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So now that the decorations are down and we roughly know what day of the week it is, it's time to turn my attentions to the future of Gibside parkrun. Unfortunately we are saying a very sad thank you and farewell to 2 members of our Run Directing team. Rachael has now turned her attentions to the very important role of being a Mam, and Craig will be stepping down after his last RD stint on the 12th of January to focus on his exams at work.

Between Rachael and Craig, they've volunteered on 80 separate occasions and have been critical to the ongoing success of parkrun at Gibside. To fill the gap left on the team, we are now looking to bring another 2 Run Directors onboard. Ideally you will have some volunteering experience already, especially in the roles around the finish area. If you'd like to find out more, check out this article on our support site  - What do the volunteers do?, and drop us an email to

Run Directing is a great way to get to know more of your parkrunning community, whilst developing new skills. Commitment wise, we operate a rota so that we all do roughly once a month, leaving plenty of opportunities for us to parkrun ourselves.

So if it's something you've thought about before or even if this is the first time you've considered getting a bit more involved, we'd love to hear from you.



There’s an app for that!

As parkrun look towards a more sustainable future, the development of our own scanning and timing app is a significant step forward. In trials the app has been proving to be more reliable than our current JUNSD timer and removes the need for us to plug in cables to download the information. The app is available now on both iPhone and Android completely free.

Download Android

Download iPhone

There's a handy user guide for you to download too, that explains how it all works. Due to the number of different cameras available on Android devices, we can't guarantee the scanner will work on all phones. Please try it out on your own printed barcode at home in advance.

Barcode policy

Despite the technology development, we still operate a 'no printed barcode no result' policy. parkrun frequently processes in excess of 250,000 results every week and any relaxation in the policy would hugely increase the amount of work for our volunteer teams.

Most other organised running events would not allow you to take part let alone get a result if you forgot your number. You are still free to run at parkrun events if you forget your barcode, you just won't get a result.

Your printed barcode also has the benefit of including your emergency contact number, should we ever need to use it. We'd rather this than it being locked away behind a passcode protected screen.

Barcode top tips

Lost your barcode? To print off a new set - click on this link, follow the link in the weekly newsletter, old results email or follow the 'request a reminder email' link on every event's home page. If you're still using an old printed barcode that isn't displaying your ICE details, how about printing off a shiny new one?

When printing off a new sheet of barcodes, instead of just cutting out one and leaving the other five to get lost somewhere in the house, how about leaving the other ones in your wallet, inside your mobile phone case, in the car or even under the insole of your trainer?

If you're a regular parkrunner, how about purchasing one of our more robust barcode products from our authorised supplier? From as little as £3.96 you can have a plastic barcode delivered to your door. They last far much longer than paper barcodes and also helps to support the future of parkrun.


April Update


We've been blessed with running club takeovers at Gibside for the last 2 weeks, which means we've had loads of volunteers on the roster. If you're part of a club or group who wants to take over all our volunteer spots one week, just drop us an email. You don't have to be an affiliated running club, just a group of people who like helping out their fellow parkrunners.

We're always looking for new people to get involved. If you've never done it before it gives you a better appreciation for what goes on before you arrive at 8.45 and the hard work that our volunteers put in every week. You don't need any special training as you'll be shown how it all works on the day. If you want to know more about the roles, check out our support site:

We're also always looking for parkrunners to join our team of Run Directors, who are responsible for looking after the event on the day. We're only a small existing team so the more there are of us, the more sustainable the event is.

In Case of Emergency

An excellent percentage of UK parkrunners across both our 2k and 5k events have now completed the emergency contact section of their parkrun profile. Ideally we'd love this to be 100% and for you all to carry a printed barcode every parkrunday. We don't just ask you to carry your barcode to get scanned, it also has the advantage of displaying your emergency contact details (if you've completed them) and having them easily available rather than being locked away behind password protected phone screens.

Please take a moment to check your printed barcode to see if your ICE is displayed.

If not, then check the details on your profile at - and click on 'update' to access your own details. You can also print off a new set of barcodes if you need to.

PROVE project (parkrun: Running or Volunteering for Everyone)

The PROVE project is sponsored by the Department of Health and has been initiated to make parkrun more accessible to people with disabilities or long-term conditions. In addition to our Event Support Ambassadors, we have a specialist volunteer team of Outreach Ambassadors who do some fantastic work in breaking down specific barriers to participation.

There are existing Facebook groups and Strava clubs for the following: asthma, blood pressure conditions, deaf and hard of hearing, dementia, diabetes, endometriosis, heart conditions, learning disabilities and autism, obesity, sight loss.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more



Gibside parkrun Event number 178 6th January 2018

In Case of Emergency

If you haven't printed out a barcode for while, you may not have one with your emergency contact details on. If you're not sure if your emergency contact details are up to date, please take a moment to review your profile. Simply sign into your account at the link below and click on 'update'.

Barcodes, apricot and donations

Not spent all your Christmas money in the January sales? How about purchasing a shiny new plastic barcode from our official supplier
From as little as £3.96 you can get a credit card sized robust barcode that won't disintegrate in soggy sweaty pockets. Prices include delivery, so they really are a bargain. The wrist bands are also handy for popping on if you go for a run alone as they have your emergency contact details on too.

If you've got a bit more Christmas money, what about some parkrun apricot? Sales of these products helps to secure the future of the free milestone t-shirts.

Don't want more stuff? What about making a small donation to your local event? Initial start up funding provides us with all the kit we need, but over time things get worn out or used (first aid kit) and need replacing. Simply visit the 'about us' section of the event website you want to donate to. All donations go directly to the event.

This week's stats

Today's event was made possible by 17 awesome volunteers:

John LAVENDER • Tony COLEBY • Tracy BOWERS • Jack PELLEW • Helen GUY • Kirsty TRISTRAM • Richard WALTERS • Michelle WOOD • Paul WOOD • Paul FEELEY • Nigel CROWE • Victoria THOMAS • Sarah RICHARDSON • Henry THOMAS • Elijah WALTERS • Claire NICHOLSON • Chloe TRISTRAM

If you'd like to see your name up in lights, why not drop us an email ( about volunteering? All roles are really easy, and you'll be shown how it all works by one of our Run Directors. We currently have over 1600 people registered with Gibside as their home run. If each one of these people volunteered just once per year, our roster would be filled more than twice over!

This week 49 hardy parkrunners ran, jogged and walked the course at Gibside. We had 10 people completing their first run with us, of whom 3 completed their first ever parkrun. We hope to see you all back soon. 7 parkrunners recorded new Gibside Personal Bests and representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Gibside parkrun Results Page.

Gibside parkrun started on 22nd February 2014. Since then 3,263 participants have completed 11,472 parkruns covering a total distance of 57,360 km (more than once round the earth!), including 2,269 new Personal Bests.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year parkrunners. Following the festive dip in participation, January will generally see a boost in runners. Some of you may be getting back into it after not having done a parkrun for ages. Others will be doing a parkrun for the very first time.

So what do you need to know?

Remember to bring a printed barcode with you. We can't accept barcodes on phones or any other electronic device. If you need to print another one, you can follow these instructions to find yours:

If you're completing your first parkrun or are running at a new event, please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to attend the new runners briefing. This will usually happen at some point between 8.45 and 8.55 depending on the event. The briefing will explain the course, what happens at the finish, when you'll need your barcode and is your chance to ask any questions.

You can walk, run or jog at your own pace. We have a tail walker every week to make sure nobody is last.

A few ground rules to ensure you and runners around you are kept safe

  • Runners under the age of 11 must be within arms reach of an adult at all times during the run.
  • Dogs running with you must be kept on a short lead and under control. One dog per runner only.
  • Runners with buggies are welcome. Check in advance that the course is suitable for your buggy. You may want to contact the event team in advance to confirm.
  • Running with a buggy and a dog together is not permitted.
  • You may carry a child around the course whilst walking only. Running whilst carrying a child is not permitted.

If you have any general parkrun queries, check out our support site

Finally, don't forget it's run not a race. Be nice to the other runners and be especially nice to the amazing volunteers who have made the event possible.

Happy parkrunning!

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