Event 150- 21st April 2019 – Easter!

A big thank you to Ewan for writing the run report this week. Ewan was originally one of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who has continued to come and volunteer every week even though he has completed his Duke of Edinburgh award. From all of us at Gedling junior parkrun we want to say thank you to Ewan for supporting us every week. He is always the first of the volunteers to arrive and start to get the course set up. You will also recognise him as one of the warm up team!

The warm weather matched everyone’s high spirits for the 150th Gedling junior parkrun, although it fortunately stayed cool enough, so the boxes of Easter Eggs managed to stay solid for the runners to enjoy at the finish.

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019A brilliant volunteer turnout for this week saw us have more than we needed, enabling us to have extra marshals positioned around the course and volunteers around the finish area to distribute the Easter Bunny’s treats. However, this isn’t the case every week so if you want to start your day with smiling faces and high fives please consider volunteering every so often to make sure that we can continue long into the future. If you are interested please email Gedlingjuniors@parkrun.com . Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

A huge thank you to this week’s volunteers Bo, Darren, Debra, Ewan, Finn, Frances, Helen, Joanne, John, Jon, Jonathan, Louis, Louisa, Lyndsey, Madeleine, Madeleine, Matthew, Nick, Nicola, Sammy, Sarah, Sharon, Tabitha, Wayne and Zoe for getting out of bed early and enabling the event to run as well as it did.

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

We had 73 parkrunners joining us with 7 first timers and 16 PBs! Todays parkrunners have now ran 1927 junior parkruns between them, the equivalent of running from Gedling Country Park to Dubai and 40% of the way back!

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

Both Harriet and Riley celebrated Easter Sunday by earning their half-marathon wristband! Please remember there are wristbands to celebrate half marathon (11 runs) marathon (21 runs) and ultramarathon (50 runs) - at 100 there is a certificate, if you let the run Director know we can celebrate!

Gedling junior parkrun 21st April 2019

See you next week for the last run of April, where Tamsin will be your run director.


Event #149 – the one where we turned three!!

It was a good job everyone was excited to celebrate Gedling juniors parkrun turning three as it was a fairly miserable morning which did at one point involve some sleet. This was not the weather we had ordered. However prospect of the masses of cakes made by Sarah and Madeleine post run kept spirits high.

We had an excellent turnout of volunteers all wanting to join the celebrations and make sure there were plenty of high fives around the course, and parkrunners and volunteers alike included some of the original Gedling junior parkrun faces.

Thank you very much to Ben, Bo, Darren, Debbie, Emma, Helen, Ian, Neil, Jenny, Karen, Louisa, Madeleine, Nick, Nick, Peter, Roger, Sammy, Sarah, Tabitha and Wayne.  Week after week our fantastic volunteers get out of bed on a Sunday and whilst the actually getting out of bed bit can occasionally be a challenge - it's always worth it!  Smiling faces and high fives is a brilliant way to start your day.  If you would be interested in volunteering every now and again to make sure we can continue every Sunday please email Gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com


We had 69 parkrunners joining us with 11 first timers and 19 pbs!  I am sure it was the excellent warm up that led to such enthusiasm (or it may have been trying to out run the bad weather which appeared to be looming).



And here are some of our parkrun regulars who I'm informed were there on day one, Finn, Theo and Fleur.

IMG_0976  IMG_0982

And here are Greta and Arthur who both did their half marathon runs on our third birthday. Please remember there are wristbands to celebrate half marathon (11 runs) marathon (21 runs) and ultramarathon (50 runs) - at 100 there is a certificate, if you let the run Director know we can celebrate!

IMG_0984 IMG_0986

See you next week for the Easter Sunday parkrun when the mighty Evan will be run directing with Lyndsey.




Event #148 – The one with the pink rabbit

Well this week alongside some of our fantastic volunteers we had the assistance of Lily's pink rabbit (with tailwalker Emma) which mistakenly got left in with the 5k kit the day before - here it is posing with the rest of the volunteers before having a holiday at my house this week!

7th 1

It being the beginning of the Easter holidays for many meant we didn't have some of our most regular volunteers this week and it was lovely to see some new faces.  Unfortunately that also meant my RD organisational flaws were on full display!

Thanks very much to Alyson, Bo, Brian, Caroline, Clare, Debra, Emma, Karen, Louis, Louisa, Mhairi, Nick. Oliver, Rory, Sammy, Sharon, Tabitha and Wayne for your top volunteering - if you fancy a morning start of high fives and cheeriness then please email gedling-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com to give it a go!

This week we had 64 parkrunners, 6 first timers and 23 PBs - amazing work everyone!  I am sure it was the excellent warm up from Louis and Sammy that spurred everyone on!

7th 4

Micah, Bobby and Ivy collected their Half marathon wrist bands - here's Bobby having finished his 22nd parkrun.  If you didn't already know after 11 junior parkruns you can collect a half marathon wrist band, 21 a marathon band and 50 an ultra band.  After 100 you get a certificate which is excellent value for a show and tell at school!

7th 2

It was an excellent atmosphere with lots of smiling faces as people passed the finish line - just a little reminder parents - please don't go down the finish funnel it makes timekeeping very hard!!

7th 3

See you next Sunday folks!



Event 147 – 31st March 2019 – when the clocks changed

It was a lovely sunny morning for Gedling junior parkrun this week when we welcomed 50 juniors and their grown ups to zoom around our hills! 4 first timers joined us so hello to Jack, Connie, Emilia and Finlay. We loved how one of our first timers had matching running leggings with her mum! Don't they look great?

Gedling junior parkrun 31st March 2019

Gedling junior parkrun 31st March 2019

Gedling junior parkrun 31st March 2019

Micah ran his 21st junior parkrun so he collected his marathon wristband and 3 of our other juniors collected wristbands from when they had forgotten to get them on recent weeks. When done to you all! Don't forget to print off your certificate off the website as well.

Gedling junior parkrun 31st march 2019


Seven of our juniors recorded a personal best this morning so well done to Rhianna, Toby, Riley, Edward, Mia, Micah and Lewis.

Gedling junior parkrun 31st March 2019

The clocks changed last night so an extra big thank you to our volunteers who had an hour less sleep last night and were still very smiley and encouraging of you around the course. So a big thank you to Zoe and Jenny keeping time, Louis and Ewan bar code scanning, Tamsin and Martyn on the funnel and handing out tokens, Nicola was tail walking and Evie sorted the tokens after the run. Our magnificent marshals were Jonathan, Joanne, Alyson, Richard, Emma, Eveline, Bo, Tom, Clare, Matthew and Roger.

Gedling junior parkrun 31st March 2019

I tried the 5K's step and megaphone this morning to see if it would make it easier for everyone to hear me. It seemed to work - all the marshals around the course could hear me too!

Gedling junior parkrun 31st march 2019

Have a great week and we hope to see you on the hills again soon.



Event 146 24/3/19 – Sunshine and cake!

Event 146 was a very special event for so many reasons, not least because it was our second biggest attendance with a whopping 95 pairs of legs completing our fabulous course. But why so many?

Gedling junior parkrun 24th march 2019


A little bird told me that Fyffe shared the parkrun love around his friends at school and invited them to join him for his 50th run.

Gedling junior parkrun 24th march 2019

He wasn't the only one reaching a milestone,Caleb and Finlay collected their Marathon bands and Finn collected his 50th band too (although he's a bit camera shy!)

Gedling junior parkrun 24th march 2019

Gedling junior parkrun 24th march 2019

There were a whopping 24 PBs on Sunday and at least nine youngsters joining us for the first time. There were also lots of visitors without barcodes so we hope you sign up and we see you again!

Gedling junior parkrun 24th march 2019

Thank you as always to our volunteers, some of whom were recruited by Helen from the 5km event. Its a win win win situation, Run, Volunteer and feel epic for supporting the Young people of Gedling!

Gedling junior parkrun 24th march 2019


Helen will be looking after you on Sunday (she takes a much better selfie than me)!

Don't forget the clocks change on Sunday (Happy Mothering Sunday!!)