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Event 246 – 8th February 2020

It was another enjoyable morning at Gedling parkrun. Maybe I am saying that as I could just shout out well done to the runners rather than having to run up our lovely but challenging hills! There were lots of smiles though (after our parkrunners had recovered!) and it was great to see everybody chatting away and also enjoying the social aspect of parkrun as well as the run.


We welcomed 166 parkrunners to Gedling today, of whom 31 were first timers to Gedling and 6 of these were brand new to parkrun. We hope that you get the parkrun bug and we would love to welcome you back to Gedling again soon.


Our tourists had travelled from Coventry, Rutland, Worcester, Manchester, Belton and Colwick!!

28 of our parkrunners recorded a personal best so well done to you all - Matt, Iason, Katie, Justin, George, Stephen, Benjamin, William, Louisa, Simon, Daniel, John, Amy, James, Abigail, Jillian, Michelle, Emma, Mohammed, Anne-Marie, Lydia, Sarah, Molly, Earl, Danny, Joanna, Amy and Nikita. It is a great feeling to achieve a personal best but whatever your reason for joining in today I hope that you went away knowing that you had boosted your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our first finisher was Matthew Grainge in 19:25 (just a second off his PB), followed by Matt Renshaw (19:53) who did get a PB and James Moore (20:33) on his very first parkrun! Here is Matt, Matthew and James.


For the ladies we had Mia France (21:32), Catherine Jackson (22:20) and Katie Hicken (22:23) which was also a PB. Here is Katie, Catherine and Mia.


You will have probably noticed that parkrun also gives you an age grade %. This week our highest age grade % was Christine Heaton with an age grade % of 77.4 and Stan Pascoe with a 73.24% age grade.

We love to celebrate parkrun milestones (10 parkruns if you are under 18 years old, 50, 100, 250 etc); we didn't think we had any this week but looking at the results congratulations to Ashot Markarian-Massihi who ran his 50th parkrun and he has ran them all at Gedling!



There were 7 parkrunners who have ran over 250 parkruns - Egg on 358 at 254 different events - wow! Joanna on 348, Jillian on 305, Ella on 294 Paul on 275 and Liam and Clive both on 251.


This is old news but I have just realised that last week we had our 6,000th different parkrunner at Gedling - so well done to Laurence Kingscott of Quorn Hash House Harriers - it was you!

Gedling parkrun only happens due to our fantastic volunteers and this week they were-

Liam PROBERT • Joshua KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • Ruby NEAL • Kelly MORPHUS • Peter DAVIES • Tracy HILL • Ian MARSHALL • Helen SMALLEY • Holly PRINCE • Joe LANGHAM • Carl SHIPLEY • Samuel JUBY • Neil GREGORY • Chris HILL • Sharon MESSAM • Helen POOK • Nicola DOBSON • Kate SPRATT • Ben FOWKES


Once you have volunteered 25 times you get a lovely purple milestone parkrun T shirt - 14 of our runners this week have one of these T shirts and 8 of our volunteers have reached this milestone. If you would like to get one too then do email us on to get yourself on the volunteer roster.


So everything is packed away now and we will hopefully see you next week!


Event 245 – 1st February 2020

The first day of February was certainly a windy one! The shining sun was rising over the top of the solar farm and as we assembled at 8:15 to begin the setup, it looked like we were going to be in for a good day.

Massive thank you to all our volunteers today, without you, our parkrun simply wouldn’t happen!

Today Ben and Joshua clicked the timers, Scot, Kel and Nicola marshalled our course, Ruby and Samuel scanned your barcodes, Anysha was in charge of the clipboard, Holly and Ian managed the funnel, and Lindsey and Laura tail walkied. Many thanks to Lisa and Tracy who stepped in after their run to help out barcode scanning, to ease the extra long queue.


Thank you to Cath for doing the first timers and tourists brief. We welcomed visitors from Shipley Country parkrun (they enjoyed our multiple hills apparently!), Conkers, and a couple of visitors from the New Brixworth Country parkrun (Northamptonshire), which is a brand new parkrun and worth a visit they said!


This week we were treated to four pacers, Sally, Mike, Sharon and Helen who were pacing a variety of times from 30 mins to 40 mins, and bearing in mind that the hills of Gedling are very difficult to pace on, not one of them was even a second over their predicted time! Fantastic work, thank you!

A massive 248 of you joined us on the hills, the event average is still 138, but every week this year there have been well over 200 of you joining us, so that average won't last for long!




First across the line for the gents sprinted Ian Hale in 18:52, followed by Matthew Drew in 20:41 (new PB) and then Mark Hornsey in 20:47.


Tracy Hill was the first lady over the finish with a time of 22:41 (new PB), closely followed by Katie Hicken in 22:48, then Rebecca Heading in 24:14.


 There were 25 new personal bests recorded, maybe the wind was helping you up the hills!


Some major milestones were achieved, well done to Arthur who completed his 10th run, Lucille Porter who achieved her 50th, and Caroline Neal who ran her 100th run!20200201_091955



The wind has been known to cause issues for us at Gedling, remember when the gazebo blew away? Well today the finish token pot decided to run away with the wind and discard the finish tokens in the mud! Not a job for sorting them at the pub but a job for me and the kitchen sink back at home! Each one has now been freshly cleaned and dried and the amazing thing is we didn’t lose one of them!


Thanks to all, have a great week and see you next parkrun day!



Event 244 – Saturday 25th January 2020

An eventful occasion today - I just want to say a big thank you to all those that stepped in!

  • Thank you to the runners who helped a runner (Pete) who fell ill and reported this to us.
  • Thank you to Chris Hill, our volunteer who went to check if Pete was OK and took him to the walk-in centre to get checked out.
  • Thank you to the lady who came along to spectate, and with gentle persuasion stepped in to do the timer while Chris went to help Pete.
  • Thank you to Bryony Miller who took over from the spectator to do the timer.
  • Thank you to our fantastic DofE volunteers, many of which took on new rolls last minute when 2 volunteers didn't turn up.
  • Thank you to Ian Sullivan who stepped in last minute to do first timers briefing.
  • Thank you to Carl Shipley and Ian Marshall, who stayed behind with me to help token sort and provide general support.
  • Thank you to Kelly and Kate who arrived early to get set up started nice and early.
  • Thank you to the rest of our volunteers who marshalled (Hilary, Matt and Jim), tail walked (Kate, Theo and Peter) and paced (Sharon and Helen) the course and to Sarah for coordinating out volunteers.

What a brilliant Gedling parkrun family we have.Today was a really good example of people stepping in to help.

We had 31 who did Gedling for the first time today, 8 runners who were new to parkrun and 53 PBs which is amazing. Helen Pook did her 50th parkrun.


Event 243 – Saturday 18th January 2020

Its been a while since I donned the black and white High Vis at Gedling, I am more accustomed to the pitter patter of smaller feet at our fantastic sister event Gedling juniors parkrun (same time same place, Sunday morning, 2km, 4-14 years and their adults, in case you didn't know!). Partly due to my lack of experience, I completley forgot to take any photos, apart from this one of our fabulous volunteers (its a bit small, IT failure):


So what can I say about these volunteers apart from Thank you and you are awseome. We had lots of extra Duke of Edinburgh volunteers on Saturday starting on their journey to 3 or 6 months worth of volunteering so expect to see more of them over the coming weeks. The other volunteers were:

Tamsin MILLNS • David GREENWELL • Kevin BARKER • Hilary POVEY • Joshua KING • Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD • June GREENWELL • Ruby NEAL • Jonathan RELF • Tracy HILL • Ian MARSHALL • Holly PRINCE • Madeleine MILLNS • Anne VERNER • Samuel JUBY • Charlotte BLEVIN • Anysha CHINYEMBA • Chris HILL • Rachel DEANE • Scot RIGGANS • Sharon MESSAM • Ben FOWKES • Sally ANDREWS

So back to the run. An awe inspiring 211 runners joined us on Saturday, 25 of whom were new to the Gedling hills. Many of those were tourists from Norfolk and Lincoln (there were others I'm sure!), but 9 of you chose one of Nottinghamshire's most challenging courses as your first ever parkrun. We hope to see you again soon.

Over 10 percent of runners (27 in total) managed to clock up a shiny new PB, and four of those were only completing their 2nd runs so what a great way to start the year.

Next week, Cath will be in the giant high vis. I'll personally remind her to take some more photos to make up for my oversight.

Until next time...