Gloucester North parkrun report for event #174, 16th March 2019

Saturday saw me visiting Gloucester North from Southampton as I was on my way to West Wales for a family party that night. But why Gloucester North? Answer running challenges – compass points, staying alive (3 B and3 Gs) and another event towards the Cowell club (100 different parkrun venues). This was event no 66. After an early start I arrived in plenty of time to meet and chat with the volunteer team who made me feel very welcome. There were a couple of other tourists incognito as this was their home course.

After a quick recce of the course, I found it was going to be a challenging parkrun for the 91 runners. The course was fairly dry underfoot but strong blustery winds from which there wasn’t much shelter made sprint finish was tricky with a strong headwind. But that didn’t stop 9 regulars running a new personal best.

We welcomed several new parkrun family members, Heidi ATTENBOROUGH, Claire ALLEN and Anwen DORRINGTON. Congratulations on finishing your first parkrun. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same again.

Congratulations to Vicky HANCOCKS (pictured below) who completed her 50th parkrun, a distance that would take you to Southampton and back.

There were also 15 other visitors including runners from Newent, Tewkesbury and Maesteg who made sure at least one Welshman ran under the rugby posts on this final Six Nations day.

For those of you who like stats this week was the 2nd lowest attendance in the last 10 weeks. The lowest was 81 last week and a record of 218 on 2nd Feb
In South West England, Gloucester North was 45th out of 52 parkruns in terms of attendance.
In the U.K., Gloucester North was 426th out of 551 parkruns in terms of attendance.

Big Thanks to these hard-core volunteers who brave the chilly wind and threatening rain.
Caroline MARSHALL • Dave JONES • Emily MARSHALL • Emily WINSKILL • Graeme BRAND • Gwenda EVANS • Iain WILLIAMS • James MARSHALL • Jenny BURTON • John O’LEARY • Kerri GREEN • Mark PERKINS • Megan THORESSON • Michelle JONES • Noah PERKINS • Owen HAVARD • Paul HUMPHRIS • Rachel PEARCE • Sarah DHILLON • Stephen BRADSHAW • Steve HAVARD

Its easy to volunteer, and some roles allow you run too. Just have a look at the future roster and ping an email to the volunteer coordinator with the role and date you would like to do.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone at Gloucester North for making this tourist feel very welcome and it’s a lovely course even with the wind. It has everything we need – toilets, parking and post parkrun coffee. Thank you.

Gwenda Evans