Gloucester North parkrun is cancelled on 2021-01-23 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

International Women’s Day at parkrun: Saturday 7 March 2020

Gloucester North parkrun are supporting #ThisGirlCan to celebrate International Women’s Day at parkrun on Saturday 7 March.

Bring a female friend, colleague or family member and walk, jog, run or volunteer together for #IWDparkrun.

To encourage others, why not publish a post on our facebook page and tell us all about your running journey; we'd love to hear from you.


Event #210, Saturday 18/01/20 – Richard Aquilina

Photo of Richard Aquilina and friend Martyn at Gloucester North parkrun

Richard on the left and Martyn on the right

I arrived at Gloucester North parkrun with my friend Martyn, a tourist from Ashton Court. He was here to collect a North in his compass challenge. I’d been here twice before but never on this course. I looked across and saw many houses on the site of the former Gloucester Academy. I’d previously had a great experience at Gloucester North parkrun, running two variations of the zombie apocalypse course. I wondered what today’s experience would bring?

We had found the car park with ease and were pleased to see other participants. They’d informed us they were volunteering as tail walkers so we knew we weren’t late! We followed them towards the twin parkrun flags. Although a cold morning. the skies were clear, the sun beamed down and there was no wind. We were greeted by a friendly core team and eagerly awaited the first timers’ briefing. We met a lady from Bath Skyline parkrun who was here on her way home after a visit to the theatre in Birmingham the night before, a man from Didcot parkrun who was on his way to orienteering in the Forest of Dean and others from Arrow Valley and Tewkesbury parkruns.

Just before 9am, Kerri, our Run Director donned her fitness instructor wireless headset. I initially thought she was about to start a warm-up but quickly remembered this wasn’t a junior event! Through a superb PA system she gave us the briefing. We were advised that today we’d be on the alternative course due to muddy parts of the field. The advantage of this route was that the lap involved us passing the participants in opposite directions. I always enjoy cheering on those who are quicker and slower than me! We had three laps to complete before heading down the short funnel. We also celebrated the 24th birthday of Benjamin Raymond George Custard.

At 9am we were off. The frozen grass was beginning to thaw but not enough to get your trainers wet. With the clear sky and sun on your face it really was beautiful conditions.

The event was only possible because of the volunteers who cheered us as we made our way around the three laps. Special thanks to Angela Burrows who today volunteered for her 25th separate day. Please wear your purple t-shirt with pride! The other 28 Hi-Vis heroes were:

Alice Compton • Andrew Cook • Caroline Marshall • Craig Jinks • Daisy Stark • David Howells • Deborah Southgate • Eden Howells • Emily Marshall • George White • Helen Jones • James Marshall • Jane Wood • John O'Leary • Julie Fortescue-Phillips • Kerri Green • Louise Annis • Maggie Boyd • Martyn Wood • Mary Bruton • Neil Ross • Neil Taylor • Paul Humphris • Paula Cumming • Rachel Pearce • Rebecca Fortescue-Phillips • Richard Aquilina • Sarah Dhillon

We had 131 people running, jogging and walking the course. 20 were first timers (four brand new to parkrun – welcome!) and 21 recorded personal best (PB) times. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part. Particular congratulations must go to Keira Barry who joined the 50 club with a PB!

Seven of you didn't have a barcode. Perhaps you forgot it or have yet to register? #DFYB

Those of us at the finish funnel cheered our lovely tail walkers across the line with less than an hour gone. The kit was quickly packed away and you’d never had known parkrun had been there. As tourists the core team made us feel very welcome and Martyn and I joined them in the café. I sorted the tokens over a cup of tea and a slice of Ben’s birthday cake. Well done to all of you who returned your token. A full set is ready for next week’s event.

I enjoyed this visit to Gloucester North parkrun. Every visit I’ve made has been on a different course. I wonder if it will have changed again the next time I visit?

Richard Aquilina, Little Stoke


Event #210, Saturday 23/11/19 – Phil Southworth

Saturday 23rd November marked the 210th successful Gloucester North parkrun.

With 94% cloud cover and 90% humidity, it was no surprise that it rained, although very slightly. The temperature was 7°C with a 13 km/h Easterly wind.

Run Director Kerri Green delivered the briefing describing the course and other important information e.g. that donations to Gloucester foodbank would be appreciated and collected from the next two events.

69 Participants set off on three laps of the far less muddy alternative 'backward G' course. The course is run entirely on grass, and there are no hills.

We headed through the goalposts, around another rugby field before heading across and again turning next to the rugby post, before spreading our arms through aeroplane corner in front of the 'Tardis' with Dr Who theme music in the background, in celebration of 56 years since Dr Who was first televised. This was repeated until on the last lap, instead of aeroplane corner, we crossed the finish line.

Congratulations to the 6 participants who achieved personal best (PB) times in this event.

The following milestones were achieved...

Well done Lorraine Tarrant on completing her 10th parkrun and Rebecca Fortescue-Phillips on completing her 25th, both with PBs.

The 8 First-timers who participated included visitors from Bristol, and perhaps Poland.

Thanks heaps to the lovely, friendly volunteers who did a fantastic job hosting this event.

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Gloucester North parkrun report for event #174, 16th March 2019

Saturday saw me visiting Gloucester North from Southampton as I was on my way to West Wales for a family party that night. But why Gloucester North? Answer running challenges – compass points, staying alive (3 B and3 Gs) and another event towards the Cowell club (100 different parkrun venues). This was event no 66. After an early start I arrived in plenty of time to meet and chat with the volunteer team who made me feel very welcome. There were a couple of other tourists incognito as this was their home course.

After a quick recce of the course, I found it was going to be a challenging parkrun for the 91 runners. The course was fairly dry underfoot but strong blustery winds from which there wasn’t much shelter made sprint finish was tricky with a strong headwind. But that didn’t stop 9 regulars running a new personal best.

We welcomed several new parkrun family members, Heidi ATTENBOROUGH, Claire ALLEN and Anwen DORRINGTON. Congratulations on finishing your first parkrun. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same again.

Congratulations to Vicky HANCOCKS (pictured below) who completed her 50th parkrun, a distance that would take you to Southampton and back.

There were also 15 other visitors including runners from Newent, Tewkesbury and Maesteg who made sure at least one Welshman ran under the rugby posts on this final Six Nations day.

For those of you who like stats this week was the 2nd lowest attendance in the last 10 weeks. The lowest was 81 last week and a record of 218 on 2nd Feb
In South West England, Gloucester North was 45th out of 52 parkruns in terms of attendance.
In the U.K., Gloucester North was 426th out of 551 parkruns in terms of attendance.

Big Thanks to these hard-core volunteers who brave the chilly wind and threatening rain.
Caroline MARSHALL • Dave JONES • Emily MARSHALL • Emily WINSKILL • Graeme BRAND • Gwenda EVANS • Iain WILLIAMS • James MARSHALL • Jenny BURTON • John O’LEARY • Kerri GREEN • Mark PERKINS • Megan THORESSON • Michelle JONES • Noah PERKINS • Owen HAVARD • Paul HUMPHRIS • Rachel PEARCE • Sarah DHILLON • Stephen BRADSHAW • Steve HAVARD

Its easy to volunteer, and some roles allow you run too. Just have a look at the future roster and ping an email to the volunteer coordinator with the role and date you would like to do.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone at Gloucester North for making this tourist feel very welcome and it’s a lovely course even with the wind. It has everything we need – toilets, parking and post parkrun coffee. Thank you.

Gwenda Evans




Gloucester North event number 168 to the rescue!

Gloucester North event number 168 to the rescue!
IMG_9828 (1)

Like many others, I spent most of a snowy Friday afternoon and evening frantically searching social media for updates of parkruns that might possibly still go ahead. All of my local ones were cancelled, (understandably - most of them here in Bristol are on tarmac and contain hills), although I was determined to not give up hope that one somewhere, anywhere, might go ahead. I’m not adverse to a bit of parkrun tourism, in fact I quite enjoy it, so I was over the moon when Gloucester North confirmed they’d be going ahead.

What I hadn’t banked on though was not actually being able to get off driveway this morning for the side road being turned into an ice rink overnight! I also hadn’t banked on my husband’s car (parked at the front of the house avoiding said ice rink) not having much petrol - and so it turns out playing chicken with the fuel tank all the way to Gloucester was rather nerve wracking! But phew, I got there at 8.50am - with a small amount of petrol left and just in time to hear the run briefing from the lovely Run Director Jenny.

What struck me upon arrival was just how grateful we all were for the team putting on the event. It was clear from the get go what a great team of volunteers made this morning possible, so a huge thanks go to the 28 high viz heroes who gave up their time on such a freezing cold Saturday morning! Your cheering and keeping us safe was much appreciated. Whilst there were many volunteers this morning however, the team really struggled for pre-event set up - so if anyone fancies giving up a small amount of time before the run in future weeks to help make the event possible, I know they’d really appreciate it. Please email to get involved and generally feel awesome for doing your bit.

It may have been icy under foot, but it was sunny overhead. It was a record breaking attendance for Gloucester North today, with 218 runners, joggers and walkers taking on the delightfully flat course. Over double the average number of weekly participants! There were 57 first timers to the course, including visitors from Manchester, Northampton, Bristol and Cheltenham. And of these 57, it was the first parkrun ever for 7 people - welcome to the first parkrun of the rest of your life. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the rest of us do!

Whilst the aim of this morning was just to get round safely, 29 of you impressively got a PB! Well done. With three pacers out on the field this morning (22mins, 25mins and 30mins) hopefully this spurred a few people on to keep moving. A special mention also goes to Sarah Cole who joined the 50 club this morning, congratulations - the snow didn’t stop you from getting your milestone run thankfully!

What resonates with me every Saturday morning is that parkrun is many things to many people. And Gloucester North you were no exception. Thank you for putting on such a fab event. I for one will definitely be back!

Sarah Ashby
parkrun addict


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