Event #210, Saturday 23/11/19 – Phil Southworth

Saturday 23rd November marked the 210th successful Gloucester North parkrun.

With 94% cloud cover and 90% humidity, it was no surprise that it rained, although very slightly. The temperature was 7°C with a 13 km/h Easterly wind.

Run Director Kerri Green delivered the briefing describing the course and other important information e.g. that donations to Gloucester foodbank would be appreciated and collected from the next two events.

69 Participants set off on three laps of the far less muddy alternative 'backward G' course. The course is run entirely on grass, and there are no hills.

We headed through the goalposts, around another rugby field before heading across and again turning next to the rugby post, before spreading our arms through aeroplane corner in front of the 'Tardis' with Dr Who theme music in the background, in celebration of 56 years since Dr Who was first televised. This was repeated until on the last lap, instead of aeroplane corner, we crossed the finish line.

Congratulations to the 6 participants who achieved personal best (PB) times in this event.

The following milestones were achieved...

Well done Lorraine Tarrant on completing her 10th parkrun and Rebecca Fortescue-Phillips on completing her 25th, both with PBs.

The 8 First-timers who participated included visitors from Bristol, and perhaps Poland.

Thanks heaps to the lovely, friendly volunteers who did a fantastic job hosting this event.

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