Gloucester City parkrun – Event #38 -15 December 2018


It was lovely to meet you Gloucester City parkrun. Today was my first time at your lovely event, and what a pleasant run it was. The support throughout the run was outstanding: every single one of the ten marshals was cheery and supportive on a morning which had yellow warnings for snow and ice! Extra special winter thank yous to all those who volunteered today: Rob Wilkins, Farook Mota, Jane Joyner, Chris Davis, Graham Davis, John Withers, Elise Rawlinson, Julie Hapeshi, Anita Withers, Nigel Lane, Cat Lane, Helen Lane, Lucy Preston, Karen Bennett, Rachel Elley, Christopher Benjamin, Ahmed Said Hansdot, Amina Begum, Judy Cera, Michael Errington, Ian Green, Derry Whitehead, Sophie Porter.

Thankfully, we didn't actually see any of that snow and ice, though it was certainly a chilly morning. Our drive up from Taunton to visit you today was wet for most of the duration, but it all cleared a bit as we approached Gloucester. The inclement weather did seem to put some off, but 89 of us braved the cold.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was only one newcomer to parkrun registered, though as she just pipped me to the finish, it's a slightly begrudging welcome to Chloe Shephard! There were also 17 other first timers to Gloucester City, ranging from Clare Quick running her second parkrun (the first being across the City at Kingsway) to Danny Norman, running his 619th. Some of you might already listen to the 'With Me Now' podcast that Danny hosts, but if not, it'll be worth a listen this week to hear his profile of Gloucester City parkrun.

Along with Danny, visiting from Bushy, there were visitors from Cheltenham, Worcester, the Forest of Dean and Longrun Meadow (that was us!) There were also 20 new personal bests; well done Rob Rennell, Alex Rawlings, Lindsey Hudson, Owen Parry, Christine Pollard, Chris Miles, Darren Jellyman, Georgina Emile, Katie Cook, Andy Probert, Ian Gill, Emma Millman, Alexander May, Michael Christides, Sylvia Jellyman, Malc Smith, Elizabeth Kirkham, Anna Pollard, Nick Beevers and Chris Kirkham!

Our first three female finishers today were Georgina Emile (22:12), Emma Millman (22:20) and Chloe Shephard (25:30), while the first three men were Alex Rawlings (17:42), James Walters (17:48) and Owen Parry (17:54).

It was lovely to head back to the GL1 cafe after the run for some much-needed warmth and sustenance, along with a great parkrun chat with fellow runners. Just be careful who you talk to though - you might get talked into writing a Run Report!

Remember that Gloucester City is NOT running on Christmas Day, but will have a run on New Years Day - but there are two more Saturdays before then, and I'm sure Cat would appreciate some more volunteers if you fancy helping out.

Thank you again for your welcome and support today Gloucester City, the great thing with parkrun is that you can turn up to any of the hundreds of events in the UK (or around the world) and feel just as welcome as at your home event.

Ben Timpson