There’s an app for that!

As parkrun look towards a more sustainable future, the development of our own scanning and timing app is a significant step forward. In trials the app has been proving to be more reliable than our current JUNSD timer and removes the need for us to plug in cables to download the information. The app is available now on both iPhone and Android completely free.

Download Android

Download iPhone

There's a handy user guide for you to download too, that explains how it all works. Due to the number of different cameras available on Android devices, we can't guarantee the scanner will work on all phones. Please try it out on your own printed barcode at home in advance.

Barcode policy

Despite the technology development, we still operate a 'no printed barcode no result' policy. parkrun frequently processes in excess of 250,000 results every week and any relaxation in the policy would hugely increase the amount of work for our volunteer teams.

Most other organised running events would not allow you to take part let alone get a result if you forgot your number. You are still free to run at parkrun events if you forget your barcode, you just won't get a result.

Your printed barcode also has the benefit of including your emergency contact number, should we ever need to use it. We'd rather this than it being locked away behind a passcode protected screen.

Barcode top tips

Lost your barcode? To print off a new set - click on this link, follow the link in the weekly newsletter, old results email or follow the 'request a reminder email' link on every event's home page. If you're still using an old printed barcode that isn't displaying your ICE details, how about printing off a shiny new one?

When printing off a new sheet of barcodes, instead of just cutting out one and leaving the other five to get lost somewhere in the house, how about leaving the other ones in your wallet, inside your mobile phone case, in the car or even under the insole of your trainer?

If you're a regular parkrunner, how about purchasing one of our more robust barcode products from our authorised supplier? From as little as £3.96 you can have a plastic barcode delivered to your door. They last far much longer than paper barcodes and also helps to support the future of parkrun.