathan. #loveparkrun


Event 137: The one with the token panic!

One of the most beautiful sunrises that I have seen in a very long time was waiting for us on arrival at Gedling Country Park this morning. This is just one of the reasons that we love this place, add this to the wonderful sound of 64 excited junior parkrunners on the start line and ready to go and I can think of nowhere I would rather be on a Sunday morning. Just look at that view! Thank you to Richard for capturing a marvelous photograph.

Gedling junior parkrun. 20 Jan 19.

After a year or so of being a Run Director, I'm finally getting some of your names into my head! I will never complain about having to learn new ones though, so today it was just lovely to see so many of you turn out for your very first junior parkrun; Fleur, David, Jasper, Beatrice, Harry, Lauren, Martha and Gabriel, I hope that you enjoyed yourself this morning, It will be great to see you on the hills again very soon. Despite the chill in the air, a tremendous 13 of you managed to record your best time around the course, well done all of you and to everyone who got up and down the hills.

Gedling junior parkrun.  20 Jan 19.

After a very thorough warm-up, led by Sammy and Louis, it was time to go and 64 pairs of little legs thundered down to the dip. While that was happening, the rest of us made our way up to the finish line and got ready to welcome all of our juniors back in. Normally this is a very quiet time where we try to guess who we will see coming around the corner first, today was a little different! I'm not going to name any names, but somehow every single one of the finish tokens ended up on the floor, making a very interesting but stress inducing pattern on the pavement! This is when the famous Gedling team spirit kicked in and with the help of a couple of emergency volunteers, we managed to get everything picked up and in order before Finn appeared and sped his way through the finish funnel. Extra special thanks to Katrina, Jon and Finn's Dad for slowing down my heart rate!

Gedling junior parkrun.  20 Jan 19.

On that note, it's time to thank all of our volunteers. It's only because this lot turn up that we are able to line the route, hand out high-fives and make sure that you all get around safely. If any of you fancy giving the high-viz a go one week, then please do. All of the roles are fun and you'll be looked after from start to finish. go on, give it a try, you know it makes sense. Drop us an email or message us through our Facebook page and we'll get you on the roster.

Gedling junior parkrun.  20 Jan 19.

Next week Tamsin will be your Run Director, I hope she has as much fun as I did today! See you all very soon.

Jonathan. #loveparkrun


Event 136 – we finished before it rained!!!

The clouds over Gedling were ominous as we were setting off but this didn't stop a magnificent 78 of you coming along to take part this week, 8 of you who did your first ever parkrun!!!  We set ourselves the challenge (or rather we crossed our fingers) that we'd be all packed up by the time the black clouds in the distance turned into actual rain.....



We had a top team of volunteers this week of Jonathan, Joanne, Zoe, Sharon, Louis A, Frances, Susanne, Finn, Nicola, Tom, John, Emma, Eveline, Nick, Oliver, Louis J, Sammy, Richard, Madeleine, Kelly and Ewan.  Many of this team are regulars and they get themselves up onto the hills of Gedling of a Sunday come rain or shine to cheer and high five and make sure we can go ahead each week.  It really is great fun and if you would like to take part please email and sign up!!


Everyone obviously had the same idea about getting finished before the rain set in as we had a brilliant 8 PBs too, I'm sure Ewan, Sammy and Louis' brilliant warm up also helped!!!



Thanks for making it such a great morning everyone, just two quick reminders, some of the children who come along don't like dogs so please don't bring them to the event unless they are assistance dogs and also children don't need their barcode until they exit the funnel so parents please could you not follow children down the funnel with their barcode it makes life tricky for the timekeepers.

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