Gibside parkrun Event number 178 6th January 2018

In Case of Emergency

If you haven't printed out a barcode for while, you may not have one with your emergency contact details on. If you're not sure if your emergency contact details are up to date, please take a moment to review your profile. Simply sign into your account at the link below and click on 'update'.

Barcodes, apricot and donations

Not spent all your Christmas money in the January sales? How about purchasing a shiny new plastic barcode from our official supplier
From as little as £3.96 you can get a credit card sized robust barcode that won't disintegrate in soggy sweaty pockets. Prices include delivery, so they really are a bargain. The wrist bands are also handy for popping on if you go for a run alone as they have your emergency contact details on too.

If you've got a bit more Christmas money, what about some parkrun apricot? Sales of these products helps to secure the future of the free milestone t-shirts.

Don't want more stuff? What about making a small donation to your local event? Initial start up funding provides us with all the kit we need, but over time things get worn out or used (first aid kit) and need replacing. Simply visit the 'about us' section of the event website you want to donate to. All donations go directly to the event.

This week's stats

Today's event was made possible by 17 awesome volunteers:

John LAVENDER • Tony COLEBY • Tracy BOWERS • Jack PELLEW • Helen GUY • Kirsty TRISTRAM • Richard WALTERS • Michelle WOOD • Paul WOOD • Paul FEELEY • Nigel CROWE • Victoria THOMAS • Sarah RICHARDSON • Henry THOMAS • Elijah WALTERS • Claire NICHOLSON • Chloe TRISTRAM

If you'd like to see your name up in lights, why not drop us an email ( about volunteering? All roles are really easy, and you'll be shown how it all works by one of our Run Directors. We currently have over 1600 people registered with Gibside as their home run. If each one of these people volunteered just once per year, our roster would be filled more than twice over!

This week 49 hardy parkrunners ran, jogged and walked the course at Gibside. We had 10 people completing their first run with us, of whom 3 completed their first ever parkrun. We hope to see you all back soon. 7 parkrunners recorded new Gibside Personal Bests and representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Gibside parkrun Results Page.

Gibside parkrun started on 22nd February 2014. Since then 3,263 participants have completed 11,472 parkruns covering a total distance of 57,360 km (more than once round the earth!), including 2,269 new Personal Bests.