Event #286 – “Tough course – awesome views”

That was the advice from a few of my parkrun and jogging friends!

But with the prospect of getting a ‘G’ for my Alphabet challenge, I wasn’t deterred.

So today I arrived at Gedling Country Park excited at the prospect of another new venue to add to the ever growing list. As always my fellow parkrunners were a friendly bunch, willing to chat and help out the newbies, who are usually looking a bit lost.

Jenny was the Run Director today. The run brief was excellent, full of enthusiasm and facts about the course. Hills were mentioned just once or twice! The most important hill was the final 300 metres - down to the finish.

As always Jenny thanked all the super volunteers, without whom the event would not be possible. Everyone agreed and joined in with a round of applause.

Our amazing volunteers for today

Our amazing volunteers for today

3 - 2 - 1 - GO!

We were off!

The course description was a figure of eight and undulating.

The first short section was downhill before turning right and continuing downhill. Then a sharp left and up, up, up and around the Solar Farm. The course then turned left and levelled out before heading downhill, back towards the start. That was the first loop complete.

The second loop was more of the same, downhill then up, up up and around towards the new housing development. Finally end was in sight, the final 300 metre downhill section. Over the line and to the finish. Phew!

The weather was perfect
The course was exactly as per the description.
The volunteers were brilliant.
The views of the surrounding area were superb.

Top marks for Gedling parkrun.
Recognition for Jenny too - the results pinged through on my phone at 10:07.
Crikey - super efficient.

So that was it:
P34 and 24:32
My 248th parkrun and my 124th volunteer.

Thank you!

PS - If you are ever in the Burton-on-Trent area, come and try out my home parkrun - Conkers!


Event 255 – 14th August 2021

On Gedling parkrun’s fourth event since restart, we had 144 runners embrace the hills, of those there were 19 first timers to Gedling (including tourists) and 15 new personal bests recorded!

Despite arriving a little late (there were a few volunteers waiting for me) we got the course set up in record time. Big thanks to our amazing hi-viz hero volunteers, today we had Chris and Julie timing, Jon and Liz on the funnel, Damian, Lyndsey and Ben scanning the barcodes, Neal, Nickesh and Andrew on Marshal duties, and Brian and John tail walking. Thanks also to Sharon for doing the first timers brief and to Jo & George for sorting out the popup sign & flag and then bringing it home for a wash! It sure needed it!
At the pre-run brief I asked for you to do us all a favour, and when returning to the car park, to go up the right hand side of the play area, as this will prevent clashes between pedestrians and runners who are heading to the finish. It worked! Thank you very much. The path between the play areas was much clearer. Long may this continue.


However... A complaint was received from a park user that they were "forced off the path and into the thistles by the runners". This happened on the path that cuts across the park just after the start. A polite reminder to you please, to be mindful of other park users and give them the space that they need, we do not have right of way.

Special mention to Rhod Price who was running his 100th event at Gedling! Well done sir!

Also to Lyndsey Johnson for her 50th volunteer occasion, that's how much fun volunteering is!

So, pre-run brief done it was time to set off, exactly at 9:00 am!

First across the line for the gents was Brandon Gell in 21:31, followed by Owen Jones in 21:37 and then Ben Parker in 21:38 (New PB!)

For the ladies it was Katie Hicken in 23:48, followed by Rachel Grant in 24:24, and then Suzanne Swanwick in 26:36. Well done all.


First lady Katie!

Sadly, as we are still running the event under the Covid framework, the PB bell is hidden away, hopefully we can see its return soon!

Once our tail walkers were safely back, it was time to pack up and say goodbye to the park for another week.

Our fantastic event could not happen without our volunteers. If you’ve not volunteered before, why not give it a go? It’s really simple and fun and you get to wear a sparkly new hi-viz. If you’ve volunteered before, then why not come back and have another go? All you have to do is drop us a note on facebook or an email to our volunteer co-ordinator and we’ll get you on the roster for the coming weeks.
Don’t forget you earn an amazing purple t-shirt when you’ve volunteered 25 times, everyone looks good in purple don’t they??

See you on the hills next week!



This is George... George got a new PB!


Event #251 – the last one for a little while

(EDITOR NOTE) I'm a little late in posting this as following event 251 it looked like the impact of COVID-19 mitigation actions might lead to the cancellation of events for a while and I didn't want to post this run report without comment if that was the case. And sadly, the right thing to do is stop parkrun events for a short while, the first time in 15 years there won't be a parkrun anywhere in the world.

Please look after yourselves during this time and also follow the parkrun guidance for social distancing such that you don't set up alternative group runs.  We all need to look after each other right now.  Please reach out to others for support if you need it. Keep well, body and soul. Jenny x

It was a chilly start to the event but the ominous clouds kept away and we had a lovely smiley crew all ready to cheer you all round.


Ben, Holly, Joshua, Samuel, Ruby and Emma did a great job of running the funnel with the tokens, stopwatches and barcode scanners being totally in sync for the first time for ages (for me - including the horror of New Year's Day).  Thanks to you all as well for abiding by our no touch token policy.  I'm sure it will have made a difference.

Thanks to Adam, Emma, Peter and Allan for their excellent High five free marshalling, to Mike for offering to pace at the last minute and to Sally and Hilary for bringing up the rear in such style with our lovely Mr Sullivan, his toe and Lucy the dog!

This is where I would usually do a shout out for future volunteers but we'll be taking a break for a little while as you know.  See you soon.



Event 250 – 7th March 2020

Wow can you believe it the weather was dry for us at Gedling this morning, it was the best type off weather to stand and cheer our runners.

Today 224 joined us to celebrate our 250 event and international women's day. We had 29 first timers and a massive 36 of you achieved a personal best. Well done to everyone. A massive thank you to everyone who came in purple or green, it was a great sight to see.


Our Parkrun heroes for this week are as followed: We had Sarah our volunteer coordinator ensuring our event was full. If you feel you would like to try and volunteer,  its super easy and fun, please get in touch with her at gedling@parkrun.com. Our first time briefing was given by Helen, where she explained everything which was needed to do, so basically just have fun. Our timers were Ian and Holly ensuring you had the correct time, Ben and Joshua worked together to ensure the finish funnel and tokens were given in the correct order. Beeping you in with there barcode scanners were Samuel and Jacob, who was then joined by Tracy after her run. Great work guys. Our wonderful marshals on route were Jolene, Jim and Neil making sure the parkrun love was felt. Sorry i forgot to say in the run brief, we did have pacers so we had the lovely Sally and Liam pacing you around, Our fabulous purple dressed tailwalkers were Alex and Rachel.Then we had Chris with his fantastic camera. Making my job easy because i didn't have to remember to get my phone out. Take a look on our face book page to see the wonderful photos. Finally me Kel in the Rd vest.


There is nothing worse when the microphone doesn't work so we are sorry if you didn't hear everything. Holly one of our Duke of Edinburgh students gave you a summary of the female runners at Gedling. I have posted it on our face book page. Happy international women's day from us here at Gedling Parkrun #thisgirlcan. 

Gedling has now achieved our 250 event, its come a long way seen the days Ian, Sarah, Nickesh and Rob where they were only run directors on our roster and they were the main core team and now we have 13. Our community has just got bigger and better each milestone. Samuel and Josh gave you some off our Gedling stats this morning, which can always been seen on our result page. Just one off the things the lads said this morning was " without our runners, our next lot of stats wouldn't exist, so a massive thank you to all that choose our Parkrun on a Saturday morning"  This is very true so a massive thank you to all our runners and especially our volunteers who ensure theses events can take place.


So not only being our 250 event, Sarah Tyler also bagged her 250 t-shirts. We can't wait to see the green when your next on the hills. Well done from us all. Sarah has ran 69 off those runs here at Gedling.


Another big thank you to Helen Smalley for your great cupcakes, they matched our colour scheme perfectly but most off all our runners loved them, Also Tracy and Chris for your chocolate contribution.Our 250 cake also went down a treat. I have manged to bring a small piece home for my cuppa later.

Barcodes: Please ensure you have your barcodes, there seems to be a few missing in the results today. Barcodes make happy runners aswell as happy Run directors when result processing.


So thats it another successful Saturday morning done, Jenny will be in the RD vest next week. Have a great week Kel






February 29.2.2020 – Event 249

For the first time in three weeks we weren't running through a named storm! There was a bit of wind and rain, but it didn't stop 199 people hitting the hills, with visitors from Sheffield and Surrey. We also welcomed friends from Colwick and other somewhat soggy local parkruns.

We had 23 first timers, and a brilliant 31 PB's (guys don't forget to ring the bell!), with representatives from 24 different clubs.

We celebrated Sharon Messam's 25th volunteering event and George Miller's 100th parkrun!

First over the line was Matthew Nutt in 18.50, followed by Mark Hornsey at 19.04. First lady was Amy Casson in 21.57, followed by Katherine Malone in 23.13.

A couple of reminders to help our parkruns run smoothly. After finishing please don't walk back through the funnel as it causes problems for the finishers. Also when walking back to the car park, please be aware of those still running and keep to one side to let them through.

The IT won't talk to my phone, so photos will be on our FB page....

Next week is our 250th parkrun and International Women's day. To mark this try to wear purple or green!

We're all in Kelly's safe hands next week!


Event 248 – 22nd Feb 2020

This week 208 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers to Gedling, 6 of whom chose a cold, windy and wet Gedling for their first ever parkrun, congratulations and welcome to the family! 22 recorded new Personal Bests.  

We had tourists from many Nottingham parkruns due to cancellations at Long Eaton, Beeston, Colwick and the new Wollaton Hall parkrun. There were also tourists visiting from the Newark core team and Belton House so it looks like we were the place to be in the East Midlands this weekend. Thanks for popping by and we hope to see you tackle the hills again soon.  I also spoke to a gentleman visiting from Bingley. He was hoping to do Long Eaton so went from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms if hills! but he says he'll be back again to see the views in the summer.



Milestones this week were celebrated by Chris Dickinson completing her 50th run and her 10th at Gedling (pictured below on the right) and Emma Furness completing her 100th Run having visited 24 different parkrun venues and 48 at Gedling.87148248_216782476135228_1363867951471525888_n

Here is a shot of our first 3 Male finishers who practically sprinted around the course. Well done to you all.

87270346_345718626385247_5604435573952479232_n (1)

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Tamsin MILLNS • Ian SULLIVAN • Joshua KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Emma TOMLINSON • Ruby NEAL • Kelly MORPHUS • Holly PRINCE • Carl SHIPLEY • Samuel JUBY • Anysha CHINYEMBA • Katie HICKEN • Eve RANDALL • Chris HILL • Victoria RANDALL • Freya RANDALL • Sharon MESSAM • Helen POOK • Ben FOWKES

85069785_192889191959986_4786287249442471936_nIan (Run Director) Marshall will be in the black and white next week for the very rare leap year parkrun!

Until next time, Tamsin signing off!



Event 247 – 15th February 2020

Wow when i arrived at Gedling this morning i honestly thought Storm Dennis was still in hiding but how wrong was i!!! He decided to join us good and proper. However that didn't stop 170 off you joining us which included 23 first timers. Welcome to our hills and if you can run in that head wind, your laughing the next time you join us.


Honestly a massive thank you to our volunteers this week. It was dreadfully windy and very wet but without them it wouldn't be possible. So Firstly we have Sarah who does all the behind the scene admin as our Volunteer Coordinator. If you fancy joining the high vis heroes drop her a email at gedling@parkrun.com. Katie did a lovely job at first time briefing which she stood into at the last minute. Good thing about the 1st time briefing is you can get your run in as well. Chris, Carl and Hilary were our fabulous marshal's out on the course. We obviously lacked our signs today due to the wind but with these lovely lot  ensure no one got lost. Ben and Ruby did a great job off ensuring the tokens and funnel was managed correctly. Sally and Holly both new too timing did a great job with cold fingers beeping you. Anysha and Samuel deserve a massive praise, its never a easy job to barcode scan in the rain. They did a great job and thank you Tracy for getting her phone out to help after her pacing duties. The other pacers we had was Sharon and Helen helping you get those PBs. Emma and Rachel did a great job ensuring you where all back safely as our tail walkers. Then me kel wearing the RD vest.


Well done Lenny for achieving your 50th T shirt. Lenny has ran 38 of them here on our hills. That's very good going. Unfortunately i didn't mange to get a photo due to my phone being really wet and being caught up with writing down un-scan bar-codes. We loved your t shirt though with chocolates attached. I am very sure our runners enjoyed them too.

In wet weather like today, the paper bar-code become very wet and more difficult to scan so though we try our best sometimes the only option we have is to write them down. Please understand we try and write the correct number down but accidents happen. If your number isn't correctly recorded please email in and we will update the result system. There is no other way and you will still get your result. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that parkrun is a free event and our volunteers are giving up there spare time so the event can go ahead. The weather definitely doesn't help with the technology.


Remember Gedling juniors is cancelled tomorrow morning and hopefully back on next week.

7th March is our 250 event and international women's day. We have an event on Gedling's Facebook page. We always welcome any ideas to help celebrate theses occasions. Email in any ideas.


Right that's all for this week, time to dry out and drink lots off tea  High vis are in the washing machine ready for next Saturday when Tamsin is wearing the RD vest. Enjoy your week Kel






We’re celebrating International Women’s Day at parkruns around the world on Saturday 7 March #IWDparkrun

Bring along a female friend, colleague or family member and walk, jog, run or volunteer together for #ThisGirlCan

Find out more


Event 246 – 8th February 2020

It was another enjoyable morning at Gedling parkrun. Maybe I am saying that as I could just shout out well done to the runners rather than having to run up our lovely but challenging hills! There were lots of smiles though (after our parkrunners had recovered!) and it was great to see everybody chatting away and also enjoying the social aspect of parkrun as well as the run.


We welcomed 166 parkrunners to Gedling today, of whom 31 were first timers to Gedling and 6 of these were brand new to parkrun. We hope that you get the parkrun bug and we would love to welcome you back to Gedling again soon.


Our tourists had travelled from Coventry, Rutland, Worcester, Manchester, Belton and Colwick!!

28 of our parkrunners recorded a personal best so well done to you all - Matt, Iason, Katie, Justin, George, Stephen, Benjamin, William, Louisa, Simon, Daniel, John, Amy, James, Abigail, Jillian, Michelle, Emma, Mohammed, Anne-Marie, Lydia, Sarah, Molly, Earl, Danny, Joanna, Amy and Nikita. It is a great feeling to achieve a personal best but whatever your reason for joining in today I hope that you went away knowing that you had boosted your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our first finisher was Matthew Grainge in 19:25 (just a second off his PB), followed by Matt Renshaw (19:53) who did get a PB and James Moore (20:33) on his very first parkrun! Here is Matt, Matthew and James.


For the ladies we had Mia France (21:32), Catherine Jackson (22:20) and Katie Hicken (22:23) which was also a PB. Here is Katie, Catherine and Mia.


You will have probably noticed that parkrun also gives you an age grade %. This week our highest age grade % was Christine Heaton with an age grade % of 77.4 and Stan Pascoe with a 73.24% age grade.

We love to celebrate parkrun milestones (10 parkruns if you are under 18 years old, 50, 100, 250 etc); we didn't think we had any this week but looking at the results congratulations to Ashot Markarian-Massihi who ran his 50th parkrun and he has ran them all at Gedling!



There were 7 parkrunners who have ran over 250 parkruns - Egg on 358 at 254 different events - wow! Joanna on 348, Jillian on 305, Ella on 294 Paul on 275 and Liam and Clive both on 251.


This is old news but I have just realised that last week we had our 6,000th different parkrunner at Gedling - so well done to Laurence Kingscott of Quorn Hash House Harriers - it was you!

Gedling parkrun only happens due to our fantastic volunteers and this week they were-

Liam PROBERT • Joshua KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Ruby NEAL • Kelly MORPHUS • Peter DAVIES • Tracy HILL • Ian MARSHALL • Helen SMALLEY • Holly PRINCE • Joe LANGHAM • Carl SHIPLEY • Samuel JUBY • Neil GREGORY • Chris HILL • Sharon MESSAM • Helen POOK • Nicola DOBSON • Kate SPRATT • Ben FOWKES


Once you have volunteered 25 times you get a lovely purple milestone parkrun T shirt - 14 of our runners this week have one of these T shirts and 8 of our volunteers have reached this milestone. If you would like to get one too then do email us on gedling@parkrun.com to get yourself on the volunteer roster.


So everything is packed away now and we will hopefully see you next week!

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