International Women’s Day at parkrun: Saturday 7 March 2020

Gloucester North parkrun are supporting #ThisGirlCan to celebrate International Women’s Day at parkrun on Saturday 7 March.

Bring a female friend, colleague or family member and walk, jog, run or volunteer together for #IWDparkrun.

To encourage others, why not publish a post on our facebook page and tell us all about your running journey; we'd love to hear from you.


Gloucester North parkrun report for event #174, 16th March 2019

Saturday saw me visiting Gloucester North from Southampton as I was on my way to West Wales for a family party that night. But why Gloucester North? Answer running challenges – compass points, staying alive (3 B and3 Gs) and another event towards the Cowell club (100 different parkrun venues). This was event no 66. After an early start I arrived in plenty of time to meet and chat with the volunteer team who made me feel very welcome. There were a couple of other tourists incognito as this was their home course.

After a quick recce of the course, I found it was going to be a challenging parkrun for the 91 runners. The course was fairly dry underfoot but strong blustery winds from which there wasn’t much shelter made sprint finish was tricky with a strong headwind. But that didn’t stop 9 regulars running a new personal best.

We welcomed several new parkrun family members, Heidi ATTENBOROUGH, Claire ALLEN and Anwen DORRINGTON. Congratulations on finishing your first parkrun. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same again.

Congratulations to Vicky HANCOCKS (pictured below) who completed her 50th parkrun, a distance that would take you to Southampton and back.

There were also 15 other visitors including runners from Newent, Tewkesbury and Maesteg who made sure at least one Welshman ran under the rugby posts on this final Six Nations day.

For those of you who like stats this week was the 2nd lowest attendance in the last 10 weeks. The lowest was 81 last week and a record of 218 on 2nd Feb
In South West England, Gloucester North was 45th out of 52 parkruns in terms of attendance.
In the U.K., Gloucester North was 426th out of 551 parkruns in terms of attendance.

Big Thanks to these hard-core volunteers who brave the chilly wind and threatening rain.
Caroline MARSHALL • Dave JONES • Emily MARSHALL • Emily WINSKILL • Graeme BRAND • Gwenda EVANS • Iain WILLIAMS • James MARSHALL • Jenny BURTON • John O’LEARY • Kerri GREEN • Mark PERKINS • Megan THORESSON • Michelle JONES • Noah PERKINS • Owen HAVARD • Paul HUMPHRIS • Rachel PEARCE • Sarah DHILLON • Stephen BRADSHAW • Steve HAVARD

Its easy to volunteer, and some roles allow you run too. Just have a look at the future roster and ping an email to the volunteer coordinator with the role and date you would like to do.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone at Gloucester North for making this tourist feel very welcome and it’s a lovely course even with the wind. It has everything we need – toilets, parking and post parkrun coffee. Thank you.

Gwenda Evans




Gloucester North event number 168 to the rescue!

Gloucester North event number 168 to the rescue!
IMG_9828 (1)

Like many others, I spent most of a snowy Friday afternoon and evening frantically searching social media for updates of parkruns that might possibly still go ahead. All of my local ones were cancelled, (understandably - most of them here in Bristol are on tarmac and contain hills), although I was determined to not give up hope that one somewhere, anywhere, might go ahead. I’m not adverse to a bit of parkrun tourism, in fact I quite enjoy it, so I was over the moon when Gloucester North confirmed they’d be going ahead.

What I hadn’t banked on though was not actually being able to get off driveway this morning for the side road being turned into an ice rink overnight! I also hadn’t banked on my husband’s car (parked at the front of the house avoiding said ice rink) not having much petrol - and so it turns out playing chicken with the fuel tank all the way to Gloucester was rather nerve wracking! But phew, I got there at 8.50am - with a small amount of petrol left and just in time to hear the run briefing from the lovely Run Director Jenny.

What struck me upon arrival was just how grateful we all were for the team putting on the event. It was clear from the get go what a great team of volunteers made this morning possible, so a huge thanks go to the 28 high viz heroes who gave up their time on such a freezing cold Saturday morning! Your cheering and keeping us safe was much appreciated. Whilst there were many volunteers this morning however, the team really struggled for pre-event set up - so if anyone fancies giving up a small amount of time before the run in future weeks to help make the event possible, I know they’d really appreciate it. Please email to get involved and generally feel awesome for doing your bit.

It may have been icy under foot, but it was sunny overhead. It was a record breaking attendance for Gloucester North today, with 218 runners, joggers and walkers taking on the delightfully flat course. Over double the average number of weekly participants! There were 57 first timers to the course, including visitors from Manchester, Northampton, Bristol and Cheltenham. And of these 57, it was the first parkrun ever for 7 people - welcome to the first parkrun of the rest of your life. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the rest of us do!

Whilst the aim of this morning was just to get round safely, 29 of you impressively got a PB! Well done. With three pacers out on the field this morning (22mins, 25mins and 30mins) hopefully this spurred a few people on to keep moving. A special mention also goes to Sarah Cole who joined the 50 club this morning, congratulations - the snow didn’t stop you from getting your milestone run thankfully!

What resonates with me every Saturday morning is that parkrun is many things to many people. And Gloucester North you were no exception. Thank you for putting on such a fab event. I for one will definitely be back!

Sarah Ashby
parkrun addict


IMG_9827 (2)


Run Report Event #157, 17-11-2018

Gloucester North parkrun #157, 17/11/2018
Report by Mark Perkins

Welcome to this week’s run report for Gloucester North. This week’s run conditions were dry with a little bit of wind and only 38 sleeps till Christmas Day. Well done all 107 runners.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the volunteers, helpers and supporters for giving up your time to come out on a Saturday morning, it's much appreciated and without you parkrun just wouldn’t happen. Please get in touch if you can help in any way, details are on the website or just ask the race director at the next parkrun. Details of roles and dates can also be found here too, if you’re considering a role but unsure what it involves then just ask any of the volunteers as they will be happy to help you or put you in the right direction.

Parkrun volunteers this week were as follows-

Alice COMPTON, Annalee TIDMARSH, Christopher BOYLE, Denise POWELL, Ella GREEN, Emily WINSKILL, Georgina EMILE, Helen JONES, Karen BENNETT, Kerri GREEN, Lara TIDMARSH, Louis GREEN, Mark PERKINS, Mary BRUTON, Megan THORESSON, Rachael HEYWOOD, Rachel PEARCE, Sarah DHILLON, Stephen BRADSHAW, Vinay KARADIA and William TIDMARSH.

This week’s speediest runner was Toby Scott with a time of 17.49 in his 50th parkrun plus a cheeky pb. The first female runner was Kiya Dee with a time of 20.00, thank you for visiting Kiya. First under 15 was Jacob Berry with 19.41, again another pb.

For the statos amongst you, there were 24 first timers, 18 people with personal bests, and runners from Leeds, Heathrow and Leamington Spa.

Just a couple of items to mention before I go, firstly please could you check you have not left with one of our precious finish tokens and secondly, next week we will be having a collection for the local foodbank.

Thanks to all, both runners, helpers and spectators and we hope to see you at Gloucester North or just parkrun in general very soon.


3rd November 2018 – parkrun 155

We are nearly at Bonfire Night and this Saturday, the Hucclecote Harriers came to take over Gloucester North parkrun and provided us with lots of sparkle, ohhhs, ahhhhhs and even a few rockets!

The harriers were out in force around the course taking over the volunteer roles but not only that they also provided 7 wonderful pacers covering a range of times between 22 and 35 minutes. 18 people achieved Pb's today and I'm sure a number of these are due to fabulous pacers, so thank you.

Kerri, as Run Director, gave the run briefing this morning, thanked all the volunteers, reminded us all of parkrun rules and then let us know about the planned Gloucester food bank collection on 24th November before sending us all on our way. (More details will follow on the food bank collection)

Looking at today's results, there were 20 first timers and of them, 9 people were undertaking their first ever parkrun. We hope that you all really enjoyed your run and that for the newbies this is the start of many more Saturday mornings to come (be warned its very addictive!

Tourists today came as far afield as Stratford upon Avon, Crystal Palace, Folkestone and Manchester, the parkrunner visiting from Cheltenham was clearly beaten in the distance travelled stakes!

We had brother and sister junior parkrunners celebrating their 10th milestone and 1 doing so with a pb.  If you have a milestone, please do let the Run Director know so that they can give you a mention in the run briefing.

Today's first male finisher was Josh Wilson, in a time of 18:43, whilst the first female finished was Rosie Brown, in a time of 23:42
There was even had a family prize giving ceremony which looks like lots of fun, but also fiercely competitive!

A big thank you to everyone that helped at the event, especially the Hucclecote Harriers, if you would like to find out more about running with them they have a Facebook page which details their regular runs - Tuesday's, Thursday's & Sundays but runners from the club are found each week at each of the three Gloucester parkruns, so please do ask any questions.
Or if you would like to take on a volunteer role in future weeks, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and any bonfire/firework displays you have planned.


Run report 25th August 2018

Gloucester North park run # 145 25/08/2018

Welcome to this week’s run report for Gloucester North. This week’s run conditions were sunny and fresh and a total of 99 runners took part and 25 volunteers
Firstly, I would like to thank all the volunteers, helpers and supporters for giving up your time to come out on a Saturday morning, its much appreciated and without you parkrun just wouldn’t happen. Please get in touch if you can help in anyway, details are on the website or just ask the run director at the next parkrun. Details of roles and dates can also be found here too, if you’re considering a role but unsure what it involves then just ask any of the volunteers as they will be happy to help you or point you in the right direction.

Parkrun volunteers this week were as follows- Caroline MARSHALL • David HOWELLS • Eden HOWELLS • Emily HUMPHRIS • Graeme BRAND • Jane WOOD • John O’LEARY • Katie HAYES • Kerri GREEN • Louise ANNIS • Lucinda ARNOLD • Lucy BEEVERS • Mark PERKINS • Mary BRUTON • Matt LONG • Michelle JONES • Michelle STARK • Neil TAYLOR • Nick BEEVERS • Noel O’DONNELL • Paula CUMMING • Rachel PEARCE • Sarah DHILLON • Stephen BRADSHAW • Tom PAYNE

This week’s speediest runner was Peter Stevens with a time of 18.00, the first female runner was Sophie O'DONOGHUE with a time of 25.15 and first junior was Isaac MIDDUP in 21.04. Well done as Gloucester north parkrun is testing on a good day with pot holes, grass and tight turns to contend with.

For the stats amongst you, there were 7 first timers, 13 people with personal bests, and runners from Selby Striders and Eastleigh RC took part.

Two milestone runs from this week were Paul Edgeworth in his 100TH run, thanks to Paul’s family for cheering too and Jane Wood on her 50th run (good to see you back Jane)
So, before I go I would just like to say sorry if I have missed anyone, spelt you name incorrectly or not mentioned you but I look forward to running with you all soon. I’ve got to go as I’m writing this report from my sunbed in Egypt and I need to tun onto my back.

Just remember its only 17 park runs until Christmas.


Thanks Mark








Run report New Year’s Eve 63rd Gloucester North parkrun

Gloucester North parkrun gave us a great fun run today.

I crept gingerly out of the house first thing, trying not to wake up my grandson. Made it down to the Uni car park where we met our first hurdle (a security guard who had no idea he was supposed to be opening the car park and the gate to the lane). This was taken care of by a very confident (and cocky) Iain Williams, without me even having to leave the car. Soon afterwards people started to arrive and the 'kit' was lugged by a band of merry lads and lasses to the corner of Plock court where Peter Hayes and I began marking out the field and trying to 'cone' the more serious potholes - there were a considerable number of them today!

We hurredly made it back to the start where I made a rapid transformation into funnel manager and chatted to the team (who were all absolutely superb during the race) Norman Merlock and Sarah Dhillon plus one lady who's name eludes me. We were fortunately joined by Claire Bryant who having lent Thunder out to Nige Ellis, volunteered to help us by scanning, thank you very much Claire.

Norman stepped in to administer first aid to a runner suddenly taken ill. The runner in question has requested that Norman be thanked for his kind and swift assistance. Well done and thanks Norman.

Well, the run was a foregone conclusion because we were once again honoured with the presence of an obviously 'in form' Steve Millward who did exactly what it says on the tin - absolutely nailed it on a slow sticky course to produce a new course record of 16:48.
Pesto de Klein was the first Harrier in to land - a good job well done.

Our very own Nigel Ellis produced a PB - well done matey.

Peter Hayes ran an incredible 22:30 coming in 10th - or so I thought until I spotted his cunning plan to masquerade as Pete Haynes (the sm25-29 gave you away Peter) - sorry, but cracking form anyway.

Neil Cumming Kate Beevers Sarah Minchew and Karen Bennett all ran very respectable end of year- just after the indulgences of Christmas run - well done all you Harriers!!!

A special congratulations to Isabel who completed 50 parkruns today. You have been running with us since we first began. Much deserved, a fantastic effort.

This is my last post of the year and hopefully, I didn't miss anyone out! Please accept my apologies if I did.

Happy New Year to you all and I hope to see you all 2017.

Adrian ARNOLD - A1948963


Run Report 39th GNparkrun 9 July by Joanne BUTTLER

It was a bit of a gloomy Saturday in Gloucester for the 39th Gloucester North parkrun. The day started with rumours of travellers in the camp, yes that’s right a group of displaced parkrunners from Kingsway were headed to Gloucester North.
It was very nearly a record attendance with 113 runners, just five short of the all time record for the event that lined up for the start. This included ten people on their very first parkrun (welcome to the family, it’s a bit like the Hotel California, you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave!) and at the opposite end of the scale we were joined my runners marking their 151st and 208th run! Forty four people tried Gloucester North parkrun for the first time today, as well as our tourists from Kingsway, we had a visitor all the way from Aberdeen who claimed today’s record as the person who had travelled the furthest to take part!
Rebecca delivered the run brief and then we gang lined up at the start in very well organised order by 8.58 and we waited to start at 0900 on the dot. The horn sounded and off we all set. As a visitor to Gloucester North, one of the great things to note about this course is that you can see most of the other runners most of the time which is great for people taking part in large groups. There is also plenty of off road parking and a very cheery crew of marshall’s cheering you round. The course is also almost entirely off road so it is definitely a fantastic training event for those of you training for races that are off road.
The first runner home was Oliver Kidd in a time of 17.35, completing his 54th parkrun, his first at this event, and equalling the course record set by Ollie Garrod in February this year! Well done Oliver! Second to finish was Stuart Leslie in 18.46, and third man home was Gavin Campbell in 19.29.
First lady home was Georgina Emile, who set a new PB with her time of 21.53, she was hotly pursued by Natalie Jenks who was narrowly beaten in second place with a time of 21.56 and third lady home was Victoria Kennedy in 22.44.
Our age ranges today varied from under tens right up to the 75-79 age group – which truly goes to show that parkrun is for everyone so if you have been sat at home thinking it’s not for you are you are too old or too young, that is just not the case, why note register for your barcode now and come along and join in next week?
Three people achieved age graded scores of over 70% today. For a full explanation of age grading see the parkrun website, but essentially it is a system that allows you to fairly compare yourself against runners in other age groups and of the opposite sex fairly. Nigel Tillot was our age graded leader today with a score of 75.52%, followed by Andrew Brown with a score of 73.50% and Oliver Kidd achieved an age graded time of 73.36%.
Veteran Male 45-59 was our most popular age category with 13 of you in this bracket taking part, there were a whopping 29 personal bests and Hucclecote Harriers was our most well represented club with nine members taking part.
Well done to all our volunteers who worked hard today coping with extra runners and offering encouragement all the way round. We always need more volunteers and parkrun relies entirely on volunteers to make the event work, and it’s even more rewarding than running so if you want to give it a try have a look at the future roster page in the volunteer section on the website.
We had a lot of fun today, we hope you did to and we would love to see you the same time next week, and why not bring a friend?


Run Report 28th Gloucester North parkrun

Event 28 was my first visit to Gloucester North, and what a great parkrun it is! With near perfect running conditions 57 runners joined the volunteers for the 5km run

This week the volunteer team were Georgina Emile as Run Director, with Steve Blackmore taking on the duty of Funnel Manager on his birthday, runners were timed by Jo Streeter and Dave Jones, tokens given out by John O'Leary with Peter Hayes assisting and those barcode being scanned by Michelle Jones. Out on the course we had five marshals who were Cherly Clay, Kathryn Methven, Lucinda Arnold, Peter De Klein and Adrian Arnold.

Thanks to all the volunteers which made the event happen today, if you've not volunteered before and fancy giving it a go, check out the volunteering section of our website - where you can find out about all the roles available and a brief description of the duties, they're all great fun and it's chance to view parkrun from a different perspective and maybe make some new friends!

On to the run, the great weather brought some equally great performances, we had 19 first timers to Gloucester North of those 16 were brand new to parkrun, well done to you all on your first run, you're welcome back next week to beat your PB! Today there were 12 new PBs set, well done to you all.

First finisher today was Calvin Scoltock in 18:31 with an impressive lead of nearly 2 minutes over second place, Calvin was visiting from Arrow Valley parkrun in Redditch so well done on getting the course right while leading the run!

Second finisher was Steve Martin, with a time of 20:27, closely followed by Paul Edgeworth in 20:41 taking third place, well done to you three.

First female finisher was Emma Millman in 24:45 (21st overall), second female over the line today was Liezel Bezuidenhout with 26:26 (26th overall) and third female went to Sarah Dhillon with 28:19 (32nd overall).

Well done to everyone who completed the course today, especially the Juniors with some great sprint finishes, my favourite being the Beevers family with an epic dash across the final 50 or so metres of the field.

The top age grading this week went to our first finisher Calvin in the VM 45-49 category with 77.14%, well done again Calvin.

Next weeks volunteer roster is looking healthy so get in touch if you fancy helping out on 7th or 14th May –

Have a great week of running, see you in the park next week



Caroline’s Run Report 9 April 2016

Today was Gloucester North's 26th parkrun and it looked like spring had finally arrived with runners being greeted by blue skies and sunshine along with all the cheery volunteers.

After last week's April fools run we returned to a clockwise route albeit from a new central starting position. Run director Pete, equipped with his new megaphone, soon had everyone lined up ready for the start. It was so nice to see so many people at the new to parkrun briefing, we hope you enjoyed it and all remembered your barcodes!
At the usual question, "do we have any tourists this week?" We all thought the first answer of South Africa would be the clear winner, until we then heard a shout for India!! Wow what a worldwide reach parkrun has, welcome to all of today's tourists near or far.

It was to then time to start and Pete sent us on our way around the 3 lap course. The first 3 men to finish were Philip Earis in 19.45, Paul Edgeworth in 20.53 and Steve Martin in 20.55.

First 3 females were Jemima Lowe in 22.44, Caroline Barnes in 26.20 and Charlie Haward in 26.44
A big WELL DONE, not only to all those mentioned, but for all the runners and volunteers alike for turning up and being part of something special at parkrun.

After the run I had a quick word with Stuart McArthur, visiting from Dusi parkrun in South Africa to see how he found the course. His answer was hard, which was a bit concerning, however he reassured me that this was purely down to the course mainly being ran on grass rather than the hard track he is used to at his home parkrun. Congratulations to Stuart for today's run.

There was good news this week from parkrun hq for all those waiting for a milestone t-shirt, so hopefully we will be seeing some new tops around Gloucester North very soon. Today was my 10th run (which I am bizarrely feeling quite proud of).......if only I was under 17, I would have qualified, oh well, 10 down, 40 to go!!

Next week I am volunteering, doing a role for the first time which can be a bit nerve wracking but I know the rest of the team will show me the ropes and will be more than happy to help if I need it. If you haven't tried volunteering and would like to give it a go I'm certain they would love to hear from you.

Hopefully see you all next week. Caroline

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