Event 248 – 22nd Feb 2020

This week 208 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers to Gedling, 6 of whom chose a cold, windy and wet Gedling for their first ever parkrun, congratulations and welcome to the family! 22 recorded new Personal Bests.  

We had tourists from many Nottingham parkruns due to cancellations at Long Eaton, Beeston, Colwick and the new Wollaton Hall parkrun. There were also tourists visiting from the Newark core team and Belton House so it looks like we were the place to be in the East Midlands this weekend. Thanks for popping by and we hope to see you tackle the hills again soon.  I also spoke to a gentleman visiting from Bingley. He was hoping to do Long Eaton so went from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms if hills! but he says he'll be back again to see the views in the summer.



Milestones this week were celebrated by Chris Dickinson completing her 50th run and her 10th at Gedling (pictured below on the right) and Emma Furness completing her 100th Run having visited 24 different parkrun venues and 48 at Gedling.87148248_216782476135228_1363867951471525888_n

Here is a shot of our first 3 Male finishers who practically sprinted around the course. Well done to you all.

87270346_345718626385247_5604435573952479232_n (1)

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Tamsin MILLNS • Ian SULLIVAN • Joshua KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Emma TOMLINSON • Ruby NEAL • Kelly MORPHUS • Holly PRINCE • Carl SHIPLEY • Samuel JUBY • Anysha CHINYEMBA • Katie HICKEN • Eve RANDALL • Chris HILL • Victoria RANDALL • Freya RANDALL • Sharon MESSAM • Helen POOK • Ben FOWKES

85069785_192889191959986_4786287249442471936_nIan (Run Director) Marshall will be in the black and white next week for the very rare leap year parkrun!

Until next time, Tamsin signing off!



Event 246 – 8th February 2020

It was another enjoyable morning at Gedling parkrun. Maybe I am saying that as I could just shout out well done to the runners rather than having to run up our lovely but challenging hills! There were lots of smiles though (after our parkrunners had recovered!) and it was great to see everybody chatting away and also enjoying the social aspect of parkrun as well as the run.


We welcomed 166 parkrunners to Gedling today, of whom 31 were first timers to Gedling and 6 of these were brand new to parkrun. We hope that you get the parkrun bug and we would love to welcome you back to Gedling again soon.


Our tourists had travelled from Coventry, Rutland, Worcester, Manchester, Belton and Colwick!!

28 of our parkrunners recorded a personal best so well done to you all - Matt, Iason, Katie, Justin, George, Stephen, Benjamin, William, Louisa, Simon, Daniel, John, Amy, James, Abigail, Jillian, Michelle, Emma, Mohammed, Anne-Marie, Lydia, Sarah, Molly, Earl, Danny, Joanna, Amy and Nikita. It is a great feeling to achieve a personal best but whatever your reason for joining in today I hope that you went away knowing that you had boosted your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our first finisher was Matthew Grainge in 19:25 (just a second off his PB), followed by Matt Renshaw (19:53) who did get a PB and James Moore (20:33) on his very first parkrun! Here is Matt, Matthew and James.


For the ladies we had Mia France (21:32), Catherine Jackson (22:20) and Katie Hicken (22:23) which was also a PB. Here is Katie, Catherine and Mia.


You will have probably noticed that parkrun also gives you an age grade %. This week our highest age grade % was Christine Heaton with an age grade % of 77.4 and Stan Pascoe with a 73.24% age grade.

We love to celebrate parkrun milestones (10 parkruns if you are under 18 years old, 50, 100, 250 etc); we didn't think we had any this week but looking at the results congratulations to Ashot Markarian-Massihi who ran his 50th parkrun and he has ran them all at Gedling!



There were 7 parkrunners who have ran over 250 parkruns - Egg on 358 at 254 different events - wow! Joanna on 348, Jillian on 305, Ella on 294 Paul on 275 and Liam and Clive both on 251.


This is old news but I have just realised that last week we had our 6,000th different parkrunner at Gedling - so well done to Laurence Kingscott of Quorn Hash House Harriers - it was you!

Gedling parkrun only happens due to our fantastic volunteers and this week they were-

Liam PROBERT • Joshua KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Ruby NEAL • Kelly MORPHUS • Peter DAVIES • Tracy HILL • Ian MARSHALL • Helen SMALLEY • Holly PRINCE • Joe LANGHAM • Carl SHIPLEY • Samuel JUBY • Neil GREGORY • Chris HILL • Sharon MESSAM • Helen POOK • Nicola DOBSON • Kate SPRATT • Ben FOWKES


Once you have volunteered 25 times you get a lovely purple milestone parkrun T shirt - 14 of our runners this week have one of these T shirts and 8 of our volunteers have reached this milestone. If you would like to get one too then do email us on gedling@parkrun.com to get yourself on the volunteer roster.


So everything is packed away now and we will hopefully see you next week!


Event 243 – Saturday 18th January 2020

Its been a while since I donned the black and white High Vis at Gedling, I am more accustomed to the pitter patter of smaller feet at our fantastic sister event Gedling juniors parkrun (same time same place, Sunday morning, 2km, 4-14 years and their adults, in case you didn't know!). Partly due to my lack of experience, I completley forgot to take any photos, apart from this one of our fabulous volunteers (its a bit small, IT failure):


So what can I say about these volunteers apart from Thank you and you are awseome. We had lots of extra Duke of Edinburgh volunteers on Saturday starting on their journey to 3 or 6 months worth of volunteering so expect to see more of them over the coming weeks. The other volunteers were:

Tamsin MILLNS • David GREENWELL • Kevin BARKER • Hilary POVEY • Joshua KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • June GREENWELL • Ruby NEAL • Jonathan RELF • Tracy HILL • Ian MARSHALL • Holly PRINCE • Madeleine MILLNS • Anne VERNER • Samuel JUBY • Charlotte BLEVIN • Anysha CHINYEMBA • Chris HILL • Rachel DEANE • Scot RIGGANS • Sharon MESSAM • Ben FOWKES • Sally ANDREWS

So back to the run. An awe inspiring 211 runners joined us on Saturday, 25 of whom were new to the Gedling hills. Many of those were tourists from Norfolk and Lincoln (there were others I'm sure!), but 9 of you chose one of Nottinghamshire's most challenging courses as your first ever parkrun. We hope to see you again soon.

Over 10 percent of runners (27 in total) managed to clock up a shiny new PB, and four of those were only completing their 2nd runs so what a great way to start the year.

Next week, Cath will be in the giant high vis. I'll personally remind her to take some more photos to make up for my oversight.

Until next time...






Event 242 – Tourist report writer and milestones galore

Welcome all - And what an amazing Gedling event and parkrun's biggest parkrun weekend.  Ever.

This week's run report below has been kindly written by John who was tail walking along with Rebecca who did her 250th parkrun and so thanks and BIG congratulations :-)


Volunteering for parkrun definitely gives you chance to appreciate the scenery and the overall course, a lot more.  Today was a case in point, paying more attention to the wooden animal sculptures en route and the large solar panel farm on the top field (hadn’t really noticed it properly before!).

Report sunrise

Ascending the first climb of the route today, you couldn’t help notice the slight south westerly breeze.  It certainly blew the cobwebs away by the time you reached the corner viewpoint (by the beacon basket thing, only noticed this today as well!).  We had the luxury of pausing slightly, to take in the views across the Trent Valley.  It certainly makes you appreciate getting out and about and being a part of the parkrun phenomenon.

Report path

I’ve lived in Nottingham on and off now for over a quarter of a century and ashamed to say that I don’t really know this area too well.  So, after few minutes on the interweb, I thought I’d share these few bits with you:

  • Gedling get its name from a Saxon bloke ages ago (the ‘ing’ bit means ‘people’ apparently – hence the settlement was for Gedl’s people).  He set up his abode near the present day church in the village.
  • Today, our footsteps have trampled on the spoil brought up from a coal mine that was located just beneath the first hill we went up.  It has a horrible statistic of costing the lives of 128 miners
  • The pit has 92 years of history and finally closed in 1991.  The present day park was opened in 2015 and was described at the time by the local MP as a “…green lung for Gedling”.
  • The highest point at the park (top of the first hill on the course) is somewhere in the region 110m above sea level.  The highest point in the Nottingham area isn’t too far away - ‘Dorket Head’ (146m), whilst a hill a few metres east of the Tibshelf M1 services is the County’s top peak (204m).

On with my interpretation of the stats from the results then:

  • This was Gedling’s 242nd event.  The first one took place on 20th June 2015.
  • We had 255 participants, up by 29 people from the previous week, and well above the course average of 137.
  • 48 people had not done our parkrun before.  13 of these were brave enough to choose this challenging course as their very first parkrun – fair play to you guys!
First timers

Well done all first timers and the girls doing this first run for sponsorship

First timers Gedling

Experienced parkrunners doing their first time at Gedling - Hope you all enjoyed and see you again

  •  Two dozen participants managed to find ways of harnessing today’s wind energy in their own favour, attaining Personal Best times.  That’s a great effort in today’s conditions (must have been wearing sails, especially up that rock face near the 4km marker).
PB bell

It's a PB - RING THE BELL!!!!

first finisher

Gloves and hat required on a windy day - Not sure if Damian could use the gloves for barcode scanning!

It's The Cobra!

It's The Cobra!

  • The statistics point us to several parkrun stalwarts today – Andrew King & Linsdey Fisher completing their 50th parkrun's today - Well done both.  Then there are my whippets Skye & Fudge, who between them have led their owner Rebecca Machin, around 250 parkrun events.
Congratulations to Rebecca for her 250th run with John and Kate

Congratulations to Rebecca for her 250th run with John and Kate

Joshua Andrew

Andrew after his 50th run with Joshua and Sharon


Congratulations to Lindsey for her 50th parkrun with a regular photobomber (in parkrun t-shirt!)

  • The female/male ratio of attendees today was 45/55.
  • Michelle Butler and Ian Hales were our best age grade runners today at 71.81% and 75.94%, respectively.

A big thank you to all the volunteers today.  If you haven’t done so yet, please have a go at volunteering – it gives you another perspective and appreciation of all that is great about parkrun.  Please do your bit and aim to do at least two or three volunteers each year.


Great team work though the black dog was photo shy...  We had a mix of regular volunteers, tourists and first timers - Come and join in - Email to: gedling@parkrun.com

Lastly, and to follow on with some social media comments regarding the audibility at some other parkruns, I wanted to say that was the first time in ages that I’ve been able to hear the complete parkrun briefing. So, credit to Neil – the Run Director for his clarity, and also the owners of barking dogs, who did their bit to take action when needed to ensure everyone had a chance to hear what was being said.

Report last pic


Not sure that the Clumber Park Runners were quite expecting Gedling's hills - Great bunch and even brought their own amazing volunteer - Come back and see us again on your tourist adventures


All the best to Rachael


Well that's it for another week and Tamsin's your RD this Saturday - Can we get more than 255...?


#dfyb (don't forget your barcode)


Event 232 – 9 November 2019 – A cold day with hot results

WOW WOW WOW - On a very cold day this was Gedling's third highest attendance this year (after News Year's Day and 15 June) and so great to welcome you all.  And what an event!



246 runners and walkers took part

We welcomed 3 first timers to parkun and so well done Jason Bryne, Billy Kenny and Tegan Williams and hope to see you again.  And 25 first timers to Gedling parkrun and so hope you all enjoyed the beauty of Gedling

38 total PB's from 1st finisher to position 236 and so a good run by all to warm you up.  One runner Roger Smalley got a PB today for his 99th run and so no pressure for his next run!  PB's for 1st, 2nd and 3rd finishers with special mention to Eddie Lowe who finished 3rd aged 11-14 and had the highest age grade of the day at 80.46% (and the Gedling JM11-14 Age Category Record!!!) and so incredible running

Congratulations to these parkrunners celebrating their milestones today -

50 - Robert McLachlan, Louisa Holt and Samantha Billington

100 - Mark Egginton, Andrew Haigh, Jason Cobb and Simon Palmer


Making parkrun happen this week

And this weeks event could not be possible without this amazing team of volunteers.  Please please please (if you're still reading this run report) could you consider when YOU could help out and volunteer as over the last few months we've found it more difficult to get the minimum 13 volunteers required every week.  Please email in and let us know when you can help in the run up to Christmas.  All the roles are easy to do and the team will explain what to do.  Please email us if you would be willing to give it a go

Here is the magical team and hope you've all thawed out now!

Chris and Jess as timekeepers and Kevin giving out the Finish Tokens and keeping everyone moving.  Thanks sooooo much to Jess as she's helped us volunteering over the last year doing her Silver Duke of Edinburgh and has been fanastic - Thanks and you're always welcome to come and join us

Chris, Rachel, Ian and Louise looking out for you on the course as the Marshals.  This was Louise's first time volunteering and I think (if my finger counting is correct!) Chris's 24th, so he will be getting his volunteer 25th milestone the next time he helps (and the special parkrun purple t-shirt of pride)

Freya and Peter doing the barcode scanning so well.  This was Freya's first time scanning and the first time that Peter has volunteered at Gedling and so thank you both

June and Kelly as Tail Walkers and David as pacer - Thank you all

Becky as VI Guide and first time at Gedling and so thanks for joining us.  Neil as Run Director and Sarah as Volunteer Co-ordinator - Thanks both

Next week's magic will be conjured up with Kelly and so have a great week everyone.  We are currently looking for 4 marshal's for next week and so email us if you can help?

PS. We've also got a pair of grey wollen gloves left at the finish area and so see Kelly if these are yours as are in the laptop bag



Event 229 – 19th October 2019

Jess, one of our regular volunteers, correctly guessed parkrun bingo this week when she predicted 162 parkrunners would turn up to conquer the hills of Gedling country park.


We had 28 first timers to Gedling including 3 who were completely new to parkrun. Welcome! The first timers new to parkrun were Hal, Karl and Sammy. Even though it was Sammy's first parkrun he has also volunteered for Gedling junior parkrun 50 times as part of his Duke of Edinburgh awards so thank you Sammy.


Tourists were aplenty today, we had visitors from Market Rasen, Blackpool, Grantham, Stoke on Trent, Shepton Mallet, Edinburgh and Isle of Man. We hope that you all enjoyed our course. Special mention to Edric from Shepton Mallet who is currently injured with fractures from an accident and managed a walking PB and was pleased to go to a parkrun starting with a 'G' to complete his Stayin' Alive badge. (For those who do not know about the unofficial parkrun challenges have a look at running challenges on google chrome from a laptop and you will soon become addicted to achieving the virtual badges!)


I love how parkrun is for everyone however fast or slow but I do think that there should be a special mention today for Maya Todd McIntyre who broke her own female course record for Gedling parkrun in an amazing 18:55! She was also 3rd overall. Daniel Bagley was first finisher with a time of 17:18 (and also came 2nd in the recent Robin Hood half marathon!) Also on the photo on the right is Graham Moffat who was the 2nd finisher and bagged himself a PB.


Laurence Coe ran his 10th parkrun (juniors have their first milestone at 10 parkruns) and Tom Large ran his 50th parkrun. Sorry that I did not get a photo. We had lots of goodies at the finish line provided by Rachel Grant for the unofficial milestone of 200 parkruns completed last week and Savitaa, a regular volunteer, for the celebration of her dog's 17th birthday! Woof!

Our fabulous volunteers this week were Karen Jane PARKIN • David GREENWELL • David ROBINSON • Rita ROBINSON • Gary MCMAHON • Kevin BARKER • June GREENWELL • Ian MARSHALL • Savitaa KAPOOR • Helen SMALLEY • Kevin QUIGLEY • Neal FELLOWS • Dominic MONZO • Neil GREGORY • Debbie HARRISON • Michael QUALTROUGH • Luke ROBINSON • Joshua HARRISON-BETT • Jess BARKER • Stella BENTLEY. A big thank you to you all. Have a close look on this photo above June!


A special mention to Luke who did a terrific job cheering the parkrunners on and collecting the finish tokens when they had been scanned. Thanks Luke!



Event 227 – Surprisingly big numbers!

Another parkrun completed, more satisfied runners. It was the 15th anniversary of parkrun today and down at Bushey Park they were running their 809th event. 1,838 runners made the silly decision to go there instead of joining us at Gedling. As one of our visitors, Sarah Renshaw, said after her run, "What a fantastic course, I think it's probably my favourite!" It seems clear that she is a true connoisseur of parkruns!

Here at Gedling we had a huge 217 people making their way around the course.  There was a brief moment of anxiety when we wondered if we would run out of finish tokens but the highly professional funnel team found the extras in the bag before they were needed.  Numbers were no doubt boosted by Goose Fair closing down Forest Rec parkrun  - all those visitors were very welcome.  We had 26 parkrunners new to Gedling this morning, 7 of them new to parkrun entirely

Climbing the hill

Climbing the hill

A very impressive 40 runners managed a PB this morning - conditions were clearly perfect and those of us who were volunteering can console ourselves with what might have been if only we had had the opportunity to run.  Surprisingly though, only one runner managed an age rated score of over 70% today - hats off to Michele Butler. It would be impossible to get a photo of all 40 of those PB runners, so let's satisfy ourselves with just one of Jacob Noble who enthusiastically rang our PB bell.

Position 100 and a PB - what a great start to a Saturday!

Position 100 and a PB - what a great start to a Saturday!

Eddie Holt celebrated his 10th parkrun today by bringing cake for everyone - what excellent parkrun etiquette.  Looking at the results, I'd say that James Martin and Seb Sanderson also earned a milestone T-shirt today with their 10th runs.

Every milestone deserves cake.

Every milestone deserves cake.

Don't forget, parkrun couldn't happen without our volunteers - they were out bright and early to set up.  A particularly professional crew they were this morning as well.  Special thanks to Holly Mills who is generally in bed at 9am on a Saturday but agreed last minute to come and be one of the timekeepers.  Thanks also to Poppy Mills who trained her Mum in how to do it; to our barcode scanners Jess Barker, Tom Dalziel and Daisy Price; Savitaa Kapoor looking after the tokens;  Kevin Barker keeping the funnel in order; and out on the course Anne Verner, Jolene Sanderson and June Greenwell marshalling as well as David Greenwell, Mike Qualtrough and Sharon Messam pacing.

Our fantastic volunteer team.

Our fantastic volunteer team.

David thinking hard about how to meet the challenge of running an undulating course in exactly 25 minutes.

David thinking hard about how to meet the challenge of running an undulating course in exactly 25 minutes.

You too could share in the glory of having your name mentioned in a run report as well as earning the gratitude of parkrunners everywhere by volunteering in the next few weeks.  We've got vacancies and will be very happy to talk you through the very simple tasks.  Please email us if you would be willing to give it a go.  I've always felt that the decent thing is to volunteer once for every 10 runs you do - how are you doing?

That's it for this week.  There'll be another fabulous, free 5k to run next week - come along and bring all your friends and family.  At parkrun we really do love seeing so many people enjoying themselves, looking after themselves and challenging themselves all at the same time!


Event 226 – parkrun under the rainbow

Somebody once told me that if you are standing on Mapperley Top and then head due East, the next time you are as far above sea level is once you get to the Ural Mountains in Russia. No idea if it's true, but I think of it every time I feel the bitter wind as I stand waiting for parkrun to begin. Certainly, this morning at Gedling you could tell that the summer is coming to an end and Autumn is truly here. It didn't seem to put people off however, as 143 of you turned out to run, jog and walk around our beautiful course. 17 people were with us for the first time, Matthew Watkins and Tom Prime for their first ever parkrun.  The views from the hills were as lovely as ever and parkrunners' smiles aplenty were on display. The rain held off and a great time was had by all.

Rainbow runners under the rainbow - a promise of another great run?

Rainbow runners under the rainbow - a promise of another great run?

Alison Woodrow was the runner of the week - sadly I don't have a photo of her on the way round.  She completed the 30,000th run at Gedling.  Sounds incredible doesn't it,  but it is only an average of 133 runners each week. Alison has run 12 of those 30,000 parkruns herself and has been helped to the total by another 5,382 different runners.  She was over 2 minutes behind her PB this week; I'm suspicious that she knew that the 101st runner today would be celebrating that particular milestone and slowed down specially to target that position.  For some parkrun obsessives (the author of this post included) it's fascinating to check out other runners statistics on the parkrun website.  Just click on their name and it's amazing what you find out. Having started parkrunning back in 2011, Alison has spread herself very evenly across Gedling, Colwick, Forest Rec and Bestwood parkruns while also doing more than her fair share of volunteering.  We salute you Alison, another inspirational parkrun story!

Pacing Runners

Leading us around this week were Matthew Nutt, Leigh Stubbs and Ian Hales.  Matthew was celebrating his 50th parkrun and his 19th at Gedling.  Where better for a milestone run? Matt Goy agreed, also completing his 50th parkrun - he's more regular at Gedling as he's done 44 of his runs here.

Fliers - first four finishers

Fliers - first four finishers

For the ladies, Carolyn Hay (topping the age graded scores), Amy Casson and Rosie Challender led the pack.  There were an amazing 23 PBs today - that wind was clearly no problem for those folks!  For others it was clearly harder going with one runner charging to the line without his top on - no photos available I'm afraid.  More intriguingly still, one runner arrived at the finish line with his trainer insoles in his hand - I'd have liked to see him get them out of his shoes while running up and down those hills.


The view from the cafe of the finish funnel and the cows - look carefully!

Sitting outside the cafe afterwards gazing down at the cows and the volunteers packing away the finish funnel I was struck yet again by the magic of parkrun. We all get to
challenge and enjoy ourselves at free run every week thanks to the time and effort of the volunteers. Today they were ably led by Cath as Run Director with several of
our stalwarts in the team making sure it all went smoothly.  The full team was made up of David Greenwell, Catherine Mckee, Kevin Barker, June Greenwell, Emma Ottway, Nick Cullen, Savitaa Kapoor, Dave Baldock, Rhodri Price, Neil Gregory, Lewis Scrimshaw, Daisy Price, Adam Scrimshaw, Chris Bishop, Laura Wyatt, Chris Hill, Michael Qualtrough and Jess Barker.

Thanks to the volunteers!

Thanks to the volunteers!

You too could get to wear the glorious high-vis jacket of a volunteer - it's easy to do and easy to sign up.  If you're willing to give it a go, have a look at the future roster, and then drop the volunteer co-ordinator an email to be added to the list.

Already looking forward to seeing you back there next week!

View of runners


Event 222 – 31st August 2019

Event 222 brought a little sunshine to the hills of Gedling to welcome the 185 of you who ran, jogged and walked round our beautiful course.

Of this 185, there were 32 first timers to Gedling, including tourists from Doncaster, Newcastle and as far away as Brisbane Australia.

Here's our Australian tourists with our selfie frame.

Thank you to Sarah for doing the first timers brief and making everyone feel welcome.

Our volunteers were on form, and had the course set up with time to spare, so we played parkrun bingo where we guess the number of runners attending before we've seen the start line. This weeks bingo was won by June Greenwell who wins a free timed Saturday morning 5k of her choice or the opportunity to volunteer at one!

So, big thanks to the volunteers, on the timers you had Jess and Dominic, managing the funnel you had Kevin and June, scanning the barcodes was Shelagh, Imogen and Lewis, managing you safely round the course as marshals were Peter, Rachael, Tamsin and Lindsay. Finally, bringing up the rear making sure everyone finished was Ian and James.

Thank you for being quiet enough during the pre-run brief to hear me, the batteries had run out in the megaphone, if anyone has 8 D size batteries going spare let us know!

Special mention for Alex Epton, who ran her 100th parkrun and her 50th run at Gedling! Well done Alex! Incidentally, here's a fun fact, Alex was joined by husband Richard, who has done 2 parkruns, the first when Alex did her 50th, and then the second on her 100th. Guess it's going to be a long wait for him to do his third parkrun when Alex does her 250th!!!

Well done to our first finishers today, for the gents, first across the line was Jake Greenhalgh in 19:29, followed by Andrew Walters in 19:32 (New PB) and then Clive Buck in 19:37.
For the ladies it was Michelle Butler in 23:17 followed by Katie Hicken in 25:32 (even though she stopped to give me a hug half way round!) and then Miranda Clayton in 24:23.

Thanks to our two pacers who were David Greenwell running 25 minutes (finishing in 24:37 despite hugging the volunteers on the way round!) and Mike Qualtrough running 35 minutes. If you want a go one week, please let us know (hugging volunteers is not compulsory!).


Maybe it was the good weather, but 19 new PB's were recorded! If you get a PB, ring the bell and celebrate!

Back at the Willowbrook, the results were processed and tokens sorted in record time thanks to Jo, Nic and Kelly (who, incidentally had volunteered 222 times on event 222!)

If you would like to help us out one week and don the hi-vis, we'd love to welcome you, just drop us an email at gedling@parkrun.com


Gedling Event 221 – A scorcher!!!

What a beautiful sunny day for our event
Well done to all 134 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers (who brought their barcodes, see note below) and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. We'll start with two key milestones as this gives us all some inspiration and so to be celebrated...

Well done to Andrew who did his 50th run (pictured with Susan)

Well done to David who did his 250th run with his first parkrun being on 14 January 2012 at Colwick and so 2779 days ago!

Thanks to June for all her support and volunteering help and hugs for David!

And thanks to Kelly for the wonderful surprise cake which was so kind...

As every week, this weeks event wouldn't be possible without the help of all the amazing volunteers and we had a great line-up this week with many people doing this for the first time and some tourists. The event was made possible by these 17 volunteers:

Colin APPS and Miranda APPS - Tourists from Norfolk who set-off early to join us for running, barcode scanning and token sorting
Imogen QUALTROUGH - This weeks superstar who with Miranda's help was barcode scanning for the first time and did a great job
Catherine MCKEE - First timers briefing to help all our newcomers to enjoy
Sarah BARKER and Jess BARKER - Sarah's first time as time keeper and did a great job with help from Jess!
June GREENWELL and Savitaa KAPOOR - The funnel tag team making sure you all keep in order at the finish and get a token
Neil GREGORY - Volunteer co-ordinator, Run Director and typing out this run report now in the shade as too hot outside!
Rachel GREGORY, Katie HICKEN and Richard BULL - Your Marshals giving you the support and help around the course
Matt GOY and Michael QUALTROUGH - This was Matt's first time tail walking
Sharon MESSAM - This was Sharon's fifth time pacing and hope this helped some of you
David GREENWELL - As well as his 250th run he was out there as a Pacer
Kelly MORPHUS - Pre and post run help which is always appreciated
Thanks all :-)

The first three finishers were Ian Hales, Dave Baldock and Michelle Willcocks.  Special mention also to James and Heather Guy who were first timers to Gedling and this was James's fifth parkrun event and Heather's first ever parkrun and so well done to you both

First timers and #dfyb
It was so good to welcome 18 first timers to Gedling (this was Colin's 292nd run!), with 4 people doing their first ever parkrun! I know that there were 6 people who didn't have their printed barcode (and so on results as Unknown with no time) and so please remember this for next time so your run can be recorded for you

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Gedling parkrun Results Page. To support parkrun by having a go at volunteering, take a look at the future roster, and then drop Denise the volunteer co-ordinator an email and she'll add you to the list.

See you all next week!

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