Green’s New Necklace

Graves parkrun #351

A beautiful sunny morning welcomed 299 parkrunners to Graves parkrun number 351, including a few wearing pyjamas for the parkrun in pyjamas Millbrook beds annual competition.  Run Director Green was at helm today efficiently organising the volunteers and then ensuring all parkrunners were in their correct pre-starting positions before the briefing started (over 30mins to the left; under 30 mins to the right!).


After a jump to the left and a step to the right and parkrunners were assembled….. the volunteers were thanked with a round of applause, first timers were welcomed and we had tourists from Dalby Forest, Nottingham and Norfolk. Welcome to Graves parkrun and we hope you enjoyed the Sheffield Hills. Please come back and visit us soon.

A shout out and round of applause for the milestones, including Tom Valentine who was due to be doing his 200th run but was announced as being in bed!

50:  Euan STOREY  Kate DYMOND Sarah SANDERSON Debbie KAY

200: Janet CHAPMAN

However the highlight of the briefing was the announcement of new finish tokens, as modelled here by Green. And the perfect photo opportunity for a caption competition! What is Jo thinking?!


The efficiency continued as we assembled to the start line following our mini tour guides holding up the predicted finish time cards. To the parkrunner who asked if I was pacing 24-27mins, thank you, you made my morning! But no, I was just holding up the card and having a gentle trot around nattering at the back. (And a special mention to some of our younger parkrunners who I was nattering too! 1st timer Jack (JM10) visiting Graves as a tourist and running all the way in 36:25 and parkrunner Carter (JM10) running his 14th run, with a new PB, and sorry your team lost today)


A huge thank you to all the volunteers today

Amelia SANDERSON  •  Cath DAVIES  •  Chloe HENSHAW  •  Claire TODD  •  Dan MURPHY  •  Everything's Run GREEN  •  Finley LAWSON  •  Gavin NEWHOUSE  •  Helen SMITH  •  Jill MARSTON-GIROUX  •  Jo ECCLES  •  Joseph MALLINSHAW  •  Katy TAYLOR  •  Kerry MARSTON-GIROUX  •  Lynn FINDLAY  •  Martin DOWNHAM  •  Paul LISTER  •  Sarah SANDERSON  •  Simon John WILES  •  Simon NIGHTINGALE  •  Stephen GILMER  •  Stuart ROOKER  •  Sue HUTCHINSON  •  Sylvia ELLIS

and here is our massive list of PBs (including our first timers)  today. Well done everyone!

David FORREST Stephen KENWORTHY  Sebastian PUGH  Daniel Ed PEARSON  Jason RANDALL  Steve ROBINSON  Ryan BOOTH  Adam MITCHELL  Kate DYMOND  James BARROTT  Rowan WALTERS  Alison WAINWRIGHT  Gavin RAWSON  James ROYAL  Matt DUNBAR  Richard BOWLES  Emma HALL  Christopher WILCOX Emma GIBSON  Emma WITHYCOMBE Duncan Robert BATTY Yvette MCCRACKEN Catherine Margaret HAYDEN  Hannah COCHRANE Robin BECK  Karen READ Emma BUTCHER  Ken CONNOR Robert SELLARS  Richard HOLMES  Ali WORTHY Justin HIGHFIELD  Jon COOK Hekmat MORADI Caroline ANTHONY Philippe CLEGG  Victoria OLIPHANT  Betsy SOUTH  Robert DICKINSON  Lucy COWELL  Racheal HODGSON  Louise HARROP  Peter MOXON  Michelle BLACK  Stephen NEWEY  Finlay HOLMES  Richard SHORE  Sarah GIBSON  Sallyann WILMSLOW  Maisy CHARNLEY  Jack COLLIER  Karen WALLER  Sian PEARCE  Jackie MITCHELL  Racheal HYMAN Karen HARRISON  Sarah OXENDALE Sarah CHARNLEY  Sarah BARROTT  Lindsey LISTER Ellie COOK  Denise ADAMS-JACKSON   Helen BATTY  Robert HAWLEY  Miriam HAWLEY  Reuben HAWLEY  Anna STRONG  Christian ALLAN  Pauline WILSON Philip JACKSON  Paul GREENWAY  Jack TODD Jo TODD  Jim SINGLETON  Ryan TAYLOR  Rachel MELLOR  Margot WALKER Vicky SOUTH  Helen LEACH  Nigel DISBURY  Carter WHITLAM  Linda GREEN  Val WINTER  Akos SURIN Lesley BROSNAN Marlene SPRUCE

Congratulations to our top finishers this week:

  1. Robert BISHOP  18:50  (new PB)

2.            Patrick DAWSON 19:32

3.            David FORREST  19:43  (New PB)

And top age grade was  Helen EBERLIN 82.35 %


Thank you to everyone who made Graves parkrun possible today.

Happy parkrunning!