Caroline’s Run Report 9 April 2016

Today was Gloucester North's 26th parkrun and it looked like spring had finally arrived with runners being greeted by blue skies and sunshine along with all the cheery volunteers.

After last week's April fools run we returned to a clockwise route albeit from a new central starting position. Run director Pete, equipped with his new megaphone, soon had everyone lined up ready for the start. It was so nice to see so many people at the new to parkrun briefing, we hope you enjoyed it and all remembered your barcodes!
At the usual question, "do we have any tourists this week?" We all thought the first answer of South Africa would be the clear winner, until we then heard a shout for India!! Wow what a worldwide reach parkrun has, welcome to all of today's tourists near or far.

It was to then time to start and Pete sent us on our way around the 3 lap course. The first 3 men to finish were Philip Earis in 19.45, Paul Edgeworth in 20.53 and Steve Martin in 20.55.

First 3 females were Jemima Lowe in 22.44, Caroline Barnes in 26.20 and Charlie Haward in 26.44
A big WELL DONE, not only to all those mentioned, but for all the runners and volunteers alike for turning up and being part of something special at parkrun.

After the run I had a quick word with Stuart McArthur, visiting from Dusi parkrun in South Africa to see how he found the course. His answer was hard, which was a bit concerning, however he reassured me that this was purely down to the course mainly being ran on grass rather than the hard track he is used to at his home parkrun. Congratulations to Stuart for today's run.

There was good news this week from parkrun hq for all those waiting for a milestone t-shirt, so hopefully we will be seeing some new tops around Gloucester North very soon. Today was my 10th run (which I am bizarrely feeling quite proud of).......if only I was under 17, I would have qualified, oh well, 10 down, 40 to go!!

Next week I am volunteering, doing a role for the first time which can be a bit nerve wracking but I know the rest of the team will show me the ropes and will be more than happy to help if I need it. If you haven't tried volunteering and would like to give it a go I'm certain they would love to hear from you.

Hopefully see you all next week. Caroline