Let’s talk t-shirts! The parkrun milestone clubs

Here at parkrun, we’re big fans of persistence, and we love celebrating when a parkrunner reaches a significant milestone. That’s why we have these special clubs you automatically join when you reach a specific target.

parkrun Club T-Shirts

What are the clubs?

At all 5K parkruns,  all runners who complete 50 runs are awarded a 50 Club T-shirt; those who complete 100 receive the 100 T-Shirt; those who complete an incredible 250 runs receive a 250 T-shirt; and complete 500 runs to receive the 500 T-shirt! Okay, you have got to be joking? Ten years of running a parkrun? You can't be serious that there are people prepared to go to this extreme. Yes, there are! Welcome to the big daddy of parkrun clubs.

What about junior t-shirts?

We also have the Junior 10 club. A 10 club T-shirt is also awarded to junior runners (aged 17 and under at the time of 10th run) when they have completed 10 runs in the Saturday 5k events.

parkrun Club T-Shirts

And the volunteers?

We think it's important that our volunteers are recognised, so we have a Volunteer club that rewards anyone who volunteers on 25 different occasions at any of our events (5k or junior series).

parkrun Club T-Shirts

A bit of history...

The parkrun milestone clubs were never planned. The first acknowledgement was for Darren Wood when he completed 100 parkruns, and was awarded a black fleece with 'BPTT' (Bushy Park Time Trial - the preceder to parkrun) on the front. This was the start of the 100 club. Darren continued parkrunning, becoming the first person to reach 250 parkruns in January 2010, and 500 parkruns in March 2015. The fleece jackets evolved into black t-shirts, and when Nike joined as a sponsor in 2009, they helped us create the 50 club t-shirts, and 10 club for juniors. Adidas then continued this up until December 2015.

In January 2015, Tribesports joined us as a global partner. A backlog had built up of 35,000 t-shirts, and the awesome folks at Tribe set about designing and manufacturing our shiny new club t-shirts. They also created the 25 volunteer club t-shirt, with the design voted for by the parkrun community. The first t-shirts were shipped out in July 2015, and as of December 2015, 57,000 parkrunners had received a Tribesports club t-shirt.

parkrun Club T-Shirts

(You can see Darren Wood on the right)

How do I achieve a milestone? It's easy! Just keep on running and volunteering until you hit a milestone. There's one important thing to remember. For each run to be recorded, you need to bring your scannable barcode to every parkrun you choose to run at.

Who supplies the t-shirts?

The t-shirts are designed and manufactured by Tribesports. They believe that everyday champions should be able to afford kit worthy of the pros. And I can assure you that the quality of Tribesports kit is second to none.

The distribution of club t-shirts is provided by Wiggle, the UK’s favourite & world’s largest cycling and tri-sports store. Wiggle is also the home to the parkrun retail store, home to a fantastic selection of parkrun goodies - with revenue used to fund new and existing events.


How do I claim my t-shirt?

To check you need to go to your parkrun profile. To do this either:

  • Please sign into your profile by visiting https://www.parkrun.com/signin/
    If you've not set a password to access your profile, you can create one via https://www.parkrun.com/resetpassword/
  • Follow the link to 'manage my profile'. This link can be found in any of our newsletters and in any of your run results emails.
  • Follow the link to 'collect and print your barcode' in your registration confirmation email.

This will take you to the 'my links' page.

From here click on 'club progress'. If your profile has been activated, you'll see a link that says 'click to claim your t-shirt’. Clicking this will take you through to our Wiggle store where you will be able to redeem the free t-shirt. Postage and packaging applies - as it's the only way to ensure the t-shirts remain free.

It says my t-shirt is out of stock.

Due to the huge amount of parkrunners who have achieved milestones, it's likely that some t-shirts (particularly 100 shirts) will be out of stock. The next shipment is due to arrive later this month, so please be patient and keep checking your profile. parkrun Club T-Shirts

Over the next five years, 300,000 parkrunners will achieve one of the six milestones. It's thanks to the fantastic work of the team at Tribesports, Wiggle and parkrun Global that the club t-shirts have been able to continue.

Happy parkrunning!