Event 247 – 15th February 2020

Wow when i arrived at Gedling this morning i honestly thought Storm Dennis was still in hiding but how wrong was i!!! He decided to join us good and proper. However that didn't stop 170 off you joining us which included 23 first timers. Welcome to our hills and if you can run in that head wind, your laughing the next time you join us.


Honestly a massive thank you to our volunteers this week. It was dreadfully windy and very wet but without them it wouldn't be possible. So Firstly we have Sarah who does all the behind the scene admin as our Volunteer Coordinator. If you fancy joining the high vis heroes drop her a email at gedling@parkrun.com. Katie did a lovely job at first time briefing which she stood into at the last minute. Good thing about the 1st time briefing is you can get your run in as well. Chris, Carl and Hilary were our fabulous marshal's out on the course. We obviously lacked our signs today due to the wind but with these lovely lot  ensure no one got lost. Ben and Ruby did a great job off ensuring the tokens and funnel was managed correctly. Sally and Holly both new too timing did a great job with cold fingers beeping you. Anysha and Samuel deserve a massive praise, its never a easy job to barcode scan in the rain. They did a great job and thank you Tracy for getting her phone out to help after her pacing duties. The other pacers we had was Sharon and Helen helping you get those PBs. Emma and Rachel did a great job ensuring you where all back safely as our tail walkers. Then me kel wearing the RD vest.


Well done Lenny for achieving your 50th T shirt. Lenny has ran 38 of them here on our hills. That's very good going. Unfortunately i didn't mange to get a photo due to my phone being really wet and being caught up with writing down un-scan bar-codes. We loved your t shirt though with chocolates attached. I am very sure our runners enjoyed them too.

In wet weather like today, the paper bar-code become very wet and more difficult to scan so though we try our best sometimes the only option we have is to write them down. Please understand we try and write the correct number down but accidents happen. If your number isn't correctly recorded please email in and we will update the result system. There is no other way and you will still get your result. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that parkrun is a free event and our volunteers are giving up there spare time so the event can go ahead. The weather definitely doesn't help with the technology.


Remember Gedling juniors is cancelled tomorrow morning and hopefully back on next week.

7th March is our 250 event and international women's day. We have an event on Gedling's Facebook page. We always welcome any ideas to help celebrate theses occasions. Email in any ideas.


Right that's all for this week, time to dry out and drink lots off tea  High vis are in the washing machine ready for next Saturday when Tamsin is wearing the RD vest. Enjoy your week Kel